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Assurance Policy by HappyLocate- We’ve Got You Covered!

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HappyLocate is a top-class relocation company in the industry that has a lot to offer from the best movers and packers to the best redressal system. To enhance customers’ moving experience and provide the utmost satisfaction we have come up with an assurance package that acts as icing on the cake to provide added safety to your belongings.

Wondering what is an “Assurance Program?” What are the benefits of an assurance program? All your questions are answered here in this post. So, read the article below and you will come to know why many of our customers opt for this program when they book a relocation with us!

What is the HappyLocate Assurance Program?

You may be aware that a good relocation company offers insurance that covers your belongings while in transit. We stick to this statement and bring you the most important service which is Transit insurance for covering damage or loss that may occur during house relocation, office relocation, and asset delivery. This implies that any damage to or loss of your possessions be adequately compensated in the event of a loss.

(Note: Before choosing coverage, it is important to review all that the policy covers.)

What is the need for an Assurance program?

Imagine hiring a company that doesn’t offer assurance coverage (transit insurance) and moving your items to a new location. You thought the damage which will be incurred during transit will be compensated by your Home insurance but you discover that your current policy doesn't cover the loss.

Not fair, right? Well, this is one of the main reasons HappyLocate offers an Assurance program that aims to safeguard and compensate for damages suffered during the transfer. Another reason for opting for an assurance program by HappyLocate is that you can benefit from it greatly. How? The answer will be discussed separately in this post, so keep reading...

Things to Know Before Opting for Assurance Program

a) The Transit insurance coverage also includes several exclusions, therefore it is crucial to study it carefully before choosing it. Both the inclusion and exclusion sections should be read and comprehended. On our website's FAQ page, a list of exclusions is conveniently available. Take up the coverage only if you agree with the information provided to prevent unwarranted shocks.

b) For the HappyLocate assurance program, a deductible of Rs. 1000 applies to insurance up to Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 3000 to insurance exceeding Rs. It will be the customer's responsibility to pay for the claim if it is made.

c) You must declare the value of your possessions 48 hours before packing to prevent any settlement or claim-related complications.

d) Do not declare the value of items like cash, perishables, valuable papers, jewelry, etc. as these are not covered by the policy, and it is advised that you carry these items yourself.

Benefits of the HappyLocate Assurance program

Free Cancellation

According to the HappyLocate assurance program, customers have 24 hours after booking to cancel their reservations free of charge. This implies that if for any reason you decide to cancel your reservation or decide you don't like our services, we will return the money.

A 3-Star Property Stay on Delays

Customers that book with HappyLocate and opt for transit insurance in the form of an assurance program will receive compensation if the shipment is delayed, which is another fantastic perk. Even though we always strive to deliver the shipment on time and provide the greatest moving experience, if your shipment is delivered late for whatever reason, we will compensate you with INR 500 for a shared container and INR 1000 for a dedicated container. T&Cs apply.

Easy Claims within 72 hrs

We have a strong reputation in the industry for timely deliveries and 96% damage-free relocation. Although some circumstances are out of our control, you have 72 hours to file a claim if your package is damaged or lost.

The customer may inspect the package upon delivery, notify their relocation manager of any damage within a specified timeframe, and following proof, receive claims or reimbursement for the damage.

Free Storage for up to 7 days

HappyLocate offers a 7-day free storage time benefit to its clients who opted for the assurance program. This implies that if you ever require a storage facility for all of your household items, such as when searching for a new residence, we will securely store them for 7 days and deliver them as necessary to the new site.


We assure you that your moving experience will be hassle-free and safe! And our assurance program will bring peace of mind and many benefits as discussed above. If you are planning to relocate with HappyLocate- don’t forget to opt for this wonderful package that safeguard your belongings and covers loss!

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Assurance Policy by HappyLocate- We’ve Got You Covered!

Assurance program - HappyLocate

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