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Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Are you in search of reliable packers and movers in Kolkata? Well, to make your shifting process most convenient, you can choose an amazing platform named Happy Locate! Giving someone the responsibility of moving your valuables certainly makes you worried. However, at HappyLocate, we strive to provide the industry's best relocation services to minimize your burden and complete the entire process safely.
Our professional team ensures that your shifting process doesn’t affect much in your everyday life much. We are the one-stop solution bringing all the movement support, including packing, loading, shifting, unloading, and unwrapping, to help you get adjusted to a new environment. 

Packers and Movers Charges in Kolkata

Kolkata is the most vibrant city in India and is popular for many reasons. Have you planned to relocate to Kolkata to give a change to yourself? Come to us and get instant quotes for our relocating charges.

You first consider the withdrawal cost whenever you move to a new location. This is completely justified as different movers and packers charge differently. Usually, our removal cost varies on different factors such as type of goods, asset volume, distance covered, accessibility, time of movement, handling of large objects, and additional services if required. Most clients opt for special services to take extra care while getting shifted. 
In addition to this, we will offer every essential of the shifting process, including labels, packaging boxes, wrappers, bubble wraps, and other accessories to move your things safely. Once you hire us, we take responsibility for safely reaching your valuables at the specified location within the due time. We assure meeting all the relocating challenges by offering transparent services at the most competitive prices. Visit our website for the Packers and movers charges in Kolkata. We want to ensure your relocating experience is as smooth as possible. As we don't impose any hidden costs, you can trust us completely for your relocation management. 
We guarantee absolutely the finest relocation services in Kolkata at the best price range, followed by all safety protocols. If you have any confusion regarding our Movers and packers cost in Kolkata, you can feel free to call us and get cleared your doubts with the help of our devoted relocation manager. Or else, send us an email for a free quotation. 

Packing materials used by top Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Standard Plan

  • Skilled and Trained Labourers. 

  • A Carton box stores all small items, including clothing and various goods. 

  • All appliances, including a refrigerator, washing machine, television, air conditioner, and gas stove, should be packed in bubble wrap or a foam blanket.

  • Dismantling common household items like a wrench and pliers is done at the source location. 

  • The water purifier and Dish TV are taken apart at the source. 

  • Dismantled furniture is returned to its original state when it arrives at the new location. 

  • After arriving at the location, everything of one's personal possessions must be adjusted.

Premium plan

  • Skilled and well-trained laborer. 

  • A Carton box stores all small items, including clothing and various goods. 

  • Crates or carton boxes are used for packaging all kitchen goods. 

  • All appliances, including a refrigerator, washing machine, television, air conditioner, and gas stove, should be packed in bubble wrap or a foam blanket.

  • A spanner and pliers are needed to remove the furniture from the bubble wrap/foam blanket at the source location. 

  • The water purifier and Dish TV are taken apart at the source. 

  • After arriving at the location, everything of one's personal possessions must be adjusted.

Packing techniques used by the best Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Household Special Carrier

Our research into the best ways to transport household goods and automobiles resulted in our Specialized Household Carriers. As a result, we've satiated the desire of our clients to have their autos and other belongings shipped to them at the same time. 

Carton Boxes

Also, with the support of carton Boxes, we've come up with a novel way of protecting your delicate goods. These plastic boxes aid in stoutly manufactured plastic containers, which have a huge advantage over conventional cartons. 

Special LCD Screen Cases (LED BOX)

Our LED/LCD Screen Boxes are designed to minimize the damage and reduce the working life of your gentle LEDs & LCDs, which take place with the old wooden box packaging methods. 'Extra cushioning & grip are provided by the high-quality materials used in constructing these boxes. 

Wardrobe Carton

Protect your ready-to-wear outfits with these carefully crafted, robust storage containers. The wardrobe boxes allow you to transport the ready-to-wear jackets, coats, sarees, and other exclusives because they are long-lasting, capacious, and waterproof. 

Car Transporters

Our custom-built Car Carriers are the result of extensive research, and they are capable of transporting your vehicle to its final destination at a cost-effective price.

Relocation planning tips

To prevent the last-minute scramble and ensure a stress-free move, plan. Make a moving to-do list to keep you organized. 

Sort out the Stuff You Don't Want

For a simple and stress-free move, Donate or sell anything that may be reused or recycled. 

Find movers and packers

Look for a mover one week before your local move and 15-20 days before your international move. 

It's time to pack your most important items

Be sure to bring all of your necessities, such as clothes, medicine, kid's belongings, personal care, and toiletries, to your new house so that you may enjoy your time there before you settle in. 

Organize important paperwork and valuables

Pack all your jewelry, laptops, tablets, and other valuables in a bag that you can easily carry with you. Arrange all of your important documents in this file. 

Moving on the right day

During the middle of the month and on weekdays, the movers and packers have the most time to relax, so you can get a lesser rate from a reputable moving company. 

Deep clean & check for repairs

Before moving in, do a thorough cleaning of your new home and ensure that all of the faucets, switches, and sockets operate properly. If there is any damage, have it fixed.

Prepare appliances & electronic

Clean your appliances & prepare them for the move, like defrosting the refrigerator and packing & label all the wires of your electronics.

Take Photos of Your Goods

Click photos of your goods before unplugging or dismantling them, so it's easy during reassembly & check for damage.

Quality offered by packers and movers in Kolkata

Verified packers and movers in Kolkata in our network have been thoroughly vetted online and in person. We examine their website, confirm their e-mail address, confirm their address, confirm their registration paperwork, confirm their track record, etc. 

List of Relocation Companies in Order 

There is a comprehensive list of local movers on HappyLocate, which you can search through and immediately contact. You may search for movers according to their location, reviews, ratings, services, availability, rates, experience, etc., and then hire them. 

Best Quotes

You can also tell us about your moving needs by filling out our question form with some basic information like your name, phone number, the number of things you'll be moving, the services you'll need, the origin and destination locations, and so on. We'll send you a list of three of our top recommendations with your permission. 

Maintaining Consistently High Standards of Quality 

Happylocate audits the moving companies we work with for quality assurance on a monthly basis. While rewarding those businesses that deliver excellent service, we also take necessary measures such as blocking or permanently blacklisting those who fall short of our high standards. 

Our mission

Every company has its own principles to acquire significant business growth in the future. We focus on delivering extraordinary services to make our customers fully satisfied. Our promising and experienced team members take care of every belonging as their own. You may have faced earlier serious relocating issues that force you to take all the stress to move into a new place. We have heard all these unsatisfactory stories that encouraged us to begin our journey.

Getting A Hustle-Free Services

We know how unpleasant it is to stay anxious during the relocation! Hence, we want to eradicate all those hustle-bustle from your life and make us available to satisfy you will all our commitment. With our customer-centric approach, we can achieve customers' hearts. Our years’ long experience makes us engaged in timely packing, transporting, and delivery of your goods with complete safety. Opt for booking us through our official website and witness individualized attention to achieve seamless relocation. We have been striving to outperform our competitors and become the Best packers and movers in Kolkata from the very beginning. Keep supporting us and helping us reach our goal. 

Technology-Oriented Services

We emphasize open communication and transparency to operate our business most ethically. Moreover, our technology-oriented services guarantee end-to-end relocation services that help our customers have the most convenient shifting experience. We promise to fulfill their unique needs while delivering our hassle-free services. We stay accountable for all the acceded relocation assignments and commit to delivering required assistance. 

Offering An Enhanced Services

Thus, we constantly invest, analyze, and formulate innovative strategies to offer you enhanced services. We aim to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones to make a benchmark in the packing and moving industry. As the renowned Packers and movers in Kolkata, our complete team is on a mission to utilize our platform getting countless customers who don't think twice while choosing us at any point in time. No matter which service you pick up, stay assured of getting our best solutions in any difficult situation. So, let all your anxiety melt down and hire our relocating experts.

Services offered by HappyLocate

You may think why it is necessary to opt for professional help for moving your goods. There's a high possibility of damaging your belongings if they are randomly packed. The experienced movers and packers only know how to seal the items rightly to cause no damage. You may find many movers and packers options in Kolkata, although our company understands the value of coordination and robust efforts to complete the process successfully.

So, are you excited to get professional assistance from us? Well, packing and moving jobs need an expert touch to make the service most flexible. The assigned company has to cover everything from wrapping, packing, labeling, transporting, and unwrapping to protect the belongings from unexpected damage. To keep yourself acknowledged of our wide array of services, look at the following lists. 

Asset delivery

Our efficient team accurately delivers your objects from electronic appliances to valuable assets. Regardless of its size, we move your items without making you face any trouble.

House shifting

As Kolkata is one of the most preferred destinations for relocations, most homeowners require trustworthy movers and packers to process their shifting in a well-planned way. House shifting can be highly stressful because every piece must be carefully handled to ensure zero scratches. Choosing novice movers and packers can face multiple issues while doing the task. That's why you can trust us for exceptional house shifting services as we guarantee the zero-damage handling of your objects and make them delivered in intact condition.

Office shifting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most offices must be shifted to their base locations. Office relocation is a hectic task that can cause a huge financial loss on being not attentive. As we have already served top brands with our excellent office relocating services, you can trust us for transporting your office essentials without a single hiccup. 

House search assistance

Don't you have enough time to search for your new house in Kolkata? Well, you can simply hire us to avail the best house search assistance at the most economical Packers and Movers charges in Kolkata. Along with moving your furniture and other materials, we find your new home to make the process easier. 

Pet relocation

Are you worried about the safe relocation of your furry friend? You are welcome to get your pet transported safely. We don’t compromise while ensuring your pet’s comfort during the travel. You may rarely find a company that offers to relocate your pets. As we value your emotions, we showcase the warmth and care while moving your pets to the desired place. Hence, stay relaxed and impose on us all the responsibility of reaching your pet to the specified location without any difficulty.
If you cannot book a professional relocation company, you can contact us a week before your shift. Here, we ensure completing the whole procedure within the given time. Once you call us, we will visit your place with our team to perform the shifting as planned. 

How to find the best Packers and Movers in Kolkata?

From both mental and physical perspectives, moving is exhausting! Moreover, finding the right relocation company seems overwhelming. Therefore, you need a reliable company that can guarantee you handle your assets with utmost care. Here comes the significance of hiring us. Here are a few points to help you slim down your choice for the most suitable packers and movers in Kolkata.

Ask for reference

Start asking your acquaintances who have shifted to Kolkata with the support of professional movers and packers. You can also verify that information by searching on the internet to go through the positive reviews of past clients. Then, decide on the most promising expert movers and packers. 

Select an established company

Instead of going by the illegal or local Company, select the relocation company with long experience and well-proficient staff. Trusting your valuables on inexperienced companies is not advisable as secured relocation needs expertise and experience. If you doubt your selected company, interrogate them to showcase their credibility.

Request for coverage

During the entire shifting process, damage can happen accidentally. Therefore, you must hire professionals that offer full coverage of your products if an unforeseen event occurs. The risk of damage is minimum, although it keeps you in the safe zone. 

Determine the standard movers and packers cost 

To focus on the most suitable movers and packers, it is worthwhile to list down the top companies in Kolkata that are best known for their moving services. Here, you must include the information related to the average cost of appointing a professional relocation company. You can stay assured of getting the finest services at the most affordable rates with us. Additionally, we offer a free quotation on movement to make your online search easier. 

If you choose us, you will have all these perks. So, what are you waiting for? Come to us to avail myriad of relocating benefits at your convenience.  

Our USPs

You can find out lots of options for movers and packers in Kolkata. However, you should process your relocation with us for all valid reasons. Our company's main USP is to secure flawless transition of our client's belongings without facing any issues. The care, work ethics, and detailed supervision make us most liked by our customers.

Best rated in the industry

With years of dedication, today, we have earned plenty of satisfied customers who come to us repeatedly to experience quality services. Our extraordinary packaging and high-grade goods transport help us become the best-rated Company in Kolkata. Our team is always ready to fulfill all your relocation needs with the fastest solutions. Therefore, we never fail to attract customers to deliver exceptional services. 

15000+ pin codes served

We are lucky enough to experience steady growth and presently serve 15000+ pin codes across the country. Therefore, regardless of your base location, we can assure getting your things reached Kolkata with detailed care. Our experts look forward to global access for wide exposure.

Dedicated relocation manager for your movement

If you come to us, you can experience meeting a dedicated team that only bothers about your mental peace. We support all our clients equally to minimize their relocation stress completely. We are thankful to our customers as they always shower their love with positive reviews and top ratings. Our business practices compact screening of our whole team to acquire security of our beloved clients and employees. Our talented relocation manager administers every step of relocation with detailed attention to protect your things from any mishap.

72hr damage resolution

During transit, if any unfortunate mishap occurs from our side, we guarantee to recover them within 72 hours. You can't find the unique facility of 72 hr damage resolution anywhere except our company. We maintain a robust structure and fully integrated services to serve our clients the best. You can also check the official website for our license and certifications to believe in our words. 

SAAS, ML, and AI-based tools to check the relocation status

On-time notification during the process of moving through AI-based, ML, and Saas-based tools is the additional point that wins the heart of thousands of people. Relocate to a new and exciting place with the best relocation assistance.

Quality assurance

We guarantee absolutely the finest relocation services in Kolkata at the best price range, followed by all safety protocols. Our team will assist you with our best quality work.

Why HappyLocate?

With a wide range of modernized packing tools and accessories, we reach your belongings at the destination on time. We understand your stress of moving at this tough time of the pandemic, hence ensure following all the safety measures to complete your relocation successfully. If you want professional help for secured shifting, trust our experts and get your packing-moving job done without any hassle. Contact our team to take care of your shift and have a memorable relocation experience. 

Since 2016, we have been serving its customers all over the nation with due responsibilities. Today, we have become one of the best relocating Companies in Kolkata with the support of 600+ dedicated employees who constantly amaze our valuable customers. We have all our efforts to provide seamless relocation experiences per customers' expectations. Our incredible enterprise solutions tool XSAAS is formulated in such a way that we can efficiently manage automated packing and moving for large corporate houses. 
While getting relocated, thousands of pressure come to your mind to safely reach your belongings. But, you deserve to avail a customer-friendly approach to affirm the best relocation experience. Here comes the significance of choosing us!

  • If you decide to move in and around Kolkata, there's no better alternative than ours. Our humble relocating staff will provide you with an exceptional shifting service that you always long for. Just a few years ago, we started our relocation services at unprecedented prices intending to be the top-rated movers and packers in the industry. Luckily, we get constant support from our clients who help us grow in a very short span. We have managed to satisfy thousands of our customers to relocate without compromising. 

  • If you think of eliminating all the burden of movement, you must contact us immediately. With us, you can get the opportunity to undergo each process to prevent any hassle. As we are a pre-eminent one-stop solution for all of your relocating assistance, you must join us to serve your purposes. Moreover, we offer our customers 72 hrs damage settlement in case of any unforeseen event arises. From house shifting, office space relocation, vehicle shifting, pet relocation, and storage assistance, we perform all packaging and moving services to complete the movement speedily. 

  • Our company is fully equipped with upgraded vehicles that can complete the entire transportation process at a much faster rate. We emphasize regular inspection of our vehicles to maintain the utmost safety of our team. Once you book us, we send our employees to determine the time and cost that needs to complete the shifting process. Thousands have already taken our services to meet their unique relocation requirements. Our customer-friendly relocation managers will help you choose the best medium for transporting your materials without any hazards.


Chasing after genuine movers and packers have become trouble-free once you get in touch with our company. Everyone witnesses that HappyLocate has provided incredible relocation services to customers for years. Therefore, you can reach out to us to ensure your products get delivered smoothly. Our experts guarantee hassle-free relocation at the best prices. 

Keep faith in us and practice open communication to have the most transparent shifting services. We would love to hear from you to assist you in relocating to Kolkata most comfortably. Hire us today to experience utmost professionalism and practice a seamless shifting all-around. 

Posted On: Jun 24, 2022
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