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Before you pack and move into a new home, make these checks

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Everything from setting aside money for the relocation to organizing your new home can seem like an endless task list. Keep this checklist in mind before packing and moving into a new home. Your list of must-haves, must-avoids, and must-fixes continues to grow. These things will make your new home feel good and keep you and your family safe.

Before you pack and move into your new home make these checks 01

Checklists for Moving into a New House

1. New house dimensions

Be sure to review the house plan before you move in. Take accurate measurements of your home’s layout and furnishings. Plan out the layout of your new home and determine where each item will best fit. Thus, you’ll have a clearer picture of how to instruct the movers to set up your new home.

2. Switching over the utilities

Notify your utility companies of your impending move a few weeks in advance. While on the phone, set the times for your gas and electricity to be switched on and off. It would be best if you also got in touch with your cable company, internet service provider, and security system installer to arrange installation dates after you move in.

3. Having the suitable packing materials

Using defective or incorrect moving boxes is a major mistake. You may need a special moving box for your television, mirrors, and artwork. They may need to be packed by experts as well.

4. Boxes are being labeled

You’re making a massive error if you pack your stuff without marking the boxes. There should be no broken pieces in transit. Therefore be sure to mark all fragile products as such. It is also helpful to identify items with the names of the rooms where they will be kept, such as “kitchen,” “bathroom,” etc.

5. Gathering Necessary Items

Make sure to bring a bag with the necessities for the first few days in your new residence. Pack a few items of clothing, hygiene, basics for pets and babies, and any necessary medications in the suitcase.

6. Preparing to move

It is advisable to start organizing your home before you begin packing. Donate, sell, or pack away everything that won’t have a place in your new house. Before you move, have a sale if you have a lot of stuff you want to get rid. Relocating will be less hassle and cost you less money if you have fewer goods to transport.

7. Switching doctors or hospital

When relocating, it is essential to look for new medical services. Before you start looking for a new primary care physician in your new city, inquire with the one you currently see if they have any suggestions. If they need to know someone who would be a good fit, call your insurance company to see if they have a list of doctors that accept your plan.

8. Changing one’s residence

While packing and preparing for a move, it’s easy to lose track of time and forget to update your subscriptions and billing information. Still, if you want to avoid your mail being redirected and your credit cards being denied, you should change your address immediately.

9. Manage utility transfer and setup

First, you’ll need to ensure the plumbing, gas, and electricity are all set up before settling into your new house and becoming comfy. In some cases, you may be able to keep your current utility providers if you’re moving very little. Still, if you’re relocating to a new city, you’ll need to research the utility providers in your area. You should contact each utility company in advance (at least two to three weeks) to arrange for services at the new house, whether you’re shifting services or setting up a new service.

10. Collect all relevant paperwork

Keep in mind all those vital records you filed away years ago, i.e. Birth certificates, identification cards, health records, and insurance plans. It’s essential to destroy any old documents containing sensitive information before discarding them.

11. Check the household appliances

A new home may or may not have appliances like a refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove. If you’re a first-time homeowner who used to rent, you’ll want to budget for and install these expensive items before moving in. Even moving from one house to another, taking measurements and buying appliances that fit.

However, check your new home’s major appliances whether they’re working. Finally, check your appliances for damage once a moving company moves them. If you bought moving insurance, take photos of any damage so you may file a claim.

12. Take time off work

In the initial days of your move, you’ll unload a set of boxes, wait for deliveries, repairs, and installs, and be exhausted. Notifying your employer of your move allows you to schedule these appointments before returning to work.

13. Hire professional packers and movers

The right packers and movers will handle most of the moving, relieving half of your worry. Take inventory of your furnishings and inventory before contacting these services. After choosing a service provider, show the household items they will move and ask them how long it will take and how much it will cost. Finally, please give them a weekday morning appointment to avoid traffic and save money.

Moved into a New House

In other words, you’ve accomplished your goal! You have just moved into a new house. Getting settled in will take little time if you keep your expectations in check and work according to your plan.

1. Take your time with unpacking

Put only a little pressure on yourself to unpack everything on day one. You may relax while unpacking and arranging your new home if you’ve planned, properly labelled your boxes, and brought along all the necessities. Relax and take your time as you make this house a home for you and your family.

2. Install a home security system

When you move, installing a security system is a great time. Remember to contact your service provider or make the appropriate changes to your account if you have a system set up or are bound by a contract.

3. Completely change the Locks

Reinstalling the locks is a simple procedure that will give you peace of mind whether you do it yourself or hire a locksmith. Always choose the option of caution to avoid any unnecessary hassles.

4. Get to understand your place

Find the emergency shutoffs. It is essential to know where your water shutoff valves are in the event of a sudden leak or if you need to turn off the water supply while making repairs. Many residences and apartments have a variety of cut-off valves to halt the flow at its source. There are many sites to get familiar with — both within and perhaps outside your home.

5. Examine customized storage option

Suppose the square footage of your new home is insufficient for your needs. In that case, you may always create customizable storage solutions for your existing home. Please make the most of the room you’re in by remodeling. Transform unused space into a gym, office, or custom closet by renovating your kitchen’s cupboards or closets. All of them are crucial for establishing regular, beneficial habits.

6. Replacing the switch plates

Several changes may have been made to the house you’re considering buying. There may be a variety of incompatible buttons and switchboards. In addition, there may be several cracked, unclean, or discoloured switch plates. Getting new switch plates for every outlet in the house is a good idea because it establishes uniformity and refreshes the space.

7. Please protect it from pests

Take the time to buy a pest management spray if there is still some time before you have to move in. Once your belongings arrive, it’s going to take a lot of work to remove bugs.

8. Paint and have it cleaned by a professional

Cabinets, faucets, carpets, and countertops may all be readily cleaned with the help of a professional cleaner. Cleaning the home is easy if you paint it before you move. Painting an empty house is far more manageable than painting a fully furnished house.


With HappyLocate, you can quickly and easily connect with the most qualified local movers in your area. You can rest easy knowing that every moving company we work with is fully licensed and insured. Warm wishes for a successful relocation!

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Before you pack and move into a new home, make these checks

Before you pack and move into your new home make these checks 01

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