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7 Best places to live in India & Kick-start your Career

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India is a stunning nation with a diverse population from many ethnicities, faiths, and cultural origins and is well renowned for its rich historical events, culture, and legacy. Despite its diversified population and evolving socioeconomic structure, India is among the world’s fastest-growing nations. India has experienced a remarkable expansion in recent years in its education, economy, technology, per capita income, job prospects, and geographic factors. As a result, it has emerged as a leading tourist, academic, and commercial hub. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of any place is crucial if you’re considering moving there to improve your life, your education, your career, or simply because you want to know the best places to live in India. Every town has a unique meaning, so in this blog, we’ll examine some best places to live in India. What are the Best places to live in India

List of Best Places to Live in India

1. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai is commonly referred to as the “Dream City,” “Town of Bollywood,” “Capital market of India,” and many more titles. Mumbai city is known as both India’s business and entertainment center. There are more wealthy people there than anywhere else in India. The city provides excellent essential utilities for its residents, such as safe water, transit, architecture, educational institutions, healthcare services, and business prospects, despite its highest GDP, poverty, and excessive traffic. Mumbai is the ideal destination to work and live in India, offering the best nightclubs, street shops, easy access to transportation, lovely gardens, and a tranquil marine drive.

2. Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, has become one of the best places to live in India despite being renowned for its traffic. Bangalore, also renowned as the Silicon Valley of India, does have a great deal to offer, including shopping, a thriving nightlife, tourism, culture and art, delectable food, and pleasant weather. Bangalore is recognized as the IT powerhouse of India. There are lovely parks, lakes, and gardens in the city where you can relax. Other weekend escapes from Bangalore are ideal for those who enjoy road trips and the outdoors. Youngsters and working professionals seeking employment migrate to Bengaluru because of the city’s status as an IT center and the numerous career prospects it offers. It could be intimidating and frightening to switch to a different place, but Bangalore is the spot that will satisfy all of your wants and demands. Inclusion will increase in 2022 as more younger folks choose Bangalore as their primary city. The city’s global airport and rail network connects it to other places.

3. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad, among the finest and most affordable cities in India, is situated on the shores of the Sabarmati River. Sultan Ahmed Shah Badshah is credited with discovering the city. That period may be seen in the impact of many architectural structures with distinctive forms within and around the town. The Sabarmati Ashram, wherein Mahatma Gandhi formerly resided and is currently a museum, is the top popular tourist destination of this Gujarati state’s capital city and draws in a sizable number of visitors each year. Other attractions in Ahmedabad include Lal Darwaja Market, Manek Chowk, and the renowned Dhalgarwad bridal shopping center. Millennial students and households will find that places like Satellite, Prahlad Nagar, and SG Highway have the finest apartments and amenities. The living expenses start at 3000 INR and vary depending on the neighborhood, and how near you live to the town’s major attractions. The twin towns of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad in Gujarat are served by the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, which is conveniently reachable and links you to significant Indian towns. Ahmedabad is referred to as the “Manchester of the East,” and a significant amount of the city’s revenue comes from the textile industry.

4. Goa, Maharashtra

Along the western shore of the nation, it is a coastline state. Panaji serves as Goa’s capital. The majority of people who agree that it is considerably superior to Mumbai or Delhi when it comes to the best places to live in India are concerned since it has significantly lower crime rates, good weather, and a low cost of living. There are numerous beaches close to the capital city, and one can view stunning sunsets from them, another factor folks appreciate living there. Goa is a terrific city to live in because it has numerous events all year long.

5. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Among India’s most affordable places to live in Chennai. The Tamil Nadu state capital is renowned for its fascinating culture, stunning temples and churches, love of classical music, tranquil beaches, and scorching climate. With so many gardens, shopping centers, bars, and beaches, the city is constantly buzzing with bustle. The city is well-known for several locations, including Marina Beach, Velankanni Church, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Guindy National Park, and Valluvar Kottam. The town has excellent transportation options, including buses, rickshaws, and a good airport. Compared to other cities, Chennai has a relatively low cost of living. Family and students like this city because it has wonderful residents and secure neighborhoods. The automotive sector drives Chennai’s economic system. In this Southern Indian town, which is renowned for its white sandy beaches, majestic temples, colonial heritage, and turquoise lakes, travel is another significant business.

6. Kolkata, West Bengal

West Bengal’s state capital, Kolkata, is known as the “City of Joy.” This city, a significant Indian cultural hub, is also known as the “Cultural Capital.” The city of Kolkata is renowned for its art, music, history, street food, trams, metro trains, Durga Puja, and other delights. In 2022, Kolkata will be a beautiful place to live, thanks to its location on the Hooghly River’s shores. Major corporations like Britannia, ITC Limited, Coal India, National Insurance Company, and Allahabad Bank are based in Kolkata. With a projected GDP of $150.1 billion, it ranks among India’s top 10 most prosperous towns. Adding to its financial worth, Kolkata is rich in tradition, architecture, and the arts. The city’s colorful culture, monumental architecture, and famous literary sources will take you to the ancient past as you explore its ancient wonders. Kolkata should be listed among the top cities to call home in 2022.

7. Indore, Madhya Pradesh

The commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh is Indore, which serves as a hub for numerous enterprises and industries. The city’s fascinating history has been preserved over time, adding to its allure. Ayurveda and allopathic medical facilities, training facilities, the renowned IIM, and the Atomic Centre for Advanced Technology are all located in Indore. If you want to reside in a place that combines both old and new living, Indore is the perfect option for you. Since needs are cheaper here than in many other nations, living expenses are cheaper. The city does have the most crowded airport in the region and excellent transportation options.


Now that you know about all the significant areas of India, you can move there with your wonderful family. Make a sensible choice, lead a healthier lifestyle, and enjoy your work. When you wish to relocate to a new place and make a fresh start, many of the best places to live in India listed above are fantastic choices.

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7 Best places to live in India & Kick-start your Career

What are the Best places to live in India

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