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Mumbai and Bengaluru are two metro cities that have a different pace of life. Each city has its own flavour of life and it is amazing to experience both the spheres in one lifetime. Be it moving your house, office or pet, everything is important and you should have the best hands that do the moving for you.

HappyLocate relocates you from one place to another safely and on-time. Our company was born after personally experiencing the struggles of relocating by ourselves. We personally identified with the issues in the market and did not want anyone else to go through the hassle that we did. It has been over 6 years since we have started serving the shifting needs of people in India. 

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    Packers and movers charges in Mumbai

    Moving charges are determined by several factors. The distance from the origin location from where relocation has to be carried out to the destination location where the goods have to be relocated is one of the main factors. The quantity of goods to be relocated, type of goods and the labour required to pack and move are the other factors.

    Packing materials used in Mumbai

    Packers and movers in Mumbai use high-quality packing materials to protect the items from damage during transit. Bubble wrap, corrugated sheet and shrink wrap are the three main packing materials.

    Bubble wrap is a plastic sheet containing air-filled bubbles. Bubble wrap of varying thicknesses is available in the market. A bubble wrap sheet containing small bubbles is used for the closed cover of items. Bubble wrap sheets containing large bubbles are used for packing items requiring minimal cushioning. Packers and movers in Mumbai use the right type of bubble wrap based on the size and type of item to be packed. Sometimes, a combination of different types of bubble wrap is used to package the item securely.

    A corrugated sheet is made of layers of cardboard material. It is a thick flute material that is bound together using advanced technology to make a strong packaging material. There is a 1-ply, 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply corrugated sheet that is used for packing based on the type, size and fragility of the item to be packed.

    Corrugated sheet is resistant to moisture and is the best alternative to wooden crates. It can withstand strong impacts and can be used to pack items of any weight.

    Shrink wrap is a strong plastic that is used to wrap around items. It is tightly wrapped around the item that is packed for protection from damage. Even air cannot escape through the shrink wrap that covers the item. The item is covered by multiple layers using shrink wrap to cover the item sturdily.

    The item that is packed using shrink wrap is protected from dust, dirt and damage. Shrink wrap makes the item weather-proof and tamper-proof. The packaging can only be torn off the item and not be removed from the item. This makes the item completely safe from any damage. Items of any type, size and weight can be packaged using shrink wrap.

    Movers and packers in Mumbai use the right type and thickness of packing material based on the item to be packed. A combination of different packing materials is used for packing based on the requirement.

    Standard plan

    • An experienced and trained team of packers and movers are deployed at the origin location.
    • Goods to be relocated are packed using the right packing material and packing technique.
    • After packing using the packing material, goods are packed in carton boxes.
    • Any furniture that has to be dismantled to be relocated is done using specialized handyman services.
    • Dismantled furniture is gathered at the origin location from where relocation has to be carried out.
    • Unmount water purifier, AC, etc for packing.
    • Load the carton boxes onto the goods carrier.
    • Unload the goods from the goods carrier onto the destination location and arrange the large appliances at the location.

    Premium plan

    • A highly experienced and skilled team of packers and movers are deployed at the site.
    • All goods to be relocated will be packed using the right packing material by the packers and movers in Mumbai.
    • Packaged goods are further packed into carton boxes and labelled.
    • Fragile items are packed with extra care and labelled to be handled with additional care.
    • Furniture is dismantled if required for relocation.
    • Dismantled furniture is gathered and packed.
    • Large appliances are packed using bubble wrap or shrink wrap as required.
    • Major household goods are adjusted at the destination location.
    • Handyman services are offered for carpentry, plumbing and electrician.

    Factors affecting the moving cost at Mumbai

    Several factors affect the moving cost at Mumbai. The quantity of items determines the total weight of the goods to be relocated. Items will be packed using the packing material and put into carton boxes for safe and easy transportation. The size of the packing and moving team, the distance from the origin location to the destination location for relocation, and the size & type of truck used for relocation are the main factors that affect the moving cost at Bombay.

    Quantity of Items

    Packers and movers in Mumbai pack the items to be relocated using the ideal packaging materials to provide maximum protection against damage during relocation. The number of items to be relocated and the total weight of the goods after packaging is the main factor that affects the moving cost.

    For instance, the household goods of a 1 RHK will weigh 350 cubic ft. (approx.) after packaging. Whereas, the total weight of household goods of a 4 BHK will be 1300 cubic ft. (approx.).

    The number of goods will determine the number of laborers required for packing and moving, and the size and type of goods carrier for transportation.

    Required manpower

    The number of items to be relocated determines the manpower required for packing and moving. For relocation of a 1 BHK, the total weight of goods will be 250 cubic ft. (approx.). A team of 3 packers and movers in Mumbai will take care of dismantling required furniture, and packing and moving the goods.

    Whereas, for a 2 BHK, the total weight of the household goods will be around 450-600 cubic ft. A manpower of 6 will take care of the packing and moving. One relocation personnel will dismantle, and 2-3 personnel will be dedicated to packing the goods using the packaging material. The next 3 personnel will be packaging the goods into the carton boxes and loading them into the goods carrier.

    Packing Quality & Quantity

    As premium service packers and movers, we constantly strive to provide high-quality service throughout your relocation. We have work experience in packing and shifting and we understand the importance of using the right packing material for each item that has to be relocated. Using the right material, the right quantity of packing material by the right packing technique will ensure that the goods are safe-kept throughout the relocation process.

    When it comes to relocating household goods, there would be several items to which we will have an emotional attachment, or, memories attached to it. It could be an old or small item, yet be valuable regardless of its utilitarian value. Our team of packers and movers in Mumbai takes extra care in packing and moving your items. We know that there are some things that money cannot buy, and we will go the extra mile for you.

    On special request of the customer, we use packing material as per the specific requirement of the customer and the goods to be packed.

    Distance to be covered

    The distance between the origin location and the destination location is one of the major determinants of the moving cost. For example, to relocate the household goods of a 2 BHK, the total weight of the goods after packing would be 700 cubic ft. (approx.). The distance between the flat and the service lift in the apartment complex is less than 50 meters. All the goods can be moved using the service lift at the origin location and the destination location.

    Allocation of additional manpower for shuttling from the residence/office at the origin location is termed as shuttling charges. Charges are applicable based on the requirement of shuttling at the origin location and destination location. If the requirement is only at one location, the charges are also levied only for the particular location.

    Residing floor and lift availability

    If the origin location or the destination location is above the second floor, additional manpower will be required for packing and moving. The customer should confirm the availability of the service lift and the permission for usage of the service lift on the decided move date. If required, concerned authorities of the apartment complex such as facilities must permit the dedicated usage of the service lift on the decided move date and time.

    In the absence of a service lift in the apartment complex, dedicated usage of passenger lifts must be permitted by the concerned authorities. If the apartment is on the first floor or any higher, additional manpower will be required to complete the packing and move within the decided move time. To avoid any last-minute delays, all the information is collected before allocating the right amount of manpower for packing and moving.

    Size & type of truck

    Our packers and movers in Mumbai allocate the size and type of truck for relocation based on the number of goods to be relocated and the preference of the customer. Closed container and open container goods carriers are available for transportation. If you are relocating during summers or to locations where there is no rainfall, you can opt for open goods carrier.

    Shared goods carriers and dedicated goods carriers are available for long-distance relocations. A shared goods carrier is divided into three compartments and one compartment is dedicated to one customer. The cost of a shared goods carrier is comparatively lesser than a dedicated goods carrier.

    A dedicated goods carrier is allocated to transport the goods of one customer. The goods are loaded into the truck at the origin location, and the door of the truck is sealed using a special lock. The lock can be broken only once and not be opened. The truck is sealed and opened in the customer’s presence at the origin location and destination location.

    Packing techniques used by packers and movers in Mumbai

    Perfect household carrier

    All the household goods have to be packed well to prevent any damage during relocation. The packaged goods have to be loaded into carton boxes, labelled, safely loaded into the goods carrier to transport to the destination location. The right size and type of truck is used to transport the goods to the destination location. HappyLocate provides the perfect household carrier to suit your relocation requirements.

    If you want to relocate your 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, it will be relocated using a vehicle carrier. It is mandatory to transport 4-wheeler using car carriers when relocating from one city to another. For relocation of car from one locality to another in the same city, we have a special team of licensed and trained professionals who will drive the car from origin location to destination location.
    List of documents to be submitted for vehicle relocation:

    • RC copy (mandatory)
    • Pollution check certificate (mandatory)
    • Driving License (mandatory)
    • Insurance copy (mandatory)

    Relocation of car from one city to another is best done in shared vehicle container as it is cost-effective when compared to a dedicated car carrier.

    Special LCD cases (LED box)

    HappyLocate relocates all your electronic and electrical items safely. We provide 3-layer packing for all LED items to ensure 101% damage protection during relocation. Our movers and packers in Mumbai use bubble wrap, corrugated sheet and shrink wrap of the right type to package the LED items using the right packaging technique. It is then packed in a special LED case. If you have the original box of the LED item, we also pack it in the original case upon customer request.

    Carton boxes

    Packers and movers in Mumbai use strong and durable carton boxes to transport goods. We, at HappyLocate are doing our bit to make the earth a little greener every day. Our carton boxes are made of recyclable material. We use eco-friendly packaging material for over 70% of same city relocation requests.

    Car carrier

    For relocating your car from one locality of Mumbai to another, we have professional and licensed drivers to assist you. For relocating car from Mumbai to another city in India, our movers and packers in Mumbai use car carriers. When you book for car relocation, our professional driver will pick up your car from your origin location. It will be driven to our warehouse and be loaded into the designated car carrier.

    Shared car carriers are cost-effective when compared to dedicated car carriers. Once your car is relocated to your destination city, it will be driven to your destination address by a professional driver.

    List of documents to be submitted for car relocation:

    • RC copy (mandatory)
    • Pollution check (mandatory)
    • Driving License (mandatory)
    • Insurance copy (mandatory)

    The cost of car relocation depends on the type and size of car, and the distance to be covered during relocation.

    Perfect boxes

    As experienced movers and packers in Mumbai, we understand the importance of having perfect boxes for relocation. The right size and type of carton box is essential to package the goods. We have carton boxes of different thicknesses that can carry goods of any weight. The goods are packed using the right packing technique into carton boxes based on the size and type of goods, and the capacity of carton boxes to carry the goods.

    How to minimize your relocation cost in Mumbai?

    Here are a few ways to minimize your relocation cost in Mumbai.

    Plan your move

    Moving from one place to another involves working on multiple things and coordinating with several people to get things done on time. Planning is the first and most crucial step in ensuring a hassle-free relocation journey. Getting the experts to do extensive planning and coordinating to facilitate your relocation is the best way to get it done. HappyLocate Relocation services have several service partners across India who are well-known for providing high-quality packing and moving services.

    Research and compare your quotes

    Relocation can be an expensive affair when it comes to moving long distances. It is a good idea to research the market and get quotes from the best service providers. HappyLocate has a team of experts who will do in-depth research to get you the best service partners at the best price on the date you intend to move. The best minds will plan, coordinate and facilitate your move.

    Sort out unused goods

    Make a list of all the goods that you want to relocate. Go through the goods physically and sort out any goods that you do not require. Make a list of the unused goods that are of no use to you and can be either discarded or donated. Make a list of the unused goods that are in a good condition and can be donated. Put in some thought and decide on the best person/place who can utilize the items you want to donate.

    Relocation Planning Tips

    Carry valuables personally

    Packers and movers near me suggest that carrying a laptop, important documents, and jewelry should be the responsibility of the owner. These items are expensive and mixing them with household items can result in their loss.

    Choose the right moving day

    Packers and movers in Bangalore will shift your items to your new house or office on any day. But you will see that if you choose booking days between Monday to Thursday then the cost will be somewhat low. Whereas, if you will book a day for the move between Friday to Sunday then the cost will be high. Also, shifting cost for mid-month will be low hence, can be considered the right moving day.

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    Tv cable connection, AC connection, Newspaper distributor, and other services need to be disconnected. You can always reach out to your relevant service providers. This will help in saving the fees which otherwise will be levied if you do not
    disconnect services on time.

    Click pictures of items

    The packers and movers in Bangalore have a facility where you can send videos or pictures of the item to add them to the inventory. You must also keep one copy of photos with you to make sure all of these items are packed and delivered to the

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    You won’t set up items and furniture in a new house covered with dirt or dust. It is advised that you go to the new house or office and check if it is cleaned properly and also, check for repairs.

    Update your new address

    Your documents contain your old address of yours and this can cause trouble later. You should proactively update the new address of your home or office on all the important documents.

    Why we are the best packers and movers in Bengaluru?

    HappyLocate has lots of happy customers loving our services. This has motivated us to extend our services to many parts of India. We are currently rated 4.5 but we are aiming to make this rating go up in coming years through our efforts.

    Wide range of services

    We are packers and movers from Mumbai to Bangalore offering you a wide range of services. Hence, we offer- domestic relocation, commercial relocation, logistics, and pet relocation as well as house search assistance.

    Reliable and experienced

    We are the most reliable and experienced Mumbai to Bangalore packers and movers. You get the best services at the best rates so; you can trust and leave your belongings in our expert’s hand.

    Cover entire Bengaluru

    We have packers and movers in Bangalore who will help you relocate anywhere.

    Stay safe and protected with us

    We are using safe packing material and following all safety methods. Using appropriate machinery and vehicle for proper loading and transition of items.

    Services Offered by HappyLocate

    House Shifting

    The packers and movers in Bangalore by HappyLocate will in relocating houses in the city or between the city. We offer the best packing material, and vehicle as well as insurance for your item, therefore you can remain stress-free throughout the shifting process.

    Office Shifting

    Office shifting services by HappyLocate help businesses from Mumbai to shift to Bangalore. You get an expert who packs all your office furniture and office assets in durable and strong packages to ensure safety. It is shifted to a new location and then unpacked to make it easy to assemble them.

    Asset Delivery

    Asset including IT or not IT is also delivered by HappyLocate to employees. So, businesses that have employees working from a different location as work from home rely on us to meet their asset delivery needs.

    Pet Shifting

    Pet relocation services are another unique type of service provided by us. Here we collect some documents from you related to your pet and upon approval of the request, we organize all facilities to shift your pet to your new home.

    Housing Assistance

    HappyLocate offers a house search assistance service that helps new employees or people looking for a home in a new locality. We send them details after making a thorough research. Also, customers visit the house and finalize the property then makes payments to owners.

    Why HappyLocate is the best packers and movers in Bangalore?

    We trust our strategies and efforts and our amazing team executes every task with perfection and in a timely manner. This is the reason we are popular in the relocation industry and with determination, we have reached on top.

    Customers who don’t want to give pain to their spine searching best packers and movers can come to our platform. Leave it to us, we will find movers for you, we will send the quotes, you only have to tell us with which quote you want to go and what services you want.

    Our USPs

    SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    We have innovative SaaS, ML, and AI-based tools that help clients to check relocation status within a few seconds.

    Highly rated in the industry

    The team of HappyLocate has a 4.5 rating which is the highest so far and we are making efforts to improve our services to be trusted and loved even more.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    We have dedicated relocation managers for each of our client who handles the queries of customers and checks whether the shifting process is completed on time as per instruction or not.

    72hr damage resolution

    Our team will assist and solve your item damage issue and you can report it to them.

    15000+ pin codes served

    We offer end-to-end relocation in more than 15000 pin codes all over India.

    How to choose the right Packers and Movers in Mumbai to Bangalore?

    Visit their official website

    Go to the official website of the packers movers Bangalore and check what services they provide, in what areas they offer services, and how they operate.

    Background Check

    Without a background check never hire a packers movers Bangalore. You can make a background check by checking the address if the company really exists, checking their license, PAN, GST, etc.

    Validate registration documents

    Validating registration documents will help you understand whether the packers and movers are legitimate and are operating on legal terms or not.

    Upgraded tools

    Not every packer and mover out there must be using upgraded tools. But for the safety of your belongings, you should go with the company having the latest tools and techniques.

    Refer to Customer Ratings

    Even after having all the above information you can hardly entrust a company just based on those above mentioned components. You must look up and refer to the client testimonials and reviews on the company’s website as well as third-party websites to know about the quality of services they deliver. One of the major components you must look at is how they handle their disappointments as well. At HappyLocate, we always try our best to make our clients satisfied.

    Read all documents carefully before signing

    Reading all the documents which are shared with you to sign is very crucial so that there are no disputes later on.

    Why HappyLocate?

    Client Satisfaction

    If you don’t have to get disappointed when shifting from Mumbai to Bangalore then hire HappyLocate. We have a dedicated and well-trained team, the best vehicles, and incredible tools to make your relocation journey easier.

    Professional Staffs

    Staff members of HappyLocate are very friendly and cooperative allowing customers to have their say. They listen and they work to meet all your relocation needs.

    Preparation and implementation of services

    Our team upon confirmation of booking will start preparing for the relocation and implement those steps in a manner to achieve the promised targets.

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