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Bike Shifting: How to Disassemble and Reassemble Your Bike?

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Bike shifting or bike relocation is a challenging task. It takes a lot to transport it safely to the desired destination. While relocation can be a daunting task, the relocation of your bike along with your belongings can wreak havoc if not done methodologically. Packers and movers in Mumbai, Delhi, etc. help you to transport your bike to your destination safely. There are various stages in which the bike needs to be assembled and disassembled before and after loading.

Bike Shifting: How to Disassemble and Reassemble Your Bike

The Process of Disassembling a Bike

Step 1

The first and foremost step is to Deflate your tires. The tires can be deflated using tools like wrenches. The wrenches can also be handy while removing accessories that must be removed due to them sticking out of the bike’s frame. These accessories may include things like bottle holders and lights.

Step 2

The next step is to Remove the pedal carefully. The pedals have to be removed with some technical knowledge. Sound packers and movers in Chennai, Mumbai, etc. are the best way to deal with specialized knowledge.

Step 3

The third step is to Take off the seat post. The small wrench used to remove the pedals can also remove the seat post. The seat post should be revised carefully, as mishandling might damage the fabric of the seat post. The nuts and bolts used to secure the seat should be kept in a separate bag and packed in the main box. Label the packet, as it is difficult to procure the tiny nuts and bolts if lost.

Step 4

The next step is to release the cable ends of the brakes carefully. Brakes are essential to the whole biking experience and ensure appropriate road safety.

Step 5

A bike cannot be a carrier with the brakes, so the front brakes must be removed before loading the bike. A wrench removes the bike’s brakes, and the washers and bolts should be secured in transparent and labeled plastic bags.

Step 6

When placing the bike into the carrier, the handlebars become an impediment. As a result, the handlebars must be removed. The handlebars must be removed since the stem keeps them in place. To avoid losing the handles, the bolts should be gently loosened. The Allen wrench should be used to loosen the branch’s fasteners. For the handlebar to come off, you must unbolt the screws. Insert the bolts into the storage bag.

Step 7

The front wheel is loosened by unscrewing the release mechanism. The rear wheel can be left as it is and needs to be disabled.

The whole process of assembling or disassembling a bike is tedious. Boxing your bike up is a job that needs precision and professionalism. Hiring the best Packers and movers is highly recommended to help you relocate the motorcycle safely. HappyLocate is the best packers and movers company for relocation purposes.

The shipping or the process of packing up your bike can be harassing in terms of packing and unboxing. Hiring a professional company like HappyLocate takes the burden off your head by using the best techniques to transport your bike.

The Different Stages of Assembling a Bike

1. Unboxing

Assembling a bike from a box is an easy task if done correctly. The first and foremost thing to assemble a bike is to carefully unbox it. Tools like screwdrivers should be kept handy while unboxing the bike. Also, before unboxing it, check which side is right before slitting the box open. Wearing gloves is optional, but a good idea to protect your hands from the dust and unnecessary particles in the box.

Usually, the bike’s front and handlebars are unscrewed before packing them for transportation. The unpackaging of the parts is critical, as losing any amount would be unnecessary trouble.

2. Tools

A basic set of tools is required to assemble the bike after the transportation. The right toolset is needed depending on the brand and the material of the cycle. The right toolset ensures the proper assembling of the bike.

3. Attach the seat post

The seat generally is loosened and packed separately. The seat needs to be reinstalled during the bike assembly after the relocation. Appropriate tools are used to fix the center correctly to avoid any accidents.

4. Attach the handlebar

After the seat comes to the handlebar, it is essential to attach it to the correct alignment. The bars of the handle have to be kept in straight alignment to avoid any accidents caused due to the incorrect alignment of the handlebar.

5. Insert the front wheel

The next step would be inserting the front wheel, which can be tricky. The wheel alignment is essential for the proper navigation of the bike, so it needs to be fixed with the appropriate tool system and by an expert.

6. Inflate the tires

The next step in the line is to inflate the deflated tires. The tires of the bike are always deflated when they are loaded in the carrier vehicle. This ensures the longevity of the cycle. The tires are usually inflated with a pump, and the pressure is checked with the pressure machine before getting the bikes on the road.

7. Install pedals

Greasing and installation of your bike’s pedals might take some time. Some carrier companies do not take off the pedals; hence, only a little has to be done in this area.

8. Final checks

After all the installations, a final check is mandatory to see, as during the assembly; some errors might happen.

Why HappyLocate?

Apart from being a pioneer in the relocation industry HappyLocate is one company that
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Bike Shifting: How to Disassemble and Reassemble Your Bike?

Bike Shifting: How to Disassemble and Reassemble Your Bike

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