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5 Best Pet-Friendly Cab Services in Hyderabad

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Pet parents in Hyderabad don’t have to worry about taking their pets for regular veterinary checks or long distances in the absence of a personal four-wheeler. This is because nowadays there are plenty of pet cab services available in Hyderabad. If you are also in need of pet-friendly cab services then go through this post below and we’ll guide you on how to find the best taxi for your four-legged friend.But before we jump on the main discussion here are some of the benefits of pet transportation services that you must know.Pet cab services in Hyderabad

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Cab Service in Hyderabad


Gone are the days when you have to leave your pet with someone you knew to take them for grooming appointments and vet visits while you were stuck at work. Pet cab services have made it easier to take your four-legged family member to regular vet visits and grooming appointments without disturbing other people.


In public transportation, you cannot expect your pet to have safety or even space of comfort. Walking them long distances will make your pet and yourself exhausted. Pet cab services take care of the safety of your fur-friend as they have pet creates and harnesses in their vehicle which ensures a comfortable and safe ride.

Stress-free travel

Your cute little puppy may get anxious when traveling in a car, therefore pet cab services offer comfortable and dedicated space for them to travel depending on their size and other requirements.

Special care for your furball

Dealing with your pet’s behaviors is a crucial factor when taking them in a car. A professional pet taxi will have trained drivers and members who can handle your pet’s behavior and treat them with special care.


A pet taxi service might be less expensive than a regular taxi, and particularly when compared to the price of a personal automobile, this might be a budget-friendly option for transporting pets.

Help people with mobility problems

Some pet owners have mobility issues that make it difficult for them to take their pets to appointments. Hiring a pet cab service can help alleviate this problem by providing transportation to and from appointments.

Peace of mind

By using a pet cab service, pet owners can have peace of mind that their pets are being safely and comfortably transported to their destination, without having to worry about the details of the trip.


Pet cab services often offer a range of options for transportation, such as one-way or round trip, or even same-day or next-day service, which allows pet owners to choose the option that best fits their needs.Each service may have different features, but overall a pet cab service can be a great solution for pet owners looking for a convenient, safe, and stress-free way to transport their pets.

List of Best Pet Taxi in Hyderabad

1. HappyLocate

One of the renowned names in the Relocation industry is HappyLocate. Since 2016 the founders of HappyLocate aim to provide quality moves no matter if it’s a pet, house, or office move. Pet Relocation is for parents who want to move their pets from one place to another. The process of applying is easy, and the quotations offered are reasonable. The staff is pet friendly and the security system is strict. That means you don’t need to worry about your pet at all as they are in safe hands.

2. Scoobies pet cab services

Another great name in the pet transportation industry is scoobies pet cab services. They offer comfortable and hassle-free rides for pet owners who don’t have personal vehicles. Pet food, grooming, and boarding services are also available here. Emergency pet cabs are available in case your pet is in critical condition or met with an accident and needs urgent help.

3. Savaari car rentals

For within-city or road trip ride for your furry friend you can rely on savaari car rentals. They aim to provide a convenient option for pet travel so that pet parents can rest assured that their pet is in a safe condition and reach its destination on time. It is also very easy to book their services as you just need to give them a call. Their services are available in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

4. Petbacker

Another convenient option for people searching for pet-friendly cab services in Hyderabad, Telangana is petbacker. They offer a range of services from pet boarding to pet taxis. And you can select the cabs depending on pet type and size. Their list of 26 pet taxis will make it much easier to get personalized Pet cabs.

5. Friendly cabs

Friendly cabs is a trustworthy name in the pet transportation industry. They offer professional drivers who will complete the successful transportation of your pet from one location to another. Timely pick up and safe drop is their mark of quality services.

Tips to Compare and Choose the Best Pet Taxi


The main consideration when selecting a pet transportation service should be safety. Choose a service that has rules in place to protect the safety of your pet during travel and employs secure pet boxes and harnesses.


Choose a service whose staff has received training in animal behaviour and who has expertise moving pets. This will guarantee that your pet is treated gently and that the crew is knowledgeable on how to address any problems that might develop during transit.

Vehicle type

Take into account the kind of vehicle the service drives. Depending on the service, conventional cars or SUVs may be used, or specially equipped vans or buses. If you have a large pet or several pets, larger cars could be preferable.

Insurance and licensing

Verify that the pet taxi service has a valid licence and insurance. This will give you more security and protection in the event of an accident or other incident.


By taking the time to carefully consider these factors, you can be confident that you are choosing a pet taxi service that will safely and comfortably transport your pet to its destination.

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5 Best Pet-Friendly Cab Services in Hyderabad

Pet cab services in Hyderabad

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