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Packers and Movers in Kanpur

HappyLocate is the most reputed and trusted firm. The primary goal of our company is to pack/unpacking and loading/unloading services. Apart from that, we provide house search assistance and pet relocation service. The company delivers a satisfactory range of residential household and corporate services. 

We have 10+ years of vast experience in this field and earned a high reputation. We have earned a huge customer base by serving quality, safety, efficiency, dependability, and reliability. The Packers and movers in Kanpur successfully sustain their existing customers and look forward to achieving new clients. If you want to get served by our experts, make a call to us!

Packers and Movers Charges in Kanpur

Kanpur is another city where people want to buy property in the posh area and relocate. Do you have similar plans? If yes, come to us and consult for relocation charges.

Do many people have the same question in their minds? What are our charges? Do you want to know our pricing structure? So, the pricing is different for different services. Our company offers Smooth moving process from beginning till end. We are dedicated to serving you guaranteed satisfaction by giving you accurate results. 

We ask you for affordable prices without charging any hidden costs, and we are reliable in serving you the free moving supplies and the latest techniques and procedures. Our company is associated with the other companies to make the process smoother. Also, we use a large fleet of vehicles and customer-friendly staff who professionally take care of your job.

The cost of relocation depends upon the area you want to cover and the stuff you have in your space. The charges depend upon the number of boxes in which we have packed the stuff, the level of risk, the number of vehicles we have used to load and transport, and many more.

However, our company has served these services for so long in reasonable charges. When it comes to quality, don’t go for someone who provides services at the lowest prices but believes in them who serve you on an economical budget with extreme care.

Packing materials used by top Packers and Movers in Kanpur

Standard Plan

  • Workers with Expertise and Training 
  • Carton containers have been used to store small clothing and other items. 
  • All appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, TV, air - conditioners, & gas stove, should be wrapped in plastic wrap or a foam blanket. 
  • Standard household tools like a wrench & pliers are deconstructed at the source. 
  • The water filter & Dish TV have been taken apart. 
  • Dismantled furniture is rebuilt when it is transported. 
  • All personal items must be changed upon arrival.

Premium plan

  • Workers are skilled and well-trained 
  • Carton boxes have been used to store small clothing and other items. 
  • All of the kitchen goods come in crates or cartons. 
  • All appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, TV, air conditioner, & gas stove, should be wrapped in bubble wrap or a foam blanket. 
  • With a spanner & pliers, the furniture may be removed from bubble wrap/foam covering. 
  • The water filter & Dish TV have been taken apart. 
  • All personal items must be adjusted on arrival.

Packing techniques used by best Packers and Movers in Kanpur

Get The LED BOX is a one-of-a-kind protective covering for LCD panels. 

Our LED/LCD Screen Packages were created to help you protect and extend the life of your fragile LED and LCD screens, which standard wooden crate methods can ruin. Because of the high-quality materials used in their construction, these boxes provide more cushioning & grip. 

Organizing Your Wardrobe with Cartons

These long-lasting storage bins will keep ready-to-wear outfits safe and secure. These are particularly well-suited for transporting ready-to-wear coats, coats, shawls, and other exclusives since they are robust, capacious, and water-resistant. 

Automobile movers are vehicles that carry cars

Because they result from extensive research, we can carry your vehicle safely and affordably to its ultimate stop using one of these custom-built car carriers. 

Things to keep in mind when planning for a move

Avoiding last-minute haste and maintaining a stress-free travel experience necessitates planning. Create a relocation to-do list to help you stay organized while packing and relocating. 

Make a list of everything you don't need and arrange it as follows

To ensure a smooth and stress-free transition, consider giving a contribution or donating items that can be recycled or reused to benefit the environment. 

Local Packers & movers can be found here

Begin looking for such a moving company one week before the local move and at least 15-20 days before such an international move. 

It's time to collect your most treasured possessions

Bring all you need to your new home, including clothing, medicines, children's belongings, personal care products, & toiletries, so you can enjoy your time there before moving. 

Paperwork & valuables must be kept organized

All of your belongings should be packed in a carry-on bag, including jewelry, computers, tablets, and other digital equipment. In this file, you should categorize & organize all of the key documents. 

Choosing the Most Appropriate Relocation Day

Moving firms are more willing to negotiate a lower price with consumers when they have the most complimentary time, such as in the middle of the month or on weekdays.

Proven Quality

Kanpur Movers and Packers are screened and authorized. They were rigorously vetted online and in-person before being admitted into Assure Shift's community of best packers and movers. We check their website and verify their e-mail address, street address, registration papers, & track record, among other things. 
In alphabetical order, a list of moving companies is offered. You may identify and contact many local movers in your region on Assure Shift. Then, among other things, you can hire movers based on their location, ratings and reviews, services, availability, price, & experience.

Our mission

  • HappyLocate is spread all over India by serving the standard quality features. However, we know that packing all your stuff and transporting them to the desired place is a tricky and tiring job, and we promise to serve you quality with dedication, honesty, and sincerity. 
  • We aim to serve hassle-free relocation and happy customers. Our company's committed and professional staff promises you not to compromise on any factor. We promise to fulfill all your expectations for which you are striving. 
  • We are dedicated to serving you a quick relocation service at a cost-effective price to the clients. Our team has dedicated professionals who are skillful and take care of your goods like yours! Enjoy a smooth transfer service without any hurdle. Our company believes in maintaining a relationship with our clients. So, this is why the skilled members of our company are working to create good coordination among the customers, employees, and associates.
  • We have different packages which we can customize on your demand. With us, your relocation will be completely stress-free. We wish to establish ourselves as the market leader in the upcoming time, and we make every necessary effort to achieve your satisfaction and a smile on your face. We educate people and create awareness regarding the right strategies for relocation. Our motive is to win the trust of our customers by serving them door to door service. Get a complete package of relocating, restarting, and rearranging in minimum Packers and Movers charges in Kanpur!

Our Goal

So, our company's goals are for the long term because we don’t believe in short-term success. Our goals are abiding to make you our long-term customers. We promise to deliver the best by employing the best industry experts at the lowest charges in Kanpur. 

Using the latest techniques and effective procedures to make a quick relocation possible is a positive gesture that people like and visit us every time. So, we want to make shifting easy and fun by breaking all the traditional stereotypes.

Services offered by HappyLocate

House shifting

House relocation is the biggest critical task because there is plenty of stuff at your home that you need to be packed. Every piece of stuff in your home is valuable for you and holds memories. So, we have experts who understand that every single item of your home is closer to your heart, and that’s why they pack and unpack it with proper care. We use a special packing material that includes Bubble sheets, corrugated sheets, cardboard boxes, Stretch film roles, paper cuttings, thermocol sheets, etc. We are the only reliable choice for you who cater to everything you want from us, especially affordable Movers and packers cost in Kanpur!

Office shifting

Office relocation/corporate relocation is another challenging task we can analyze by sending our talented experts! With us, you can make the process simpler. There is so much sensitive stuff in the corporate sector that needs to be replaced with extra care. These items should be packed and relocated safely using the toughest cardboard sheets. India's biggest preferred relocating company has completed hundreds of official projects. Do you want to be the next one? Come and experience our smooth service done with utmost perfection.

Asset delivery

We deliver IT assets that are so close to your heart. We take special care of sending and loading the most valuable and costly items to you. All the services provided by us are available at a premium rate. We promise to deliver your office assets with great responsibility. We will take care of your belongings in a great way by making your shifting hassle-free. Also, we carry your confidential data and deliver it to you. The company is trustworthy and wins the hearts of the clients.

Pet relocation

Do you want to relocate the pet from your old home to the new one? Relocating a pet from one city to another can be trouble for your pet. But with us, make it fun for you! We take extreme caution while traveling with your pets. We have pet-friendly staff that can responsibly carry your dog, cats, and other pets. Our company is also registered, certified, skilled, and knowledgeable. Get the highest quality transportation service at a reasonable cost. Call our verified experts to make your pet relocation stress-free.

House search assistance

Are you new to Kanpur? It is a small city, but it has many confusing streets that can affect you. So, if you are moving to this city for the first time, we will help you! We can search for the best home for you in your budget. House hunting is a difficult task, especially if you are new to this place. Therefore, you can save time and effort. We will shift you to the best home in safety, privacy and cost. So, what are you thinking about? Dial our number on your phone and have a word with our associates.

How to find the best Packers and Movers in Kanpur

We want to give you a warm welcome. We want to break those stereotypes where you thought shifting is tough. When choosing the right company, relocation will be simple, cost-effective, and stress-free. Here we share the features that the best company holds:

Professional & experienced

Moving will be more excited when you have skilled and experienced staff like us. We efficiently handle all your packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking processes. No matter which kind of relocation you need, we serve it to you. We promise you to leave us happy and satisfied with our service.


The other thing you should look for is insurance coverage. No matter how expert you hire, make sure they have the insurance plans and policies. In this way, you can claim compensation if any damage happens.

Affordable charges

When you hire any relocating Company, make sure they ask for an affordable charge from you. However, we provide all the services at the lowest possible price compared to the market price.

Customer satisfaction

A good moving company helps you satisfy their service. The professional team of our company is capable enough to undertake the start-end relocation process completely.

Verify the background

Before hiring us or any company, don’t forget to check the background. Visit the company website and check every section, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and years of experience. Choose the best service after going through the testimonials and reviews. 

Compare & hire

We know many more relocating Companies in Kanpur serve the same services, but we are the best among them in terms of every factor. You can check it by comparing us with them!

Our USPs

Our company has certain USPs that differentiate us from the crowd, and here we discuss those with you.

Best rated in the industry

We are the best-rated company that builds new ideas and inventions in the packers and movers industry. Our skilled developers have scientific knowledge and filled the workplace with a new impetus towards technical progress. We provide zero-error services and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We are constantly in touch with you during the entire transportation process.

Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

We have dedicated relocation managers to take care of the entire location. They serve exclusive and unique USPs to the customers. The dedicated relocation manager fits your IEC standards and is designed to provide total safety with low Movers and packers costs in Kanpur.

72hr damage resolution

Once you hire our company, we provide complete relaxation and satisfaction. Get peace of mind with us because we provide insurance against any damage. Get 72hr damage resolution from us that you won’t get from anywhere else. 

15000+ pin codes served

Do you know how many clients we have till now? Well, we have served 1500+ pins codes and gained satisfied clients.

Special cage for pets

With us, you can relocate your beloved pets and plants through a special cage. These cages are specially designed and have ventilated spaces where your pets can easily sit comfortably. These pets are secured because of the strong fences. We relocate your pet with these special cages and feed them at proper intervals. We look after them after you and take proper care of you!

Fabric sheets

We are known for providing excellent packaging. We have done a lot of research regarding how to take care of your goods. These specialized sheets are reusable and provide excellent comfort. With this packaging, you can get rid of the moisture and scratch. Therefore, we use corrugated rolls, which are durable and water, shock-absorbed. With us, you achieve the level of satisfaction that you won’t get anywhere else.

Carton box

We have evolved the new concept model by giving you the carton box. Therefore, these boxes are strongly structured with the hard plastic box. These cartons are robust, durable, and impulsive. The company takes care of your goods and ensures that they will be free from any external damage.

SAAS, ML, AI-based tools to check the relocation status

We use highly advanced AI-based ML and SAAS tools that keep you up to date. Through these, you can keep your eyes on your stuff and check where we reached every minute. So, what do you want more than this? Tap to hire our relocation assistance.

Quality assurance

We take care of your goods and ensure that we will give you the best quality of work in your area. We use high training facilities. Also, we want you to relax after moving to a completely new location.

Why HappyLocate?

There are many relocating service providers in Kanpur, but the best one always wins the race, and that is us! Our company offers excellent service at an economical cost. We approach our customers best and are dedicated to solving their requirements. We believe that customer needs only 2 things from our transparency and satisfaction. The exceptional quality service and on-time friendly service fascinate our customers. We feel blessed to have such a dexterous team who are highly skilled and efficiently serving the nation. 

We conduct regular training for the newest employees to ensure that every team member is leveraged with potential. Our team has the upgraded tools that make us the best in serving operational excellence. Therefore, we make every possible effort to widen and strengthen the customer base. Our excellent workers understand customers’ specific requirements and suggest tailor-made solutions. 

We know which of your goods needs special attention and care. We have experts capable of challenging handling tasks in the most competitive environment. Do you also in search of skilled personalities who can meet your requirements? So, you have come across the right platform! We have our network all across the major cities of India, and that’s why the company has growing demand in the future! To book your consultation with us, drop a mail today!

  • Waterproof carton box: We use the waterproof box to keep your products safe from water. These strong, durable boxes help you to give your staff an extra protective barrier. In this way, you can make the relocation possible even in the monsoons. 
  • Corrugated cardboard: Do you want to give an additional layer to your furniture and crockery sets? Our skilled technicians use specially built corrugated and hard cardboard sheets. We use sheets packed with great care and deliver extreme durability of the packaging boxes. We promise to keep your crockery sets safe against external damages while in transit. To pack your belongings in an eco-friendly and reusable way, hire us.
  • Cardboard rolls: Corrugated cardboard rolls work similarly to cardboard sheets. These are highly effective in packaging and moving. We use premium quality corrugated paper rolls and wrap them on fragile items like glassware, chinaware, silverware, paintings, antiques, and basic home & office goods. 
  • Pack with a profession: When you shift your home, you need to pack many items. Sometimes you feel frustrated by packing that stuff, but you can achieve satisfaction with us. 
  • Air bubble wraps: We are the premium companies that use premium quality air bubble wraps and bubble pouches. Bubble pouches are helpful to enhance the safety of goods while in transit. To provide utmost care to goods, we wrap every item in corrugate rolls and then pack them in hard corrugated boxes. 
  • Innovative Moving Tools: Our company is committed to providing you with unmatched relocation services at reasonable rates. However, we use innovative moving tools and essential equipment to protect the stuff.
  • On-time support: We offer you on-time support in a user-friendly way. Our company executives are well-experienced, and we provide 24/7 support to us. So, what are your demands from us? Send a quote to us today and enjoy a happy move with us.


Bringing a smile to your face is the ultimate mission of HappyLocate. Many companies compete with us to achieve our stage, but no one can match our level of service. However, customer satisfaction and quality maintenance are the 2 major goals of our company. We use high training facilities. Also, we want you to relax after moving to a completely new location.

To achieve this, we make effective strategies and set deadlines to facilitate you as much as possible. Make a call to us and wait for our associates to reach you.

Posted On: Jul 27, 2022
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