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Best Packers and Movers in Viman Nagar, Pune

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Best Packers and Movers in Viman Nagar, Pune

Viman Nagar is a great place in Pune lined with high-end restaurants and hotels. The place is best for someone who loves fashion and food. Relocating to this place with your family will be a good decision.
But keep in mind although the place you relocating to is really nice the journey of relocation can become worse if you don’t plan or take the help of the best packers and movers in Viman Nagar, Pune.
We understand how tiring the relocation process is for anyone and hence we have prepared this guide that will tell you how you can shift with the help of packers and movers.

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    Packers and Movers Charges in Viman Nagar, Pune

    You can know the packers and movers charges in Pune for a particular locality either by contacting the moving company and requesting a quote. Or you can find the moving cost calculator tool online and get an estimate. But the most suitable way to find the packers and movers charges is by requesting a quote because they will calculate the cost considering various factors such as distance, day of the move, items, material, stairs, elevator presence, insurance, and labor cost.

    HappyLocate is a reputable relocation service provider and we have helped many customers and corporates to help their employees relocate. If you choose us then you can get instant and free quotations from different packers and movers in Viman Nagar Pune within a short time.

    Packing Materials used in Viman Nagar

    There are different moving companies out there and everyone has their own packing materials that they believe are the best to secure your belongings. HappyLocate offers you two types of plans and there are different materials used for packing depending on the plan you choose.

    Standard Plan

    •  Skilled Team- Our customers get professional staff who perform tasks- packing at the pick-up site, loading the item, shifting to a new destination, and unloading then unpacking.
    •  Packing Material- The packing materials we use in this plan are basically, bubble wrap, foam blanket, carton boxes, etc. The items are packed in this material in a manner that there is no damage to your item while movement.
    • Disconnecting Items- We have a group of handymen team who will help you in dismantling or disconnecting TV, telephone, etc. appliances.
    •  Rearranging Items- When our team reaches the destination, they will not only unload your items but also, they will also unpack the goods and rearrange them for you.

    Premium Plan

    • Goad-directed team- when you opt for our premium plan you get a goal-directed team with a dedicated relocation manager who completes the relocation task with efficiency and on time.
    • Packing material- we will provide multi-layer packing material and pack them in bubble wraps, shrink wraps, corrugated sheets, and carton boxes. Use perfect carriers and LCD boxes to makesure there is not a single scratch or dent on your belongings.
    • Handymen services- As already told handymen team is for dismantling and dismounting the furniture and reassembling it at the destination site.
    • Rearranging the item- The team of professional movers will reach the destination site and then place the item in the rooms depending on in which box what item is present. We will unpack and help arrange items in your house or office.

    Factors Affecting the Moving Cost at Viman Nagar

    You thought its just the item quantity and vehicle type that will affect the moving cost of packers and movers in Viman Nagar, Pune. No there are various other factors and let’s know in deep about those factors.

    Quantity of items

    Item volume plays a key role in determining the moving cost undoubtedly. So, that means if you have a 2bhk or 3bhk, definitely you may have a lot of items including big furniture. Then the moving company will charge you more as the items are more which means packing will take more time and other relocation factors will also be affected.

    Required manpower

    You have a lot of items and it implies that you will require a big team of packers and movers in Pune Viman Nagar. So, if you want to cut down the cost of shifting then you have to remove some items from your inventory.

    Also, note that if there are not many items but the items you have are really big then it means more manpower will require to lift that item and load it in the truck. Hence, that also affects the shifting cost.

    Distance to be Covered

    Undoubtedly distance plays another key factor in determining the shifting cost of packers and movers in Viman Nagar Pune. The packers and movers cost for local shifting will be somewhat reasonable but if you are moving interstate then the moving cost will greatly depend on where you are moving to and the tolls that they have to cross and the tax will be included.

    Residing Floor & Lift Availability

    If you reside in a flat then the residing floor will greatly affect the shifting cost. So, the charges will rise up as you move one-one floor up. And note that the extra charges will apply when your flat is above the 2nd floor.

    Apart from that, the charges of shifting will also be affected by the availability of the lift. The service lift facility if available in your building, then it will be a lifesaver for packers and movers in Viman Nagar because then they will not charge you. But you have to make sure that the lift facility is working on the day of loading.

    If your building has no lift facility then it will be an issue as the packers have to carry the item through stairs and it will require much labor and the cost of shifting goes up. Also, if stairs are not wide and big items cannot be moved from the stairs then the rope method will be used and it will cost more.

    Size & Type of Truck

    The size of the truck is another factor affecting shifting cost as the items are more, it will occupy much space and so the size of the truck will be big. The type of truck which you choose to relocate to will also affect the moving cost. It is important to note that there are two types of trucks that are available that is open trucks and closed trucks.

    Both vary in rates and have their own benefit hence, picking a truck type plays a role in deciding the shifting charges. However, HappyLocate advises you to move your items in closed trucks as they will protect your climatic damages such as rain and dirt while moving. Note that a closed truck is somewhat costly!

    Packing techniques used by packers and movers in Viman Nagar Pune

    Packers and movers are not using any magic spells to keep your item safe from damage. They are using high-quality packing material that sticks to industrial standards.

    We at HappyLocate understand that the packing of different items requires different packing materials.

    Hence, we have handpicked the packing material which can fit different types of items.

    Perfect Household Carrier

    A perfect household carrier is nothing but a carrier just like a trolley. This is built up of strong material and used to carry heavy boxes. The benefits are that you can stack 2-3 boxes on it at the same time, and you can smoothly move items without causing any damage.

    Special LCD cases (LED Box)

    LCD cases are the cases for LCD TVs and other sensitive items which can have scratches. Your item is placed in these boxes to ensure `100% damage-free relocation to a new place. Note that our team first packs the TV in the bubble wrap and foam blanket and then places it in the LCD cases.

    Carton Boxes

    Carton boxes are my favorite packing material. We are not just using simple carton boxes, but we have double-walled carton boxes that are really strong and the item placed in them get proper insulation and protection from external damage. Also, we are using tapes and wraps to seal away the boxes and allow no dust or water to go inside and ruin your item.

    Car Carriers

    You will be surprised to know that packers and movers in Pune Viman Nagar not only specialize in Household item shifting but also specializes in shifting cars. Car shifting is a very difficult process as we all know there can be chances or dents or scratches. However, HappyLocate has the best car carriers that allow easy shifting of the car to the destination.

    Car carriers are divided into two categories- enclosed containers and open containers. The enclosed container is known for its 100% damage-free transport feature, whereas the open container is known as its cheaper option.

    Perfect Boxes

    Perfect boxes are nothing but boxes of various shapes and sizes that are made to fit different types of items. These boxes can easily carry your miscellaneous items.

    How to minimize your relocation cost in Viman Nagar?

    No need to be upset if you are unable to find the packers and movers in Pune Viman Nagar that fit your budget. You can easily follow the below tips and cut down your relocation cost and get the right moving company to help you out.

    Plan you move

    Planning your move is the best way to minimize the cost. For e.g., you can set the budget, if you know how to pack items then you can pack some of your items on your own. This means you will not have to pay for the packed items. Apart from that, you can also create a list where you can note down the very important item which has to be packed and carried carefully by the moving team.

    Research and compare your quotes

    You can even find the god if you search then why not reliable packers and movers? Do proper research this means- searching online moving companies, noting down their name, address and selecting some of the moving company then reaching out to them to get a quote.

    If you compare the quote, you will be able to find packers and movers in Pune under your budget. Some moving companies will negotiate the cost if you ask them to negotiate.

    Sort out unused goods

    Another very useful tip that will surely help in minimizing cost is sorting out unused items. Such items which are not very important to you or not useful at all can be thrown or can be donated. This means you will cut down items from your inventory and then you can save cost. Apart from that, you can sell some items which you think you won’t use but others can use.

    Relocation Planning Tips

    Carry valuables personally

    If you have a very expensive necklace set or a memorable vase gifted by your grandfather that you can’t lose then carry them personally. Yes, this tip is highly recommended as this means you won’t lose your item and you will have no tension. But if you leave it in hands of the moving company, every time you will think about it and it will ruin your journey as you will be stressed throughout the day.

    Choose the right moving day

    The right moving day is nothing but a day when the moving company won’t have many bookings and so their price will be low. Those days are usually middle of the month or on weekdays. These are the time, when not most people will consider moving. Hence, booking on such days is very beneficial if you wish to cut down the moving cost.

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    Reaching out to the gas agency, TV service provider, or newspaper delivery boy and telling them you want to discontinue the service for some time will help save the cost. If you forget to disconnect from services then you may have to pay unwanted fees even when you haven’t used the service.

    Click pictures of items

    No doubt that the items you pack will remain safe. But you still must have something in your hand that helps you prove the condition of the item before moving and the condition of the item after moving.

    This means if you plan to opt for car relocation then click pictures of your car from every angle and keep it with you so that later you can identify any damage to your car.

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    You can go to the new house and check if the rooms are cleaned and if there is some cleaning required or if there is a need for repair. If yes, then get it done before the items reach your new house.

    Update your new address

    Updating the address on every document and the gas agency, bank papers, etc. will be really helpful as then you will not have any worries.

    Why we are the best packers and movers in Viman Nagar?

    We have been in the market for around 6 years and have stood out due to our exceptional performance and extended relocation services nationwide. In 2016, HappyLocate was founded with the aim to deliver end-to-end relocation and make our customers happy.

    Not only do we aim to make house shifting or office shifting easier, but we also aim to make the shifting of pet and car transportation easier. We have a dedicated and talented team who will even help in searching for your home sweet home.

    Making a booking for shifting a home or office is very easy with HappyLocate is a very easy process as  we have a user-friendly interface. You can simply go to our website, fill in the details asked and our team connects you within a short period. You can then share with them the inventory list and date of shifting.

    Our team will offer the services for packing items, loading them, shifting them, and then unloading and unpacking item. The live-tracking of shipment is available through our dashboard hence, you do not have to worry about where is your item. You can check it very easily and call the team in case you have any queries.

    Wide range of services

    HappyLocate offers you different types of relocation services on a single platform. So, you don’t have to search here and there for pet relocation, car transport, bike transport, asset delivery, office, and house shifting. We have got everything you want on a single platform.

    Reliable and Experienced

    The team of HappyLocate is not a noob we are a team of experts who have years of experience in the relocation industry. Our talented team has the ability to catch small details of customers’ requirements and note them down. They implement the proper strategy to make sure your belongings reach your home on time and all promises we made are fulfilled.

    Cover entire Viman Nagar

    HappyLocate is serving all parts of Pune and not only in Viman Nagar. Our packers and movers Viman Nagar know all the places and routes in Pune. Therefore, you can contact us without hesitation about where you want to shift.

    Stay safe and protected with us

    Your safety is our first priority and hence, we train our team to follow all safety rules related to shifting so that there is no harm to you or them. The team also makes sure if you leave your item, car, or pet with us, then we treat them as required to ensure complete safety.

    Services offered by HappyLocate

    House Shifting

    Shifting house is normal as once in our lifetime there comes a situation, we have to leave our house and move to the new one. House shifting is not easy as you have a lot of things to do- take care of your kids, documentation of a new home, and a lot more. And at the same time pack, buy packages, rent a vehicle then monitor the vehicle till it reaches a new home. All these things are a big headache and so, the packers and movers in Viman Nagar are helping you out.

    House shifting with the help of movers’ packers is easy as all the work is done by the packing company and you can sit back or pick up other tasks as mentioned already. HappyLocate will offer you the best shifting quotations and boast your shifting process by planning the shifting process.

    Office Shifting

    Office or business shifting is also a headache as you have to send your employees to work from home until the new office is set up. Office shifting tasks include moving furniture, moving all IT assets, and documents.

    HappyLocate packers and movers in Viman Nagar Pune will assist you in full office relocation services. Your office items and furniture will be packed and moved in the dedicated vehicle which will be monitored. Ensuring that your office items remain free from any kind of theft or damage.

    Asset Delivery

    The corporate shifting solution for shifting the assets to the employees is another type of service we provide. We can help in distributing laptops, mouse, computer systems, etc. to your employees on time and best conditions. Your IT or not IT assets will be packed professionally and sealed to ensure that packing is water-proof and dust-proof. Cushioning will help protect the item from damage.

    Pet Relocation

    Pet shifting is a service availed by owners who don’t want to leave behind their pets with a neighbor. Pets can get disturbed when you shift your house as they are not used to such an experience. Pet shifting task by packers and movers in Viman Nagar is done keeping in mind all the needs of your pet.

    We provide them with healthy food, and medications and follow a daily routine to make your pet feel homely while you are on the move.
    We require some of the documents to move your pet to your new home- Medical history, vaccination certificate, and basic details such as age, gender, color, name, etc. We verify all the documents and assign a partner and keep a pet in a carrier or cage.

    House Search Assistance

    As already told earlier we are moving people not just the boxes and we are also helping people to find their home of choice. Our dedicated professionals will help you find a house in various localities. We know finding a rented house or property in an unknown city is a daunting task. Therefore, we undertake this task and ensure that we stick to the details provided by you.

    Why HappyLocate is the best packers and movers in Viman Nagar Pune?

    We are the best packers and movers in Pune Viman Nagar as we are operating for 6 years and have expertise in a different type of relocations. Not only do we know how to relocate your belongings from one place to other safely but we also know how to relocate your pets and vehicle safety.

    Our team is working 24×7 to meet the customer’s needs and solve all their query on time. The team also notes down all the details of shifting very carefully on their dashboard and even cross-check it to make sure there is no miss from our end. Upon completion of shifting, we also tell our team to collect the feedback of the customer. And be it positive or negative feedback we make sure to work on it and take every feedback seriously.

    Our Unique Selling Point

    SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    HappyLocate packers and movers in Viman Nagar are working to make the relocation experience for the users easy and smooth. To achieve this target, we are using highly advanced tools which allow easy access to the live- relocation status. Hence, the customers can check their shipment status in real time.

    Highly rated in the industry

    With a rating of 4.5, we are the best moving company in Viman Nagar. Hence, we are highly trusted and the most demanded packers and movers among the customers.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance is given to the customer for our services. We also give our customers an insurance plan to ensure that if the damage is caused to the item then they can claim and get the amount for the damage.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    The relocation manager is the point of contact for the customer who will answer all your questions. You can ask them about the shipment, the time of arrival of the packing team, and other details.

    72hr damage resolution

    In case your item is damaged contact our team within the specified period and our team will reach out to you to solve the issue within 72hr. Hence, you get full support and we help you repair, replace or claim the amount for the damaged item.

    15000+ Pin codes served

    We are not restricted to some areas in different cities, we are serving in more than 15000 pin codes.

    Hence, you will not be disappointed if you come to us and tell us about your packing and moving needs.

    How do choose the right Packers and Movers in Viman Nagar?

    Visit their official website

    Make proper research and go to each moving company’s website to check what they are doing, and about their work experience. Note that never hire a company that is new and has no experience in dealing with customers prior.

    Background check

    Make a background check on whether the company is legal and holds a license approved by the government. Check the history of complaints against the company and if present then do not hire a such moving company.

    Validate registration documents

    Ask the moving company to share the documents such as the company’s certificates, PAN, GST, etc., and check if the details shared are true to know if the company is operating legally or illegally.

    Upgraded tools

    Today there are various tools in the market for easy loading and unloading of heavy items. Not only that today the moving companies are offering services to check the relocation details and track the status online. Hence, check if the moving companies, you are choosing to have such advanced tools or not.

    Refer to Customer Ratings

    The ratings determine the status of a moving company of where it stands in the market. Hence, checking the ratings of the company is important and you must choose a relocation company having the best ratings.

    Why HappyLocate?

    Client satisfaction

    For the success of any industry, it is very important they satisfy their customer. We understand this point very clearly and we at HappyLocate are never making fake promises. Our team won’t give fake commitments and always make sure that they go beyond the customers’ expectations.

    Professional Staffs

    Our professional team has years of experience and all the knowledge about packing and moving. Our team is divided into parts and each of them performs specific tasks. This way of diving teams to perform tasks help in maintaining the flow and getting work done within the specified time.

    Preparation and implementation of services

    Our packers and movers in Viman Nagar Pune have everything that is needed for perfect relocation. We analyze the customer’s requirements and make the necessary preparation to meet all the requirements. 

    Also, our team ensures all the task is implemented in a scheduled way and with success.

    Leaving too Early!

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