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Packers and Movers in Patna

The HappyLocate is the largest and leading shifting and relocating Company in Patna. We started our journey last year and achieved the milestone in providing quality and comfort. We are dedicated as the trusted relocation and shifting service provider companies that deliver hassle-free outcomes. 

However, we serve the major locations in India and stand by the people to help them. Is there anyone looking for a reliable moving company for your moves? This place welcomes all the people who have shifting-related requirements in the future. Therefore, make the best deal by consulting with our Packers and Movers in Patna. Come and book your slot today!

Packers and Movers Charges in Patna

Patna is a crowded location where you can feel confused about which route to take. It is impossible to relocate with your family. To get help from packers and movers, hire us at affordable relocation charges.

Do you want the fastest and most reliable moving company at an affordable price? We offer a minimum price to our customers. Welcome to our company and see the relocation services under one roof. We are engaged in bringing top-quality packaging and moving services to you. No matter your requirement, we can fulfill it for you by consulting. We provide free consultation and understand your relocation needs and what you expect from us, and in which budget. If it meets our expectations, we welcome you to be our customer. But if it doesn't match our requirements, we suggest other things. The company guarantees you get professional and reliable relocation services at the local, domestic and international levels.

Moving to another place or coming back to the home ground brings excitement. But when it comes to packaging the stuff, you feel frustrated and tired. You can also face a struggle to pack your household items with well-being and security. Shifting offices, corporate, and business moving have different requirements, so there is a difference in pricing. We charge people after considering their needs, distance, the area we have to cover, and stuff we have to pack and unpack. 

Packing Materials used by top Packers and Movers in Patna

Standard Plan

  • Highly trained and experienced labour.
  • All small items are packed in a carton box, such as clothes and various things.
  • Kitchen items are packed in crates/ carton boxes.
  • Appliances are packed using bubble wrap/ foam blankets.
  • Demountable furniture will be disassembled using tools like spanners and pliers at the geographical place.
  • Dismantling of Dish TV, wall-mounted TV, and water purifier at the location.
  • Regrouping of disassembled furniture at final place.
  • Regrouping of leading home inventories at final place.

Premium Plan

  • Highly trained and experienced labour.
  • All small items are packed in a carton box, such as clothes and various things.
  • Kitchen items are packed in crates/ carton boxes.
  • Appliances are packed using bubble wrap/ foam blankets.
  • All furniture is packed using bubble wrap/ foam blanket.
  • Demountable furniture will be disassembled using tools like spanners and pliers at the geographical location.
  • Dismantling of Dish TV, wall-mounted TV, and water purifier at the location.
  • Regrouping of leading home inventories at final place.

Techniques Used by Best Packers and Movers in Patna

  • Special Cases for LCD/ LED screens: Unlike wooden crate packing, our screen boxes for LCD/ LED are manufactured using high-quality materials to give the screen extra protection and grip to minimise any damage.
  • Special Carrier for Household: We have a specialized carrier for your household goods and your cars that simultaneously deliver your vehicles and possessions to your destination.
  • Carton Box for wardrobe: These boxes are perfect for transporting your ready to wear attires as they are very durable, waterproof and spacious for your wearables.
  • Carrier for Cars: Our carrier for cars is an idea of our research, and this allows you to transport your vehicle while also being budget-friendly efficiently.
  • Cases: We ensure the complete safety of your fragile commodities with the help of these cases. 

Tips for Easy Relocation

  • Prepare a list beforehand for your hassle-free and smooth relocation experience.
  • Get rid of all your not required commodities.
  • Search beforehand and be ready with your moving company for local relocation.
  • Before settling down properly, be ready with your essentials to ensure a comfortable stay at the beginning.
  • Keep all your documents and other valuables handy.
  • Moving companies usually have less work on weekends and mid-month so that you can get a good deal during this time.
  • Before shifting, clean your house correctly and check the condition of home repair if anything is damaged.
  • After shifting, update your new address to significant firms like banks, online shopping sites, etc.
  • Connect with your utility service provider and inform them to disconnect and reconnect their service at the new address.
  • Make your appliances clean and ready for relocation. Before disassembling your goods, have pictures so it will help to reassemble.

Our mission

Pocket-Friendly Charges

Our mission is to provide hassle-free and reasonable services to users. The company aims to bring new customers and make them happy by serving genuine services. With us, anyone can fulfill all their demands for relocating and shifting. Come and choose the most relevant package for your relocation at a pocket-friendly price. 

Hustle-Free Work

We ultimately secure your goods and relocate them to the new place. You can keep track easily as the executives of our company constantly keep in touch with the customers. Therefore, once you come to us and book your slot, you can sit back and relax. Our dedicated employees will complete your move flawlessly. Shifting and relocating to Patna is tough, especially if you visit first. The narrow streets and crowd can confuse you. This is why we are dedicated to serving the standard array of relocation and movement. 

Positive Feedback

We try to improve our service quality by taking our clients' feedback and reducing the cost in Patna. We have made constant changes in our service and system to give you something new every time. Do we have everything that the people are looking for from us? The company's primary goal is to connect with people who need help in the relocation process. We assist you throughout the shifting process, whether it's an industrial shifting, residential or commercial one. We make the entire process quick by helping you find the right movers in Patna. 

Any Relocating Work

The central goal of the best Packers and Movers charges in Patna is to deliver all kinds of relocation services. We have a team of profoundly gifted experts who can help you pack the belongings, load them and unload them. We take care of your belongings throughout the procedure in the best possible way. So, if you are starving for world-class packing with a quick and fast delivery system, they can come to us!

Services offered by HappyLocate

House shifting

Are you moving to a new house in the new relocation? Getting an experienced house shifting expert helps you make the moving process quick. We bring the different size of packing boxes which has extra protective layers. We have proper packaging material which keeps your goods safe and secure. Moving a house means moving all the stuff in use, starting from furniture to electrical appliances. The expert employees of our company assist you with all the relocation needs. We plan each and everything in the best possible way. Get your job done by hiring our expert who will be there for you from packing to shifting!

Office shifting

Are you shifting your office or work to Patna? Many growing companies want to move to new cities to expand their opportunities. Come to us if you have similar dreams of shifting your corporate office into a well-established area. Office relocation is not the biggest task anymore when hiring an expert like us! In the office relocation procedure, we include the packing and shifting of every item. We deliver extra care before doing this sensitive task. When it comes to office relocation, the big responsibilities come. There is much confidential information in your system, and misplacing them can cost you a lot. This is why we delicately handled these things.

Asset delivery

Shifting from your most loved place to a completely new place is daunting. But don't worry; we can make it easy for you. Our experienced packers will bring you out of the chaotic solution. A shift needs a lot of time to pack and unpack the stuff. By connecting with us, you can do all the shifting-related work. We promise you to deliver a safe and secure relocation experience. We will deliver your IT assets that are so close to your heart by packing them with extra protective bubble wraps. 

Pet relocation

When it comes to moving your four-leg companion with you, it will be more challenging. Pets are more sensitive than you and need proper care. If you are a pet lover, they will be closer to your heart than your jewelry, right? Don't worry; we have experts who are pet friendly, and they take your pets and shift them with you. With us, you can relocate the pet comfortably to the desired location. We professionally handle your pets. Our associates are not experts, but they are licensed and certified. They are skilled and have completed projects like this over the years.

House search assistance

Apart from relocating you from an old to a new place, we can search for a home for you. We have dealt with many companies that help suggest the best house near the market. Therefore, whether you are looking for a residential location or a commercial space, we can suggest both as per your budget. We know how difficult it is to search for a roof for your family in a completely new place. We take care of your safety and privacy utmost during this process.

How to find the best Packers and Movers in Patna?

To search the reliable movers and packers in Patna, you have to keep several things in your mind. When investing in a moving company, you need to be very careful. Many frauds and scammers target people and ask for money but do not shift your stuff safely. As a result, you end up in lose. Even though there are many things to consider, you should look for common and essential facts.

Ratings and reviews

Everything has become so easy and reliable in this digital age. You can search for the best relocating company of Patna over the internet. Once you search, you will find us on the top page. Believe it or not, we have the highest rating on Google because of the valuable feedback from our customers. You can come to our social media pages to gain more information, where we update our services and clients' feedback. Our social site pages are filled with happy and satisfied testimonials and ratings.

Meet with the team

Before hiring any company, ask them to introduce you to their team. The team members do your job, and therefore, you should be friendly with them. Check whether they are trained and check their proficiency level in this industry. We have verified team members who are trained on the market level.


After checking their background, many service providers raise their shifting charges from person to person. Some platforms are there that ask for hidden charges. But wait, if you don't want to get stuck in these frustrating scenarios, it's time to ask the price. Check their charges and discuss the requirements with them. Give every information about the distance you want to travel and the quantity of stuff you want to shift.

Therefore, after considering all these things, you should look for the proper packaging solution and customer care. A good service provider always serves you the best quality and be with you throughout the process until it's done.

Our USPs

Best rated in the industry

We are accessible every day for you! We are the best-rated agency in the industry. Our team will reach out to you anytime, as discussed, by bringing all the stuff. The only goal of our company is to bring a smile to your face by completing the relocation process. We deliver service even on the weekends. With us, you can handle all the relocation needs safely without any hassle. In addition, we also deliver emergency movers and packers services. 

Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

Do you know how we can complete all the projects in the different cities of India? Well, all the credit goes to the dedicated relocation managers. We have dedicated managers who help clients by connecting with them in a constant time; during moving, we are constantly in touch with our customers. You can track us no matter what the distance is. 

72hr damage resolution

We serve 72-hour damage resolution if any of your stuff is damaged during the moving process. Well, we pack all the stuff with world-class packaging. We utilize demonstrated techniques and premium packing materials to ensure your stuff is in safe hands. Also, we care extra about your confidential files, gadgets, laptops, crockery set, or others. We provide many insurance plans to diversify your security.

15000+ pin codes served

Till now, we have served 15000+ pin codes. We have associates in multiple locations in India who make the process smoother and easier for you. No matter in which pin code you want to shift for the next time, we effectively help you.

Along with these, we serve many more facilities that make us the top listed company in the market. We provide extra protective and layered boxes and bubble wraps that ensure the safety of your beloved stuff. You can also get free moving consultation from our experts at any time. Book our service today by calling Movers and packers cost in Patna for more information!

SAAS, ML, AI-based tools to check the relocation status

The company has some amazing-worthy USPs that keep you notified timely. Don’t worry; we don’t leave any of your items, and you can track our assistance through your phone. We believe in transparency and client satisfaction at the utmost level.

Quality assurance

We boast a group of talented and experienced experts who can safely do your job with great responsibilities. The company offers to load and unload services by assuring no damage to goods.

About HappyLocate Packers and Movers in Patna

We are the largest packing and moving company that offers the best services reasonably. The packers and movers companies offer a customized range of relocation services to make the right move. We help individuals with residential shifting and commercial shifting. The movers and packers companies help you get a customized range of relocation services.
We safely move household and corporate goods from one place to another place. We can meet all your shifting needs relating to household, commercial, and pet relocation, and we are committed to a safe, secure, and hassle-free relocation experience. The experienced associates of our company serve the best to you. Therefore, we are serving the people of India effectively with good years of experience in the logistics sector. 

We boast a group of talented and experienced experts who can safely do your job with great responsibilities. The company offers to load and unload services by assuring no damage to goods. We hire licensed and genuine instructors who instruct you and help you reach the desired place by bringing all your goods. If you are still not aware of our services, reach out to us; the best relocation experience awaits you!

Why HappyLocate?

24/7 support

We offer 24/7 support to our customers. We are accessible all day, even on Sundays. Our team works dedicatedly to serve you everything that you need. We have the only aim- to make our clients happy and satisfied. We handle your emergency call and give instant replies. We also take orders for next-day relocation.

Safe & Secure

We ensure safety and security. We deliver 100% of your household items carefully. Before moving, we pack all the stuff in the box carefully. We have different boxes for different things so that your crockeries and other costly items will not get affected during the moving. So, overall we are giving you diverse esteem security.

100% pocket-friendly

Our platform's services are pocket-friendly. We serve the moving requirements at a price that anyone can afford. You can buy our packages and customize them according to your need. Our sales team understands the necessities of a customer's needs. We aim to enhance our brand by serving quality work at the lowest possible price.

World-class packing

We have an experienced team that has completed thousands of other packing and moving services. We deliver every stuff of your home by giving them quality packing. We only use premium packing materials to ensure that your stuff is safe.

Quick and fast delivery

Anyone who wants to get faster delivery can come to us. With us, you can make your moving faster and more reliable. We deliver all your items on time so that you can begin your new life in your new residence.

100% free moving survey

We will give you the pre-moving services once you come to us. Our surveyor visits your property and checks everything to give you an estimated price. It typically takes almost 30 minutes to explain the overall procedure to you.

  • We also provide a list of movers according to the city, and you can even choose one directly with your specific needs. We are one of the verified movers in Patna.
  • We also offer the three best movers for your shipment needs; you are just required to fill in basic details like name, phone number, origin and destination.
  • If you are worried about handing your essential goods to unknown hands, do not worry, we check our partner's quality maintenance and take necessary actions.
  • We are 24/7 ready to help you with anything related to shipment from the day of placing the query till delivering your goods; we ensure the time of our delivery will be uncompromised as we offer alternative movers too for your satisfaction.


After considering all the above facts, you can clearly understand how flexible we are! If you want to make a solid experience in the upcoming days of your relocation needs, then come to us. We meet the highest standards of safest, reliable, affordable, progressive, and fastest relocation packing and moving services. 

We are one of the top-listed relocating companies which serve all in one service related to relocation under one roof. So, what have you decided? For more information, reach out to HappyLocate Relocation Services or drop a mail now! We will reach back to you soon.


Posted On: Jun 21, 2022
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