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8 distinctions exist between local shifting and intercity moving

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India is the second most populated country. A few professions, such as government employment, demand that professionals move from one city to another upon transferring their duty. Other professions in the private sector are no exception. Career-oriented individuals keep changing places for better positions or companies. They keep switching places within a city or between cities.

But it takes a lot of energy to change houses, especially when you are responsible for caring for your family. Fortunately, intercity movers and packers provide house-shifting services, saving time and effort.

The best way to proceed is to research your new locality and the best route before you choose a service. If you have an acquaintance or friend, you should consider seeking help as moving involves a lot after shifting your belongings. Besides, you can also ask for unpacking and setting up your new home at the intercity movers and packers you have chosen.

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Eight Distinctions Between Local Shifting and Intercity Moving

1. Local shifting is a day affair, whereas intercity move takes up to 15 days

Local shifting involves moving items over a shorter distance between the locations within a city. Hence, it takes less time to travel. However, the duration depends on the type of city. Metropolitan cities, such as Bangalore and Delhi, offer heavy road traffic, and a lot of time goes wasted halting at the red light. Therefore, it may take almost a whole day to shift the items. In contrast, moving within less populated cities takes a lot less time, like hours. Intercity movers and packers, while working in busy cities, the traffic dynamics and plan accordingly to carry out smoothly.

Moving between cities takes more time due to the longer distance, and it also depends on the road traffic density of the cities. If the cities have heavy traffic, exiting the initial city consumes more time, while road traffic in the destination city consumes time reaching the location. Movers’ and packers’ intercity plan meticulously by considering all these factors. They figure out the timeline based on the hours of heavy traffic and the opposite and plan on departure time.

2. Lower cost for local shifting

Local shifting costs less than intercity moving as an ideal case. But moving within a city with dense road traffic is costlier than relocating between cities located closer. Navigating through heavy traffic-stricken cities consumes more fuel as the vehicle needs frequent speed control. Potholes on ill-maintained roads are troublesome for wheels to maintain a constant pace. However, intercity movers and packers with well-maintained trucks may charge less than unreliable ones.

Relocating between far apart cities takes days to travel as the trucks are loaded with heavy items. Heavier the items collectively, the more the fuel requirement. Driving fast may cause damage to delicate objects. Therefore, it also needs more staff to take turns driving carefully and checking on the items. It adds to the expense of their food. While travelling on the highway, you will go through several tollgates, which levy taxes for using the roadway. Intercity movers and packers consider all these factors before fixing the total charge.

3. More planning for intercity moving

Local shifting is simpler than intercity moving mainly because of the shorter distance. The other reason is that there is little change in how the two localities function within the cities. You can pack your items, load them into the truck, and move to drive it to your new location. You do not need an elaborate plan on which road to take without fear of taking the wrong direction and travelling a long distance before you take the right turn to connect back to the pre-planned route.

In contrast, relocating between different cities requires extensive packing, route, and timeline planning. Items need careful packing as it is going through a long distance, and you need to know the quality of the roads. Low-maintained paths can cause damage to delicate objects if not packed with the required safety. A single wrong turn can cost you miles of distance in vain, as highways are poorly interconnected. You should also consider how different long paths are needed and the traffic density at different parts. Intercity packers and movers lay plans based on these factors to ensure they reach their destination by the promised time.

4. Stress level is more in intercity shifting

Leaving your pieces of stuff in the hands of someone, especially a stranger, is not a pleasant event. You would not feel much pressure while moving between the locations in the same city. Because you may already be familiar with the routes, have experience with traffic at different places, and know approximately how long the movement takes. Therefore, you can easily track the vehicle carrying your belongings. However, the problem would be moving all the family members together when the localities are significantly far away, like opposite city corners.

On the other hand, intercity shifting leaves you stressed as it is challenging to have a real-time track of the carrier. The problem is intense when you must cut the cost, but you must arrange another means to take your family. Some intercity movers and packers are generous to give you a discount that allows you to afford safer transport for your family. Meanwhile, you can travel with your belongings and make sure no damage occurs.

5. Need additional help on intercity move

You can learn more about your locality when you shift your house to the same city. Packing and shifting do not need extensive planning and involve only a few things to take care of. Therefore, local shifting allows a diversion of your focus towards knowing your neighbourhood and roaming around the area to spot basic amenities, such as groceries, schools for your kids, pharmacies, hospitals, care clinics, etc.

The scenario is the opposite in the case of intercity relocation, wherein you are in trauma over several things going on simultaneously. In addition, the city and neighbourhood are so new that you might feel alienated. Therefore, you need more time to acquaint yourself with the place, find all the necessary facilities, and get familiar with how things work there. You need all the help you can avail.

6. The scope of packing is high in intercity shifting

Packing needs to be explained. It is crucial to shift any space, including a house, office, or industry. The purposes of packing are to put small items in one container and give a protective covering against damages. It saves a lot of time moving back and forth to load and unload small items. Local shifting may not need intensive packing as it takes less time to transfer the items. But it is essential for intercity shifting as the travel itself is time-consuming. Besides, handling numerous materials strewn around causes a mess, and rearranging them in a new house becomes troublesome.

Different materials need a different degree of protection. While items made of metals may need simple cardboard or wooden cartons, the others made of sensitive, brittle materials, such as glass, need extra protection from paper or thick protective stuffing around them. Whether local shifting or intercity moving, packing sensitive items for protection is crucial, and jerking movements that impact them are inevitable in both cases. Intercity packers and movers pack meticulously for customer satisfaction. Unloading broken or damaged belongings is a terrible business.

7. Need for reassembling

The availability of a reassembling service depends on how many possessions need to be moved and the distance between the old and new locality. Intercity packers and movers, offering rearrangement options, may save a great fortune of time and effort. Relocation into a whole new city is a huge task. Hence, helping hands may allow you relief of focus on getting acquainted with the area and locating basic amenities like schools, pharmacies, hospitals, groceries, etc.

8. Restoring your memories

While moving intercity, it’s nearly impossible to freeze the memories that you have, from precious memories like extensive photographs to your child-painted art pieces. Moving things leads to breakage. The intercity movers and packers can quickly take care of this.


Hiring a truck and staff discreetly to move across the country from one city to another is nearly impossible when you have so many other things to handle. Intercity packers and movers help to take a burden off your shoulder. However, it is better to find the best, trustworthy service provider and make the most of it. They help you settle down in your new place faster.

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8 distinctions exist between local shifting and intercity moving

8 Distinctions exist between local shifting and intercity moving 01 1

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