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Bike Shifting Made Easy: Tips and Tricks For a Smooth Move

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Bike Shifting Made Simple: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Move
Bike Shifting Made Simple: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Move

The idea of shifting your bike might seem easy at first. You might have to cover your bike and ship it to your new destination in a vehicle carrier. It seems simple, doesn’t it?

But in the real world, bike shifting might be as easy as it is open to errors, damages, and complications. As you have looked up the process to shift your bike safely rather than just based on guesswork, here are some tips to make it safe and hassle-free.

Tips for Moving Your Bike Without Movers

Can you pull off bike shifting without movers? No worries, here are some tips to take advantage of all the details while relocating your bike yourself.

Bike inspection

Inspecting your bike might seem strange initially, and you might feel it is optional. But shifting your motorcycle can be much easier if it’s in good condition and free from dents and damage.

Imagine skipping inspection and finding your bike broken as soon as you land in your new place. Then you not only have to worry about the source and reason for vehicle breakdown but also have to spend your new day post relocation repairing it. Not an ideal start, isn’t it?

Hence it seems a much better alternative to inspect your bike for any dents, damages, mileage, tires, and brakes.

Diagnosing the problem would make repairing and taking home a ready bike easier.

Bike registration and re-registration

While conducting a bike inspection, remember to glance at the bike registration documents. Look out for expired documents and keep them updated.

Shifting your bike across states or even cities draws some legal obligations on the vehicle owner. You must obtain a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the nearest RTO. You should start the process by filling out RTO forms 27 and 28.

If you are planning on moving to a new state or country, make sure your bike is registered again in the new location.

Apart from this, you need to have ready copies of the Bike registration certificate (RC) and Certificate of Emission Test. If you have any outstanding loans or credit payments against the bike, inform the creditor about the bike relocation.

Bike insurance

A significant document of the bike relocation process is having a valid and updated insurance policy for the bike. Take a careful look at the bike insurance policy of your vehicle.

Insurance policies on 2-wheelers depend on the geographical location in which the vehicle is registered. For example, bike insurance policies for cars registered in coastal regions or hilly areas demand higher premiums due to the high rate of damage risk to the vehicle. Notify the insurance provider about the bike relocation.

You might still be tempted to neglect vehicle insurance, but it indeed acts as an intangible protection for your bike against any damages. Hence do not take it lightly.

Bike toolkit

Never miss a bike toolkit while preparing for a bike shift. Be it short fixes during bike inspection or severe damages that you have to outsource to a mechanic, keeping a bike toolkit around is advisable. In this way, any significant injuries can be fixed faster, lest it should prolong your bike relocation.

Bike trailers

How about finding something concrete to hold your bike in the truck rather than just leaning it against the truck side ?

While looking for a vehicle to shift your bike, preferably look for one that provides bike trailers during transit. Bike trailers can provide customized standing space for your bike, with wheel chocks and ramps to load and unload the vehicle into the truck.

Bike packing and covering

Even though you are packing the bike yourself, make sure to give it a professional touch. Here are some pointers you could use while packing your motorcycle for the shift. Wrap side mirrors with bubble wrap or cushion sheets to avoid friction and cracking.

Take note while disassembling any accessories from your bike. Remove any accessories (like side box, mobile holders, etc.) attached to the bike and reduce the shift load. Secure the parts in labeled coverings and keep them within reach. On the safer side, try to use a guide panel or manual to follow the dismantling procedure.

Empty the fuel tank at all costs. You could keep aside some fuel to use after bike shifting but leaving the power in the tank is not advisable (as fuel is highly flammable and reactive to excess heat)

Give a plastic covering to the bike. It can act as a shield against moisture, weather changes, etc. If you are worried about frictional damages and scratches, consider wrapping a furniture blanket around your bike. It may look soft outside but shield your bike against hard surfaces.

Bike Transit

Since you are relocating the bike without professional movers, the transit phase may be overwhelming. Double-check the vehicle you have selected for shifting your bike.
Make sure to hire a verified truck owner/driver for bike shifting. Be aware of the transit route decided for the bike shifting and discuss the delivery date and possible delays or emergencies that might occur during the transit. Obtain clear contact information from the driver/contractor that can keep you updated about the transit.


Who knows the bike better than you, and giving them clear and detailed info helps. Sharing the information helps the company take care of the Bike per your specific needs. For example, specifications like a loose mirror stand can help carriers take care of it and avoid further damage if the center stand is open, whether the mirrors require special maintenance, or if there is something else they should be aware of. The best idea is to give instructions to the company before you finalize your relocation services.

Tips for Moving Bike Through Movers

Hiring bike movers

You might think twice before hiring movers for bike relocation, but if you need a cross-country move/interstate move, then it’s best handled by professional packers and movers in Delhi or Mumbai.

Firstly verify the service providers through registration, ratings and reviews, and social presence through their official website.

Secondly, compare the price quotes sent by different packers and movers. Find out the most reasonable costing plan for you. Enquire about the possibility of any hidden charges in the bill.
Thirdly, try to obtain binding estimates(estimates not subject to price hikes on a moving day) from the movers. It will help you with the final invoice.

Bike Transit insurance

Do sign up for transit insurance for bike relocation from the movers. Transit insurance can cover any damages to your bike during transit by the movers. It acts as an additional protection apart from the professional packing offered by the movers.

Bike tracking

Preferably, select the packers and movers who offer live shipment tracking of the shift load.
With this facility, you can keep track of the path, duration, and delays (if any) in your bike relocation.

Receiving your bike

Before handing in the bike to movers, take an image /video record of the pre-existing damages of dents, scratches, or any other malfunctions in the cycle. It will help you distinguish it from any damages that might occur during transit.

Post receiving your bike from the movers, unwrap it, and check its condition soon after delivery. Most of the damage compensation policy of the movers is open only for a few hours after the delivery; hence you cannot delay the post-post-delivery survey of your bike.

Relocating Your Bike: Self vs. Movers

Benefits of moving the bike by yourself

Cost saving -Cost cutting is the primary benefit of bike shifting without the help of movers.
First-hand care -Truly, you need help to handle your bike. Relocating the motorcycle without the movers allows you to pack, protect and transmit it in the best way possible.

Benefits of hiring movers for bike relocation.

Bike relocation by movers might cost less than you generally estimate. Hire the best packers and movers in Bangalore, Delhi, etc. for professional, hassle-free bike relocation at the lowest costs and the customer service.




Bike Shifting Made Easy: Tips and Tricks For a Smooth Move

Bike Shifting Made Simple: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Move

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