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Change is a part of life. Moving to new destinations is a fresh start and hassle-free relocation makes way for a delightful start. Relocation involves obtaining packing material, packing, arranging for transportation, sourcing labourers if required for loading & unloading, and coordinating with the transportation partner and insurance. Getting an efficient relocation partner takes the burden off your shoulders as they’d provide multi-layer secure packing using advanced tools & techniques to deliver your goods safely to your desired destination.

If you are looking for packers and movers in Hfrevi who are reliable and experienced in servicing throughout India, you have landed at the right place. 

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    Packers and Movers Charges in HSR Layout

    Packers and movers in HSR charge for relocation services based on several factors. Distance from the pick-up location to the destination, amount of goods to be relocated, types of goods, and labour required based on the amount of work to be done based on packing, dismantling, loading and unloading are some of the major factors.

    Every individual’s requirement is different and we provide a customized quote based on the detailed requirement provided by you. You can choose the type of vehicle you want, the date on which you want to relocate, and the types of materials you want to be used for the packing of your goods. You can reach out to us at 080-35242332 anytime between 09:00 am to 09:00 pm to get a free quote.

    Packing Materials Used in HSR Layout

    Bubble wrap is a plastic sheet containing equidistant air-filled bubbles. Its durability and elasticity protect the goods it covers from scratches, scrapes and any other kind of damage. Bubble wrap is one of the packing materials used by packers and movers HSR Layout.
    Bubble wraps are available in multiple sizes and multiple grades. We choose the type of bubble wrap for the goods based on the type of goods to ensure maximum protection during relocation. We use bubble wrap with small bubbles to pack goods that are prone to scratches and scrapes. Goods that require additional padding during transit are packed with bubble wrap that has large bubbles. Certain goods require different types of bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection.

    A corrugated sheet is another important material used for packing. It is made using advanced technology from arched paper making it resistant to moisture. Our packers use a corrugated sheet for packing as it can withstand strong impacts and is the best alternative for wooden crates and paperboard. It is easy to install, cost-effective and can carry any range of weights. Corrugated sheets are available in multiple thicknesses and we use the type of sheet that is required based on the goods. We use 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer corrugated sheets.

    Shrink wrap is another important material that we utilize for the packaging of goods. It is a strong and long-lasting plastic that can be wrapped around an object of any size and shape protecting it from dirt, humidity, tears or damage. Shrink wrap is wrapped tightly around the object and it does not sag or come off the object. This ensures that your objects are weatherproof and tamper-proof. We also use shrink wrap in packing perishable food items that prevent them from spoilage.

    Shrink wrap is one of the best materials used for packing household goods and office assets as the plastic cannot be easily torn off the object which makes it the first choice for packers and movers HSR layout. It is lightweight and does not consume space which means it does not increase the weight of the objects after the goods are packed. This makes it easy loading, unloading and transportation. Also, if you are relocating for long distances, the packaging will remain intact as the material does not discolour regardless of weather conditions.

    As movers and packers in HSR layout, we use bubble wrap, corrugated sheet and shrink wrap for packing goods based on the type of inventory. Items that are fragile and require extra care are packaged separately for safety during transit. Loading and unloading fragile items in carton boxes is done safely to prevent any damage. We also have special/additional packaging upon the request of the customer.

    Standard plan

    • Well-trained and proficient relocating team
    • Packing materials such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap and corrugated sheets are used to pack electronic goods, household goods and office equipment based on the goods
    • Package goods in carton boxes
    • Unmount Air Conditioning (AC), water purifier, etc
    • Gather dismantled furnishing at the destination site
    • Reorganize household reserves at the landing site
    • Dismounting basic movable using pliers and spanners at the source site

    Premium plan

    • Highly skilled relocating team
    • Home appliances, household goods, and office equipment will be packed in bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and corrugated sheets based on the goods
    • Goods that are packaged safely will be put into carton boxes categorically
    • Fragile items are packed safely and labelled on the carton box
    • Deconstruct essential furniture using tools at the source site
    • Furniture is packed using bubble wrap
    • Unmount Air Conditioning (AC), water purifier, etc
    • Major household goods are readjusted at the destination location

    Factors Affecting the Moving Cost at HSR Layout

    As experienced packers & movers in HSR, we can confidently say that these are a few factors that affect the moving cost from HSR Layout to another locality within Bangalore or to another city.

    Quantity of items

    The number of items to be packed for relocation is a major determinant of the cost of relocation.
    Weight of Household goods after packing:
    1 Room Kitchen (1RK) = 200 cubic feet (CFT) approx.
    1 Room Hall Kitchen (1RHK) = 250 cubic feet (CFT) approx.
    2 Bedroom Hall Kitchen (2 BHK) = 600 cubic feet (CFT) approx.
    3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen (3 BHK) = 1000 cubic feet (CFT) approx.
    4 Bedroom Hall Kitchen (4 BHK) = 1300 cubic feet (CFT) approx.

    Required manpower

    The quantity and types of goods that require packing are the main determinants of the amount of manpower required for a relocation. If there is no service lift at the time of relocation, additional manpower will be required to transport the goods from the origin location to the goods carrier vehicle.

    If the house or office is on any floor above the second floor in the complex, and there is no lift to move the goods, additional manpower will be required for the movement of goods. HappyLocate packers and movers HSR Layout offer a standard plan and premium plan. Additional manpower for specialized packing is provided for users opting premium plan.

    Based on the furniture, fittings, and electronic and electrical appliances to be uninstalled and installed, handyman services will be required. The type of handyman service – be it, carpenter, plumber or electrician assistance is also provided to ease the relocation process.

    For example, if a family of two members are relocating from 1 BHK to another location, the inventory consisting of kitchen appliances, kitchen goods, household goods including refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine and basic furniture comes up to 250 cubic feet. This is an approximation after packing the household goods in carton boxes. Manpower of around three people will be required to pack and transport the household goods to the transit vehicle.

    Uninstallation and unmounting of required appliances and furniture are planned and carried out beforehand to ensure a minimum amount of work is pending on the date of packing and relocation.

    For relocation of 2 BHK, the packaged household goods approximately weigh around 450-600 CFT. 5-6 relocation professionals are assigned for the packing and loading of the household goods. One professional is dedicated to dismantling the items that need dismantling before packing and transportation. 2-3 professionals pack the items in three layers for maximum protection from damage during transit. The packaged goods are then categorically packed into carton boxes by trained packers and movers in Bangalore.

    To relocate a family residing in 3 BHK, 7-8 trained and experienced relocation professionals are assigned to carry out the relocation. 1 dedicated service professional dismantles the furniture as per the requirement. 2-3 relocation professionals are dedicated to packing, 3 packers sort and pack the items in carton boxes safely. The boxes are labelled for easy unpacking. A supervisor will be closely monitoring the dismantling, dismounting, packing, counting and loading of the goods into the carrier.

    Handyman services

    HappyLocate offers handyman services for dismantling and dismounting goods to be relocated. Furniture that requires dismantling in order to pack and be transported to another location is carried out by a specialized handyman. Water purifiers, Air conditioners (AC) and any other appliances that have to be dismounted prior to packing and transportation are done by the concerned professionals.

    Plumber, electrician and carpenter are included in the handyman services. They are supported by their respective teams for dismantling, assembling, disassembling and dismounting. The charges are based on the appliance/item, type of item and the handyman charges for the location.

    As packers and movers HSR Layout, Bangalore, HappyLocate offers the following handyman services during relocation:


    • Wood wardrobe door installation and uninstallation
    • Sliding door wardrobe installation and uninstallation
    • Queen size bed without storage installation and uninstallation
    • Queen size bed hydraulic storage installation and uninstallation
    • Queen size bed non-hydraulic storage installation and uninstallation
    • King size bed without storage installation and uninstallation
    • King size bed hydraulic storage installation and uninstallation
    • King size bed non-hydraulic storage installation and uninstallation
    • Kid’s wardrobe/almirah installation and uninstallation
    • AC installation and uninstallation


    • Auto clean chimney installation
    • Curved glass chimney installation and uninstallation
    • Ductless chimney installation and uninstallation
    • Pyramid chimney installation and uninstallation
    • Angular chimney installation and uninstallation
    • Box type chimney installation and uninstallation
    • Straight gas chimney installation and uninstallation
    • Straight line chimney installation and uninstallation
    • Wall mounted or table top RO water purifier uninstallation
    • Under sink or under counter RO water purifier uninstallation
    • Refrigerator single/ double/ triple door uninstallation

    Living room

    • Television installation and uninstallation
    • Air cooler installation and uninstallation
    • Fan installation and uninstallation
    • Two-seater sofa installation
    • Seating chairs installation
    • Storage racks installation
    • Benches installation
    • Stools installation
    • Storage cabinets installation
    • Entertainment unit installation
    • Trunks & boxes installation
    • Reclining chairs installation
    • Shoe rack installation
    • Coffee table installation
    • Bedside table installation
    • Furniture case installation
    • Wine rack/ bar cabinet installation

    Service room

    • Geysers and heating appliance installation and uninstallation
    • Washing machine fully automatic front load uninstallation
    • Washing machine fully automatic top load uninstallation
    • Washing machine semi-automatic top load uninstallation

    Packing Quality and Quantity

    As premium service packers and movers in HSR Layout, we understand the importance of proper packing of goods to avoid damages during loading, transit and unloading. We understand that goods are not just material things that are used for different purposes. A lot of things we have in possession hold value to us because we have an emotional attachment to them or memories associated with them. Any damage or loss to such goods is irrecoverable. We take additional care of your goods to keep them safe throughout your relocation journey with us.

    As packers and movers in HSR, we uphold the trust that you place in us to carry out your relocation, be it within the city, to another city or another country. Our well-trained and experienced packers provide high-quality packing services for your house shifting, office shifting and asset delivery. So, you don’t have to worry about safely delivering office equipment to your employees in any part of India. We service over 1500 PIN codes in India. If you’ve got a pet, or two, or even more – pets, we’ve got you covered. We also assist in pet shifting. Some of our teammates are hardcore pet lovers and our pets are a part of our families. We highly recommend you carry your pet along with you and we will help you with everything you need to take it safely. Our pet shifting services are customized as per your requirement. If you’d like us to arrange for the safe travel of your pet along with you, we will do it. Check up all about pet shifting in here [hyperlink to pet shifting] section.

    We consider quantity as well while packing. Post packing the goods using the right packaging material for damage protection, our packers and movers in HSR pack the goods into carton boxes in the right way. This ensures that goods are well-fittingly packed and eliminates the usage of excessive boxes thereby reducing wastage. HappyLocate cares for the environment and we minimize the use of single-use items/disposable items and have increased the use of eco-friendly materials for packaging.

    Distance to be covered

    If you are relocating from HSR Layout, Bangalore to another locality within Bangalore, the relocation process can be carried out within one day as per the pre-decided date and time. If you want to relocate from HSR Layout, Bangalore to another city, the moving cost will be calculated based on the distance to be covered from your origin (exact location in HSR layout) to your destination (exact location of relocation).

    Shuttling charges

    The service lift of the origin (location from where the goods have to be packed and transported) should be working on the date and time of the decided relocation. If the house is in an apartment complex and there is a society, the customer has to obtain the permission of the concerned authority in his/her society to use the service lift at the decided time of the relocation. This is essential because if the service lift is not available at the required time, additional manpower will be required to shift the goods to the vehicle carrier.

    The same is applicable when goods have to be relocated from one office space to another. The service lift of the commercial complex has to be available for the specified period to relocate without the need for additional manpower.

    If the distance from the parking area to the service lift of the apartment is more than 50 meters, additional manpower will be required to move the goods from the origin to the vehicle carrier. The number of people required for this task will be based on the amount of inventory to be relocated.

    The movement of goods within these areas is termed as shuttling charges.

    For example,
    Mr. Zorawar wants to relocate his 1 RK (Room Kitchen) household goods from Bangalore to Pune. His household goods after packaging come up to 200 cubic feet. Zorawar has opted for LMV (TATA Ace) goods carrier for transportation on a shared basis. The estimated number of transit days is 6-8 from the origin to the destination considering the goods carrier is on a shared basis.

    Zorawar is staying on the 4th floor of an apartment complex. He has confirmed the availability of a service lift with his housing society of the complex for the date and time of packing and loading at his residence. Upon our Field Relationship Manager’s visit to Zorawar’s residence, it was found that all the household goods can be carried through the house’s main door without any difficulty and stairs were wide enough to load the goods into the carrier in case the lift is not suddenly available at the time of the decided move.

    The distance between the service lift and his house is within 50 meters, which means additional labour is not required. The road to the apartment complex is also wide enough and no additional vehicle is required for connecting transportation.

    Zorawar’s apartment in Pune where the goods have to be relocated is on the 5th floor. Since Mathadi services the locality in which Zorawar is shifting to Pune, Zorawar agreed to take care of mathadi charges. Service lift availability on the date and time of the unloading of goods was also confirmed by him with the housing complex. He opted for insurance to cover his goods during the inter-state transit. The distance from the origin to the destination of Zorawar’s houses in Bangalore and Pune is 900 km and the moving cost will be Rs.14,000.

    Residing floor and lift availability

    If the origin and destination from wherein the goods have to be picked and dropped is higher than the second floor of the building, additional labour is required to load the packed goods to the carrier. If there is no lift or no service lift in the complex, the relocation team is assigned accordingly. Availability of service lift in the complex should be confirmed with the concerned authorities of the complex and be informed to HappyLocate. This will help in calculating the required manpower by packers and movers HSR Layout, Bangalore.

    Size and type of truck

    HappyLocate offers different sizes and types of trucks for relocation purposes. We recommend the truck based on the inventory to be relocated and the distance to be covered. We offer 8 ft, 10 ft, 14 ft, 20 ft, 24 ft and 32 ft trucks. For example, if a family of three residing in 1 BHK wants to relocate, household goods after packing will weigh 400 cubic feet (approx.) and will be transported using TATA 407 truck.
    If a family residing in a 3BHK wants to relocate, the approximate weight of goods after packing comes up to 900 cubic ft. Eicher 19 ft truck is allocated to accommodate the goods well and transport them safely to the destination.

    Packing Techniques used by Packers and Movers in HSR Layout

    Perfect household carrier

    Our goods carrier is designed to carry household goods. Our closed container vehicles protect the goods from harsh weather conditions, slippage and damage. We offer a range of goods carriers to suit the needs of all customers. If you want to relocate your house from one city to another quickly, you can opt for a dedicated goods carrier.

    A dedicated goods carrier is an independent vehicle that accommodates all the goods of one customer. All the packed goods are loaded into the truck safely and the truck lock is sealed at the origin location (pick-up point) in front of the customer. This truck is then in transit to the destination location directly. As a customer, you can open the seal of the truck at your destination location. The goods carrier is sealed and unsealed in your presence.

    In case you do not have a stringent timeline to relocate your household goods, you can opt for a shared goods carrier. A shared truck is compartmentalized into three spaces. One portion is dedicated to each of the three customers.

    To relocate your household vehicles – two-wheeler and four-wheeler, we recommend you opt for a dedicated container for safety purposes. In case you want to transport a two-wheeler along with your household goods, we will assist you in relocating it by transporting it in your dedicated goods carrier. It is mandatory to follow all safety precautions to relocate vehicles.

    Special LCD cases (LED box)

    With HappyLocate, you don’t have to worry about your LED devices. We pack your LED TV, LED bulbs and other LED products in three layers. Our packers and movers Bangalore use the right thickness of bubble wrap for your LED device. The first layer of packing is done by bubble wrap, the second layer is corrugated sheet and the third layer of packing is done by a thick material of shrink wrap. After the three-layer packaging, the product is packed in a special LCD case before loading into the goods carrier.

    Upon customer preference, we also use the original LCD case of the product for packaging the LED product.

    Carton boxes

    Strong and durable carton boxes are the secret to damage-free loading and unloading of goods. Handling of goods plays a major role, but we ensure that the carton boxes carry your goods safely. We also provide carton boxes of recyclable material to contribute our bit to making the earth a better place to live in.

    Car carriers

    If you want to relocate your car from HSR Layout, Bangalore to another locality within Bangalore, our relocation management professionals are always ready to help you with it. A HappyLocate representative will collect the required details from you to make an informed decision on the date and time of the relocation from the origin location to the destination location.

    A shared car carrier container is the best way to relocate a car from one city to another. If you are relocating your household goods and your vehicles, household goods will be transported using a goods carrier and your car will be transported in a car container. Four-wheeler relocation is done safely in a car carrier. The cost of car relocation depends on the distance from the origin point to the destination and the total number of days in transit.

    All safety precautions are taken while relocating a car and we request the customer to co-operate with us in following all the measures to ensure safe and timely delivery of the four-wheeler.

    Perfect boxes

    As premium service packers and movers in Bangalore, HappyLocate uses 100% eco-friendly packaging material for 70% of intra-city relocations. We will do our part in reducing carbon emissions and pollution. Currently, we are working on incorporating eco-friendly packaging materials for end-to-end packaging.

    How to Minimize Your Relocation Cost in HSR Layout?

    Relocation involves packing the goods with the right packaging material using the right techniques to ensure maximum protection from damage. Packing the packaged goods in the right way inside the carton boxes, loading the carton boxes safely into the goods carrier, getting an insurance cover for the goods and unloading the carton boxes at the destination location are done by experienced hands.
    Choose HappyLocate Relocation Services to get the best service on the ground. We offer three-time slots that you can book at your convenience. They are,

    • 09:00 am-12:00 pm
    • 12:00 pm-03:00 pm
    • 03:00 pm-06:00 pm

    Plan your move

    Planning is crucial to a smooth relocation journey. We will get all the required details from you to find the best packing and moving partner on the date and time that is convenient for you. We will help you with the insurance to cover your goods on the relocation journey.

    Research and compare your quotes

    Our special team will pick the best packers and movers in HSR Layout who will fulfil your relocation requirement and deliver a premium relocation experience. Our specialized backend team coordinates with the best minds in the country to offer you the best customer experience.

    Sort out unused goods

    After deciding on the date and time of relocation, the first thing to do is sieve through all your belongings that you want to relocate. For any items that do not hold value to you, you should consider donating them to someone who might benefit from it. Sieving through your items helps you prepare for packing from your end beforehand rather than spending an enormous amount of time sorting while packing and then deciding what to do with the items that you won’t be using anymore.

    Relocation Planning Tips

    Carry valuables personally

    Though our packers and movers in HSR Layout are loyal and reliable, we highly recommend that you carry your valuables personally. Your valuables can include jewellery, laptop, tablet, mobile, xbox, medical equipment, antique paintings, and things that hold high emotional value and can be carried easily in a handbag.

    Choose the right moving day

    Check for the date and time that is feasible for you to accommodate packing and moving. Confirm the availability of a service lift in those hours within your complex. Based on the items that need to be dismantled and dismounted, we will arrange for specific handyman services ahead of the move date.

    Reach out to relevant services providers

    HappyLocate has partnered with premium service partners across the country. End-to-end relocation service is taken care of by our premium service partners across the country. You only have to take the first step in reaching out to us. We will take care of everything to provide you with the best relocation experience.

    Click pictures of items

    Our team will click pictures of all the items you intend to relocate. These pictures will be clicked just before the packing begins and they will be available in our system for audit purposes. This is to make sure that no item is missed out during transit or delivery.

    Deep clean and inspect for repairs

    Deep clean the goods that you want to relocate and inspect if any item needs repairs. Empty the refrigerator and water purifier 48 hours before the move date. Remove any remaining water within the geyser by closing the valve of the geyser and opening the hot water tap until all the hot water of the geyser is drained out.

    Update your new address

    Provide the complete address of your destination location where you intend to relocate with us. Include landmarks for precise delivery. Check for mathadi restrictions in the society and if there are any narrow lanes in the destination location. Additional trolly will be required to unload the carton boxes to the precise location in case there are any narrow adjoining lanes at the destination location.

    Why We are the Best Packers and Movers in HSR Layout?

    Wide range of services

    We offer house relocation, office relocation, vehicle relocation, asset relocation and pet relocation. Are you looking for housing assistance? We’ve got you covered. Not limited to this, we also offer employee relocations for enterprise clients.

    Reliable and experienced

    We provide relocation service to more than 15000 PIN codes in India. Our best minds have teamed up with premium service partners across the country to provide safe, on-time, reliable relocation service. HappyLocate is operating in the industry for six years. Our current customer rating is 4.5 on Google with N number of satisfied customers. 

    Cover the entire HSR Layout

    No matter which sector and cross of HSR Layout, Bangalore you are in, HappyLocate is fully equipped to assist you in relocation. 

    Stay safe and protected with us

    The covid-19 pandemic is still prevalent on earth. We ensure your goods and pets are safe until we deliver them to your destination location. 

    Services Offered by HappyLocate

    House shifting

    Be it a bachelor’s apartment of 1 RK or a fully furnished 4 BHK, our trained and experienced packers and movers in HSR Layout will do the house shifting for you. 

    Office shifting

    No matter which corner of the city or country you want to shift your office to, we will assist you with the shifting of your office. 

    Asset delivery

    Corporates utilize our services to deliver office equipment to their employees and business partners. HappyLocate provided oxygen cylinders relocation service in the initial Covid-19 lockdown in India.

    Pet shifting

    We are fully equipped and trained to assist you with shifting your pet to any location within the country, and, even to another country. We follow the Covid guidelines of vaccination and quarantine for pets within India and abroad. 

    House search assistance

    Looking for an apartment or villa to move to? We’re here to do the tedious house hunting for you. Just tell us the kind of residence you are looking for, the locality, budget and any other specific criteria that you might have and we’ll do the hunting for you. 

    Why HappyLocate is the Best Packers and Movers in HSR Layout?

    SAAS, ML and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

    Businesses availing our relocation services can place their relocation request and track the work-in-progress on our AI/ML tool from the dashboard on their end. 

    Highly rated in the industry

    HappyLocate is the highest rated relocation service in India currently with 4.5 rating on Google. 

    Quality assurance

    High quality service on the ground during packing and loading, in transit, unloading, and, post delivery.

    Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

    When you entrust us with your relocation, we serve you dedicatedly. Your relocation manager will be in touch with you at every step of the way. 

    72-hour damage resolution

    HappyLocate resolves any issues with regards to your relocation post delivery of your goods to your destination. Please reach out to us within 72 hours of the relocation request being marked as closed. 

    15000+ PIN codes served

    HappyLocate has served more than 15,000 pin codes in India.

    How to Choose the Right Packers and Movers in HSR Layout?

    Visit their official website

    To choose the right packers and movers in HSR for you, first, visit their official website. Read through all the information on the company, its office, etc.  

    Background check

    With everything online these days, it is easy to check the reviews of verified customers on Google. You can also check for the company registration details online and verify their authenticity. 

    Validate registration documents

    Validate the company registration on the internet or visit the office if it is in your city. 

    Upgraded tools

    As packers and movers in HSR, advanced software tools should be used for record-keeping, monitoring and data analysis. 

    Refer to customer ratings

    See what the previous customers of the packers and movers have to say, but don’t fall prey to hate comments!

    Read all documents carefully before signing

    Always read the Terms & Conditions, and other information in the small text before signing on the dotted line. 

    Why HappyLocate?

    Client satisfaction

    Providing quality and on-time service to our clients is our motive. We go the extra mile to bring a smile to your face. 

    Professional staff

    HappyLocate’s in-house relocation managers are trained and experienced relocation partners serving customers. 

    Preparation and implementation of services

    HappyLocate gives as much importance to planning as to execution. We believe –“A job well-planned is a job half-well done”.

    Leaving too Early!

    Get your answers directly from our team..