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14 Moving Across Country Tips To Follow

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Preparing for the move, choosing movers, shifting load, and taking care of plants, pets and yourself are some of the essential steps in any move. Moving across the country tips comes in handy as a cross-country move involves long-distance travel and high expenditure.

Though you cannot reduce the distance involved in a cross country, you can optimize the expenses. Here are 14 ways to make the most of a cross-country move.

Tips to make most out of your cross country move
Tips to make most out of your cross country move

Before moving across the country tips

Your unpaid work for the cross-country move doesn’t start on a moving day. To tackle a tricky cross-country move, you must plan and prepare much in advance. Here are tasks you need to tackle before a cross-country move.

1. Explore your destination

Deciding to move across the country can soon turn back on you if you need to be better aware of the conditions in your chosen destination. When you have decided to move across the country by spending considerable time, money and effort, dedicate part to knowing your destination.
It can include checking out the weather, social conditions, economic opportunities, facilities, checking neighborhood (water, electricity, public transport) and even the security conditions of the place. You can spare a day or two to visit your new place, get acquainted with the surroundings, or check out details. Either way, it’s advisable to have a basic map of what you are planning to enter and settle.

2. Drawing out a framework

Once you know the basic details about your destination, it’s time to plan your relocation. Planning for relocation ensures that the time and money you invest in moving is spent efficiently.

What do you need to plan?

Everything including the moving date, moving schedule (leaving, transition and reaching), packing, paperwork, choosing movers, and saying goodbyes. Planning aims to provide you with a clear list of the tasks you need to go through to have a stress-free cross-country move. It makes sure that you remember all crucial elements which you might have to regret later.

3. Documentation and paperwork

What is the paperwork included in cross country move?

A lot!! Here is a list for your reference; choose what applies to you:

Housing agreements, transit insurance, address change notifications, booking tickets, booking packers and movers, booking service providers, registration at local authorities, Transfer Certificates, letters of resignation, Letters of Acceptance, etc.

Each item in the list will help in assisting and authorizing your move. With the official paperwork, getting a seal and clearance for your move across the country is more accessible. Though you cannot avoid the paperwork, do not delay or forget it. Try to get all the paperwork done on or before your move day for hassle-free moving across the country.

4. Inspecting your new home

Hold a pre-moving inspection of your new home. It includes checking out the condition of your new home (paint, electricity and water connections, pests etc.). Sign up for utility services that you might need after moving on. It includes water, electricity, newspapers, groceries etc.
Remember to notify friends, family, workplace, local authorities and service providers about the address change.

5. Choosing a moving partner

While choosing a moving company, carefully explore and compare all the available choices. Check the registration, ratings, reviews, damage compensation policy, storage facilities, transit insurance services, and customer service policy before deciding on a moving partner.

6. Obtaining moving quotes

There are two types of moving quotes, binding estimates and non-binding estimates. While non-binding estimates are calculated according to the prices on a moving day, non-binding estimates are non-effective for price hikes on moving days. If you are moving across the country, then it’s advisable to choose binding estimates, to avoid surprises in the final bill.

7. Reducing the shift load

A significant objective behind cross country’s moves is to keep it efficient and light. The best way to achieve this is to eliminate unwanted items, appliances, clothes and belongings.

Two main calculations in moving quotes are shift load and distance to be covered. Optimizing the shift load by disposing of unwanted items might help tilt the bill in your favor.

8. Hiring professional packing services

Shipping your belongings for Cross country move might take longer than you expected.
Apart from distance, strikes, breakdowns, or emergencies might delay your reunion with your stuff. Such a long period of transit demands long-lasting and expert packing of belongings. Hiring professional packers and movers in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. might ensure a safe cross-country move for your belongings.

9. Documenting conditions before and after delivery

You might have hired the best packers and movers in Bangalore or Gurgaon, but you also have a stake in keeping your belongings safe while moving across the country. Before entrusting your belongings to the packers and movers, please take a picture of their condition before handover. It will help you prove the damages that occurred during the move.
Once you receive the belongings at your new destination, make a recorder unpacking to check for damages.

10. Insuring your stuff

If you are moving across the country with any expensive/delicate /intricate artworks, valuables or furniture, do not skip transit insurance. Though transit insurance doesn’t protect your stuff actively, it certainly helps in compensation in case of any damages.

11. Plants and pets

If you are moving with plants /pets, you should be extra careful while planning the cross-country move.

For plants, check out if members of your garden can thrive, adapt and flourish in the new cross-country location. If yes, it’s time to nourish your plants with water and nutrients. Pack your plants in self-watering pots and customized plant boxes for long-lasting protection during the move.

While pet relocation is an elaborate process(from vaccination to restoration), hiring one of the best packers and movers in Mumbai, pune, etc. to get the job done is advisable.

12. Children and elders

Some things to add to your moving list if any elders or children are accompanying you. If you are moving with children, ensure they are legally transferred from their old to new school/college. Talk them through the relocation process and ensure they are comfortable.

If you are planning a cross-country move with elders, pick a suitable location(preferably with parks, healing centers, fewer staircases, a calm environment etc). If you are too busy with the move, it’s advisable to hire a caretaker to take care of the elderly.

13. Stress-free moving

While a cross-country move can drive up your stress levels relatively high, try not to give yourself to it. Leave out some time for stress-busting in your moving schedule.

Monitor your health regularly and try not to miss any appointments, check-ups and follow-ups. Keep a ready stock of all your medicines in the moving essentials kit. Check out the hospital or health care center you can consult after moving to your new destination.

14. Crunching the finances

Finances fuel your cross-country move, so keep track of them. Budget each element of your plan and try to stick to it. Avoid getting into too many loan or credit commitments right after the move. Keep a fund aside to keep you afloat in emergencies.

Though insurance might seem a liability at first, it’s a blessing in disguise. Buy up transit insurance for valuables shipped during the cross-country move. Never neglect the importance of health insurance. Ensure you are given an address change notification on the insurance services, too, so that you will get all remittances. If you are taking up cross country move in search of a job, then it’s better to keep your budget small until you find stable employment.


Now you know how to make the most of your cross-country move, it’s time to plan, prepare and execute your move with these moving across the country tips.

14 Moving Across Country Tips To Follow

Tips to make most out of your cross country move

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