Frequently Asked Questions

How do I REFER someone who is relocating? How do I get benefited for referring?

You may click on refer, the link is available on the bottom left side of the home page https://www.happylocate.com . You may send referral link to your Facebook/Twitter connections OR may email to one or many people through your referral account. HappyLocate has a lucrative & well rewarding referral program where users may refer their friends and earn 1000 Reward Points (4 Happy Points = ₹ 1, so 1000 Reward Points = ₹ 250) on each successful referral.

You are also eligible for discount codes and coupons on your daily shopping needs by participating in HappyLocate Referral Program.

What are the modes of payment and who do I make a payment and when?

All the payments are done in advance on HappyLocate.com through our secured online payment gateway only after a quote amount is generated and displayed in your HappyLocate dashboard. We accept online payments through net-banking, credit card, debit card or wallets associated with HappyLocate (HL).

Note: Never pay in cash or through any other mode or at any other platform to anyone other than on HappyLocate.com payment gateway

Are there any restrictions on the type of goods and materials I can have moved?

In general, you should not pack liquids, perishable foods, flammable liquids, or any form of explosive. If you have a question about particular items please contact your Relocation Coordinator.

Do I need to disassemble my furniture?

No, the movers will do that for you. Any furniture you want to have disassembled should be identified during the household goods survey with the moving company representative to ensure the proper time is allotted and tools are brought.

What is the purpose of a Pre- move survey?

The purpose of a pre-move survey is to get the BEST estimate of the volume of the goods to be transported. It also helps Identifying delicate & valuable articles, understand needs more closely to accurately project manpower and materials requirements and therefore a right QUOTE submission basis that.

Who to reach for any queries?

You may write to reachus@happylocate.com OR call Relocation helpline 8884447224 for any relocation related queries.

Can you hold the consignment at destination for a week, if so what are the charges for storage/warehousing facility?

Yes, we have ware housing /storage facility with almost all the partners empanelled however storage option can be chosen on HappyLocate.com in the search filter criteria to display partners offering the facility. (It is displayed as one of the filter criteria’s on the left panel of the page where Partners are listed /displayed). Users may check the prices with the partners at the time of need /inventory assessment.

*Note: Check for complimentary storage facilitated by HappyLocate with few of the partners for a limited time period.

How do I claim in case of damage and by when do I receive my settlement amount?

It’s simple.

Step 1: Raise a request online at HappyLocate.com OR send an email at reachus@happylocate.com sharing the inventory/goods damaged along with images of damaged goods.

Step 2: HappyLocate coordinates with the servicing Packer Mover and facilitates the settlement amount within 72 hours.

Note: Please do not sign the movement completion Receipt in case of damage identified at the time of unloading and do mention special remarks at the back of the receipt about any damage noticed at the time of unloading. Damage noticed within 48 hours of unloading can only be claimed.

Where can I find the detailed terms and conditions of the program?

Here is the link: https://happylocate.com/terms-of-assurance

Is it a mandate that I should be providing the itemized breakup of the value of my goods?

Yes. The same should be submitted to us at least 48 hours before the packing of your households. Failing to provide this will cause your policy to become null and void.

How does the Automobile Protection work with HappyLocate Assurance?

For the insurance of your vehicle, we will always advise you to initiate your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance claim before initiating a claim for HappyLocate's Assurance Program. For damages/situations that do not completely make your car completely unusable, HappyLocate will only reimburse a value that is a difference between the claim processed through a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and the total cost of repairs. The actual compensation that we will process is entirely up to the discretion of HappyLocate and should be binding to you as well. If your comprehensive motor insurance will not process any claim for your damages, the same might be applicable in our case as well.

Please note that it is important for you to have a comprehensive Insurance Vechicle Insurance Policy in order to enjoy HappyLocate Assurance Cover. If you do not have a comprehensive policy, make sure you report it to us on reachus@happylocate.com. Failure in doing this will make your policy null and void.

In the cases where I conduct the repairs, will all my bills be approved?

It is always advisable to get the quote of repair from an authorized technician. However, a legally valid quote from an expert technician will be approved as well provided that the value quoted is found realistic during our quote verification process. Approval for such quotes will be a final decision of HappyLocate and the Insurance partner and shall be binding to you well.

What if the item (s) is/are missing at the time of delivery?

99.5% of such cases will be immediately resolved with an immediate refund being issued to your bank account (as per the value insured for that item). For the rest of 0.5% cases, we will need you to register an FIR in the nearest police station post which the same will be used to process the claim. In such cases, the depreciated value of goods will be provided to you as reimbursement.

What if the truck containing my goods meets with an accident?

In such cases, our service partner will proceed and initiate an FIR post which the same will be used to process the claim as per your declared insured value of goods.

Who is required to conduct the repairs?

98.5% of the escalations related to damages at HappyLocate are resolved without even raising an Insurance claim. For the rest of 1.5%, while the Insurer and HappyLocate will try their best to arrange the repairs from capable technicians, it will be ultimately your responsibility to get the repair done. In such cases, we will expect you to submit the quote from the authorized service center/manufacturer/expert technician. Depending on the valid claim value of the product, the reimbursement will be issued to you.

I do not have the invoice of the item (s) that I am about to insure. Can I still buy insurance?

Yes. The requirement of Invoice only comes up when a claim is initiated. In such cases, the original/depreciated value of your goods will be calculated by the designated surveyor and his decision should be final and binding.

Can I claim a refund for an Assurance that I bought?

Sadly, no. Under no circumstances whatsoever a refund can be initiated if the certificate has been already issued against your relocate. No refund will be made even if you decide to cancel your relocation.

How soon after the delivery should I report a damage/loss?

All the items that are electric and unpacked directly by the mover should be reported for damages/loss before the unpacking team leaves the destination after conducting the unpacking. In the rarest of the rare cases, the details of such damages can be given within 24 hours of unpacking provided a formal approval for the same has been given by a HappyLocate's representative over the email.

For all the other damages/loss that might not be immediately cognizable after the unpacking, a maximum of 48 hours can be taken to report the damages.

For relocations where unpacking goes for more than 1 day, damages/losses should be reported as per the above clause for a particular day.

Can I relocate items that have been packed by myself?

No. Before starting the relocation, a Pre-Dispatch inspection (PDI) is a mandate by the insurer. If your items are packed then they won't be considered for PDI and will be thus kept out of the scope of HappyLocate Assurance.

What is the sum insured? How is that relevant? How should that be calculated?

Sum insured is the be the declared value of goods that you want to be insured. This value should generally be equal to the current depreciated value of the commodity insured. This value will be of the utmost importance when the Insurance claim is initiated. The surveyor who will visit the destination to assess the damage will compare sum insured item wise which will automatically reflect on the Total Sum Insured. In case the value of the goods is under-insured - the value of the product is more than the stated sum insured, in that case, while making a payment on any claim the amount will be prorated to the amount of under insurance.

What is depreciation and why is required? How will it impact insurance?

With each passing day, products lose their value and become depreciated. This impact the value of your insured goods as depreciation is deducible from the original value of your goods. The depreciation is calculated as 20% per year of the invoice value of goods (up to first 5 Years of the life of the product) and 26% per year (>5 years of product). The method of calculation will be Written-Down and will be only computed after a claim has been initiated.

What if I want to raise an issue against the HappyLocate assurance program?

HappyLocate is known for its customer-focused operations. Feel free to call us at 8884447224 or shoot us an email at reachus@happylocate.com and your queries will be actively taken care off.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, if you are unhappy with all our attempts to solve your concern and decide to exercise your right as a consumer to take legal remedies of any sort, the same should be strictly under Bengaluru's (Karnataka) jurisdiction.

Who will calculate the value of the compensation under HappyLocate Assurance program?

Unless stated otherwise, depending on the circumstances, the value of any sort of compensation will be calculated by either HappyLocate or Insurance partner. In any scenario, the final decision on compensation will be communicated by HappyLocate and the same should be final and binding for you.

Are all the relocations at HappyLocate covered under HappyLocate Assurance?

HapyLocate Assurance is optional and provided to customers as per the availability for the PIN codes involved in the relocation. In the absence of HappyLocate Assurance, valid insurance will be provided directly by the service partner and terms specific to the policy will be governed by what will be mentioned in the policy document.

What are Repairable damages and Irreparable damages? How does HappyLocate assurance program cover these?

Repairable Damaged Goods are those that can be repaired and brought back to near original condition and the cost of doing so is less than the cost of the new item if replace. In the cases of such damages, the surveyor designated by our Insurance partner will inspect the damages and ascertain the fair amount that should be required to conduct the repairs, provided the same is equal or less than the sum insured/depreciated value of goods (whichever is lower). Whenever the surveyor feels that the repair requires professional/rare skills, we will rely on the quote given by the manufacturer or a reputed professional/agency. Such a quote will have to be submitted by you.

Irreparable damaged Goods are those where the goods/assets are better scrapped/disposed of rather than repaired as the cost of the same is higher than the cost of the new item. In such cases, you will be provided with compensation that will be good enough to buy a brand-new variant of the good (s) damaged. Do note that the compensation will be provided to replace only the same/identical variant of the damaged product.

I have items with special value to relocate (like Antiques). How will the relocation of such items happen?

For items that have a special value attached, a valid certificate from an authority, established under the legislation, shall be produced to us, post which it will be purely on our discretion if we will proceed with its inclusion in assurance programs. If no verified document is provided to us by you or the document provided by you fails our verification process, your item will be either insured as a standard item and the insured value will be communicated to you or the item will be kept out of the scope of assurance.

Please note that HappyLocate does not relocate items like Luxury Watches, Jewellery, etc via our standard services. Even if such items are relocated via our standard services, we take on the accountability of their safe relocation.

When does the protection of my goods start and when will it end?

The Coverage continues through the ordinary course of transit until your shipment is delivered and unloaded at the designated destination. Provided you have already declared the detailed breakup of the sum insured item-wise, it begins at the time your shipment begins packing. If your goods were already packed or in storage when you requested protection, it begins at the time HappyLocate receives your request and issues you the policy document. In no case will coverage begin before the packing of your belongings start or before transport from storage begins, whichever happens first.

Which are the best packers & movers for my movement from Delhi to Bangalore?

HappyLocate has only original, verified and reputed Packers & Movers to choose from, get quotations, compare them for the best deal and get your interest protected by them. So just choose any packer mover on HappyLocate.com as all are verified for relocations anywhere in India.

Who are the Packers & Movers OR Moving companies empanelled with HappyLocate?

HappyLocate has empanelled only verified and established Packers Movers of the country which includes names like Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited, Leo Packers & Movers India Pvt. Ltd. , Santa Fe Moving Services Pvt. Ltd., Interim Relocations (International Removals Division of Freight Systems India Pvt. Ltd.), Maxwell Logistics Private Limited, Sahara Domestic & International Packers and Movers, Professional Packers and Movers(P) Ltd., Transdaksh Packers, Euro Packers, Manish Cargo Movers Pvt. Ltd., Like Packers & Movers and B R Shashtry to name few.HappyLocate policy is ONLY ORIGINALS.

What are some of the challenges HappyLocate addresses during Relocation?

Few challenges HappyLocate addresses are:

1. Damaging Household Goods in transit

2. Wasting a lot of time in coordinating the delay in goods delivery

3. Spending on damages and repairs

4. And even being threatened by a local packer Mover on raising concerns.

5. Finally going on multiple websites for each requirement like Packer & Movers & Hotels separately.

6. Coming across non-compliant Partners OR Packers & Movers.

Do you provide Packers Movers services from Lucknow?

We provide services From anywhere To anywhere within India.

What are the other Relocation Services you offer?

A User may book Hotels as well on HappyLocate.com within India. We have 16000 Hotels displayed on HappyLocate to choose from and have competitive rates with many premium, luxury and corporate budget hotels good for initial short stay.

How to book a packing Moving service on HappyLocate.com?

It’s simple and easy.Step 1: Visit www.HappyLocate.com Step 2: Select Packers Movers Service, choose if its “Between City” or “Within City” movement, Input origin and destination City and click “SUBMIT”.Step 3: Choose amongst 3 options - Quick connect, Pre Move Survey OR Share InventoryStep 4: Choose Packers Movers listed as per the search criteria displayed AND Click “Connect”.

Why HappyLocate?

Relocation is an unorganized market with Unauthentic/Duplicate Packers Movers, price uncertainty with undefined service levels damaging the relocation experience of many. Therefore, HappyLocate has the following offering:

Reliable & reputed Packers & Movers

2. Multiple Services at one Platform (Packers Movers and Hotels)

3. Compare Quotes to get the best deals

4. Packaging Guidelines to ensure safety of household goods in transit

5. A move Expert to manage your end to end coordination without follow ups.

How do we get to know who is coming for a Pre Move Survey at what time?

HappyLocate has a robust process driven approach and notifies customers with complete details of the Pre Move Surveyor, Loading Manager & Unloading Manager before they arrive your place along with scheduled time of arrival. This is keeping in mind the security and convenience of our customers.

Why HappyLocate has only reputed Packers and Movers? Does that mean the moves will be costly?

HappyLocate focuses on Customer Experience and Customer Delight. Good service and reliability comes with experience and required infrastructure to support the service and therefore HappyLocate has only Packers Movers with a reliable track record. It is extremely necessary that the specific quality material be used for safety, that's where HappyLocate standards come in place and that is the reason we have Premium, established and verified players on our platform.

About Cost, the moves are not costly even with the reputed packers and movers as materials are bought in bulk as per their consumption rate and therefore economic. Second, the risks with local packers and movers are high and therefore more costly. You get the value for the price you pay at HappyLocate with service standards and convenience.

How does HappyLocate protect Customer’s interest for packing moving service?

HappyLocate exposes you to curated list of reputed packers & Movers and helps you through knowledge to take uninfluenced decisions on choosing partners and comparing quotes for best deals as per service needed. HappyLocate also rewards or penalizes Partners on performance like goods damage, non-adherence on SLAs to ensure SERVICE STANDARDS and Customer experience ultimately.

How can you ensure prices on HappyLocate are competitive?

Packers & Movers – Service Providers understand that they will be compared with other competitors on HappyLocate Platform and therefore they share competitive quote with an objective to win it. A User can compare and choose the best quote at Happylocate.

Why HappyLocate?

Relocation is an unorganized market with Unauthentic/Duplicate Packers Movers, price uncertainty with undefined service levels damaging the relocation experience of many. Therefore, HappyLocate has the following offering:

  1. Reliable & reputed Packers & Movers
  2. Multiple Services at one Platform (Packers Movers and Hotels)
  3. Compare Quotes to get the best deals
  4. Packaging Guidelines to ensure safety of household goods in transit 5. A move Expert to manage your end to end coordination without follow ups.
I still have questions. Where should I approach?

Write to us at reachus@happylocate.com or raise a support ticket from your dashboard.

How can I redeem my earning?

You need to simply request for a payout from your referral dashboard with a minimum payout request of INR.1000.

For earnings accrued between 1st to 15th of any month, the redemption request can be made for the same between 16th to 22nd of the same month. As soon as this window gets over, the payouts will be processed immediately on the next bank working day.

For earnings accrued between 16th to 31st of any month, the redemption request can be made between 1st to 7th of the next month. As soon as this window gets over, the payouts will be processed immediately on the next bank working day.

How long does it take for the money to come after a successful relocation?

Referral rewards will be accrued within 48 Hours after the successful relocation of the referral.

Can I refer a friend who is looking for packers and movers?

You can refer anyone who would be relocating to a new place including but not limited friends, colleagues, tenants, home buyers, new hires, etc.

How can I start earning?

It’s very simple. Sign up/Login to HappyLocate referral account and start sharing your referral link with people who are looking to relocate to a new home.

Pro tip: Share your referral code on the various groups on social media that cater to helping people find a home or a new Job.