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Packers and Movers in Ludhiana

Are you planning to shift your residence and move to your dream home? Are you relocating your office to a swanky commercial complex? Leave your packing and shifting blues and worries on us, HappyLocate. Our bouquet of services backed by a team of experts and dedicated fleets leave no stone unturned to move your valuable belongings to almost every corner of the country.

The process of packing and shifting to a new place is tough where everything is almost unknown. It is tiresome work with tensions of getting the furniture and fixtures and other valuables unpacked and placed at the right place in the new building. It may be your residential items or office cabinets, tables, computers, or documents; we give the best services to our clients. 

Packers and Movers Charges in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is not so expensive city and if you want to enjoy a peaceful life shifting to this place would be the best decision. We deliver the best packers and movers solution to Ludhiana at reasonable relocation charges.

Do not worry about our charges. We are pretty competitive in this regard providing the best services. Our charges depend on the nature of the good, the volumetric weight, relocation distance, special packaging needs, and many other factors. We explain every aspect of our charges in writing and further clarify the doubts verbally. You are free to compare other Packers and movers' charges in Ludhiana with ours. 
Our movers and packers cost in Ludhiana include all the items needed for packing and the specialized tools and tackles to lift and shift them to the vehicle, which stays stationed at your doorstep during the process. We pick them up from your door and deliver them to your door at the new location. We even unpack them and place the items in your desired places inside the house or office. Our experts are quite capable of dismantling and assembling items like beds or workstations, for example, without any damage. We work as a team and make the right move to give our best efforts in shifting the materials, including your cars and pets. 

Packing materials used by top Packers and Movers in Ludhiana

Standard Plan

  • Get all the Laborers Who Are Skilled and Trained 
  • All little objects, clothes, and miscellaneous inventories are packed in a Carton box. 
  • Using bubble wrap or a foam blanket, pack all appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, television, air conditioner, and gas stove. 
  • All basic furniture that can be dismantled using simple tools such as a wrench and pliers is deconstructed at the source site. 
  • Dismantling of Dish TV, wall-mounted TV, and water purifier at the source 
  • All dismantled furniture is reassembled at the destination site. 
  • At the destination, all-important home inventories are rearranged.

Premium plan

  • Get all the Laborers who are skilled and well-trained 
  • All little objects, clothes, and miscellaneous inventories are packed in a Carton box. 
  • All kitchen products are packed in crates or carton boxes. 
  • Using bubble wrap or a foam blanket, pack all appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, television, air conditioner, and gas stove. 
  • All furniture is packed in bubble wrap/foam blanket and removed at the source location using basic tools such as a spanner and pliers. 
  • Dismantling of Dish TV, wall-mounted TV, and water purifier at the source 
  • At the destination, all-important home inventories are rearranged.

Packing techniques used by best packers and movers in Ludhiana

Specialized Household Goods Transporter

We developed the idea of Dedicated Household Carriers while researching the most efficient ways to move household goods and cars. So we could deliver autos and other items simultaneously for our clientele. 

Get Creative with Your Boxes

Also, with craton Boxes' help, we've invented an innovative technique of transporting fragile goods. These plastic boxes allow producers to build durable, compact Ziploc bags that outperform conventional cartons. 

Get The LED BOX protects unique LCD screens

Our LED/LCD Screen Boxes are designed to preserve and prolong the life of sensitive LED and LCD displays that conventional hardwood boxes can damage. These boxes are made of high-quality materials that provide extra cushioning and grip. 

Cartons for Organization

These well-made, durable storage containers will keep ready-to-wear ensembles safe and protected. As a result of their robustness, capacity, and water resistance, they are ideal for shipments of ready-to-wear outerwear and exclusives. 

Update the new address

Please notify all of the necessary businesses and organizations about your change of address so that you don't miss any important mail.

Utilities to be managed

Connect or disconnect your service with your utility providers, such as Wi-Fi or DTH/Cable TV or a newspaper distributor or milk supply or LPG distributor.

Try the Autotransporters

We can transport your vehicle efficiently and responsibly with one of the custom-built car carriers since they result from intensive research. 

Tips for relocation

Travelling is stressful enough without having to

rush around last minute. Create a moving checklist to keep organized when packing and moving. 

Keep track of everything you don't want and sort it

Consider the following for a stress-free move: Do something for the environment by donating or selling things that can be recycled. 

Locate local movers

Obtain moving quotes at least a week before your local move and 15-20 days before your overseas move.

Gather your prized possessions

Be sure to bring everything you need to your new house to enjoy it before moving in. 

Organize Important Paperwork and Valuables

Bring a bag that you should easily transport your items in. In this file, you should categorize and organize all critical papers. 

Choosing the Right Moving Day

The best times to move are in the middle of the month or on weekdays. 

Quality Proven 

Approved Packers and Movers in Ludhiana

All packers and movers in Assured Shift's network have been carefully vetted online and in person. We look at their website, e-mail, physical address, registration papers, and track record, among other details. 

List of Movers

You can identify and contact local movers of Happylocate. Then you may hire movers according to their reviews, services, availability, cost, and experience. 

Find the best matches

You can also fill out our question form to offer us basic information regarding your move. The origin and destination addresses should be included as well as your name and phone number. You can choose from three of our top options after giving us your permission. 

Consistently high standards

Every month, we assess the moving firms we work with for quality assurance. Those who do not reach our high-performance standards are permanently banned or blacklisted.

From the Beginning to the End 

It doesn't matter how long it takes for us to respond to your questions; we'll be there for you. We answer all of your questions, offer alternative matches if you're not satisfied with the advised movers, and take appropriate action on organizations that didn't meet their promises.

Our mission

  • We always try to give the best solutions to our clients. We believe customer satisfaction is our progress. It may be some complex transportation, the most challenging office relocation or vehicle shifting, delivery of digital assets like laptops and computers; we race against time and overcome all challenges. We are striding with a great pace and becoming one of the best in the industry.
  • With high levels of packing solutions, backed by speedy transportation, our logistic team is always on its wheel to transfer any material without any destruction. Whatnot, we even relocate your pets with great care and human touch.
  • We are one of the top movers and packers in Ludhiana, researching and coming out with innovative solutions for packing and moving the goods most effectively without damaging them. We understand the tensions and sentiments of our customers for their belongings while shifting. Our company gives assurance of our commitments and dedications towards our work. We understand customer needs and emotions, treat each client as unique, and work accordingly.
  • We plan our strategies as per the mission, and it is a great learning experience for our entire team. With a dream to grow big and touch new heights, the company has exhaustive service and satisfied clients in more than 15000 pin codes in the country.
  • With a diverse range of services, reliability of our service team, working most transparently, and tailor-made solutions, we are growing strength to strength moving a single object to bulk material from one place to another. Our customers stay out of worries and nightmares in a relaxed mood, and our commitment never fails the objective of our customers of taking our services.

Services offered by HappyLocate

  • As you intend to relocate to a new place, leave the tensions of planning, packaging, and transportation of the goods and all your valuable belongings on us. Our packaging experts take great care in packaging the most fragile goods so that they reach their destination without any damage. We have different packaging solutions based on the properties of the goods and materials.
  • We are experts in packaging and transporting assets. Our customers receive them without any material damage and enjoy the benefits without any loss. It may be house shifting having those expensive and fragile plates and saucers, the mirror, or the glass dining table. Our experts pack them with different materials to absorb the shock during transportation. To us, the packaging is an art that many other packers ignore and make a mess of things.
  • We undertake complex office shifting. It is one of the most complex works to relocate an office. The documents and the files need to be packed well, which are of utmost importance for doing business. The office belongings are packed in boxes, and then each box contains the packing slips to let our corporate customers know what items are inside the box. Each box is marked and numbered accordingly, and a proper receipt is given to the client for easy recognition and identification. The furniture and fixture of the office are also packed with great care. An office may have many computers and digital devices, and our experts pack them accordingly so that a safe transportation passage without any damage to the IT assets is possible. On reaching the relocation destination, our team of service providers unpacks the materials in the client's presence and arranges things as desired.
  • In this new work style, like working from home, many of our existing clients or new customers are sending digital assets to the employees. We are happy to announce that we deliver assets like computers and laptops with great care and minimum time. We take extra care in transporting IT assets to the receivers sent through us. To date, we have received no such complaints from our clients on delivering goods in a damaged condition. Our clients are delighted with our services and repeatedly take them to send the IT assets to the employees even in the country's remote corners.
  • We all love to have a pet, and it becomes challenging to shift the pets while relocating the house. We have a specialized infrastructure and caregivers to relocate the pets. The pets are handled by trained staff and carried in special vehicles to stay healthy and happy during the journey and do not fall sick. Our unique vehicles transporting pets are never short of oxygen, and the pets can breathe effortlessly. A trained staff is always in attendance during the entire journey feeding the pets and taking care of their health. It may be dogs, birds, cats, and any other pets; we take great care in relocating them if our clients cannot drive to the new destination.
  • We often help our clients search for a new house or office at the new place. Our network is so strong that we can assist our customers in finding the best suitable place to live or work in a new destination. We try our best to keep our clients in the most relaxed physical and mental health during the entire relocation process. We stand committed to bringing smiles to our client's faces taking our services.

How to find the best Packers and Movers in Ludhiana?

With the growing numbers of packers and movers, it is challenging to select a good company. Many organizations make tall claims before one seals the deal but fail to deliver the promises. It adds to the customers' worries as they are already tense about shifting to a new place. Get the best services by selecting the best organization and learn the tips to find the best one in Ludhiana. 

Getting references – One of the best methods of finding our working model is getting references from friends, relatives, and colleagues who have already taken our services. Visit our website, explore our horizons and read the reviews before bestowing the shifting hazards on our shoulders.

Check for valid licenses - Always check different licenses of the packer and mover company issued by the competent authority. Look for the certifications of the client base and then finalize the deal. 

Get quotes - Once you choose the best one, you will get the quotes. Compare the quotation; look for the expertise, the total time from packing to unpacking, the expertise in handling pets, and special attendees for the pets or the logistical support. 

Get the goods covered – Many companies offer coverage for damaged or lost goods during transit. One should always trust the best packers and movers, guarantee their best services and pay the demurrage charges, if any, during the entire process. Though the best companies never compromise on packing and transportation, connecting to a company like us for the best services is best.  

Do not rush – One should not rush to get the cheapest deal and finalize with any company. Introspect why the quote is cheap, look for the expertise, the years of experience, the market reputation, check the credibility, and then sign the contract. 

Our USPs

Best rate in the industry 

We are one of the best rated in the industry, and one can verify our claim by looking at our client base and surfing the internet. We may be young compared to others but have grown many folds within the six years of our operations. As already stated, our mission is to bring smiles to our customers' faces. Our unique USP is "Your satisfaction, our progress," and we work hard to keep our flag flying high.

Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

We have a dedicated team of experts and a relocation manager for your movement and supervise your unique needs and requests and the entire relocation process. You will get real-time tracking information from our dedicated manager and stay relaxed. Our team of experts has been recruited for the services after tight screening and background check as relocation involves not only petty goods but goods with high values.

72hr damage resolution

In case of any damage during our employees' packing and moving process, we stick to a 72-hour damage resolution to bring out the best solution. We take great care during the entire packing and moving process and rarely face the 72 hr damage resolution. Our working system is well planned and robust to avoid conflicts with our clients. We are experimenting with innovative ideas to give our customers and existing clients the best solutions.  

15000+ pin codes served

We have extended our services to almost every corner of the country and are at present covering more than 15000 pin codes. During the pandemic, we have worked day & night taking utmost safety measures, as many of our customers relocated the base. Every day is a new morning, and we are always ready to accept new challenges racing against time. 

SAAS, ML, AI-based tools to check the relocation status

HappyLocate has every single UP, including the high-tech tools based on ML, Saas and AI-based technology which you are dreaming of. Connect with us for help.

Quality assurance

We work as a team and make the right move to give our best efforts in shifting the materials, including your assets and pets.  

Why HappyLocate

In January 2016, 2 entrepreneurs started the relocation services to desired clients. It was a small leap with 5 five people on the team. Gradually our company began to grow at a neck break speed, and there was no looking back.

With the battery of experts under their banner for simple or critical relocation solutions, we will make the matter like slicing the butter with a knife.

We are the most sought-after relocation company in Ludhiana for various reasons. In the six years of our service to various individual and corporate clients, we have gained much reputation with our best services.

Most trusted workforce

Our workforce can be trusted with blindfolds, and they never indulge in any corruption during packaging and transportation. Thus, we have earned a good reputation in this regard. Our paperwork, from providing the quotation to delivering the goods to the new location of the customers, is crystal clear without any hidden terms and conditions.

Prompt and fast service

We understand our customers' time-bound hectic schedules during the relocation period. Therefore, we work on war footing on receiving the contract agreement. We send our team of expert packers and the requisite vehicles to pack and pick up the materials and move them to the client's new address. 

We do not quote without inspection

Unlike many packers in the city, we do not quote our prices without inspecting the materials. Thus, our quotation to the customer is most realistic. During the inspection, we understand customer needs, packing material, loading and unloading machines like forklifts and cranes, and only quote the most competitively. 

One-stop solution for relocation

We provide varied relocating services; including helping our clients find a new address in the new city. We have diversified our business in many verticals and have become one of the best one-stop relocation service providers. 


Our customers feel the warmth of welcoming and solving the relocation blues. However, the company is eager to extend its shoulders for the tiring and challenging relocation job. We have grown with a dedicated team of experts, prompt services, and reasonable rates in the last six years.

It is time to contact us over the phone or email at our numbers and mail ids. Your journey to the new beginning in the new location will be like a moonwalk taking our services. 

Posted On: Jun 22, 2022
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