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Delhi National Capital Region is the largest agglomeration in India. Its contribution to the GDP of the country is 7.5% as it houses more than 4,70,00,000 people. Old Delhi gives the feels of a Mughal world with numerous mosques and Havelis. New Delhi with its imposing government buildings built in the British style and tree-lined avenues is a stark contrast to Old Delhi.

HappyLocate Relocation Services offers end-to-end relocation services across India. Our service partners are the best packers and movers in Hyderabad. So, you can be sure you will receive high-quality service throughout your relocation journey. Starting from planning your relocation, facilitating it and post-delivery of your goods to your destination location, we assure the best service.

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    Packers and movers charges in Delhi NCR

    When you plan to move from Delhi NCR to another place, the first thing that strikes your mind might be the moving cost. In case you are wondering if it is going to be exorbitant just because you are moving from a metro city in India, you don’t have to worry.

    HappyLocate will charge the moving cost only for the relocation service rendered. You will be charged a fair amount and be assured to receive the best service. All you have to do is provide us with the details we request you for to plan your relocation.

    The main factors that determine the moving cost by the packers and movers in Delhi NCR are the total quantity of goods, the distance to be covered and the labor required for packing and moving.

    Packing materials used in Delhi NCR by packers and movers in Delhi

    As home shifting services in Delhi NCR, our team knows the right packing material and packing technique to be used for any type of goods. With several qualities of packing material available in the market, it is essential to choose the right one. Packaging right is essential to ensure the goods are not damaged during the movement.

    Bubble wrap

    This packaging material that contains air-filled bubbles protects the goods from damage due to any kind of pressure during transit. Using multiple layers of bubble wrap creates a cushion that protects the item from shocks and vibrations. Any type of item, of any size and weight, can be packed using bubble wrap.

    Corrugated sheet

    Packers and movers in Delhi use corrugated sheets while packing to protect the items from breakage during movement. It is also used to form protecting layers between the items within a carton box. Pleated cardboard of multiple layers is pressed using the latest technological machinery to form a strong sheet.

    Corrugated sheet is eco-friendly packaging material as it is made using 70% of recycled material. This way, the corrugated sheet can be used multiple times. It is biodegradable and does not affect the ozone layer of the earth. HappyLocate aims to use 100% eco-friendly packaging material by 2025 and we have started working towards it.

    Shrink wrap

    Packers and movers in Delhi use shrink wrap to tightly seal an item during relocation. Shrink wrap sheets are available in various thicknesses and qualities. Packing material is used based on the need of the inventory.
    Food-grade shrink wraps are also available in the market. If you want to pack perishable food items during your relocation, you can use food-grade shrink wrap. Specialized shrink wraps protect the item from UV rays. If you are personally packing any items that you want to protect from UV rays, you may use this material.

    Standard plan

    • A highly skilled and experienced relocating team is deployed for packing and moving.
    • Bubble wrap, foam blankets, etc are used for packing home appliances like washing machines, AC, refrigerators, gas stoves, etc.
    • Movable items are dismantled using spanners and pliers at the origin location.
    • Furniture and fittings are dismantled for relocation.
    • Dismantled furnishings are gathered at the origin location before packaging.
    • After items are packaged using packing material, they are packed into carton boxes.
    • Large household items are reorganised at the destination location.

    Premium plan

    • A goal-directed and professional relocation team are deployed for packing and moving.
    • Furniture and fittings are dismantled by the team of packers and movers.
    • Handyman services are deployed for dismantling and dismounting items as required.
    • Carton boxes and crates are used for packing kitchen items.
    • TV is packed in a wooden crate if specified by the customer.
    • Three-layer packaging is done to secure fragile items from damage.

    Factors affecting the moving cost at Delhi NCR

    Quantity of Items

    The quantity of goods determines the packers and movers charges. The total number of items to be relocated along with the packaging material determines the goods carrier and the number of people required for packing and moving. The size and type of goods carrier are determined by the total weight of goods to be relocated. The more the quantity of items to be moved, the higher the moving cost.

    Required manpower

    The household goods of 1 RK and 1 BHK fall within the total weight capacity of 250 cubic ft. A team of 3 packers and movers are deployed for a 1 RK/ 1 BHK. To pack and move the household goods of a 2 BHK, a team of 5-6 people is deployed; similarly for a 3 BHK 7-8 people pack and move. Handyman services offered by home shifting services in Delhi. Furniture that requires to be dismantled for shifting is carried out by specialized handyman services.

    Packing Quality & Quantity

    Bubble wrap, shrink wrap and corrugated sheet are available in several qualities in the market. The type and quality of the material are used by the packers and movers in Delhi NCR based on the need of the inventory. If customers have any special requests or preferences, we pack the items based on the customer’s request.

    Eco-friendly packaging material is also offered and the customers can choose to opt for it. HappyLocate has used eco-friendly packaging material for 70% of city-to-city relocations.

    Distance to be covered

    The total distance from the exact location wherein the goods have to be packed and moved to the location where the goods have to be delivered is a major factor. The moving company consider distance as a major factor to determine the moving cost.

    Residing floor and lift availability

    If the goods have to be packed and moved from a location that is higher than the second floor, additional manpower is deployed. The service lift should be available for committed use on the decided move date and time. We will request the customers to confirm this with the concerned authorities for both the locations – pick-up and drop-off.

    In case the service lift is not operational, not available or committed usage is not allowed, customers have to confirm committed usage of the passenger lift. It is important to check on these in advance because the absence of a lift will require additional labour to complete the packing and moving on time.

    Size & type of truck

    The moving company allocates the type and size of truck for relocation based on the quantity of goods, distance to be covered and preference of the customer. Open and closed trucks are available for transportation. A shared goods carrier is utilized by three customers for transportation of their goods. Since the truck takes a common route to cater to the relocation of three customers, the delivery timeline is stretched. You can opt for a shared carrier when you have time to stretch for relocation.

    A dedicated goods carrier is allocated for one customer. Goods of the customer are loaded onto the truck from the customer site, the truck is locked and the goods are transported to the destination location. A shared goods container is cost-effective when compared to a dedicated goods container. If you are not pressed for time and are looking to reduce your moving cost, you can opt for a shared goods carrier.

    Packing techniques used by packers and movers in Delhi NCR

    HappyLocate’s packers and movers in Delhi are trained, experienced and dedicated professionals. The right packing techniques are used by the team to protect the goods from damage during relocation.

    Perfect household carrier

    Perfect household carrier used by the best packers and movers in Delhi. Our team of packers and movers in Delhi use the perfect household carrier to pack your household goods. We have various types and sizes of carton boxes. We use the right household carrier to fit your household goods. Our moving services have satisfied more than 50,000 customers.

    Special LCD cases (LED box)

    Special LCD cases (LED box) provided by a moving company. Your LCD TV and LED items will be safe and secure when you move with us. Our team of packers and movers in Delhi provide 3-layer packaging to protect your LED items from any kind of damage throughout your relocation journey. The team uses special LED boxes to pack the LED items. If you have the original carton box of the items and want to use it to package the items, we will oblige to the same.

    Carton boxes

    Carton boxes used by the best packers and movers in Delhi. Our home shifting services in Delhi use 1-ply, 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply carton boxes for relocation. As an environmentally-conscious brand, HappyLocate uses eco-friendly carton boxes and reusable carton boxes. Carton boxes of the right thickness are used for packing based on the quantity of items and the weight of items to be packed.

    Car carrier

    Cheapest car carriers offered by moving company in Delhi. Moving companies shift the car from one city to another using car carriers. The designated driver of the moving company drives the car from the customer location to the vehicle warehouse. The car is then loaded into a car carrier and transported to the destination location of the customer. The moving company informs the customer to pick up his/her car from the warehouse of the destination location on the same day.

    Perfect boxes

    Perfect boxes used by home shifting services in Delhi. After the right packing material is used to package the item with the right packing technique, it is important to pack it in the perfect boxes. Household goods are packed in carton boxes, TV is packed in wooden crates and LED items are packed in LED boxes. The best packers and movers in Delhi use perfect boxes to pack the items.

    How to minimize your relocation cost in Delhi NCR?

    Packers and movers charges for relocation are dependent on several factors. Total weight of the goods, the vehicle used for relocation, distance to relocate the goods and any additional labour cost. When you choose the right packers and movers in Delhi for your relocation, all these factors are taken care of and you will get the best price for relocation.

    HappyLocate is rated as the best packers and movers in Delhi. You can choose from any one of the three slots for packing and moving at your convenience.

    09:00 am – 12:00 pm
    12:00 pm – 03:00 pm
    03:00 pm – 06:00 pm

    Here are a few ways using which you can minimize your relocation cost in Delhi NCR:

    Plan your move

    Relocation involves working with several stakeholders to organize and facilitate the move. If any information is incomplete or missing, it can lead to a delay in the relocation. Planning is crucial to ensure a smooth relocation journey. Make lists. We cannot emphasize this enough. Make lists at every stage and for everything. Keep a record of them all.

    Make a list of all the items that you want to relocate, a list of items that you want to donate and another list of items that you want to discard. Finalize the list and provide the list of inventory to be moved with your moving company. Pick a weekday or a mid-month day for your packing and moving.

    Research and compare your quotes

    Choose the best moving company in Delhi that will research for you. these companies will have the best in-house team who have strong work relations to get you the best moving cost in the market. They will get a detailed requirement of your relocation needs, connects with their service partners, finds a service partner who will fulfil your relocation requirements the best and finally, finds the best moving cost for you.

    Sort out unused goods

    Discard/dispose of or donate the goods that you do not require at your destination location. It will save you trouble and the cost of relocation.

    Relocation Planning Tips

    Carry valuables personally

    Make a list of all your valuable items. Put in all your essential items in one bag that you will carry personally. It could be documents, jewellery, clothes, food, toiletries, PS3/PS4, laptops, etc.

    Choose the right moving day

    Choose one of the weekdays or mid-month days for your relocation. Packers and movers in Delhi are relatively less occupied on these days as the demand for relocation is lesser on these days. This also means the moving cost will be lesser on these days when compared to high-demand days.

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    Reaching out to HappyLocate Relocation Services is the best decision you will ever make. When you choose HappyLocate for shifting, you have assurance to receive high-quality customer support and on-ground packing and moving services.

    Click pictures of items

    Keep a record of the items that you are going to shift. You can do this by clicking pictures of the items before the team of packers and movers arrive at your location.

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    The new home or office is clean and ready for shifting your items or not, check it once before your items move in. Check water facilities, power facilities, and cleanliness. Contact the service provider in case of a lack of any facility that you were looking forward to.

    Update your new address

    Since you will be shifting to your new home or office soon, you must update the new address on the documents. If you are shifting your office then update the address on your website as well.

    Why we are the Best Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR?

    HappyLocate is one of the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR. We offer services for packing moving, office shifting, loading, unloading, transportation, and warehousing in Gurgaon. Thousands of families and corporate offices trust us as their primary moving experts. We are well-known for secure, and on-time movement around various cities.

    Safety is the main priority when it comes to relocating or shifting. When you will leave your belongings in our hands, we will make sure your items remain secure with insurance.

    Wide range of services

    HappyLocate movers and packers in Delhi offer a wide range of packing and moving services. We specialize in local moving, interstate and intrastate moving, and international moving services. Apart from that, we offer truck rentals, full services, and self-services also.

    Reliable and experienced

    We are the best packers and movers because we are reliable and experienced. We have conducted many relocation tasks and made them successful and this is the reason why most corporate and families put faith in us.

    Our team works hard and they hold a lot of experience in moving and shifting. Thus, relying on them is safe and they understand the pain point of the customers. We will always come up with the best solutions to your issues.

    Covers entire Delhi

    We have partnered with movers packers in Delhi that not only restrict to a few areas but cover the entire Delhi to Hyderabad. So, you don’t need to go here and there to find a moving company. On our platform, you will get the facility to get moving services to move in any part of India.

    Stay safe and protected with us

    Our dedicated team of packers movers Hyderabad is trained and they follow safety norms. They use special tools and technology to make moving tasks easier and safe. Nobody is injured in the task and also it is made sure that our team follows covid19 safety rules

    Services Offered by HappyLocate

    House Shifting

    Moving home is a tiresome process and here you have various things to move- furniture, books, clothes, etc. HappyLocate specializes in residential relocation or house shifting. We bring with us the packing material depending on the type of items to be packed and also our handymen team is there for you to dismantle or dismount the furniture or items.

    We offer house shifting services within the city and between cities as well. In city relocation, we use the truck and make the packing, loading, transition, and unloading depending on the customer’s need. In interstate relocation, we use the packing technique as per the mode of transport.

    Office Shifting

    An office relocation by packers and movers in Hyderabad is another service we offer. The task of shifting office is very difficult. It is imperative to keep a detailed inventory list of the office stock and supplies. The most common items will be printers, computers, tables, and chairs. These items need proper packing to ensure there is no damage during transit and also, and we unpack the items for you. We know time is money and so we make sure that items are delivered safely on time.

    Asset Delivery

    Office assets such as IT assets or documents which require to be shifted to a new office or to the work-from-home groups can rely on HappyLocate. Your office asset such as laptops, Headphones, Work from home accessories, etc. will reach your employers if you hire us. Our packers movers Gurgaon specialize in packing IT assets and keeping them away from theft or damage.

    Apart from that we also help wholesalers to deliver items to retailers through our delivery services. Hence, we provide a solution for on-time delivery at affordable rates. You also get the facility to deliver gifts to your employees as we assist in picking up the right gift and delivering it to each of your employees.

    Pet Shifting

    Another important type of relocation service that you get at the HappyLocate is the Pet shifting services. Pets are the heart of their owners and we know how much it breaks your heart to leave them due to the shifting process. This is the reason Packers movers Gurgaon has designed the pet shifting solution.

    For pet shifting, it is important that you share with us some of the necessary documents like- Vaccination certificate, and medical history. Also, we need your pet’s basic details like- color, gender, height, etc. We assign a pet partner and have a special cage for your pet. We make sure that while in transit the pet receives full care. You can tell us the pet food you prefer for your pet and also give us medicine for feeding your pet.

    Housing Assistance

    Because of Jobs these days many employers have to relocate to new cities. If you are relocating to Gurgaon or any other city then we will help. Our house search assistance is for employers or individual who wants to settle down in a new city.

    We make sure that the houses which we find for you have all the facilities that you want. Apart from that, we make sure that we stick to your budget and help you find budget-friendly home rentals, apartments, or PG.

    Why HappyLocate is the Best Packers and Movers in Gurgaon?

    We are the best packers and movers in Gurgaon since we have been performing ours for many years. HappyLocate has managed to partner with the best packers movers in Gurgaon and has gathered all the essential tools and machinery to make our services better.

    We have the staff and they are well-maintained and knowledgeable. Unlike other packers and movers Gurgaon, we understand that your money and time both are important. Therefore, we make sure that our team never asks you for extra money, hidden charges, or any kind of tips. Everything is made transparent so the customers have the authority to look into the moving process and let us know what they dislike or like.

    If you choose us over other relocation service providers you will get a lot of benefits-

    1. Professional team
    2. User-friendly dashboard for real-time tracking
    3. Easy shipment of items in the insured vehicle
    4. Item insurance
    5. Standard and premium quality packing material
    6. Top quality services worldwide
    7. Customer support 24 x 7

    Our USPs

    SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    Our movers packers Gurgaon solutions come with advanced SaaS tools and AI and ML-based tools that help vendors and customers to check the relocation status. Our packers movers in Gurgaon are also able to check the progress of their business and can also see if they are making a profit or a loss. They will be getting the report of their performance and they can determine their strong or weak points.

    Highly rated in the industry

    HappyyLocate packers movers in Gurgaon is the leading relocation service provider in the industry. They have around 4.5 ratings on their website with positive reviews and there is a 4.2 rating on their Facebook page. We have gained the rating through our trusted customers and the efforts of our professional team.

    Quality Assurance

    We assure you that you will receive quality services and you receive your belongings in good condition in your new home, your pet in proper condition in your new home, and your office goods in proper condition.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    Movers Packers in Gurgaon will deliver your items but make sure that all work is done on time and in a proper manner, this responsibility is given to the dedicated relocation manager. Our relocation manager specializes in getting you or your employees relocated anywhere cross-country or around the globe.

    72hr damage resolution

    The damage-free relocation is assured to you however, if your items get damaged or misplaced mistakenly then we offer 72hr damage resolution. Our team will understand the issue, and they will help you claim the insurance amount if you want, we will try to replace the item or repair it if possible.

    15000+ pin codes served

    We have grown a lot in recent years and we have extended our services to 15000+ pin codes.

    How to Choose the Right Packers and Movers in Gurgaon?

    Choosing the right packers and movers Gurgaon takes some effort. You have to follow the given points in order to find the best relocation service, provider-

    Visit their official website

    There are two ways to search packers and movers- firstly by asking your friend or family, and secondly by searching online. The first method is convenient but it doesn’t work always. But the second method offers you the opportunity to come across some really reasonable packers movers Gurgaon.

    When you are searching online, go to the moving company’s website and check it first. But going to packers movers one by one is quite time-consuming. HappyLocate brings various best packers and movers Gurgaon on a single page and helps you pick the best quotes.

    Background Check

    A packers and movers background check is very important to know if they are operating legally or illegally. You can make background checks by-

    1. Check company isn’t blacklisted
    2. Research company’s history
    3. Verify the company’s license
    4. Check the company’s complaint history

    Validate registration documents

    The moving company’s documents such as PAN, GST, License, Business ID, etc. should be validated before you hire them.

    Upgraded tools

    Packers and movers Gurgaon you are hiring must have the advanced and ugraded tools that allow easy booking and tracking of the services.

    Refer to Customer Ratings

    When you are searching best packers and movers Gurgaon refer to their customer rating. Hire the relocation service provider with top ratings. Reviews should be also referred to once because you will find some genuine reviews online and can know if the service provider is reliable or not.

    Read all documents carefully before signing

    Also, whenever you are hiring a relocation company make sure that they don’t have any hidden charges for services. You will find mostly it is written in those 15 papers agreement; everything is mentioned there but since we never read it carefully, we regret later. Therefore, read all documents carefully and then only sign the paper.

    Why HappyLocate?

    If you want to have a memorable journey to your new home, HappyLocate will help you. Why choose us? The answer is in our name itself because we value our clients and make sure they are “happy.” And to make them satisfied and happy we ensure that each step of relocation is monitored. We take careful measures to ensure that you don’t face any issues from our side.

    Our team will either come to your home or conduct a video call to check items in your house. You can also get your inventory noted down by our team. After that, we will also verify the inventory details and other relocation details to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

    Hence, the given below points are the reason to choose us.

    Client Satisfaction

    HappyLocate packers and movers Gurgaon is worth your time and money. We will make sure we move you properly and within the given time. Also, we won’t make a commitment that we cannot fulfill.

    Professional Staffs

    HappyLocate has a professional team who are both helpful and hardworking. They put in extra effort and work day and night to make sure your move is stress-free.

    Preparation and implementation of services

    The team of HappyLocate will start preparing things for your move from the day you confirm the booking. They will implement the best strategy for relocation and ensure everything works as planned.

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