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Best place to buy moving boxes and supplies for the move

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Well you have decided to move. Now it’s time to hire a moving company and pack all your belongings. If you choose only transportation services for shifting items, then moving company will expect you to pack items and keep item ready for boarding in the truck on the moving day. You should know best place to buy moving boxes. Some questions that will hit your mind when you think about packing supplies and packing process are-  

  • Should I wrap them or hoard them aside?
  • Do I need to pack my kitchen and bedroom appliances separately?
  • What should I do about my paintings and books?
  • What about my delicate items ?
  • Do I need any materials to pack all these, or can I utilize my remaining art supplies(some cardboard sheets and sealing tapes)?
  • Where to get cheap moving boxes for packing?
  • Are there any best places to buy moving boxes?

Don’t worry about answers to these questions. We have cover it all. Scroll down to know about pre packing surveys, packing materials you need to assemble and some best places to buy moving boxes and other materials at cheap and affordable rates.

If you wish to have a planned and organized relocation then go through the process with care. Make sure your books, artworks, lavish articles, necessary appliances and dear furniture reach your new destination safely. Hence, come up with a comprehensive packing plan.

Scroll down to read about packing surveys, supplies, and where to get cheap moving boxes you need and how you must pack your dear and not-too-dear belongings.

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Pre Packing survey

  • Surveying is the primary step of any packing process. Survey your home to group the items you need to pack, restore, dissemble and even get rid of.
  • Survey each room (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) to avoid confusion. Select the things for the move that need to take to your new home.
  • Avoid packing things that you can easily purchase in your new destination. Hoarding everything would increase your pack load.
  • List of the small things and furniture separately that require disassembling and special packing.
  • Packing Artworks and essential articles with care.
  • Pack documents, agreements and essential paperwork into waterproof folders and seal them tightly.
  • You should carry jewelry, cash, precious stones or other valuables with you instead of shipping them with other articles. Therefore, once you have surveyed the items, list the supplies you need to pack them. 

The packing materials you need to pack your items

Bubble wrap

While the boxes are for packing, the bubble wrap is for protection. Bubble wraps are next in line of importance after cartoon boxes.

How to use it??

When packing your items, bubble wrap them to avoid damage. When too many articles are put into a box, bubble wrap saves them from friction and further damage. Also, bubble wraps are easily available to buy or you can use the saved bubble wraps from old packages. Hence, make sure to use them for securing your fragile items.

Packing boxes/ carton boxes

Carton boxes are the first picture that comes to mind when shifting. While we imagine the boxes, it does not include the sizes and types of these boxes.

  • Small-sized boxes can be used to pack decorative articles, pantry items, accessories etc.
  • Medium-sized boxes can be used to pack clothes, books, pots, vases and others.
  • You can use large sized boxes for packing pillows, bedspreads, bed sheets, and curtains.

Note: Only pack heavy items like television sets and heavy appliances into large-sized boxes if you don’t have any alternative.

It makes large-size boxes only heavier to carry. Also, remember that small items can be tucked into large boxes, and large items can be packed separately in a medium-sized box.

Telescope boxes

Telescope boxes can be a space to store and transport your LED television sets, mirror sets, dressing tables etc.

Lamp boxes

Lamp boxes are a perfect option for anyone protective of their lamps, vases, and table lights.

Packing peanuts

While packing peanuts is only to fill empty spaces in the box but it does more than that. Filling the empty box with packing peanuts avoids shaking and damaging the articles. Additionally, as these peanuts are made of polyethene, they save the article from any water threats and seal it airtight!

Plastic wrap/ Shrinking wrap

Plastic wrap has multiple uses. It can wrap items around and even around the packing boxes. Being wrapped around plastic makes the packing durable, airtight and waterproof.

Packing paper

It is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap and plastic wraps. Packing paper comes in paper rolls that can be used wrapped around the articles. Some moving companies prefer packing paper to plastic wraps. You can even use old newspapers and recycled papers as an alternative to packing paper.

Heavy duty tapes

Though everyone has tape at home, it’s advisable to buy heavy-duty tape for moving purposes. Home-use tapes come off quickly, and you want to avoid the same thing happening to your packed boxes.Tape the boxes properly to make them airtight and seal-proof.

Packing labels

Packing labels let you define ‘ what’ and ‘ to where ‘ the purpose of each box. Labeling the boxes about their contents, destination, and notes(if any) can save you from speculation and mishandling.

Mattress covers

Since your mattress cannot fit easily into a box, consider buying a mattress cover. These covers can save your mattress from dust, dirt and moisture. Remember, a suitable mattress amounts to a comfortable sleep!

Wardrobe boxes

If you own a cloth clutter, go for wardrobe boxes to fit in all your clothes. These boxes help you carry clothes along with their hangers and accessories.

Furniture covers

Packing beds, sofas, recliners, chairs, tables, etc., into a box, can be arduous. Instead, disassemble them and cover them with furniture covers made for this purpose. It will ensure their journey into your new home is safe and sound!

Packing blankets

Packing blankets are clothes that are used to wrap around furniture. It can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to furniture covers. They give a thicker and more durable coverage to intricate furniture than furniture covers.

Wooden crates

Wooden crates ensure the safe holding of delicate artwork and paintings. Crates are a reliable option when you have expensive items to be transported. These crates can be custom designed to match your requirements.

Plastic bins

These are exclusive bins to transport articles between long distances and offer weather protection and humidity control for the articles.

Corrugated sheets

Corrugated sheets are durable and shock-absorbing alternatives to packing paper. These sheets can either be wrapped around an article or kept in between items tucked into large boxes.

Toolbox, Scissors, tape dispenser and box cutters

Remember an essential tools kit to fix minor damages while packing. Small things like Scissors, tape guns and box cutters will save you in a big way while packing.

Ziploc bags

These waterproof bags can carry your documents, paperwork or small articles.

Dish packs

Dish packs can be employed to wrap and carry exclusive kitchenware and appliances.

Straps & ropes

Attaching straps and ropes to heavy boxes will make them easy to drag, carry and shift.

Where to buy cheap moving boxes??

Scroll down to find the best places for buying moving boxes.


An easy place to buy these packing supplies is IKEA stores. As a home decor-selling enterprise, IKEA can offer perfect boxes and materials to pack each of your belongings.

Online store

Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and many other online Shopping stores sell packing supplies and house-moving kits. Order them online to avoid the hassle of offline supplies hunting.


Apps like the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, Letgo, and OfferUp have a resale of used packing supplies. Check these out to buy packing supplies for one-time use.

Carton store or supermarket

If you wish to find supplies in your neighborhood, visit nearby recycling units, paper hoarders and supermarkets that sell off used carton boxes and bubble wraps.

Ask your moving company

Ask your moving company if they provide any packing supplies (like plastic bins and insulated containers). It would make your supply hunt easier.

You can buy some packing supplies and pack all the items you have. Sometimes you must choose between the available and affordable ones and sometimes between safe and eco-friendly ones. Packing choices can be made, lists can be customized, and packed items can be efficiently narrowed down.

Therefore, all you have to ensure is that you pack the correct item into the right boxes to ensure minimal damage and safe relocation.

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Best place to buy moving boxes and supplies for the move

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