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Relocation is a complicated chore a person has to do and also, it’s going to be more troublesome if you don’t know the city very well or even if you know the city exceptionally well it’s always favorable for you to have a teeny tiny bit of help and from many years this requirement was fulfilled by our neighbors with whom our mothers love to gossip but if you are new to a city where you don’t know anyone or anything, what will you do?


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    Packers and Movers Charges in Thane

    There comes a remedy for all your relocating hardships – Packers and Movers in Thane. Packers and Movers in Thane assist you to relocate you without any discomfort. You don’t even have to worry about your belongings being safe or protected. Packers and movers in Thane furnish you with great packing and with great logistics where you don’t even have to worry an ounce about your belongings because it’s safe and protected with them.

    The best Packers and movers in Thane – HappyLocate. We can help you with all your relocating troubles with our unique packing techniques and with our unique carriers and with our amazing customer service, Zero damage assurance during transit, and our five years of experience in this industry. We are the best movers and packers in Thane because we intend to provide our customers with maximum satisfaction.

    The best packers and movers in Thane east and the packers and movers in Thane west charge you based on the distance between the locations because the distance is the major cost-affecting factor for any Packers and movers, in Thane.

    The other cost-affecting factor would be the goods because the increase in the number of goods will increase the workforce leading to higher charges for any packers and movers in Thane.

    The charges can be based on the type of vehicle you want to transit your goods in as well. If you have a significant quantity of goods you may require a bigger and larger truck which will cost you extra.

    But even after all the cost-influencing factors, we at HappyLocate empowers you with free moving quotes which will help you understand the citations and will help you to fulfill your requirements within your budget.

    Packing Materials Used in Thane

    Standard Plan

    • Very well experienced and equipped relocating team.
    • Usage of bubble wraps and foam blankets for gadgets like TV, Washing machines, and Refrigerators to protect them from the damages that may occur during transit.
    • Packing Kitchen utensils in Crates and Carton boxes.
    • Disassembling furnished home goods and transporting them to new locales.
    • Filling the cardboard boxes with assorted goods like clothes, decor commodities, etc.
    • Reorganizing all the household goods at the new site.
    • Dismounting basic movable home furniture in the new locality.

    Premium Plan

    • Extremely well-experienced and exceptionally equipped relocating team.
    • Usage of bubble wraps and foam blankets for gadgets like TV, washing machines, and refrigerators to protect them from the damages that may occur during transit.
    • Packing kitchen utensils in crates and carton boxes.
    • Breaking up furnished home goods and transporting them to new locales.
    • Filling the cardboard containers with miscellaneous goods like clothes, decor commodities, etc.
    • Reorganizing all the household goods at the new site.
    • Dismounting basic movable home furniture in the new locale.

    Factors Affecting the Moving Cost At Thane

    Quantity of Items

    The higher the number of items the higher the cost. Because the quantity of items determines the cost of relocating services that packers and movers in Thane render.

    Required Man Power

    Requirements of manpower impact the moving cost and the requirement for manpower is impacted by the number of goods because you need manpower to relocate and every skilled labor renders their services significantly, and rightful how fast you need to be relocated to your new locality requires greater manpower as well because your urgency to relocate has increased. Hence, manpower affects the moving costs at Thane because of the number of hours of work they put in for you to relocate.

    Packing Quality and Quantity

    The quality of packing and the quantity of packing of the items also determine the cost as shifting to a new locale is not easy and might never be damaged free. You need quality packing for your belongings and more quantity of packing for your fragile goods. Hence, it impacts the moving cost at Thane.  We at HappyLocate, the best packers and movers in Thane west and the best packers and movers in Thane east believe in the quality packing of your belongings because

    your belongings = our belongings.

    Distance to be Covered

    The distance between the location and destination is one of the major cost-affecting factors. The greater the distance the higher the moving cost. Because it will take a huge time to reach the destination if it’s far and fuel consumption will also increase with the increase in distance to be covered.

    Residing Floor and Lift Availability

    The number of floors and the lift availability also impact the moving cost. The higher the number of floors to unload the goods and the nonavailability of lift facilities the higher the cost as more manpower is required to load and unload.

    Size and Type of Truck

    The volume and the classification of the truck you choose again affect the moving cost at Thane. For example, if you have a massive ton of goods a larger Carrier is required for the transit but if you have a smaller quantity, a mini truck will also do the job and will cost less. Also, if you have opted for a shared vehicle, it will take a longer time to deliver because it has to deliver to more than one location but will charge less whereas a dedicated vehicle will take a shorter time but will charge higher.

    Packing Techniques Used By Packers and Movers in Thane

    HappyLocate is one of the leading movers and packers in Thane because of their unique packing techniques for which they have done a lot of research to make shifting as effortless as possible for their clients. If you’re worried about the packaging and the protection of your belongings in Thane, you don’t need to worry about anything! HappyLocate has got you covered on finding the best packers and movers in Thane.

    Perfect Household Carrier

    We have satisfied our customers’ desires with Our specialized household carriers that allow us to simultaneously move your household goods and your cars to obtain your vehicles and belongings.

    Special LCD cases (LED Box)

    These boxes are designed of high-quality materials that provide additional cushioning and grip to the screen to reduce the shortcomings of damage and reduced work-life of your delicate LED and LCDs.

    Carton boxes

    These boxes are made to be durable, spacious, and waterproof and aid in transporting your jackets, coats, sarees, and other exclusive items in excellent condition.

    Car carriers

    These carefully designed car carriers are efficient enough to relocate you to your destination at a low cost without any trouble.

    Perfect boxes

    We have designed and developed an innovative concept for storing your fragile goods with our excellent quality boxes. They can even protect your valuable crockery items in carefully constructed plastic boxes.

    How to Minimize Your Relocation Cost in Thane?

    Moving to a whole new different location is a stressful and overwhelming job which can make you tired both physically and mentally. Saving your money is also an important component of relocation.

    The best movers and packers in Thane have come up with some ways to minimize your relocation cost so that you don’t accidentally miss out on something important, check it out!

    Plan your move

    Planning out everything about your shifting would be a good start to save your time and money. You need to carefully plan on which day to move and collect all your belongings.

    Research and compare your quotes

    Conduct a thorough background check to get a good quality service at the best value and learn about their process and experience. For this you need not look anywhere else whether it is packers and movers in Thane east you’re searching or packers and movers in Thane west since HappyLocate provides the best prices.

    Sort out unused goods

    To avoid unnecessary packing and minimize your cost, you need to sort out your belongings as wanted or unwanted and donate, sell or throw out the things that you do not want to relocate.

    Relocation Planning Tips

    Relocation is a complicated chore to be performed by an individual and it’s difficult to keep track of everything during shifting locales, so here let us, the best packers and movers in Thane offer you some of the relocation planning tips for your happy and seamless relocation.

    Carry valuables personally

    It’s better to carry all your valuables so that you won’t misplace them. Clients should carry all their valuables like jewelry, laptop, documents, and other essentials to avoid the misplacement of their belongings and should pack them separately and should keep those valuables by themselves.

    Choose the right moving day

    Choosing the right day for your relocation can solve half the troubles of relocating for you. Plan and check your calendar when you are comfortable with shifting and choose a day. Usually, a lot of people choose the middle of the month or weekends so that they can avoid shifting during rush hour or working hours and can have more time to relocate themselves.

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    The companies that provide services like Tv, Wifi, Electricity, Water, Gas, etc for your sustainability should be informed beforehand so that they can disconnect the services and also avoid any unwanted charges.

    Click pictures of items

    As technology being more advanced day by day, clicking pictures and storing them is easier and that data will be stored forever so you can put it to good use by clicking pictures of the items that you are shifting one by one so that if you misplace something and if it’s get damaged you can always refer to the picture as proof.

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    You need to be extra careful before moving to a newer location and you have to thoroughly deep clean and inspect the houses for the repairs like leaking taps, Wire troubled switchboards to have hassle-free shifting.

    Update your new address

    Make sure you update your new address in all your official documents because you don’t want to miss out on some valuable information as all your important documents and institutions are registered at your older address.

    Why We are the Best Packers and Movers in Thane?

    From packing your belongings then moving them to a new place and then rearranging all over again is a stressful and tiring process that needs planning and expertise. We at HappyLocate understand this completely and hence provide safe and efficient packers and movers in Thane.

    You’re in the right place if you want a hassle free relocation service and minimize all the risks involved with house shifting the best quality products and equipment that are needed.

    Wide range of services

    You know whom to contact for trouble free movers and packers in Thane, spread across all over Thane offering a wide selection of relocation services including residential, business, industrial, & international packers movers. We’re here to give you the best movers and packers services for your home or business.

    Reliable and experienced

    Our dedicated and experienced and highly organized professionals treat your belongings as ours. We provide a safe and smooth shifting process keeping all your needs in mind.

    Cover the entire Thane, Mumbai

    At HappyLocate you need not worry about whether it covers your location or not since we cover the entire city of Thane exceeding our customers’ on-time delivery expectations. You name a place, and we’re there for you!

    Stay safe and protected with us

    We understand how important it is for your belongings to be safe and protected and our trained team makes sure to keep everything as it was at the pick up location. Safety is our primary concern and we assure you to never worry about that.

    Services Offered by HappyLocate

    House shifting

    We at Happylocate ensure that you are moved to your new home comfortably as we empathize with those who do not feel at home again and that’s the reason why we, the best movers and packers in Thane east and the best packers and movers in Thane west assist you with great relocation services and with that comes great packing and damage free transit with experienced and trained employees.

    Office shifting

    We at HappyLocate understand that relocating the office is not everyone’s cup of tea and We assure you that we are the best packers and movers in Mumabi for your office relocating as relocating the office requires a lot of disassembling and reorganizing the same at the new location and we have experienced professionals for that who will ensure no damage while providing you safest and convenient logistics as well.

    Asset delivery

    We at HappyLocate understand the importance of our client’s time so we offer an easy online service for relocation and delivery of valuable assets for our clients without the client being present during the pick up. We just need to know when and where the asset will be and the exact address of delivery.

    Pet shifting

    If it’s too difficult for you to relocate your pet with you simultaneously we even assist you with pet shifting where we take the best care of your pet and shift your pet for you safely.

    House search assistance

    We are not only limited to relocating and shifting our clients without any difficulties for them. We even help them locate houses if they wanna shift to a new location and yes we do charge a friendly amount for it but trust me we are the best at what we do.

    Why is HappyLocate the Best Packers and Movers in Thane?

    Customers are our top priority at HappyLocate. Moving to a whole new city like Thane can be confusing and stressful and so we are there for you through the entire process and make sure the work is efficient and stress free at reasonable costs! You may find many more companies in the relocation business but HappyLocate serves you by being the most reliable movers and packers in Thane so that you never have to worry about damaging or losing your belongings in this process. You can be confident about which movers are reputable and you can trust.


    Whether you are moving your business or moving your household items, we have partnered with the best movers and packers in Thane to bring you trouble free door-to-door moving and packing services.


    We have highly trained professionals who commit to their jobs on providing on-time service, trust, and transparency throughout your relocation process. We follow all safety measures and understand how important it is to complete this process in time and hence provide timely delivery and care to your belongings.

    SAAS, ML and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    When you work with HappyLocate, we provide comprehensive home and commercial relocation services. HappyLocate uses highly sophisticated tools based on ML, SAAS, and AI to send updated migration status. With our one-click authentication tools and a highly advanced and secure UI, we keep you informed and provide a stress-free moving experience.

    Highly rated in the industry

    HappyLocate handles your goods as if it’s theirs from the beginning till the end, this makes them one of the highly rated Packers and Movers in the industry.

    Quality assurance

    Adding on to having the best rating in the industry, we ensure all our customers the best quality of service possible. HappyLocate has experts to ensure that the customers are not disappointed in any step of the process.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    Each HappyLocate service is overseen by a dedicated relocation manager to ensure the relocation process is as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

    72-hour damage resolution

    Although, we provide you with the best packers and movers in Thane without any damage, in case of any such event, we assure you damage resolution within 72-hours.

    15000+ PIN codes served

    We are very proud to say that we are currently serving more than 15000 pin codes in India. We have partnered with more than 500 packers to ensure on-time delivery of your goods, be it Thane or Bangalore or Mumbai.

    How to Choose the Right Packers and Movers in Thane?

    Choosing the right relocation company for this process is an important decision to make. Different packers and movers offer different services and so choosing the right ones for this job can be a little difficult. But you don’t have to worry about that when HappyLocate is here at your service! We can help you choose someone who is trustworthy and efficient and make moving to Thane easier.

    Visit their official website

    You should always visit their official website to verify all their details and gain all the information from there. Some companies do not have an official website and that makes them hard to trust. HappyLocate has a website that contains all the information you need.

    Background check

    Make sure you have a thorough background check of the company you want before you make any decisions regarding your relocation. Check for the company’s experience with this job and someone who can handle all your belongings ensuring that you are in safe hands.

    Validate registration documents

    Make sure to look at the company’s important information like Business license, GST Registration, Owner ID proof, Office proof, etc and also Note down their GSTIN number for tracking & legal purposes. HappyLocate has provided all this information to save you from any trouble.

    Upgraded tools

    For any company, using the right tools is very important. We at happyLocate make sure that each and every tool we use is highly upgraded to provide the best customer satisfaction. We use special packaging techniques to ensure good safety, an advanced UI, for higher accessibility among the customers. We also use ML and AI-based tools to update the customer in every step of the way.

    Refer to customer ratings

    Always look for the reviews and rating of the customers who have worked with the company as it can provide you with a great deal of information about the company which is not easily available. HappyLocate welcomes all kinds of reviews be it compliments or criticism and makes sure to satisfy our customers.

    Read all documents carefully before signing

    Make sure to read all the documents carefully and that you understand everything written in it before signing any agreement or paperwork to save you from any fraud or hidden charges and make sure you understand every part of the process.

    Why HappyLocate?

    Are you one of those customers, looking for packers and movers in Thane?, if yes, you have arrived at the right place. HappyLocate provides packers and movers services that ensure on-time and safe delivery of your goods. We provide the best customer service and 72-hour damage resolution at the most affordable prices.

    Client satisfaction

    At HappyLocate, our aim is to provide all our clients the best value for their money. To ensure utmost client satisfaction, we developed and employed special packing techniques to ensure that all the goods are taken care of in the safest way possible.

    Professional staff

    Our team at HappyLocate is professionally trained to make the relocation process simpler and easier. We ensure that all our staff is dedicated and polite and capable enough to get in touch via calls and emails.

    Preparation and implementation of services

    We at happyLocate make sure that we are prepared to relocate the goods safely, we use our special packing techniques to ensure that the relocation service is implemented safely. We also use ML and AI-based tools and an advanced UI to make sure that the relocation process stays on track and keep you updated.

    What Our Clients Have to Say?

    “I am very happy with HappyLocate the way they have handled the office headquarters relocation was commendable. Yes, we had some issues during transit but they got it resolved within minutes because Plan B was always ready. They are handy and quite efficient with their job. Next time when I have to relocate, I know who to call!”


    “I am a very busy person and I live alone and as my work doesn’t give me any time for my personal life, I thought of hiring someone to locate me new house and when I heard that HappyLocate is not only just Packers and Movers but also assist their clients with house search as well I was surprised and now as a client, I must say I am happy and satisfied to be one.”


    “I love how carefully they shifted Ruby(my dog). I was a bit skeptical about pet shifting but my parents had covid and it was difficult for them to take care of Ruby and I thought of relocating ruby with me so that they can recover from covid. Ruby is very shy and not a people person at all but when I saw Ruby she was happy with the relocating team and she was fed properly and safely transported to me. Thank you so much, HappyLocate. I 100% recommend HappyLocate for Pet shifting.”

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