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In your life, you will relocate for once and the reason could be education, job, family, or anything. Bengaluru and NCR are the two cities where most people want to relocate and the reason is- both have a lovely climate, are hub centers for education, and numerous IT companies are present there. If you have made up your mind and moving from Bengaluru to NCRor Pune to Bengaluru then hire packers and movers from Bangalore to NCR.

HappyLocate values its customers and takes extra care of your family, pet, and goods to relocate them between cities hassle-free. We will help you in finding a suitable stay, packing items, loading them in the vehicle, driving safely to a new location, and then unload as well unpacking the items.

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    Packers and Movers Charges in Bengaluru to NCR Relocation

    The first question that hits your mind is- how much it will cost you to relocate with the help of a moving company? To be honest, there is no fixed answer to this question and when you will ask for a quote different companies will give you quotes with different prices.

    At HappyLocate we will help you find the best house shifting within your budget. Note that you will receive multiple quotes and you can go with any one of the moving company Bangalore offering you the best quotes.

    Depending on the distance, packing material, number of goods, and the vehicle type you will receive the quote. You can decide with which movers you want to relocate and then give out the necessary relocation details and make the booking.

    Packing Materials used in Bengaluru to NCR Relocation

    Standard Plan

    At HappyLocate if our customer chooses the standard plan then the packing facilities, we offer them are as follows-

    • Carton boxes for packing clothes to keep them in good condition
    • Double-walled boxes for packing fragile items
    • Kitchen crockery, and glassware packed in safety packages
    • Packing of electronic goods in LED or LCD packages to ensure that minimal risk of damage.
    • Reorganizing the items after relocation
    • Packing, moving, and unloading everything is carried out by the professional team.
    • Dismounting and dismantling furniture by the handymen team.

    Premium plan

    • Use of waterproof material to pack electronic items
    • Carton and crates for packing miscellaneous items
    • LCD/LED boxes for packing LED/LCD items e.g., TV
    • Team of professionals with years of experience and sound knowledge
    • Stretch wraps and dustproof lamination on every item
    • Handymen services for dismantling and dismounting task
    • Insurance of your items to assure full safety and security of your belongings

    Factors Affecting the Moving Cost in Bangalore to NCR

    Quantity of Items

    The quantity of the item is a crucial factor that will affect your packers and movers prices. This is the reason why a moving company comes to your home and then inspects and notes down all the items you have and based on that they decide your moving cost.

    Note that more quantity of item means packing material will be more and the vehicle required will be according to the item quantity.

    Required manpower

    Moving company Bangalore is calculating the moving charges by adding labor charges to it. Since large furniture and more item will require more labor, the price will be more.

    Packing Quality & Quantity

    The road condition in India in some places are really bad and damage-free delivery seems impossible. But the best packers and movers will ensure that when you are shifting to Pune there is minimal or no damage. For this, they will use top-quality packing material. If the quality of the material will be good then the charges will also be high. Hence, the second factor that will decide the moving cost is the packing material.

    Distance to be covered

    The distance when you are moving between the cities will be more and so yeah, the cost will also be a little high. But you won’t regret hiring a Moving Company, as they will take your goods from the best routes ensuring minimal or no damage and no theft.

    Residing floor and lift availability

    The cost of relocation will also depend on residing floor and availability of a passenger lift or service lift. You will note that if you are residing on the 3rd or 4th floor then your packers and movers prices will be a little high. The availability of a lift in such scenarios is very important as it is very hard to carry the items through stairs, especially big furniture.

    The packers and movers rates will also depend on the house to the parking area. If their vehicle can’t fit in your parking and has to be parked somewhere else due to a narrow road then the rates will be accordingly.

    Size & type of truck

    Shifting your goods between cities will be done usually through- shared or dedicated vehicles. But it will be good if you rent a shared vehicle as they are budget friendly whereas the dedicated vehicle will be costlier.

    Shared trucks are the trucks moving 2-3 household items in the same vehicle. The pros of the shared truck are that cost is reasonable but the con is that it takes a little longer to deliver your items.

    For fast delivery of your items, you can rely on dedicated trucks, these are the trucks that carry only 1 customer’s household goods and the cons of this type of truck is that they cost you high.

    Packing Techniques used by Packers and Movers in Bangalore

    HappyLocate is the best packer and movers in Bangalore as they are using top-quality packing material and highly advanced packing techniques. We know what type of material is good for furniture packing, kitchenware, artifacts, electronic item, and IT assets.

    Perfect household carrier

    Our perfect household Carriers are the carriers suitable to hold different types of items. Sturdy carrier boxes offer amazing durability and ensure full damage protection against dust, dent, dirt, or weather. These carriers are either made of hard cardboard or plastic material.

    Special LCD cases (LED box)

    HappyLocate understands that house Shifting Services, face a common issue which is scratches on LCD and damage to LED TVs, bulbs, lights, and electronic items. We have spent a lot of time analyzing that what is the best material for packing these LCD items. We came up with special LCD cases or LED box packages that are the sturdiest and most protective packages. The Items are first wrapped in a blanket and other packaging material, then placed in these special cases. It reduces the chances of damage or scratch by 90%.

    Carton boxes

    Best packers and movers in Bangalore are using corrugated carton boxes as they come in various sizes and have enough space. Hence, you can pack lots of items and keep them in these boxes giving an extra layer of safety. These are the best packing material for Kitchenware, clothes, footwear, etc.

    Carton is also reusable and easily foldable, which means buying them will save some cost as you can use them again. Most of the top packers and movers in Pune will unpack your item and take back their packages.

    Car carrier

    Carrying the car to your new home yourself will not be an easy task. HappyLocate is helping you in making this task easier by providing the best car carriers. The best packers and movers in Bangalore offer you vehicle relocation services where your vehicle is relocated using an open transport truck or Enclosed truck. The open transport truck is further divided into single-car open trailers or multi-car open trailers. So, you can choose an open car trailer depending on your budget. Since the single-car open truck will carry only your vehicle it is expensive while a multi-car open truck will carry multiple cars at the same time, thus they are a little cheaper

    Also, enclosed trucks come as single-car enclosed trucks or multiple-car enclosed trucks. So, the closed vehicle will carry your car when you choose this type of vehicle. They are very durable, ensure no damage, and will deliver your vehicle fast. The single-enclosed truck will carry a single car whereas multiple-car enclosed trucks will carry multiple cars at a time.

    Perfect boxes

    Perfect boxes by HappyLocate are special box that is dedicated to carrying items like dish boxes, LCD boxes, artwork, and mirror boxes.

    How to Minimize your Relocation Cost From Bangalore To NCR?

    Plan your move

    Packers and movers charges will go up if you are ignorant. Relocating to a new place is a big decision and you need proper planning. The idea is that you sit down and take some time to write down inventory, packers and movers names, calculate the cost of a move, and set the budget.

    Planning is always crucial and it is the best way to minimize your moving cost. When you will make a plan you will consider everything- money, time, distance and so you will get a proper picture in your mind and you come up with ideas to minimize the relocation cost.

    Research and compare your quotes

    Before hiring, Packers & Movers, comparing their estimation costs is a crucial task. HappyLocate research brings you the best moving company but you must do your research as well and try to get quotes from multiple packers and movers.
    Researching the packers and movers means you will search for a moving company that provides you with various services in one place. That means they must be experienced and should provide house shifting in Pune, commercial relocation service, vehicle relocation service, and pet relocation service.

    Sort out unused goods

    Packers and movers charges will minimize somehow if you remove some items from the list. We are not asking you to remove your important items but remove the unused items or the item that you will never use in your life.

    Therefore, make a list of items that are getting junk be it- old books, broken dining sets, non-working machines, and toys. You can either choose to discard the item or donate them, donating items such as toys or books will be recommended because books have lots of important details which may be of no use to you but can help others whereas the toys will bring a smile on the face of someone else kid.

    Relocation Planning Tips

    HappyLocate doesn’t want you to stress out in any way and to make you stress-free we have listed some relocation tips.

    Carry valuables personally

    While you are on the move you may require some things to be near you like- your laptop, keys, jewelry, cash, watch, and smartphone. Also, keeping some food near you is recommended because you will feel hungry while traveling.

    Other than that, we also recommend you that keep your valuable items with you. Valuable here is anything that causes you big trouble or loss when it is broken or not with you. Like your wedding clothes or your expensive smartwatch, your art pieces, or a collection of stones that cost you your sweat and money.

    Choose the right moving day

    The movers will quote high if you move during month ends or weekends. The main reason for the high quote is that on weekends many people book their shifting therefore, the availability of the slots will be less. Scheduling the move during the mid-month will be affordable as there will be the availability of slots.

    Also, national holidays are the days when the best packers and movers in Bangalore will charge you high to shift to Pune. Weekdays or working days for movement will be good if you wish to save the cost. The weekdays are best as traffic will be less and you will be to get your items delivered to the new location fast

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    Another important tip that you must follow is that disconnect the utility services at your old address before you move. People forget this task and don’t realize it until they get the bill and have to pay even when they didn’t use the services.

    Therefore, you should set aside a day and contact the service providers such as electricity, gas connection, cable, telephone, milk vendor, newspaper, etc. Tell them the date from when you will stop using their services or tell them a new address so that they deliver the services at the new address.

    Click pictures of items

    Although most of you will make a list of items still keeping the photos will be most suitable. The reason is photos will remind you of the condition of the item. If there are any changes in your item or if the item is missing then you can look at those photos and get to know about it. You can then report the same to the moving company and they will escalate the issue to get it resolved as soon as possible.

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    You know that you are moving to a new location which is unknown to you. That means inspecting it beforehand will be important to ensure everything is just as you expected. You can visit before moving and inspect that your new home is well furnished and ready to move. Get the floor, windows and sealings cleaned thoroughly, get the weeds pulled out of the garden, and then move in your items when your house has deep cleaned.

    Update your new address

    Before you relocate to a different city get a new address update on your documents. This will save you from any kind of nuisance later.

    Why we are the Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore to NCR Relocation?

    HappyLocate is the most reliable and efficient relocation platform that serves all your relocation needs. As licensed professionals, we own good experience in packing, moving, and relocating or storing goods.

    Also, we have a unique concept and use advanced tools and machinery for securing your items. Apart from that, we have an expert team having great communication skills and a helping nature who will support you in your every move.

    The reason why our customers are choosing us and call us the best are as follows-

    Wide range of services

    We are not just the best packers and movers in Bangalore who will help you in moving but we are going more than that. We are helping our customers experience the best in every way- we will book your tickets, cabs, and hotel, and also make sure that at the same time your item is packed, moved, and safely reach your destination along with you.

    Companies who want their employee to relocate from Bangalore to Pune are asking us to undertake the task of even finding the best rental houses for their employee. Hence, we are assisting the employee or family to find a home.

    We offer services such- Household Shifting, Vehicle shifting, commercial shifting, pet shifting, warehousing, and house search assistance.

    Reliable and experienced

    HappyLocate is the most demanded relocation provider and various packers and movers are joining hands with us. We go miles to satisfy our customers and make sure none of their queries or concerns is left unanswered.

    Our support team is active 24 x 7 and easy to reach as well as very friendly. Hence, you can tell them your problem and also can suggest feedback, etc. Our team takes your response positively and works on it sincerely to ensure you don’t feel disappointed.

    Covers entire NCR

    Our Bangalore-based company is not only offering relocation within Bangalore but we are delivering our services to cover the entire NCR. So, you can go anywhere in Pune tension free- we will exceed your expectation and commits to our words.

    Stay safe and protected with us

    HappyLocate packing and moving services in Bangalore are the best as they not only care for your items but for your family too. Therefore, every staff member here is trained to follow safety measures and covid19 rules. You will see that the packers and movers team coming to your house will always wear a mask, and have been vaccinated. They will never ask you for any tip and if someone does, our customers are free to complain about it and we will take the necessary action against it.

    Services Offered by HappyLocate

    House Shifting

    Customers rely on HappyLocate for end-to-end house relocation services. We provide customized moving experiences after having deep discussions with our customers and planning the best move. Also, we know that every house shifting in NCR is not the same. Hence, we customize the move after collecting all the details like- Place of pick up, packing requirement, vehicle requirement, destination distance, and other details.

    Office Shifting

    Another type of relocation service which is very popular is office relocation. So, if you are shifting your office from Bangalore to NCR we will help you out in making the move successful. Not only Pune we will help you shift anywhere- Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. Our expert staff will arrive at your old office and pack all your documents in water-proof packages and cover your computer system, laptop, TV, and furniture in a special packaging material and take it safely to a new office.

    Asset Delivery

    HappyLocate helps in IT asset delivery for companies or employees. We understand that IT assets are an important part of any business and we ensure that your laptop, keyboards, etc. are packed in the most durable and damage-proof material.
    Also, we deliver non-IT assets like the work from home accessories, gifts, office kits, customized mugs, bags, etc.

    Pet Shifting

    Pet shifting services by HappyLocate are to bring pets close to their masters. The team of packing and moving services in Bangalore will assign a partner who will stay with your pet on their move. The kit containing your pet food, medicine, and pet care equipment will be carried along so that your pet is treated well and doesn’t get sick during movement.

    Housing Assistance

    HappyLocate as told before is not just providing house shifting in NCR  but we also specialize in finding the house. So, if our clients are not sure where to live in Pune and want us to make the task easier then we find a suitable house at a reasonable cost.

    Why HappyLocate is the Best Packers and Movers For Bangalore To NCR?

    For a long time, HappyLocate has been the most appreciated relocation industry and serves across several locations. Our performance speaks about our services and our staff work sincerely to deliver the best performance.

    We not only care about you or relocation but we also care about the environment. We make sure that the packages we use do not harm nature. Our packing material meets international standards and is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable.

    Our customers love us because we made the booking procedure easier for our customers. Also, in case they are away and we carry out a video call inspection to check the item quantity in their 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK flat and then quote them the optimum rates.

    Apart from that after every move, we ensure that if there is any damage or issue to their belongings then we dedicate ourselves to solving the issue within 72 hours. No matter you give us positive feedback or negative feedback, we make sure we read them and make changes in our services to make sure that coming clients receive 100% Satisfaction and have 0% complaint from our side in any way.

    Our USPs

    SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    HappyLocate is packers and movers near me making use of SAAS-based tools and Machine learning and Artificial intelligence to make the relocation faster and safer. The tools help in accurate calculation and creating quotes, tracking relocation history, and checking productivity and growth.

    Highly rated in the industry

    HappyLocate is the highly-rated packers and movers near me. We gained experience in the industry by serving different types of clients and today many big companies trust us for their relocation needs be it asset delivery services, office shifting services, or corporate gift delivery.

    Quality Assurance

    We believe in not compromising the quality of services no matter what happens. You can feel the quality in everything from our packaging technique to our customer service and smooth relocation. Some of our top clients are- Acko, Amazon, GAP, Titan, and Wipro.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    HappyLocate is different from other relocation service providers as here you get a dedicated relocation manager. The DRM is the person who will be maintaining the team and making sure that the team of packers movers Bangalore works properly to complete the entire relocation. The DRM is responsible for answering any question or giving resolutions related to relocation issues.

    72hr damage resolution

    HappyLocate House shifting services in Bangalore is responsible to provide you with damage resolution within 72hr if there is any kind of damage. Note that within a specified period you will have to inform about damage to receive the compensation.

    15000+ pin codes served

    HappyLocate is offering house, office, and other relocation services across 15000+ pin codes. Therefore, if you choose us that means you can easily get relocated anywhere from the best routes.

    How to Choose the Right Packers and Movers From Bangalore To NCR?

    We have listed down some pointers to consider when deciding the right packers and movers in Pune.

    Visit their official website

    The most important step to finding top packers and movers is to start researching online. Offline it will be hard to find the packers and movers that easily but online you will easily find hundreds of packers and movers. Visit the websites of moving companies and then make a list. Note down their key services and select any 3-4 packers movers Bangalore from them.

    Background Check

    The background check is another crucial step in finding the best packers movers is Background check is done by asking for the documents to know the authenticity of the company. Making a background check is important to ensure that your items are in safe hands.

    Validate registration documents

    Check the documents like License, GSTIN, pan card, and other important documents of the moving company that you hire.

    Upgraded tools

    Ensure the packers and movers that you are going to work with have advanced tools or machinery. This is because a lack of proper tools means that there will be greater chances of damage to your items.

    Refer to Customer Ratings

    You must explore the ratings and reviews of the relocation service provider. Don’t settle with testimonials alone but ask previous customers’ reviews and understand the working of the moving company that you are hiring.

    Read all documents carefully before signing

    After you have selected a moving company and made a booking, you will be asked to sign some documents. Some hidden packers and movers charges which you have to pay are because of the mistake that you never read the documents carefully. So, as a part of hiring the best packers and movers always read the documents you are signing.

    Why HappyLocate?

    Undoubtedly HappyLocate has made a lot of progress in the relocation industry in past few years. And so, choosing us will never be a regretful idea. The kind of services and care we provide to our clients are unmatchable.

    Client Satisfaction

    Undoubtedly HappyLocate has made a lot of progress in the relocation industry in past few years. And so, choosing us will never be a regretful idea. The kind of services and care we provide to our clients are unmatchable.

    Professional Staffs

    Our staff consists of experienced professionals who own a good amount of experience in the industry. The training of our packing and moving team is done in such a way as to meet the different requirements of different customers.

    Preparation and implementation of services

    HappyLocate is preparing and implementing services following proper procedures and rules and regulations. We also keep in mind that if our current strategy doesn’t meet your requirement then we make timely modifications.

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