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Terms of Assurance

We are pleased to offer you protection for your personal belongings in the form of our HappyLocate Assurance, underwritten by ICICI General Insurance Company Limited (IRDA Reg number: 115) and administered by HappyLocate Relocation Services Pvt Ltd through WMG risk Advisory and Insurance Broking services LLP (IRDA License number: 603). This Information booklet provides important information about the program and the decisions you should make regarding it. Protecting your belongings against the possibility of loss or damage is a prudent decision whether you are at home or preparing for relocation. Your existing insurance policies (homeowners, renters or automobile policies) likely provide fairly limited, if any, coverage for your personal belongings while they are in transit or being relocated. Even though HappyLocate will take every precaution to eliminate risk, you will appreciate that the distance involved, coupled with the rigours of transit, means that loss and/or damage to your belongings may occur. That’s why HappyLocate strongly recommends transit protection to ensure that you are duly compensated for any loss or damage which may occur.

HappyLocate is offering this comprehensive protection on a door-to-door basis. As with any coverage, this protection incorporates several exclusions, which are detailed in the below (and additionally available in the FAQ section of the website), in the terms and conditions of the platform and FAQs. Please ensure that you have read and understood all the mentioned sources before agreeing to take up coverage under this program as the same will help each one of us will help to avoid any unnecessary surprises should you need to make a claim. A deductible (excess) of INR 1000 for up to INR 5 Lakhs and INR 3000 for above INR 5 Lakhs will apply to this program. The same will be chargeable to you if in case an insurance claim is initiated. Protection will be limited if you do not use the services of HappyLocate on a door-to-door basis.
The validity of this Assurance is subject to the fact that you have already submitted the itemize breakup (also called Valued Inventory Form) of the net insured value at least 48 hours before the Commencement of the packing. Please note that you should under-declare the value of your belongings as this may affect your settlement, in the event a claim is filed. Once the packing is started without providing this information, your insurance will be null and void. Please note that If you elect not to protect your belongings during transport through HappyLocate at any stage of your relocation, you are still required to check the appropriate box, and submit the breakup to HappyLocate.
Please consider that in the event of loss or damage to articles in your shipment, you will likely be repairing or replacing these articles at the destination. Do not declare a value for living things, perishables, money, securities, jewellery, valuable papers, documents or data stored on tapes or disks as these items are excluded from protection. HappyLocate suggests that you carry such articles with you or discuss alternate arrangements with us well in advance. Please note that you must be able to substantiate the value of any article in your shipment. An antique chair is just an old chair unless you have substantiation in the form of a valuation appraisal or sales receipt. The value declared on your valuation form does not substantiate value.

Limits and Exclusions/Denial of Responsbility

98% of relocation happen with zero damages. Out of the rest 2%, 99.5% are settled without any insurance claims on the purely on the grounds of our commitment to best possible customer satisfaction. For the handful of relocation where raising a claim becomes imminent, there are certain events, circumstances, and occurrences which may cause loss or damage that HappyLocate or ICICI Lombard will not accept responsibility for. These denials are consistent with industry standards and include the following:
  1. Breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining and tearing will not be covered.
  2. Damage caused by wear and tear or gradual deterioration.
  3. Loss or damage caused by changes in atmospheric or climatic conditions.
  4. Pairs & Sets Damage/Loss: The standard program will pay only for that part of a pair or set that is damaged or lost. (Explained further in the rest of the document).
  5. Mechanical Breakdown: The standard program excludes coverage for equipment that is discovered to be inoperable at your destination unless there is clear evidence of physical damage to the item itself or the shipping container.
  6. Owner-Packed Goods: Coverage excludes damage arising to owner-packed personal belongings. It also excludes missing items from owner-packed cartons or packages unless an itemized valued list of the contents of each carton or package is attached to the Application Form and forwarded to HappyLocate Relocations before the commencement of the transit.
  7. For the insurance of your vehicle, we will always advise you to initiate your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance claim before initiating a claim for HappyLocate’s Assurance Program. For damages/situations that do not completely make your car completely unusable, HappyLocate will only reimburse a value that is a difference between the claim processed through a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and the total cost of repairs. The actual compensation that we will process is entirely up to the discretion of HappyLocate and should be binding to you as well.
  8. Please note that risk underwritten by ICICI Lombard for Automobile Insurance is limited to only and only those cases where the vehicle is lost or becomes completely unusable even after repairs. While the exclusions for automobiles are similar to the terms mentioned above, claims for all the minor damages to your vehicle will be processed exclusively by HappyLocate. The liability to the same is limited to what is mentioned in Point 7.

Definiation of PAIRS & SETS DAMAGE

  • When an item is part of a pair or set, the standard program will only pay for those specific items that suffer loss or damage. HappyLocate will not accept responsibility for the other articles or the reduced value of the pair or set. Example 1: A three-piece furniture set, comprised of one sofa and two chairs, is included in your shipment. One of the chairs is damaged and requires upholstering. Payment will only be made for the cost of repair to the damaged article, with no consideration for a possible reduction in the value of the pair or set. Example 2: If an item from a pair or set were lost, payment would be made only for the lost item with no consideration given to the possible reduction in the value of the pair or set. In the event of loss or damage to any item or item forming a pair or set, consideration will now be given for the fair reduction in the value of the pair or set, considering the importance of the lost or damaged item to the pair or set.
  • A “set” is defined as any item that relies on another item to be complete. If this is the case, the pieces are considered a “set.”The insurer reserves the rights of salvage for any goods which are deemed a total loss and subject to replacement.

Washing Machine

reinstatement value of similar washing machine


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Net Payable


While the vast majority of shipments arrive without loss or damage, sometimes loss or damage will occur. Once any missing or damaged items are noted, contact your HappyLocate Move Management Coordinator advising what has been noted. HappyLocate will immediately send claim instructions to you. If you need to make a claim, please ensure that due notice is given to HappyLocate coordinators within the time limits specified within the terms of the policy. All the items that are electric and unpacked directly by the mover should be reported for damages before the unpacking team leaves the destination. In the rarest of the rare cases, the details of such damages can be given within 24 hours of unpacking provided a formal approval for the same has been given by a HappyLocat’s representative over the email.
For all the other damages that might not be immediately cognizable after the unpacking, a maximum of 48 hours can be taken to report the damages.
For relocations where unpacking goes for more than 1 day, damages/losses should be reported as per the above clause for a particular day.
Failure to notify loss/damage within the time limit specified is likely to prejudice your claim.

Limitation of the Assurance Program

In consideration of payment to us of the charge stated on the “Booking Order,” which describes the scope of our work and services, we agree to accept responsibility for actual physical loss of or damage to Protected Property as defined herein subject to the following limitations. The terms have been complimented with definitions wherever applicable:
  1. Protected Property: Protected Property is Household Goods, Personal which you own and is declared and valued in the “Confirmation of Protection.”
  2. Protection: We accept responsibility for actual physical loss of or damage to Protected Property while in our care, custody, or control or while in the care, custody or control of our agent(s) or our contractor(s), subject to these terms and conditions.
  3. Limited Protection: We agree to accept responsibility for total and/or constructive total loss of your entire shipment partial loss of or damage to your shipment directly caused by fire, stranding, sinking, or collision of the carrying vessel, or by crash, collision or overturn of the carrying aircraft or the carrying land conveyance.
  4. There is no protection unless any of the above occurs. If one or more of the above does occur, protection is subject to the remainder of these Protection Terms and Conditions/ other segments of this document.
  5. Non-Professional Packing Limitation: There is no Protection for loss or damage consisting of breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining and tearing of Protected Property not packed by us or our agent(s) or our contractor(s) unless directly caused by fire, stranding, sinking or collision of the carrying vessel, or by crash, collision or by overturn of the carrying aircraft or the carrying land conveyance. There is no Protection for any Protected Property claimed as missing from a carton, package or container not packed by us, our agent or our contractor unless the value of each item claimed as missing was separately declared. Cartons, packages or containers not professionally packed by us or our agent or our contractor will be marked “PBO” (Packed by Owner) on our Packing Inventory.
  6. Declared Value: It is a condition of this Protection that you shall declare the full replacement value at the destination of all Protected Property before the commencement of the transit. Failure to do so will diminish any payment by the proportion the actual full replacement value bears to the Declared Value.
  7. Other Protection: This Protection does not apply in the event there is any other protection or any insurance available for Protected Property. If there is other protection or insurance available, this Protection shall only apply to any excess value of the lost or damaged Protected Property remaining after all other protection or insurance is exhausted but only up to the Declared Value. However, this Protection shall not apply due to your inability to recover under any other protection or insurance for any reason whatsoever.
  8. 3rd Party Cover exclusion: If you are relocating your vehicle with an existing insurance that is either 3rd party only or anything other than comprehensive, bring that to our notice via email. Failure to doing so will make your automobile policy null and void. (Emails can be sent to reachus@happylocate.com).

Important Generic Terms and Definiations

  1. Declared Value: Protected Property must be declared for value either by a valued inventory showing the full replacement value at the destination of each item shipped.
  2. Valuation of Automobiles: Automobiles, motorcycles must be declared and valued at their full cost of replacement at destination with another of the same year, make, model and condition.
  3. Duration of Obligation: This Protection begins when we or our agent or our contractor have received and accepted the Protected Property, and only after we have agreed to accept responsibility for loss of or damage to the Protected Property under the terms and conditions of this Protection, and continues during the ordinary course of the transit until the Protected Property is delivered to the final destination specified on the Confirmation of Protection. If our crew or a crew operating under our direction or the direction of our agent or our contractor professionally unpacks the Protected Property, this Protection continues till a maximum of 48 hours after delivery of the Protected Property to the final destination. When delivered to a “self- storage” facility, coverage ceases upon delivery of the goods to such facility and will only remain in effect on those items noted as missing or damaged at the time of delivery.
  4. Claims Notification: In the event of loss or damage which may cause a claim under this Protection you must give immediate notice to us and in no event later than 48 hours after delivery of the Protected Property provided your claim process adheres all the above terms. You must present your fully documented claim in its entirety to us no later than 48 hours after the original notification of your intent to file a claim. Failure to provide either the required notice or to submit a fully documented claim will stop you from receiving payment under this Protection.
  5. Claims Adjustment: As a condition of this Protection, we may, in whole or in part, replace lost or damaged items or, at our option, have damaged items repaired or make cash payment not to exceed the declared value of the lost or damaged item. Proof of ownership and the declared value may be required for an item claimed as lost or damaged. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company reserves the rights of salvage for any goods which are deemed a total loss and subject to replacement.
  6. Waiver and Assignment: In consideration of this Protection, you waive any direct or indirect claims against us and our agents and our contractors related to lose or damage to the Protected Property except as protected under these terms and conditions. Upon payment for any loss or damage under this Protection, we will automatically be assigned all your interest in any claim against any other party to seek recovery for the loss or damage. You agree to fully cooperate with us in providing testimony, statements, documents, etc., as necessary for the pursuit of such recoveries.
  7. Termination of Contract of Carriage: If the transportation of the Protected Property is terminated at a point short of the final destination specified on the Confirmation of Protection for a reason beyond our control, this Protection likewise terminates simultaneously unless we agree to continue the Protection in exchange for payment of an additional charge.
  8. Forwarding: If the transportation of the Protected Property terminates resulting from a cause protected herein, we will pay, up to the Declared Value, for the reasonable charges to unload, sort and forward the Protected Property to the final destination specified on the Confirmation of Protection.
  9. Preservation of Protected Property: In the event of any loss or potential loss or damage that might be subject to this Protection, you must promptly take all reasonable steps including legal suit at your expense to avoid or minimize such loss or potential loss or damage. You must also protect any rights against any other parties who may be responsible for any loss or damage. We will reimburse you the reasonable costs of such actions properly taken, subject to any applicable Customer Retention.
  10. Incidences covered: HappyLocate Assurance Program will indemnify the insured against loss or damage to the vehicle insured hereunder and/or its accessories whilst thereon;
    • by fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning;
    • by riot and strike;
    • by an earthquake (fire and shock damage);
    • by flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest; inundation,cyclone, hailstorm, frost;
    • by accidental external means;
    • by terrorist activity; whilst in transit by road rail inland waterway lift elevator or air &
    • by landslide rocks tide.

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