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10 Big Home Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Moving on your own is tough and time-consuming, and you must accomplish numerous things at once. As a result, people regularly make mistakes when relocating, leading their belongings to be ruined. As a result, we prepared this guide to advise you of the self-moving mistakes to avoid.

Big Home Shifting Mistakes To Avoid

Major Self-Moving Mistakes to Avoid

1. Retaining everything

At any given point, your home has a few things that could be more useful. Decluttering useless pieces of stuff, including broken electrical appliances, saves a lot of effort on packing and shifting. Old machines, which are functional but need frequent service, are better gotten rid of for saving money.

You can sell such things on several online platforms at rates lower than the original price. You can donate a few items, such as old and used clothes, rather than selling or discarding them. It also allows you to buy new articles that suit your new home.

2. Having inadequate packing materials

Packing is crucial while shifting your home, especially to a different city far from your current house. Because your belongings need to travel a long way, besides the roads are only sometimes smooth. When loaded into a truck, your items may get damaged or scratched.

High-quality packing supplies are only provided by the best packers and movers in Hyderabad and other cities, but if you are moving on your own, you may want to buy packing supplies from online stores or collect them from friends, family, etc. You can always use the original packaging if you save it.

3. Starting to pack late

The actual shifting of your home takes the duration of travel between the origin and destination. However, there are several things to do to prepare yourself and arrange everything necessary for relocation. So, starting late forces you to hurry up through packing, which causes damage to your items and creates problems while loading and unloading. Procrastination is a common self-moving mistake to avoid.

Packing also includes sorting your belongings. Starting late does not permit time to do that. Consequently, finding things when needed while unpacking in your new home becomes more difficult. Hence, settling into a new house takes more time. The inconveniences are immense when you are moving between major cities. In case you are not sure when to start packing and how to do it, then hire packers and movers in Hyderabad to get timely packing and moving services.

4. Not having checklists

Home shifting includes numerous things going on simultaneously, and you may only remember some of them. You may think of something, such as arranging a cab for your family while moving, and forget it until the time for departure. These cause delays and inconveniences, which build more pressure on you or increase moving expenses for alternative arrangements.

Hence, note down the tasks and materials and check them off the list. Checklists also save energy from repeatedly thinking and looking for anything you have missed. Now, you do not have to carry a piece of paper and a pen. Many mobile apps allow you to make lists and finish tasks within planned time through reminders.

5. Not labeling essentials

Packing and labeling essentials, including food items, cooking ingredients, toiletries, medicines, and other materials, is paramount. When you mix these items with others, your survival during the first day at the new home becomes unmanageable. Also, if you have kids and elders with you then surviving without a kit of essentials will become hard.
Since you need essentials on a real-time basis, you must get them immediately when required. It adds up to unnecessary expenses, some of which may go wasted.

6. Forgetting to update your new address

It is always better to update your new residential address with that of your new house to avoid missing deliveries, couriers, or mail. So, visit all the websites to change your current address before you move. It will join your to-do list amid the pain of settling into a new locality.

7. Not taking correct measurements of the furniture

Of all the things, furniture takes up the most space in the truck that carries your belongings. The cost of shifting depends on the size of the vehicle. Hence you must have an approximate measure of your furniture to arrange a truck that can accommodate all your stuff.

Also, before confirming your new house, a clear idea of the size of all your furniture helps you choose a home with suitable dimensions with sufficient space. On the other hand, you must know the measurements of the doorways and stairwells to see whether your furniture can pass through them. You can sell the items that are too big to move through them and buy a new set.

8. Choosing the wrong packers and movers

Since relocation is a hectic and painful task, opting for genuine packers and movers Hyderabad or Bangalore or any place you are moving is better than doing it yourself. However, choosing the wrong one will make things worse. The factors you must consider while selecting packers and movers are

  • Packing and moving efficiency
  • Measures used by them to ensure the safety of your belongings
  • Staff sufficiency
  • Reviews and ratings from previous customers
  • Quotations
  • License and insurance coverage against damage to your properties

You must plan your moving at least a month in advance, look for several packers and movers, and compare the quotations. The documents regarding their license and insurance are crucial when moving between cities far off. Seeking the service at the last minute does not allow you the time to check everything thoroughly.

9. Improper packing to cut the cost

Cutting the costs of packing materials is tempting, but it may cost you a fortune because fragile articles need an extra layer of protection or stuffing their containers. In addition, labeling the packs helps you unload quickly and easily, reducing the need to look into the boxes now and then to find specific items.

10. Not giving thoughts on the schedule for relocation

While figuring out a moving schedule, you must consider several factors that simplify the task and reduce the expenses and stress. Not Planning the timing is a self- moving mistake to avoid. The shifting must be closer to the conclusive date for most utilities, such as electricity, broadband, TV network, and cooking gas. It saves the cost of the service you could not have transferred to the new connection at your new house.

Road traffic influences how long it takes to reach your destination. Therefore, you must plan the time of departure based on the dynamic of the road traffic in the origin and destination cities. It helps you save fuel for your truck and transportation charges or rent per unit distance. If you can postpone the relocation by months, you must choose the most suitable time of the year. For example, the beginning of the academic year is the best when you have school-going kids.


Whether moving yourself or with the help of packers and movers in Hyderabad, you must realize the things that might go wrong at any stage. But if you are moving on your own a list of self moving mistakes to avoid comes in handy. Avoiding possible mistakes by taking proper steps and having alternatives helps you move peacefully and settle down quickly.

10 Big Home Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Big Home Shifting Mistakes To Avoid

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