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When Is The Best Time to Move Your House?

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As you search for the best time to move, you might still be in the planning phase of your relocation. There is no universally declared and accepted best time to move. Usually, the best time to move depends on various factors, and when 3 or more of these factors are in favor of relocation, you can get on with the move.

So what are these factors, and how do they determine the best time for moving? Here is a list of factors that play a role in determining the best time to move.

When Is the Best Time to Move?

Determining the Optimal Time for a Move: Factors to Consider

1. Work and Employment

The situation at work is the primary decisive factor for moving time. The company decides your moving time if you are moving due to a job transfer. You might have to move in before your job transfer appointment starts at the new place.

If you resign from your job, you might have to plan your relocation after the notice period and receive all your employment benefits. If you are moving to find a new job, you might have to settle in the new place early so you can focus on the job hunt. Whatever the case, a job plays a significant role in determining the time to move.

2. School and College

It applies in two situations. One, if you are a student and second, if you are moving with children. In the former case, you might have to wait till the completion of the semester/course and collect the transfer certificate and transcript before moving. If you are moving to join a new school/college, you might have to plan your relocation before the study program starts.

If you are moving with children, the best time to move is in the spring break /summer holidays so the children won’t have to miss the new academic year admissions. You need to know the prospective school/institution’s commencement date in the new place.

3. Weather

How is the weather going to determine the best time to move? But yes, it does. Imagine moving on a rainy day with turbulent thunderstorms and traffic jams!! There are better times to move, is it?

When looking for the best time to move, look at the weather calendar of your old place and a new destination. Check out the best time to leave your old place in as pleasant weather conditions as possible. Picking out rainy days increases the risk of water damage to your stuff and illness symptoms to you. Trying to move into your new place in winter or rainy seasons will only extend the period of settling in.

4. Health condition

Even your health conditions can affect the time to move. When planning to move, the best action is to monitor your health regularly. Try to keep the stress levels in check and do not miss out on any medical appointments or follow-ups.

If you move with elders, their health can be a significant deciding factor in moving time. Make sure you try to move on a date that is comfortable for them. Try to find a health care centre or hospital before moving to your new place. And always take advantage of health insurance payments.

5. Pets

If you are moving with pets, you might have to plan your moving time accordingly. Before deciding on the moving time, you should consider the vaccination schedule, medication, pet relocation service, registration, quarantine and microchip installation for your pet. The best time to move with the pet is when all the paperwork related to the pet is completed, and your pet is in a stable mood to handle the moving stress.

6. Movers availability

Moving companies can influence your time to move. While most packers and movers are busy during the peak moving season, it might lead to a clash of dates and hikes in moving charges. You might have picked your moving partner but then faced problems with the clash of dates. A better way out of this is to keep 2 or 3 moving date options and discuss it with the packers and movers. You can tackle price hikes in moving quotes by asking for binding estimates. Last but not least, if there are irreconcilable clashes on moving time, it’s better to decide during the low peak season. It might help you out in fetching a better bargain.
Choose the best packers and movers in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, etc. to have a hassle free move even during the peak season.

7. House /accommodation

Whatever your destination city/state /country might be, you are finally moving into a new house or accommodation facility. So finding the right house decides your time to move.

You might find the right house, but it might be occupied for a specific time, and you would inevitably have to decide to move in after old tenants vacate. If you are planning to buy a new house, then you might have to plan your relocation after the paperwork and handover.

Before deciding the moving time, you may have to check out the neighborhood and nearby facilities, public transport, utilities etc., for a better move.

8. Finances

Finances are the primary fuel to your move. Hence they play a significant hand in deciding the best time to move. Lack of finances might delay your planned time to move. At such a time, it’s advisable to postpone your move and save up further. If you still have to move during tough finances, then a better way is not to take loans and overburden yourself but to find a time when housing prices and moving quotes are low due to the non-rush season.

9. Paperwork

Which paperwork decides your moving time?? A lot of paperwork!! Imagine if you are moving to a new city to join a new course but will it materialize with a lack of a transfer certificate (from the previous institution) and acceptance letter from the new one ?? The answer is no.
So make sure to decide on a time to move after completing all the paperwork. If you are moving due to a job transfer, take the necessary documents to authorize the transfer. While moving into the new house, finish all the paperwork related to housing, including agreements and address change notifications. 

While hiring a moving company, get a binding moving estimate before executing the move if you are traveling by bus/train/flight; reserve the tickets in advance to take advantage of the best time to move.

Best Time To Move According To Seasons

10. Summer

If you are planning to move in Summer, it might be a favorable time to join schools and colleges in your new destination. But the summer season shows a hike in housing prices and moving charges. Summer months post-April and till September are the peak moving seasons.

11. Winter

Not a peak moving season, and you can get regular moving charges from packers and movers if you move during winters. However, winter might not be an ideal time for planning to move with children, elders, pets or plants.

 If you wish to avoid high housing prices and moving charges, you might also choose to move during the off-season in winter, like November and December.

12. Rainy season

The only risk of planning to move in the rainy season is the risk of damage to furniture and appliances, pests attack, traffic delays etc.

14. Best days in a week to move

If you wish to avoid traffic and road delays in your move, avoid Mondays and weekends and move during the midweek.


While all these factors indicate a favorable time to move, you must decide the best time. It may depend on your reasons, professional commitments, or a combination of the above factors.
Take a careful look at these factors and decide your best time to move.

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When Is The Best Time to Move Your House?

When Is the Best Time to Move?

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