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Bike Shifting: The Ins and Outs of Moving Your Bike

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Shifting your new two-wheeler is a tedious task in case of a city relocation. It’s an ongoing question of how the bike shifting will take place safely. Sometimes relocation can come unannounced due to professional and personal reasons. In such circumstances, leaving your much-cherished belongings behind is sometimes impossible. Instead of panicking, choosing the best packers and movers in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. can help you relax and be stress-free. Therefore, visit the website of HappyLocate, which provides impeccable services for bike relocation.

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Process of Bike Relocation

The process of bike relocation can be tedious, but if done meticulously can be done quickly. The following steps can be taken to carry out the process of relocation:

  • Research the company that you want to finalize for your relocation services
  • Read their policies thoroughly
  • Fill out the form that states your requirements very aptly
  • Get in touch with the company’s executive

Tips to Consider During Bike Shifting

Below are the essential relocation tips for moving your bike-

1. The Relocation Period

The packers and movers company suggests finding the main objective behind the relocation. Suppose the relocation is done for a shorter duration. In that case, the company offers not to undergo the tedious formality of transferring the papers, but if it is extended over more than a year, then the courtesy needs to be done. Although the process seems boring and long, the packers and movers in Delhi, Bangalore, etc. have all their hearts out to help you with the relocation.

2. NOC

Getting the NOC or No Objection Certificate is imperative before bike relocation. Usually, the NOC is a crucial document obtained from the registered RTO to ensure no pending amounts are to be cleared in the bike’s name. A NOC from the traffic department is also necessary to make sure that there are no traffic challan payments due.

Another mandatory NOC is one from the bank. This document is to ensure that there are no pending bank loans. The final NOC is from the department of police to ensure there are no ongoing cases on the bike, and the bike relocation can be done legally.

3. Essential Documents

While relocating the two-wheeler, a lot of paperwork needs to be done. When you hire professional packers and movers they give you a list of essential documents and advise you to keep them handy. The list includes important documents such as:

  • Forms number 27 from the RTO for the bike
  • Form number 28 from RTO for the two-wheeler
  • Registration Certificate of the two-wheeler
  • Insurance policy of the two-wheeler
  • certificate of pollution check

The company keeps one copy of the documents with them, and the other is given to the customers. Relocation is tricky, and one might lose a few things among a hundred others. Hence the first and formats tip is to make copies of these documents in case one loses the originals.

4. The Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

The two-wheeler insurance policy is a vital document that needs to be carried out in case of relocation. The insurance premium has to do a lot with the geographical conditions. Unfavorable terrains have much to do with a hike in insurance premiums. The packers and movers company helps you to update the insurance policy in case of relocation for a higher duration. It is quite possible to get involved in some road mishaps; in that case, it’s always advisable to have your insurance policy with you so immediate help can be recovered.

5. Two-wheeler Re-registration

Every new city or state has rules that differ from the old town. The two-wheeler needs to be re-registered in case of a new city. A NOC from the previous town needs to be submitted to the RTO in the new city else there would be a heavy challan imposed. For example, if you are relocating from Pune to Mumbai, packers and movers in Pune will help you prepare papers and support the submission process in the RTO in Mumbai.

6. Enclosed or Open Carrier Service

Various companies provide open and closed carrier services. The bike may be harmed by heat and other weather conditions in an open carrier transport system. This may result in damaging the bike. The option of a carrier system is cheaper, but it’s a risky system. Professionals are mostly inclined towards a closed carrier system to avoid unnecessary harm to the two-wheeler. While the company provides you with an option to choose from any automation system, it’s advisable to go with the company’s experience and advice in the field for years.

Why Choose HappyLocate?

Moving a two-wheeler to a different location can be a daunting task. Along with the sentiments of leaving your city behind, there is also a burden of knowing the new town. And every city comes with its own set of rules and regulations for your vehicles. It can be a tedious task to know about all the regulations and processes. You can be legally challenged if you flout any law. So, to help you out, HappyLocate is the best company. Apart from taking care of all the rules and regulations, they put their heart and soul into transporting your two-wheeler safely.

Take Away

The relocation of vehicles, especially two-wheelers, is problematic as it’s easier to shift them with the complete guide of the relocation process and the correct information about the new city. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire companies like HappyLocate for your relocation purpose and keep the points mentioned above in your mind. The company eases the entire process and makes it stress-free relocation experience for you. In case you need any further information, contact us at HappyLocate.


Bike Shifting: The Ins and Outs of Moving Your Bike

The Ins and Outs of Moving Your Bike

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