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15 Things to do when movers are moving?

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You’ve been preparing for this day for weeks, and it finally arrived. Hiring expert movers allow you to relax and take it easy on moving day. It will go more efficiently if everyone knows what to do when movers are moving.

Things to do when movers are moving

1. Keep valuables close

  • Consider driving with jewels or artwork. Let the movers do the hard lifting and you can bring in jewels and smaller electronics along with you. You should carefully pack fragile objects so that you can keep them close by during the move.
  • Keep your valuables, personal items, and crucial documents close to you during the relocation. Don’t put sensitive documents such as your SSN card, birth certificate, bank statements, etc., in packages that might be lost in transit. In their place, you should carefully store these delicate goods in containers you plan to keep with you during the move. You can bring them along so you don’t have to fret about them becoming lost or broken during the move.

2. Update address for banks and legal ID

Bank-As banking services continue to play a significant role in our daily lives, we must ensure that our savings, FDs, credit cards and Demat accounts are updated.

You should change your mailing address, contact number, and email address with the bank as all future correspondence will be sent there. It’s possible you’ll lose out on bank-related notifications if you don’t.

You can update your address at some banks by filling out a special form and submitting it together with an attested copy of your identification immediately.

Insurance-It is recommended that all insurance policies, especially those issued by the government-owned Life Insurance Corp. (LIC) and health insurers, be transferred to the new address

Investments-Public Provident Fund (PPF), postal service goods including modest savings plans, mutual funds, stocks, gold, bonds, and so on, can all be transferred with an address change request.

3. Keep pets and kids away

Attempt to keep young children out of harm’s way on moving day. If you have youngsters, have a reliable adult watch them in a secure room until the movers have finished packing and transferring your belongings. As a result, you can focus on what you’re doing without stressing about the safety of your children.

Be sure your pet won’t be roaming the house when the movers bring in the big pieces of furniture. If you have pets, keep them far from the heart of the action and consider leaving pets with a neighbor or close friend until the event is done.

4. Address verification

The Address you provided must be verified. Initiate contact with the owner or real estate agent to confirm your new address. Verify the street name and number, as well as the city, are spelled correctly. Be sure the developer hasn’t changed the street address that was originally filed before making a move to a new home.

Learn the postal service’s system for classifying your mail. Verify the accuracy of the city and street names.

5. Please take part in it

You must be present at your residence on the day of the move. Find someone you trust who can fill in for you if you can’t be physically present, such as a friend, neighbor, or family member. Assure the movers that they’ll be available the entire day and able to answer any concerns they may have and complete the following tasks. Someone else should be able to get in touch with you if an emergency arises.

6. Assist with parking and give directions

Locate a parking spot for the movers before their arrival. The movers will most likely pull into the driveway of a single-family home if you currently reside in or are relocating to one. Community associations may have regulations regarding how and where a moving truck can be parked. Learn this before the big moving day. You’ll also know where to park the van if you move into or out of an apartment. Inquire with the building’s administration. 

Are you relocating to a building that will need you to park on the street?
Be there to greet the movers and point them in the right direction on moving day. Although you must have provided the firm with parking instructions, it is possible that those instructions were not communicated to the driver.

7. Make way

Once more, before the packers arrive, stroll out to the van to see where they will be walking from the front entrance, garage door, and back gate. The path should also be swept or blown clear of any leaves, broken branches, or other debris that may have accumulated.

Keeping these passageways unobstructed is crucial during the day. Movers’ vision may be obstructed when carrying heavy items, such as refrigerators or couches. They may even have to walk backward when helping with bulky or awkward goods. As such, their path must remain secure.

8. Disconnect all electronic devices

Even if you’re having movers handle all of the packings, it’s a great idea to disconnect and unplug any appliances and electronics before they get their hands on them. Take care of your game and computer settings before the movers come so they will be safe.

9. Tag the containers with names

Identify your boxes with where in the new residence they should be placed as you pack them. Be sure to mark any breakables so the movers may safely transport them. It’s also a good idea to label the boxes containing the items that must be unloaded first so that the movers can load them last. Make sure the labels are legible from all angles by labeling all sides and the top of the box.

10. Show them around

Welcome the movers into your home and show them around when they arrive. Be bold and call out the things you think will prove difficult or require additional work. Make careful to indicate the location of the no-pack zone you’ve created. You could pack up the things you’re going to transport yourself and store them in a separate, locked room. Stick a sign saying “Don’t Pack” on the locked door.

Be sure to point out the nearest restrooms and water fountains to the moving crew. Finally, ensure they know where to leave the house so they can do it efficiently when packing their belongings. Please make them aware of any risks along these paths, both from and to the property and the moving vehicle.

11. Host with grace

Provide refreshments for the movers when they come. The movers prefer coffee, especially on chilly mornings, but bottled water will do on warmer days. When it’s time to eat, offer to pick up some pizza or sandwiches. The movers’ time and yours will be saved if they don’t have to leave the premises to find food.

It would be best if you also stocked the washroom with soap and towels to facilitate washing up. This allows the movers to clean up before meals and after handling filthy objects, such as those stored in the garage.

12. Help out when you can

Relocating is stressful, but professional movers can help you get through it without damaging your valuables or heavy furniture. Give them space to do their work in peace. Instead, be available to respond to inquiries and address problems as they arise. When you need to leave the house to run some errands, grab lunch, or chat with a neighbor, make sure they know your contact information.

As soon as the movers are done loading the truck, double-check that they have the correct address and directions to your new home. A gratuity for excellent service is not demanded but always welcomed. You should tip each person for the number of work hours, but feel free to give extra if you’re happy with the service.

13. Avoid instructing them

Some residents doubt the movers’ ability to transport their belongings safely. Moving companies have years of experience, so trust them. They know what they do when transporting goods from one location to another. Fragile items are safe in their hands. Make sure you have packed and labeled all your belongings as a homeowner to aid movers and prevent confusion.

14. Always perform a second check

Make sure you have remembered everything by going room by room and making sure that you have moved everything. Check through the kitchen cupboards, pantry drawers, the attic, and the dishwasher if you think you might have something there. Before the movers even come, you should ensure that the refrigerator has been emptied.

Check your previous residence one more time before everything is set to go. Double-check that all windows are shut and that the lighting is turned off in every room.

15. Prepare your payment

When making a reservation for relocation, if you plan to pay using a bank card, you will likely do so immediately. If you plan to pay in cash, you must have sufficient money to cover the total price of your relocation. This would be an inconvenient delay whenever you must go to the bank quickly to withdraw cash. Please find out how much it will cost to relocate everything, but save aside some more funds if the actual figure turns out to be higher. 
It’s customary to reward hard working movers with a gratuity.


While the packers are working, there are a few activities you can do to help them out and get the job done more quickly and efficiently. When you choose a reputable moving company, you can rest assured that they will handle all of the hard lifting while all you have to do is keep an eye on things and ensure everything else on your relocation checklist is checked off. 

It will be much easier to settle in if you prepare for the day ahead by packing, supplying refreshments, keeping little feet out of the way, tidying up, and making yourself available for any queries.

At HappyLocate, we can handle any move, whether a long-distance relocation, a local move, or a last-minute one. We have helped many other families just the same as your transition into their new homes, and we can do the same for you.

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15 Things to do when movers are moving?

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