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If you are shifting within or to Surat, you are in luck. Its breathtaking beauty and infrastructure is a fantastic perk; however, you are bound to be worried about packing and moving with this shift. Putting your faith in someone else regarding your valuables and all that you possess can be highly daunting during the shifting process. To remove this worry from your head, we have got you covered. At HappyLocate, we strive to bring the best service for all our customers. We offer the services of the most professional and trustworthy Packers and movers in surat. We help you by giving you a hassle-free relocation experience. 

Packers and Movers Charges in Surat

Are you looking for a residential shift to Surat? Here at our portal, you can get instant relocation in hassle-free ways. In order to check our relocating charges visit us.

If you look at the average Packers and Movers charges in surat, you will see that we provide an extremely competitive price structure at our company. We believe in making the relocation services as smooth as possible for our customers. One of the biggest challenges many face while selecting a mover and Packer Company for relocation is the pricing structure. For this reason, we offer transparent pricing with a free moving quote available from our website. Therefore, every customer can get a clear idea from the very beginning. 

We also offer a 100% price and Service guarantee so that our customers can safely rely on us and not have to worry about any hidden costs. Regarding pricing, you can also call us anytime you want so that our dedicated relocation manager can clear your doubts. With our pricing structure, you will be glad to know that it comes with the guarantee of on-time and safe delivery, the highest standards of safety compliance, and sanitization practices. We never want to upcharge our clients and offer them the best price possible for 5-star services without any compromise. 

About HappyLocate Packers and Movers In Surat

In April of 2016, HappyLocate was created to transform the relocation hassle faced by many in India. Our company since then has grown considerably, and with our 600+ hardworking and committed employees, we are all striving to fulfill the goal of being the best one in surat. What started as a humble entrepreneurial endeavor five years ago has grown at an unprecedented rate with the support of our amazing team and our most cherished customers. They are helping us grow by putting that faith in and helping us become one of the very best in our niche. 

We have already worked with companies like Coca-Cola, Airbus, Diageo, ITC Infotech, United breweries, etc. Our tailored solutions have provided seamless relocations for these big names. Our company's motto is to provide transparent, reliable, and hassle-free services with our enterprise solutions tool XSAAS. To learn more about us, visit our website and see the myriad of ways we make relocation a simple task.

Packing Materials used by Best Packers and Movers in Surat

Standard Plans

  • Allocation of skilled and well-geared up labors for you 
  • Packing of all little devices, clothes, and miscellaneous inventories in Carton instrumentality 
  • Packing of all room devices in Crates/carton container 
  • Packing of all domestic instrumentation like Fridge, laundry machine, TV, AC, Gas range the use of bubble wrap/Foam Blanket 
  • Disassembly of all easy furniture which is probably dismantlable, the use of honest equipment like wrench and pliers are destroyed on the furnished place. 
  • Disassembly of Dish TV, wall linked TV, water cleanser at delivering place. 
  • Aggregation of all destroyed furniture at the vacation spot place 
  • Rearranging of own all-important circle of relatives inventories at the holiday spot

Premium Plans

  • Allocation of skilled and well-geared up labors for you 
  • Packing of all little things, tea towels, and miscellaneous offers in an exceeding box 
  • Packing of all room objects in crates/bins 
  • Wrapping all home equipment similar to the refrigerator, laundry machine, TV, air conditioner, range with bubble wrap/foam blanket 
  • Wrapping all furniture with bubble wrap/foam blanket 
  • Dismantling all primary furniture this is detachable mistreatment essential gear like wrench and pliers are disassembled on the deliver place 
  • Dismantlement of satellite TV for pc dish TV, wall-set up TV, water installation on the source. 
  • Reorganization of all-important domestic stock to destination.

Packaging Techniques Used by Top Packer and Movers in Surat

Specialty LCD Cases or LED Box 

Our LED/LCD Enclosures are designed to lessen damage and shorten the lifestyles of your thin LEDs and LCDs, which happens with older case packing techniques in wood. These packing boxes are superior to first-rate materials that provide extra cushioning effects and grip. 

Carton For Wardrobe

These mainly advanced rugged boxes are first-class for packing you are equipped to a role on attires safely. Being durable, spacious, and waterproof, the fabric cabinet cartons assist in shipping your Jackets, Coats, Saree, and a unique certainly one of a kind in equipped to a role on condition. 

Carrier for own unique circle of relatives products

Our Specialized Household Carriers in Surat are the closing effects of our researched techniques that allow us to transport your Household Goods and Cars simultaneously. In this way, we've conquered our customers' yearnings for purchasing their automobiles at the element of their possessions. 

Right packing boxes in your need

We have formulated a revolutionary idea of preserving your fragile devices with the assistance of carton Boxes. These plastic bins allow beneficial crockery devices in stoutly constructed plastic bins with a cute place over the same old cartons. 

Suitable companies in your automobiles

Our uniquely designed Car Carriers is an effect of our investigated techniques and is green sufficient to relocate your car at your endpoint on the budget¬ splendid expenses.

Planning Tips For Your Relocation In Surat 

To keep away from the closing-minute rush & have a worry-freed from your relocation plan in Surat beforehand, prepare a tick list to have music of your shifting tasks. 

1. Order unwanted goods

For a hassle-loose transfer, eliminate undesirable goods, donate or sell usable objects. 

2. Look for packers and movers

Start searching out a transferring corporation one week in advance for close by transferring and 15 - 20 days in advance than sharing for own circle of relatives transferring. 

3. Prepare your requirements

Bring your essentials like clothes, medicine, toddler objects, non-public care, toiletries, etc. Ensure you have a cushty existence in your new home in advance rather than settling in properly

4. Organize your documents and valuables.

Put your vital records in an available file and percentage your jewelry. Keep all your valuables like a laptop, tablet, etc. In a bag, take it with you. 

5. Pick the Right Moving Day

Mid-month and weekdays are the maximum cushty times for packers and movers; at a few points, you can hire a reliable transferring corporation at a reduced price.

6. Thoroughly clean and look for repairs

Thoroughly gentle you are new home in advance than changing shifts and look at the working condition of faucets, switchboards, sockets, etc. Get it repaired if damaged. 

7. Update new deal with

Update your new settlement with vital companies, which includes banks, instructional institutions, online shopping for sites, subscriptions to magazines, etc., so you do now no longer skip over essential emails. 

8. Utilities Management

Contact your software program company which includes WiFi, DTHI Cable TV, News Agency, Milk Supplier, LPG Agency, etc. To disconnect, reconnect or transfer your service. 

9. Prepare domestic system and electronics

Clean your home system and prepare them for the move, which includes defrosting the refrigerator, packing, and labeling all the cables of your electronics. 

10. Please take pictures of your merchandise

Click images of your stock in advance than unplugging or disassembling them to lead them to extra honest to reassemble and look at for damage.

Quality Offered By Us

Surat Verified Packers and Movers

We have a strong network of confirmed packers and movers who undergo an entirely online and personal verification process. We look at their website, look at their contact details, validate their registration documents, look at their standard overall performance history, Google rating, etc. 

Organized listing of Movers

We have a fully-prepared listing of packers and movers for every city; you may undergo the listing and, without delay, touch the movers too. You can quickly out the movers primarily based on distance from your place, reviews & ratings, offerings, availability, charges, experience, etc. & hire. 

Three Instant Quotes of Best Matches

You also can percentage your transferring necessities with us with the precious aid of the usage of filling in a few essential statistics like name,_ Rhone variety, form of shifting objects, offerings required, beginning and tour spot place, and so on withinside the question shape. We will promptly lower once more to you with the expenses of the three great suits for you.

Regular Quality Maintenance

We frequently take a look at the first-class. Preservation of the shifting corporations partnered with us. We provide superior services for the corporations that offer first-class service & take basic moves to like fast blocking off or altogether blocklisting corporations that offer poor-first rate service. 

Complete Support from Start to End

Our customer service corporation is constantly to be had to reply to your queries from the time you fill inside the query shape until the very last shipping of your goods. We respond to all of your questions, advocate an opportunity that suits in case you aren't glad for referred movers, take vital movement on corporations that did now no longer offer the promised service.

Our mission

We Provide You Hassle And Stress-Free Services

Every company is created keeping in mind certain principles. From our first day, we wanted to be the very best in Surat regarding customer satisfaction. We understand the hassle and stress of relocating to a new place. This hustle and anxiety can make the whole moving experience extremely unsavory. This is especially true if you have had an unsatisfactory experience before, from a previous relocation, or have heard about someone else going through such a troublesome situation. These stories of people facing problems during relocation are pretty standard, which motivated us to create our company. 

The whole anxiousness and worry regarding putting your faith in a company for transporting your goods are what we wanted to eradicate in people's hearts when the higher search services. To do this, our primary goal is to make sure that every person who avails of our services are happy with our work. Keeping our customers happy is something we strive to achieve in every relocation job that we take up. It is about fast and timely moving and packing of goods and sharing the safety of every item that is being transported. Even hiring our services through our website is a highly hassle-free process. Our every step from hiring to moving is never a burden to you. Even as our company witnesses growth, the motto of providing individualized care and attention. After all, our customers will remain the company's backbone. 

Our mission, therefore, is to ensure every single one of our customers who choose to put their faith in us does not feel wanted at any point in their decision. No matter what service is selected, you can rest assured that the very best effort will be put into it. 

Services offered by HappyLocate

As a relocation company, we offer many kinds of services as stated above. Our diversified services attract a wide range of clientele. We offer any and every kind of packing and moving service. Other related services are also available. Given below are some of the most common services for which our customers seek our assistance are as follows: 

House shifting

Many house owners seek our help is when they are shifting to Surat. All they want is a trusty mover and packer. House shifting requires proper planning while ensuring that every piece of furniture and other items are packed properly so that there is no scratch on any item. When someone who doesn't have professional experience in packing embarks on the task, they often face many issues, including damage to personal items. This can be highly anxiety invoking. Therefore we provide exceptional house relocation services where we guarantee every single object of your house to reach its new home in pristine condition. 

Office shifting

we even offer services for commercial settings. Shifting of offices requires a lot of security issues. We ensure that every object goes to its new location without any hiccup. Offices generally have a lot of sensitive material that needs transportation and without which or even a little bit of damage can cause a lot of financial trouble. This is very common to provide excellent services. 

Asset delivery

our fantastic team's delivery system makes our company perfect for delivering any object. Even the bulkiest item is not a hassle for us to move. We can deliver your IT assets with proper packaging. We achieve our mission with the latest technology to streamline our tasks, and the hard work, dedication, and commitment put in by every team member.

Pet relocation

we even offer services to transport your pet. Special care is given to ensure your pets' safety, comfort, and security. We provide exceptional care to travel without any worry. Also, your pet will reach the location with our assistance without any discomfort. 

House search assistance

Relocating is a major hassle, especially house hunting. Therefore, we relocate your furniture and other items for you without any problem. 

How to find the best Packers and Movers in Surat?

If you are searching for a professional moving and packing company in Surat, then there is a little homework that you need to do to put your mind at ease. Finding the suitable compact for relocation may seem daunting at first, but you will see it as easy as pie with the tips below. These tips will help you narrow down your search and point towards the best movers and packers company.

Find out the average cost of hiring movers and packers in Surat.

While searching for good packers and movers, you should first focus on creating a shortlist of all the top companies in Surat known for their relocation services. This shortlist should contain information regarding Movers and packers cost in surat. This will help you find the average cost of hiring a good movers and packers company in Surat. If you call us or visit our page, we will give you an instant quotation. This will estimate how much you can expect and help you find the most competitive price for the value. We also provide the best prices for our services. Our affordable rates with top-rated services put us at the top. We even offer free moving quotes on our website to make the job easier for our customers. 

Get referrals from acquaintances who have moved to Surat and hired professional services. 

If you know anybody who recently hired a professional movers and packers company while shifting to Surat, you should consult them. Ask them regarding how they went about searching for their choice. Verifying all information is of topmost priority when searching for a promising relocation company.

Research online and verify testimonials provided by professional relocation companies.

Make sure to go through all the testimonials given by previous clients for the different websites you will find. In addition, you will find that we have thousands of customer reviews, which will surely put your mind at ease. 

Our USPs

Dedicated relocation manager

Our dedicated relocation manager oversees every movement of your item. This kind of attention to detail is hardly found in most companies. But, of course, we never feign to be infallible.

72-hour damage resolution

Whenever any issues arise, we always try to provide the fastest solution. For this reason, we offer 72hr damage resolution if at all any unfortunate and unforeseeable mishap happens during transit.

Best rated in the industry

Our work is also highly transparent as we encourage honesty and open communication in our everyday business. Our work ethic thrives on open communication and accountability for delivering on all the promises made by our team. We also believe in maintaining the highest safety standards and therefore follow extremely stringent sanitation and hygiene practices. 

SAAS, ML, AI-based tools to check the relocation status

We implement cutting-edge technology, like the tools based on AI, ML and SAAS-based tools that keep the person notified every second. Check the activities of our relocation partners during your move.

Quality assurance​​​​​​​

One of the biggest reasons you should choose us is because we genuinely care about customer satisfaction over anything else. We make sure to provide specialized attention to every one of our clients.

15000+ pin codes served

As of now, we have been lucky to serve 15000+ pin codes, and we are continuing to grow. Therefore, no matter where you are currently residing, we assure you that we will get your things transported to Surat with the best care possible.

Why HappyLocate?

If you are relocating to Surat, you'd like to say that you should choose our company as your movers and packers because we will promise you the best service possible at the best price. Our company had a humble beginning five years ago with the dream of providing exceptional relocation services. Luckily we have been able to grow and have been able to help thousands of clients relocate without any hassle. 

If you also want to let go of all the thoughts associated with relocating and the burden of moving your personal belongings safely, then contact us right away. We will take you through every step of the process with absolute transparency. There is no need to worry about any hidden costs. We even offer a 72-hour damage settlement if any unfortunate event arises. With these reassurances, our company is the top-rated one. From home relocation, company relocation, vehicle shifting, logistics relocation, storage, and warehouse relocation, office space relocation, pet relocation to housing assistance, and everything in-between, there is nothing that we do not offer to our customers. These fantastic services make us the top-rated one-stop solution to every location problem. So please do not settle for the second-best and choose our company for yourself and the safety of your belongings.
You deserve the peace of mind and the customer-friendly approach that we offer. Already the tension of relocating to a new area is something that lingers in mind; the added pressure of making sure your belongings reach the new home should not be something that bogs you down. Thousands are already taking us, and you should also join the ranks and become one of our happy customers. 


Looking for reliable movers and packers has become easier than ever with our company. For five years now, we have been providing fantastic relocation services to all our customers. We hope to continue the positive growth that we have been witnessing. If you want to have a hassle-free relocation experience put your faith in us, and we will offer you a 100% guarantee at the best price imaginable. 

Our customer-friendly approach, reliability and open communication channels make us well-liked. We would encourage you to contact us to know more about our company to help you relocate to Surat without any hassle. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Posted On: Jun 20, 2022
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