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How to find affordable packers and movers in Kothrud, Pune?

Why hire Packers and Movers in Kothrud?

There has been rapid development in the Kothrud in recent years. It is located in southwest Pune and is the fastest developing suburb in Asia the fact is confirmed in the Guinness book of the world. Also, the place has become the most convenient residential because it links two important roads and great infrastructure. Individuals shifting to this location can relocate easily by hiring packers and movers in Kothrud Pune.

Other reasons for relocating to this place is- the place offers quality living, a well-maintained area and is pollution free. There are several shopping complexes, banks, brand stores, and restaurants. This post covers detailed information regarding packers and movers Pune Kothrud.

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    Packers and Movers Charges in Kothrud

    The moving requirements of every individual differ and so it cannot be generalized. To know the packers and movers charges the best way is to book an appointment and the surveyor will come to your place or through a video survey and decide the cost.

    This saves you from last minute discussion regarding the price of the move. Also, the movers and packers Kothrud will understand your moving requirement and note down the list of items and packing material requires. Also, they can decide which is the best vehicle for the move and make the arrangements accordingly.

    The cost of installation and uninstallation of the machinery or electrical appliance is added to the quote if you choose to get it uninstalled by the movers and packers Kothrud. Hence, to know the pricing details, the best way is to connect with the movers and packers Pune Kothrud. The quote made will be based on the distance between pick up and destination, items, day of the move, vehicle, etc.

    Packing Materials Used by Relocation Partner in Kothrud

    Standard plan

    • Well-experienced team and upgraded tools
    • Unpacking and reorganizing the goods at the new site
    • Dismantling and disassembling goods and transitioning to a new place.
    • Dismounting the important home furniture to take it to a new location
    • Packing material- bubble wraps, and foam blanket used to secure home appliances
    • Cardboard boxes for packing kitchen utensils, clothes, etc.

    Premium plan

    • Use high-quality bubble wraps and foam blankets for covering home appliances.
    • Our team reorganize the items at the new home
    • Skilled and dedicated relocation team to assist you
    • Dismantling and disassembling goods at the location
    • Using carton boxes for packing miscellaneous goods

    Factors Affecting the Moving Cost at Kothrud

    Quantity of Items

    You may not be aware but the quantity of the items plays a big role in deciding the overall cost of relocation. The packers and movers in Kothrud Pune are making a list of your items and then calculate the cost of packing material as well as the vehicle. So, if you have lots of items you will be charged more and if you have less item cost will be less. The measurement is taken in cubic centimetres and the pricing will be calculated using specialized tools.

    Required manpower

    Another important thing that affects the cost of the move is the manpower. So, the movers and packers Pune Kothrud will ask you the property type generally 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK, and then will ask you other things such as parking areas, narrow roads, narrow stairs, and rules of your residency and make arrangements for laborers accordingly. This means if you lack the proper parking area, and have more items then the cost will be high.

    Packing quality and quantity

    Best packers and movers Pune Kothrud will ask you- do you want to go with our premium packaging or standard packing? Standard packaging is usually used by packers and movers and they are not 100% damage-free but they will secure your items somehow, whereas premium package is made from high-quality material and are sturdy. These packages will make delivery 100% damage-free but are a little pricy.

    Distance to be covered by relocation partner in Kothrud, Pune

    Your pick-up location is near the new house, that’s cool! This means you can save some money on the cost of relocation. But if the pick-up location and final destination are far away then you will be charged more. This is because fuel prices will also add up in the moving quote. Apart from that, if you choose to move your items in dedicated vehicles then the cost will be more. The cost of the shared vehicle for movement is low but the shared vehicle is used for the movement between cities or states.

    Residing floor & lift availability

    The quote you received from packers and movers Kothrud Pune shows charges very high and the reason behind it was your flat is on the 4th floor. You will ask what is the issue and just because you live on the 4th floor you have to pay more, that’s not fair. But you must understand that cost of the move is higher because when you live on the 4th floor more labor and hard work will be required to take the material to the vehicle. Also, if there is a facility of lift then it’s well and fine but if there is no facility of lift and the stairs are also narrow then it will be hard to move big items.

    Size & Type of Truck Offered with Relocation Services in Kothrud

    Another big factor that affects the packers and movers Kothrud Pune charge is the size & type of truck. If there are tons of item that has to be moved then a large vehicle carrier will be needed and that will cost you more. If you have fewer items then they will be easily movable in the mini truck and will cost you less. Also, if the type of tuck is shared or dedicated then the cost will be accordingly.

    Packing techniques used by packers and movers in Kothrud

    The different movers and packers Pune Kothrud has different methods of packing. The material used for packing also differs from one company to other. At HappyLocate the packing material and technique used are very different as they have opted safest material for packing your goods.

    Special LCD cases (LED Box) used by Packers and Movers in Kothrud, Pune

    LCDs are fragile and your electronic items with LCS displays are vulnerable to damage while shifting home. The glass of LCD sandwiches the liquid crystal due to which you are able to see pretty colors on your screen. If these LCDs are not packed properly then it can cause your LCD screen to break. At HappyLocate only special LCD cases or LED boxes are used as they ensure damage-free movement of your items with LCD or LED display.

    Carton boxes

    The carton boxes are spacious and best to pack items such as books, clothes, kitchen items, etc. The carton box packing technique is the most used and prevents goods from damage, dust, and scratches. At HappyLocate we are also using cartons and crates for packing your goods.

    Perfect Household Carriers

    Perfect household carriers are nothing but carriers to carry your home furniture, and other items easily. These are specially designed to carry different types of materials. The carriers can bear the load of your items and using them you can take the items anywhere safely.

    Perfect Boxes

    At HappyLocate we first pack your good and then place them in boxes. The boxes are made to hold fragile goods and ensure the full safety of the products inside them. These boxes are very important to pack items because it helps items to stay in one place, protect them from friction and save them from the external environment. Also, some packers and movers Kothrud Pune make use of waterproof boxes which protect items from rain.

    Car carrier

    Car Carriers are used when you are moving vehicles with the help of movers and packers Kothrud. The cars and bikes are really expensive and these cannot be moved in a normal vehicle. There are particular car carriers designed specially to carry heavy items and there are car holders in the vehicle to hold the vehicle in place while the container is moving.

    How to minimize your relocation cost in Kothrud?

    There are ways to minimize your relocation cost and if you want to know how then read the given below points-

    Plan your move with Packers and Movers in Kothrud, Pune

    Shifting your home or office without a proper plan will make the cost of shifting high. Plan your move one month before and list down everything. Having everything with you in written form will make it easier for you to remember what you have to move and what is to be left behind. The pre-booking will also help you save on the cost of the move.

    If you are running a business and want to shift your office then it is important that you also note down your shifting requirements. Packing office items will take time and employees will also have to suffer a lot because of the shifting process. But if you hire a good movers and packers Kothrud, it will help you move faster so that there is not much loss in your business because of the movement.

    Research and compare your quotes

    Don’t just hire the movers and packers Pune Kothrud without making research. The research means you will check how much charges are charged by the different packers and movers Kothrud Pune. You must ask for quotes from various packers and movers and sit down to decide which is the best. Some packers and movers have the facility where you can simply select items from the given list on the portal and then it has to be submitted.

    The team will review your items, and other details, and make a moving quote which will be based on the information given by you on their portal.
    The best here doesn’t mean that you select the quote with less amount. The best here means you will also research the thoughts of their previous customers about their services. HappyLocate will help you get free quotations from different movers and packers Pune Kothrud.

    Sort out unused goods

    Carrying unused goods to the new location will make your shifting cost high. Unnecessarily why you are carrying the unused goods to your new home? Instead of carrying them, sort them out and then donate or sell them. When you will remove such items from the inventory list, it will cut down prices of the move. Also, broken items should be discarded properly before shifting. So, if you have broken tea sets, bottles, and glassware then.

    Relocation Planning Tips from top Packers and Movers in Kothrud, Pune

    Relocation is not an easy job but planning it out will make it easier. Don’t just wake up on Saturday morning and then simply tell them I want to shift on Sunday. In one day, it is not possible to get you relocated. If you don’t know how to plan your home or office relocation then here are some tips for you-

    Carry valuables personally

    It is always recommended that take care of your valuables yourself. Leaving your precious necklace set in the hand of packers and movers in Kothrud Pune is not a great idea. If you lose it then do you think you will be able to find the same necklace set again? You won’t find the same peace again and it will leave you unhappy and disappointed.

    Therefore, take your precious items such as jewelry, smartphone, laptop, iPad, and important documents with you. At HappyLocate we suggest our customers carry valuables personally and if the customer insists us carry them for them, then we tell them clearly that we won’t be responsible for the damage or loss of their precious items.

    Choose the right moving day

    Packers and movers in Kothrud Pune ask their customers about the date of the move, and also the time slot. So, which is the best day for moving in Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday? Depending on your needs you will decide the date of shifting. People don’t pay attention to this point but trust me, if you will simply choose any day, it will spoil your relocation experience.

    Weekdays are considered good because the cost of the move will be low, whereas the weekends are usually the peak time for movement because most of them want to move on weekends and so, the cost is higher. Summers and national holidays are also considered peak times for shifting and charges are higher. The reason is many people book their move on such days.

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    Most people forget that the gas and wi-fi connection has to be disconnected before the move. If you plan out and reach the relevant service provider beforehand then it will help save time and cost.

    Click pictures of items

    Don’t forget to click photos of the item before they are put in boxes. You won’t know that this item was in your inventory if you don’t click photos. It will cause chaos on the day of unpacking when you won’t find a particular item.

    If you are shifting office documents, click the photos of the document or keep the soft copy of those documents with you safely.

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    One more relocation tip for you is that before moving in go and check the new home or office once. This is because maybe the new home or office may be dirty and so, getting it cleaned and checking if everything is well and fine is very important.

    Update your new address

    The official documents- Aadhar card, PAN card, bank documents, etc. will have the old address. You need to get your new address updated so that there are no issues later on.

    Why we are the best packers and movers in Kothrud, Pune?

    HappyLocate is the best packers and movers in Kothrud Pune. The below-given points will tell you why we are the best.

    Wide range of services

    We offer commercial, residential, industrial, and international relocation solutions. Why go anywhere else when we have everything that you need for the best relocation experience? The excellent team of HappyLocate assists you to pick the best packers and movers Pune Kothrud. End-to-end relocation facility is given by HappyLocate.

    Cover Entire Kothrud

    The entire Kothrud is covered by HappyLocate so, you don’t have to worry about it. The packers and movers know every route and every corner of the city and so, you just have to tell us where you want to go and we will be at your service.

    Stay Safe and Protected with Us

    HappyLocate will safeguard your belonging no matter what. We treat your belongings like ours and we understand that losing them is painful because you work day and night to earn and buy these things. We keep an eye on the whole moving process to ensure none of your items is misplaced or lost.

    Services offered by HappyLocate

    House Shifting by Packers and Movers in Kothrud, Pune

    At HappyLocate you will have a peaceful journey to your dream home. Our team will come to your door, take a look at your inventory, give you a quote, and upon confirmation of the quote our team will come to pack your items. The packing, loading, transition and unloading, and unpacking tasks will be carried very smoothly that you won’t even realize when you reached your new home. HappyLocate also handles employee relocations for corporates.

    Office Shifting

    Office relocation for big or small companies is done by HappyLocate. We know office objects and paperwork are very sensitive and loss of any item or document will cause problems. Our team helps you shift all the things from office chairs to toiletry, laptop to furniture, and everything from the old office to the new office.

    Our team will also uninstall the electronic items and install them if you want to have these services. We have a special team called a handyman who is skilled in tasks like uninstalling the AC, Fans, and electricals and then installing them in the new office.

    Asset Delivery

    The HappyLocate relocation service is not just limited to house or office relocation. We are helping businesses to deliver assets to their employees who are new or are working from their homes. So, asset here means anything be it laptops, coffee mugs, joining kits, etc.

    Pet Shifting by Packers and Movers in Kothrud, Pune

    HappyLocate offers pet shifting services means your cats and dogs are our responsibility. We will not let them get harmed in any way while moving. Relocation of your pet is done through special vehicles and your pet is assigned a partner who will be near to your pet and provide food, water, or medicines from time to time.

    For pet relocation, we need to go through your pet’s medical documents. So, if your pet has been sick or allergic, etc. Then tell us about it, over the team will review these documents and will let you know if the pet can be relocated or not.

    Housing Assistance

    HappyLocate knows every area of Kothrud and if you want to find a house here then we will help you. Our team will connect with you and ask- what property type you are looking for. Do you want the house to be near to your office and school?

    Searching home and suggesting you is our work; we will also tell you about the cost of the house. Once you will finalize the home, our team will help you move into a new home.

    Why HappyLocate is the best packers and movers in Kothrud?

    HappyLocate has been the most appreciated and reliable relocation platform across various locations. Our customers are our voice and they are satisfied with our service. The team of HappyLocate works hard to make clients’ relocations smooth and safe.

    We have the best customer support who work 24×7 to answer every query of the customer. This ensures that customer has no doubt, they face no issues and everything remains transparent between us and our customers.

    Our timely delivery services are another reason why customers choose us and not other packers and movers Pune Kothrud. Our team members are very enthusiastic and they never get bored with their work. Their priority is to meet the targets set and they work hard to achieve those targets by delivering satisfactory services.

    Our USPs

    SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    Unlike other packers and movers Pune Kothrud HappyLocate is using SaaS, AI, and ML for relocation. The technology uses robotic algorithms and deep learning to recognize inventory, count them and then estimate the cost of the move. Also, it helps users to check the relocation status in real time.

    Highly rated in the industry

    At HappyLocate we love to see the smile on our customer’s faces. Relocation is done in a timely, proper manner and the whole process is monitored. The customers love our way of working and have helped us become the top-rated relocation service provider in the industry.

    Quality Assurance

    Offering quality services is our main motto. We know that you are paying us to receive better services. Thus, we make sure that all our packaging materials are tested for their quality and vehicles for carrying good is first inspected and it is made sure there is no fault in the vehicle.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    If you make a booking with HappyLocate to relocate then you will be assigned a dedicated relocation manager. The DRM is the person who is in constant contact with you from beginning to start. He understands the requirement of the client, and supervise the team to make sure relocation task was completed meeting customer expectations.

    72hr damage resolution

    HappyLocate team is well-trained and will ensure that there is no damage to your valuables. If there is damage to your belongings then we will take responsibility and your damage resolution is guaranteed within 72 hours.

    15000+ pin codes served

    We are serving 15000+ pin codes and so, if you are relocating within these 15000+ pin codes then we are at your service. We have around 500 packers and movers in Kothrud Pune who are licensed, verified, and offer quality services.

    How to choose the right Packers and Movers in Kothrud?

    Finding a trustworthy movers and packers Pune Kothrud is vital part in relocation. Packers and movers Kothrud are not only dependable and skilled but they also value your possessions and move your items cautiously. Here are some tips to choose the best movers and packers Kothrud.

    Visit their official website

    First of all, open your browser and google best packers and movers Kothrud. Visit at least 10 packers and movers websites and compare their pricing, service list, and social media pages. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a packer and mover is to check how old they are in the industry.

    Background Check

    Checking the authenticity of the movers and packers Kothrud is very important when selecting the right packers and movers. This means you need to make a background check to know If the company is legitimate and genuine. Check their website and call on the number, contact previous customers, check the GST number of the company, and other details.

    Validate registration documents

    Reputable packers and movers Kothrud Pune have all the legal documents and they won’t hesitate in sharing them with you. The documents will mainly include PAN, GST, IBA approvals, and licenses. Government-approved documents are important that show that the company is legitimate.

    Upgraded tools

    Movers and packers Kothrud you are hiring must have upgraded tools. This means there should be a proper tracking tool to check the relocation status, and they must have the proper equipment for moving big items.

    Refer to Customer Ratings

    We all know that all those ratings and reviews are not correct. But still, it is very important to go through the ratings and reviews once. This is because you will get some genuine reviews as well on the website. You can collect details such as the customer’s relocation experience and services offered, professionalism in their services, and cooperation in their team. A lot of doubts that you have in your mind will be cleared by reading reviews and ratings.

    Read all documents carefully before signing

    When you are making a booking for new relocation and the company asks you to sign certain documents, don’t just blindly sign it. Read those starred points written under the terms and conditions. Some packers and movers Kothrud Pune mention the hidden charges in the paperwork but we don’t read it and sign it. This is where we make mistakes and have to pay more than we should.

    Why HappyLocate?

    Still, thinking why choose HappyLocate? The reason is simple you want to move and we will get you moved safely, on time, and make your journey happy and stress-free. We have unique tools and make use of advanced technologies that you won’t find if you hire any local packers and movers Kothrud.

    Client Satisfaction

    We are Packers and movers Kothrud Pune dedicated to offering client satisfaction. Our friendly team cares for you and understand your worries, and frustration, and provides a solution to make you calm and happy through hassle-free relocation.

    You can openly ask anything that you want to know about us or what you want from us. Our team responds in a timely manner and they offer the best answers or solutions to you. Our customers also shared the feedback form to know their honest feedback- to know what they like and what they dislike and tell how satisfied they are.

    Professional Staffs

    Our team is not made of amateurs we have professional staff. They have good qualifications, years of experience, and skills essential to be the best packers and movers in Pune Kothrud. We have a moving team who also have proper knowledge about packing items, tools, and machinery.

    Preparation and implementation of services

    The team of HappyLocate is not just moving in one circle, we are always thinking of something out of the box for our customers. The team is always researching what’s new in the industry and incorporating new tools and techniques to make the relocation peaceful and satisfying.

    Leaving too Early!

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