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Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai

Packers and movers in Navi Mumbai make the process of packing and shifting easy and convenient. We offer various services and allow you to get a safe and secure shifting. Moving and shifting is a wearying task, and we know how much it affects your daily lifestyle, and this is why we established this amazing platform for the users. 

Let your stress away by hiring our talented packers and movers in Navi Mumbai. We ensure you that your belongings are safe and protected by us. Make a call to us and schedule a convenient time for our team to visit you to complete the process of packing to un-packaging and loading to unloading. Minimize your burden and maximize the fun of going to a new environment. 

Relocation charges for top packers and movers in Navi Mumbai

Are you relocating to Navi Mumbai? Mumbai is the dream place that is crowded with the leading companies and institutes. Check the relocation charges for shifting this place in our portal and book your slot today.

If you plan to move to a certain place, you might consider the removal cost. The movers' and packers' prices depend upon many variables, and it varies according to the space and your assets. Different companies ask for different prices but come to us if you want affordable Movers and Packers in Navi Mumbai. The cost of packing and moving depends on the volume, distance, ease of access, time, type of items, handling the large items, and the additional services if you want. When a person seeks to relocate from one place to another, you might need additional services. There are so many items that need extra care while moving and loading.

Apart from this, we offer all the accessories to you for shifting and packing. You don't need to buy a single addition when you hire us. We will be there in your space at the decided time by taking the strong packaging box, bubble wraps, labels, and packing wraps. We know how things are packed and moved safely without any hassle. So, overall the cost depends upon the various factors. To know our price, you can call us or mail us to ask for a quote.  

Standard Plans

  • Allocation of experienced and well-equipped labor for you

  • Packing of all small gadgets, clothes, and miscellaneous inventories in Carton container 

  • Packing of all kitchen gadgets in Crates/carton container 

  • Packing of all home equipment like Fridge, washing machine, TV, AC, Gas range the usage of bubble wrap/Foam Blanket 

  • Dismantling of all simple furnishings which can be dismantlable, the usage of simple gear like spanner and pliers are dismantled at supply location.

  • Dismantling of Dish TV, wall hooked up TV, water cleaner at supply location. 

  • Assembling of all dismantled furnishings at the vacation spot location 

  • Rearranging all essential family inventories at the vacation spot

Premium Plans

  • Allocation of experienced and well-equipped labor for you

  • Packing of all small items, tea towels, and miscellaneous supplies in a box 

  • Packing of all kitchen items in crates/boxes

  • Wrapping all appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, TV, air conditioner, and gas cooker with bubble wrap/foam blanket 

  • Wrapping all furniture with bubble wrap/foam blanket 

  • Dismantling all basic furniture that is removable using essential tools like wrench and pliers are disassembled at the source location 

  • Disassembly of satellite dish TV, wall-mounted TV, and water purifier at the source. 

  • Reorganization of all significant household inventory to destination

Packaging Techniques used by best Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai

Specialty LCD Cases or LED Box

Our LED/LCD Enclosures are designed to minimize damage and shorten the life of your thin LEDs and LCDs, which happens with older case packing methods in wood. These boxes are developed using high-quality materials that provide extra cushioning effects and screen grip.

Carton For Wardrobe

These mainly evolved rugged containers are best for packing you are equipped to put on attires safely. Being durable, spacious, and waterproof, the cloth cabinet cartons assist in transporting your Jackets, Coats, Saree, and a different one-of-a-kind equipped to put on condition.

Carrier for unique household products

Our Specialized Household Carriers in Navi Mumbai are the final results of our researched approaches that allow us to transport your Household Goods and Cars at an equal time. In this way, we've conquered the yearnings of our clients for buying their cars at the aside of their possessions.

Right boxes for your need

We have formulated a revolutionary idea of conserving your fragile items with the assistance of carton Boxes. These plastic bins allow invaluable crockery objects in stoutly constructed plastic bins with a beautiful area over the ordinary cartons.

Suitable carriers for your cars

Our uniquely designed Car Carriers is an effect of our investigated approaches and is green sufficient to relocate your automobile at your endpoint on the budget-pleasant prices.

Planning tips for your relocation to Navi Mumbai

To keep away from the last-minute rush, & have a worry-loose of your relocation plan to your relocation in Navi Mumbai beforehand. Prepare a tick list to have a tune of your shifting tasks.

  • Order unwanted goods: For a hassle-free transfer, get rid of unwanted goods, and donate or sell usable items.

  • Look for packers and movers: Start looking for a moving company one week in advance for local moving and 15 - 20 days before moving for household moving.

  • Prepare your essentials: Bring your essentials like clothes, medicine, baby items, personal care, toiletries, etc. Ensure you have a comfortable stay in your new home before settling in properly.

  • Organize your documents and valuables: organize all your essential documents in one file and pack your jewelry. Keep all your valuables like a laptop, tablet, etc. In a bag, take it with you.

  • Pick the Right Moving Day: Mid-month and weekdays are the most relaxed times for packers and movers; during this time, you can hire a reliable moving company at a lower price. Thoroughly clean and check for repairs: Thoroughly clean your new home before changing shifts and check the working condition of faucets, switchboards, sockets, etc. Get it repaired if damaged.

  • Update new address: Update your new address in essential businesses such as banks, educational institutions, online shopping sites, subscriptions to magazines, etc., so you don't miss crucial emails.

  • Utilities Management: Contact your utility provider such as WiFi, DTHI Cable TV, News Agency, Milk Supplier, LPG Agency, etc. To disconnect, reconnect or transfer your service.

  • Prepare appliances and electronics: clean your appliances and prepare them for the move, such as defrosting the refrigerator, packing, and labeling all the cables of your electronics.

  • Take photos of your products: Click pictures of your products before unplugging or disassembling them to make them easier to reassemble and check for damage.

Quality Offered By Best Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai 

  • Navi Mumbai Verified Packers and Movers – We have a strong network of verified packers and movers who undergo a comprehensive online and personal verification process. We check their website, check their contact details, validate their registration documents, check their performance history, Google rating, etc.

  • Organized listing of Movers - We have a fully-prepared listing of packers and movers for every city; you may undergo the listing and, without delay, touch the movers too. You can clear out the movers primarily based on their distance from your location, reviews & ratings, offerings, availability, charges, experience, etc. & hire. 

  • Three Instant Quotes of Best Matches - You also can percentage your moving necessities with us with the aid of using filling in a few basic information like name,_ Rhone range, range of transferring items, offerings required, beginning and vacation spot location, and so on withinside the question shape. We will fast get lower back to you with the costs of the three exceptional suits for you.

  • Regular Quality Maintenance - We frequently look at the quality. Preservation of the transferring companies partnered with us. We provide surreal deals for the companies who provide quality services & take basic movements to quickly block or altogether blocklisting groups that offer poor-excellent service.

  • Complete Support from Start to End - Our customer service group is constantly to be had to reply to your queries from the time you fill in withinside the query shape until the very last delivery of your goods. We respond to all of your questions, advise opportunity suits if you aren't glad for referred movers, and take essential movement on groups that failed to offer the promised service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer satisfactory and excellent outcomes to our clients. We have experienced team members who offer clients a wide range of promising services. Our professional team will pack and take care of each of your belongings so that they can safely reach your destination. 

We aim to achieve a global identity by serving the best quality service to our customers at minimum Packers and Movers charges in Navi Mumbai. We are working towards achieving the goals and building the identity by following business ethics. The upgrading tools and technology help us to polish our skills.

We are the Best packers and movers in Navi Mumbai. We give equal priority to every project. The major focus of our company is to attain the potential customers, understand their needs and achieve what they expect from us. We are setting a remarkable example in the industry of packing and moving

We offer the highest range of services, at least Packers and Movers charges in Navi Mumbai. We have been creating identity in the hearts of our customers for five years and looking for more. Receive your belongings to the new location without any destruction. The goal of our company is to engage and empower people by delivering an enhancing quality solution. 

We are significantly investing, innovating, researching, and analyzing the ways to upgrade our service. We are constantly making strategies for satisfying the existing clients and acquiring new customers from all over the world. We make every possible step to enter the new segments. The whole team is driving to refine the existing process and establish the new standards in the industry of packers and movers. The company is committed to the clients and constantly supports them by serving more results than they expect. The company aims to help each customer physically and mentally. Let your mental stress go away by hiring the rising expert of our company.

Services Offered by HappyLocate

Are you ready to opt the professional help for removing all the packaging and moving tasks in the least Packers and Movers charges in Navi Mumbai? There is the highest chance of damage when you don't package and load/unload the belongings. We pack all the plates, containers, and knives in one box and seal them most of the time. As a result, the plates get damaged, and you end up unpacking the shattered pieces. 

To keep yourself away from these things, we are here to help you. We know how to arrange the things and pack/seal them in different boxes. We have bubble wraps and a range of boxes to pack the belongings, and high-quality sealant to protect them from moving. 

The company serves people for house shifting, office shifting, Asset delivery, pet relocation, and house search assistance. The experts will be there at your space by bringing all the multiple double-walled boxes with wrapping papers, bubble wraps, and all. We provide you the peace of mind by least Movers and packers cost in Navi Mumbai. We pack all your valuable assets from electrical appliances to computers and laptops. All the assets will be carefully wrapped, packed, and labeled in a well-maintained way to cause no harm. Our packers reach your door at the decided time and pack your belongings in a different box as per safety. 

Many people visit us and purchase our flexible and convenient service at least cost in Navi Mumbai. You will rarely find a packers and movers company that relocate pets. We know how precious they are to you, and we understand your emotions, and that's why we relocate them with love and warmth. All we want is to make the process a little bit easier for you.

Do you have a busy schedule and don't have enough time to pack? You can hire us before a week you want to shift. Complete all the procedures and give a time. Our movers and packers team will be there for you to pack and load the items on the vehicle. We perform all the things with great coordination and strong team efforts. 

How to find the best Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai

Moving is always stressful, whether it's mentally or physically. To guarantee the safety of assets, you need to choose someone who can handle them in a better way. You can complete all your packing and moving needs by hiring a company like us. Here, check the ways to find out the best packers and movers are?

  • Get referrals: The first and easiest thing you can do is ask for the referrals. Start things by getting the referrals done from your friends and family members. Choose trusted and well-established packers and movers. Visit their website, check their reviews from their client and then decide what to do.

  • Don't make any fast decisions: It is always better to choose a company after researching the market value and competitors. Ask for quotes from the different companies and then compare the quality of services. Choose the one who helps their customer in every step, starting from the home inspection to loading and unloading them.

  • Finalize a licensed company: Always end up by choosing the company that has years of experience and well-trained staff. You should avoid the local or illegal packers who don't have any license and certification for moving and loading your valuable assets. Cross-question them and check their credibility.

  • Get coverage: There are a lot of packers and movers companies who offer coverage if any of the products are damaged during the loading and unloading process. Well, the chances of damage are the least, but still, it will be better to be in the safest zone.

We have all the perks mentioned above. We completed thousands of projects in the last five years and are currently working on many more. We always look forward to serving the best to our customers.

Our USPs

Best rated in the industry

We are the established and trusted packers and movers company committed to providing exceptional services to our customers. We are there to help you relocate commercial and residential needs. The quality of packing and moving is of high grade, and that's why people love to visit us again and again. We are the best-rated company who earns lots of satisfied clients. Your all relocating needs will be fulfilled once you come to us. Our unique USPs attract customers and bring you the best for you. 

Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

Our business has an experienced team that is dedicated to its work. We have a trusted team who are serving people without bothering their peace. The company is dedicatedly supporting the people with their relocation needs. We received genuine ratings and testimonials from our clients who love us and support us during our ups and downs. We offer a tight screening of our employees in this recent covid period to secure our beloved employees and customers.

72Hrs damage resolution

If any damage happens to our employees during the packing and moving process, we will recover this within 72Hrs. The 72Hrs damage resolution is the unique perk that our company serves to the customers. We have the certifications and license to serve the best to our clients. The company is starting to offer a fully incorporated and robust structure especially.

15000+ pin codes served

Do you know how far we have reached in these last five years? We want to reach each corner of this world. Currently, we have served the people living in many locations that include 15000+ pin codes served. The experts of this company are looking forward to achieving many more steps.

SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

We, the HappyLocate, help you to experience easy and convenient relocation. The company uses advanced tools to keep the customers updated with their stuff. We use software based on SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools, which give instant notifications to the users.

Services Offered by HappyLocate

House shifting

Our shifting and moving team will handle everything. House shifting means shifting furniture, electrical appliances, important documents, and many more items. With us, you can get safe assistance and get the transportation job done safely and quickly. The expert team will take care of your valuable items in the best possible way.

Office shifting

Moving to a professional place means moving valuable electronic devices and costly items. It needs professionals because a single mistake can lead to a potential loss. Are you looking to move your office? You can relocate costly electronic devices, furniture, office belongings, and documents with us. Hire us and minimize the time of relocation.

Asset delivery

Are you looking for someone to understand your needs and relocate valuable items? If yes, here we are. We are a professionally driven company that offers quality assistance to all those who need to relocate valuable assets. Office relocation takes time, and you need to stop the work. But wait, we are here to minimize your loss and maximize productivity by completing our job quickly.

Pet relocation

It needs special attention when it comes to pet relocation. If you are a pet lover, you have many emotions attached to them, and we take utmost care of them. We ensure to provide a safe companion for your pet. We have experts who take care of your pet and drop them at the desired location during the moving process.

House search assistance

Are you looking for house search assistance? Are you new to this place and looking for help to search for a home within your budget. Don't worry; we can do it for you. We will suggest the best properties in the best locations on your desired budget.

Why HappyLocate?

We have been serving the nation for the last five years, dedicated to our responsibilities. With us, you can move all your belongings safely. Our team reaches you on time by bringing all the necessary accessories. We have a range of eco-friendly, modern packing materials that gives strong outer support to your belongings. 

All your belongings will be carefully packed with double-thickness cartons and bubble blankets for extra protection. We also bring wooden crates to pack the items which need extra care. The team will take care of your packaging and label them for security. We are dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Hiring us is ideal if you would love to help pack and move the belongings. 

We have a team of professional packers and movers who relieve your stress. We completely understand how stressful it is for you. Remove all your stress by hiring our expert movers. During this toughest period of covid, we follow all the safety guidelines. Our team knows how to do things without effort. Get your job done quickly without any bother. We put all our efforts into completing a project successfully. Till now, we have completed more than a thousand projects and made our clients happy. One can easily come for an instant quotation and can get the price.

People believe in us when it comes to finding the best and trusted movers and packers service. There are lots of reasons for which they rely on us. Some of the major perspectives that our company offers are:

  • Safe and insured moving process: Here, from us, you can buy the fully insured and safest packaging and moving services. Get complete security of your belongings by hiring a well-trained staff. Get the complete super fast and easy-to-schedule output performed by the trained professionals. 

  • Modern and upgraded vehicles: When it comes to packers and movers, then transportation matters a lot. For successful moving, you need an efficient transportation service. We have modern and upgraded, fully equipped vehicles that help complete the job faster. We regularly inspect the vehicles for the safety and security of our team. 

  • All in one solution: Do you want a one-stop solution for residential and commercial shifting? Here we are. With the residential and commercial home shifting process, we provide pet relocation services too. Apart from that, we assist people in finding a new home according to their budget. 

  • Initial survey: Our experts will visit your space initially to determine the time and number of workers needed to complete the procedure. We inspect the space and then determine how many cots we should charge you. We also provide conventional video inspection/survey during this covid pandemic.

  • Super quality packing materials: When a person hires us, they don't need to buy extra accessories. The company brings super quality, durable packaging materials. We provide different sizes of strong packaging boxes, bubble wraps, wrapping papers and labels, and many more from our side. 

So, what do you want more than this? Choosing us for your next packing and moving service is worthy. For more information, check out our website today.


We will drive all the belongings to a safe place as per your order. We take care of your products and make sure you can unpack them and use them instantly after reaching your new home. All these things are done under the supervision of our experts. 

This is the high time when you should stop asking for help from your relatives and friends to pack your products while shifting. No one has that much time for you and the professionalism we serve you. To make a smooth shift for your requirements, hire our experts today.

Posted On: Jun 24, 2022
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