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Moving from the bustling lanes of Delhi that have aromatic North Indian food joints at every lane to the city filled with people from different parts of the country – Bangalore, is a different experience. Not only the food, culture and way of life is different, but both the metro cities carry a different pace to the day.

When you relocate from Delhi NCR to Bangalore, you have to choose the right relocation partner who will plan and facilitate the move as per your requirement. The goods that you want to relocate have to packed using the right packing material and packing technique, loaded into the carton boxes in the right way to prevent overloading yet utilizing the carton box fully.

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    Packers and Movers Charges in Delhi NCR-Bengaluru

    Packers and movers in NCR charge for packing and moving based on these factors. The total weight of all the goods to be relocated, the distance for relocation and the total man power required for relocation at the origin location and the destination location.

    Apart from these factors, if any additional services are required throughout the relocation process, charges will vary on a case to case basis.

    Packing materials used in Delhi NCR

    As premium service packers and movers in Delhi NCR, we use the best quality packing materials for our customers. Bubble wrap, corrugated sheet and shrink wrap are the three main packing materials used. Multiple quality and thicknesses of the packing materials are available. The materials are used based on the type and weight of the item.

    If the customers have any specific requirement for packing any particular item, we pack the item as per the request. Fragile items are packed using multiple layers of packing material and combining different types of material to ensure damage protection throughout the relocation process.

    Bubble wrap is a packing material that is made of strong plastic containing air-filled bubbles. They are placed in equal distance. Various types of bubble wrap sheets are available in the market. There are sheets made of small bubbles and those made of big bubbles. The thickness of the bubble wrap sheets also vary. Based on the item to be packed, the type of bubble wrap is used.
    Multiple layers of bubble wrap are used to package the item based on the type, weight and fragility of the item. A combination of different types of packing materials are used for packaging fragile items. Bubble wrap protects the item from shocks and impact during transportation.

    Corrugated sheet is made of multiple layers of cardboard paper. It is a kind of flute paper that is machine-pressed combining layers of flat material and wavy material to form a thick corrugated sheet. As packers and movers in Delhi we use 1-ply, 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply corrugated sheets for packaging goods.

    As premium service packers and movers in Delhi, we use eco-friendly packaging materials. We also promote the use of CNG vehicles for transportation of goods during relocation.

    Shrink wrap is made of plastic and can be tightly wound around any product to package it. Shrink wrap is available in varying thicknesses. The type of shrink wrap to be used is determined based on the item to be packed. The right packaging technique is used by the packers and movers in Delhi NCR to ensure damage-free relocation experience.

    Standard plan

    • Trained and experienced team of packers and movers are deployed at the origin location for packing and shifting the goods.
    • Requirement of additional man power is assessed while planning relocation and dedicated staff is allocated to complete the relocation on time.
    • Bubble wrap, shrink wrap and corrugated sheets are the commonly used packing materials. LED boxes are used to pack LED items.
    • Wooden crates are used to pack certain items as per customer requirements.
    • Carton boxes of the right size and thickness are used to pack all the goods for relocation.
    • Furniture is dismantled and arranged prior to the schedule of packing.
    • Air Conditioner is unmounted using the handyman services.
    • Plumber, electrician and carpenter fall under the handyman services.

    Premium plan

    • Highly skilled and trained team of packers and movers are deployed at the origin location and destination location for packing and moving.
    • Items listed on the relocation request are packed and loaded into the goods carrier safely.
    • Fragile items are packed separately and labelled to be handled with extra care.
    • Furniture that has to be dismantled for relocation purpose is done by the professionals.
    • Furniture is packed using the packing materials.
    • Large appliances are arranged at the destination location.

    Factors affecting the moving cost at NCR

    Moving goods from one place to another can be an expensive affair if not handled with care. Here are the main factors that affect the moving cost at NCR:

    Quantity of Items

    The total quantity of goods to be relocated is one of the main factors that affect the moving cost. The goods are packed using packing materials and are then packed into carton boxes. The total weight of goods to be transported determines the man power required for packing and moving, and the type of goods carrier required for transportation of goods.

    Required manpower

    A team of best packers and movers in Delhi are deployed for dismantling & dismounting items, and, packing and moving the goods. The customer has to confirm the availability and usage of service lift at the origin location and destination location on the move date. If there is a facilities team at the location, permission has to be sought from the concerned person in the team for dedicated usage of service lift during the move date. If there are multiple apartments of offices in the complex that use the same service lift, it is essential to obtain permission for dedicated use to avoid causing any issues or delay in the planned relocation.

    If there is no service lift at the locations but passenger lifts are available, dedicated usage of passenger lift at both the locations has to be sought. In case the location is higher than second floor and there is no lift facility in the complex, or, if the lift is not in a working condition, additional man power is allocated to facilitate the move within the stipulated date and time.

    In case there are any items that cannot be moved through the front door of the house or office, and they have to be exited to the ground floor using another exit, rope services are used. The item is moved to an open space such as balcony or terrace, then lowered to the ground floor of the building using sturdy ropes. Trained staff safely loads the furniture into the goods carrier. Moving charges are levied based on the number of additional man power required at the origin location and destination location. 

    Packing Quality & Quantity

    As professional packers and movers in Bangalore, we use various packing materials of multiple types. We use the type of packing material based on the item to be packed. Packaging materials of various thicknesses and qualities are available. The higher the quality of packaging material, the higher the moving cost.

    HappyLocate is an environmentally-conscious brand and we offer eco-friendly packaging materials for the relocation. We use the packaging material as per the preference of the customer and the requirement of the item.

    Distance to be covered

    The distance between the origin location and the destination location is one of the major factors that determine the moving cost. Origin location is the point from where the goods have to be packed and moved. Destination location is where the goods have to be delivered upon completion of relocation.

    Relocation from one locality to another within the same city will cost lesser when compared to relocating from one city to another. The longer the distance between the two locations, the higher the moving cost. Since all the relocation requests are carried out by road, the distance is measured on road.

    Residing floor and lift availability

    If the origin location and the destination location is higher than second floor of a building, additional man power is required for packing and shifting on time.

    Availability and dedicated use of service lift has to be confirmed at the origin location and destination location by the customer. In then absence of functional service lift, passenger lift in the building is utilized.

    The facilities team of the building complex or the administration staff who is authorized to permit dedicated use of service lift or passenger lift for a stipulated period of time must be contacted by the customer. Required permissions have to be sought for the decided move date and time. This will ensure there is no delay in moving the goods to the goods carrier and executing the relocation as per the decided timeline.

    Size & type of truck

    As a moving company in India, we have a fleet of trucks. We allocate the truck based on the quantity of goods to be relocated, the distance and preference of the customer.

    We have open trucks and closed trucks. For relocation within the same city, you can opt for open trucks. All the goods are loaded onto the open truck and covered with tarpaulin sheet. This protects the goods from dust and dirt during transit. If there is a prediction of heavy rainfall in the city you are relocating on your move date, it is wise to opt for a closed truck.

    Shared trucks and dedicated trucks are available for transportation. In a shared truck, the space is divided to accommodate the goods of three customers. Shared trucks are suitable for long-distance relocation when relocation is planned in advance. The cost of shared trucks is less when compared to dedicated truck.

    A dedicated truck is allocated completely for one customer. The size of truck is chosen by the team based on the quantity of goods to be relocated. Customer is free to choose the type of dedicated truck. After loading the goods into the dedicated truck, the truck is locked with a one-time use automated lock. The lock is broken open at the destination location in the presence of the customer.
    If you are relocating your house from one locality to another within the same city and you want to relocate your 2-wheeler along with other goods of your house, it can be done in your dedicated truck.

    For 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler relocation, a list of documents have to be submitted to carry out the relocation. We follow all the safety protocols to relocate vehicles as per the Government rules of the land.

    Packing techniques used by packers and movers in Delhi NCR

    Perfect household carrier

    From carton boxes and wooden crates to the goods carrier, we have a wide range of options you can choose from. We have diverse range for each product and we use the right household carrier based on the goods and customer preference. When you relocate your household goods with us, you can be assured that you will receive the perfect household carrier that is best suited for you.

    Special LCD cases (LED box)

    Your LED items are safe with us. We use three-layer packaging to ensure zero damage to your LED items. The packaged item is then packed into a special LCD case. If you have the original case of your LED product, we can pack the item into its original case, as per your preference.

    Carton boxes

    When you choose the best packers and movers in Delhi you can be sure that you get the right carton boxes to relocate your goods. 1-ply, 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply carton boxes of various sizes are used to pack the items for safe transportation. Carton boxes made from recyclable material are used for packaging the goods.

    Car carrier

    Car carriers are used to relocate cars from one city to another. Shared car carriers are used for relocation as they are cost-effective when compared to dedicated car carriers. It is essential to submit the following documents to process relocation of cars. This is applicable for relocating within the same city and relocation to another city within India.
    Mandatory documents to be submitted for car relocation:

    • RC copy
    • Pollution check papers
    • Driving License
    • Insurance copy

    Perfect boxes

    When you look for best packers and movers in Delhi, you can be assured that you will get the perfect boxes for your relocation. The packaged goods are packed into the right thickness and size of carton box using the right packaging technique. This ensures that the right amount of goods are fit into the carton boxes.

    How to minimize your relocation cost in Delhi NCR?

    When you decide to relocate from Delhi NCR to Bangalore, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Planning and organizing the move is best done by professionals who relocate. Here is what you can do to minimize your relocation cost:

    Plan your move

    We cannot stress on this enough. Planning is the first and the most important part of relocation. Make lists. Make a list of items that you want to relocate. Make a list of items that you want to carry personally. Make a list of items that you want to dispose or donate. Make a list of things you need to do before you move. Handover the list of items you want to relocate to your relocation service provider well in advance so they can plan your move well and at the best price in the market.

    Research and compare your quotes

    Choose the best relocation service provider who will do this job for you. They will have an in-house team with good contacts with the best packers and movers in town. When you present your relocation requirement to them, they will touch base with their partners and find out the best partner who can fulfil your move requirements. Added bonus is that you will get the best price in the market for the date you intend to move.

    Sort out unused goods

    Having a lot of good while you are shifting is not a good idea as you will pay more. Make some time, to search and list the items which you think are not useful. The electronic items which are non-working and broken should be listed separately. What you can do is sell the electric items whereas you can discard broken items.

    You can also sell books, or donate them. Toys are good if donated to some other kids, similarly, you can donate clothes that you are never going to wear again. When you cut down these items from your inventory list, it will automatically lower the moving cost.

    Relocation Planning Tips

    Carry valuables personally

    Make a list of all the valuables you want to move to your destination location. It could be precious jewellery made of silver, gold, diamond or any other precious metals; laptop, desktop, play station, antique pieces, items with strong memories attached to it, mobile phone, etc.

    Arrange for the packing materials and the container to pack the valuables in advance. Pack your valuables and keep them safe to carry it with you personally.

    Choose the right moving day

    When you search for ‘packers and movers near me’ on any search engine, you will find that the best teams are always occupied during weekends, month-ends, festive days and national holidays. Hence, the demand is high and the moving cost is higher when compared to the other days. So, choose one of the weekdays or mid-month days for your move.

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    If you have active connections for electricity, water, internet, etc at your origin location, check if you have to disconnect or surrender any of the services. If you are in a rented property, you don’t have to worry about water and electricity connections as they are taken care of by the owner of the property. But you might want to check for the internet connection – either the surrender, disconnection or transfer of services to another location.

    Click pictures of items

    After you have made a list of the items you want to relocate, sorted them and have them ready to be packed, click pictures of the items. This will be your point of reference if in case there are any damages to the items or they go missing after you unpack at your destination location. Make sure you do not remove any items after clicking the pictures or misplace them. The team of packers and movers will also click pictures of items before they begin packing, but have your own repository of images for your reference.

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    Carry out deep cleaning at your origin location and destination location well ahead of the move date. This will make it easy for you to vacate the place once the packing is done and you won’t have any last-minute surprise tasks.

    Update your new address

    Update your postal communication details at all the departments you intend to receive physical communication. It could be your bank, apartment complex, office, relatives, communities, etc.

    Why are we the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR?

    When you look for packers and movers in Delhi NCR, you will get to see innumerable businesses. You should choose the business that is the best in the market. We understand the importance of doing it right and on-time when you bring your relocation request to us.

    Wide range of services

    HappyLocate offers a wide range of moving services. If you want to shift your office, house, vehicle or pet, we’ve got you covered. We also assist you in finding a house and delivering assets to your employees in any part of India.

    Reliable and experienced

    We have been serving customers with shifting across India. We have serviced more than 15,000 pin codes in India till date. Our service partners have been in the business for over a decade and are reputed for serving high-quality packing and moving services.

    Covers entire Delhi NCR

    It does not matter which part of National Capital Region you are in we will accept and serve your moving request to any part of India. We serve all locations in India.

    Stay safe and protected with us

    Our on-ground staff that assists with packing and moving has been trained to follow Covid-19 protocols since the outbreak of Covid-19. We follow social distancing, use sanitizer and wear masks at all times. Our team has assisted with deliveries of oxygen cylinders through the course of initial lockdowns to curb the spread of Covid-19 virus. Your safety is our priority and we will not compromise on it.

    Services Offered by HappyLocate

    House Shifting

    Shifting the goods of household from one location to another by planning, organizing and facilitating the complete movement. We assist with shifting of a 1 RK to a bunglow from any locality in Delhi NCR to any part of India. You can also shift your 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler using vehicle carriers. We shift vehicles in the same city and to any other city. Documents have to be submitted for processing the vehicle shifting request. This is to comply with the laws of the land and ensure safe delivery of your vehicle to your destination location.

    Office Shifting

    All your office assets are packed and moved to your new office location using premium quality packaging material. This includes furniture, fittings, electrical items, stationery, files, laptops and any other office items.

    Asset Delivery

    Post the outbreak of Covid-19, several companies across India have adopted remote work and hybrid models. Businesses that want to deliver laptop, desktop or any other official items to their employees can avail the asset delivery service to safely deliver their assets across any part of India.

    Pet Shifting

    Shift your pet to any part of India or any part of the world using the pet shifting services offered by HappyLocate. Medical documents of your pet have to be submitted to process your pet shifting request. Vaccination details of the pet have to be entered by the vet in the medical records. Quarantine and shifting rules within India will be followed to ensure smooth relocation experience.

    If you want to personally shift your pet, we will facilitate that as well. We will arrange for your transportation along with your pet to relocate your pet from your origin location to your destination location.

    Housing Assistance

    We find your dream house for you. We understand your requirements – locality, city, type of house, size of house, budget and any other specifications to look a house for you.

    Why HappyLocate is the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR?

    Choosing the right relocation service provider is essential to a joyful, safe and on-time relocation. We understand it can be hard to choose the right moving partner with so many options in the market. We have made it easy for you to choose.

    Our USPs

    SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    We believe in moving ahead with the times. Latest technology is at our disposal to streamline the moving process and to track it in real-time. HappyLocate provides its customers access to HL Dashboard using which you can track your relocation request from the start to the end in real-time. All you need is a device with an active internet connection and a fast browser. Create your account on the HL dashboard and track your request from anywhere and at any time.

    Highly rated in the industry

    Our customers have rated our relocation service 4.5/5 on Google. This is currently the highest rating that any relocation service provider in India has. Our customer ratings on social media and other platforms on the internet have been constantly higher than our peers in the market. Our customers trust us – be it well-known brands for relocating their employees and delivering their assets, or people who walk-in for relocation by getting to know the pleasant experiences of their friends with HappyLocate.

    Quality Assurance

    Our in-house team that plans, organizes and facilitates the move, and, on-ground team that does the packing and moving are skilled, trained and experienced staff. We assure you of the highest quality of service throughout your relocation.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    When you sign up with HappyLocate for your relocation, you will have one dedicated relocation manager throughout your move journey with us. Your move manager will plan, co-ordinate and facilitate your move. He/she will be your one-point-of-contact and will update you on the proceedings of the move. You don’t have to co-ordinate with multiple people, or, explain your move when you reach out to us for any queries.

    72hr damage resolution

    In case of any damages or any issue with the relocation, we request our customers to contact us within 72 hours of the relocation completion. Our specialist team will provide the first resolution for customer complaint within 72 hours of the complaint being filed with us.

    15000+ pin codes served

    HappyLocate has served relocation requests for more than 15,000 pin codes in India in the 6 years of operations. We are open to serve relocation request to any part of India. We also serve some international locations.

    How to choose the right packers and movers in Delhi NCR?

    Every item that you want to move to your new location is important. You should pick the moving partner who will take care of your items and relocate them safely. Here are a few pointers to choose the right packers and movers in Delhi NCR –

    Visit their official website

    Log onto the official website of the moving company, check for the basic details of the company and how they started. See the services they offer and generate a free quote from their website.

    Background Check

    Browse through the internet so find out the date on which the business was incorporated and the period of time it has been functional. When you browse through a bit, you will get to know more about the company. Gain a basic understanding of the company.

    Validate registration documents

    Registration details of all the company, its directors, RoC and other basic details of the companies would be available on the internet. Make sure that the company is active and has the basic documents in place.

    Upgraded tools

    The relocation service provider should use and provide tools that are built using advanced technologies. The business should be constantly working to streamline processes and be able to provide the best service in the market.

    Refer to Customer Ratings

    Any business who is serving large geographies will have its presence established on the internet. Check for reviews and ratings on Google My Business Listing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms where the company is listed on the internet.

    Read all documents carefully before signing

    Approach the business by speaking to one of their executives over a phone call. After gaining an understanding of their services and a quote to know your moving cost, if you want to go ahead with their services they will offer you a service agreement. It will contain all the details regarding the relocation. Thoroughly read the document including all the fine print. Ensure that the charges mentioned to you are the final charges and there will be no hidden charges or additional charges. In case you have any queries, reach out to them and clarify. Once you are convinced that you have all the information you need and you are satisfied with what they are offering in terms of relocation service, go ahead and sign on the service agreement.

    Why HappyLocate?

    Client Satisfaction

    We consider and treat our customers as our family. Every customer is important to us. We have relocated on our own, faced issues with it which led us to starting this venture. We understand and know the importance of moving your goods safely. When you sign up with us for your relocation needs, we ensure that we satisfy all your relocation needs.

    Professional Staffs

    Our staff is trained and experienced in the logistics industry. Our service partners and in-house staff are monitored for quality constantly. Training is provided periodically to improve the processes and ensure that we provide the best-in-class service to our customers. Every day is a new day for us and we will do our best to serve our customers.

    Preparation and implementation of services

    At HappyLocate, we place as much emphasis on planning as much as we do for implementation. Since relocation involves planning extensively and co-ordinating with multiple stakeholders throughout the relocation journey, it is essential to have all the information handy. We plan extensively and execute the plan with utmost honesty to provide the best relocation experience.

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