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Ever thought that sharing a link can make you earn your next foreign trip?

Commission on the movement amount that we earn from your referral.

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Promote your exclusive link. Or, let us know the details of referrals and we will take care of it.

Real Cash | No Vouchers

No bonus, no Vouchers and no beating around the bush. Just cash going directly to your bank.

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As soon as your referral makes payment, a blink of an eye and your commissions are recorded.

Last Mile Support

We will give you content and we will help creatives you might need.

Valid Forever

Get your referral to visit our site with your link and make them register within 60 days of visiting.

Instant Payments

As soon as your referral completes relocation, make a redemption request instantly.

You Might Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I REFER someone who is relocating? How do I get benefited for referring?

You may click on refer, the link is available on the bottom left side of the home page https://www.happylocate.com . You may send referral link to your Facebook/Twitter connections OR may email to one or many people through your referral account. HappyLocate has a lucrative & well rewarding referral program where users may refer their friends and earn 1000 Reward Points (4 Happy Points = ₹ 1, so 1000 Reward Points = ₹ 250) on each successful referral.

You are also eligible for discount codes and coupons on your daily shopping needs by participating in HappyLocate Referral Program.

How can I redeem my earning?

You need to simply request for a payout from your referral dashboard with a minimum payout request of INR.1000.

For earnings accrued between 1st to 15th of any month, the redemption request can be made for the same between 16th to 22nd of the same month. As soon as this window gets over, the payouts will be processed immediately on the next bank working day.

For earnings accrued between 16th to 31st of any month, the redemption request can be made between 1st to 7th of the next month. As soon as this window gets over, the payouts will be processed immediately on the next bank working day.

Can I refer a friend who is looking for packers and movers?

You can refer anyone who would be relocating to a new place including but not limited friends, colleagues, tenants, home buyers, new hires, etc.

How can I start earning?

It’s very simple. Sign up/Login to HappyLocate referral account and start sharing your referral link with people who are looking to relocate to a new home.

Pro tip: Share your referral code on the various groups on social media that cater to helping people find a home or a new Job.

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