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Bike Transportation-How to Insure Your Bike During Shipping

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Traveling without any insurance is the riskiest aspect of any trip. You can be robbed, stranded, or suffer any loss without one bearing the obligation to compensate you for the losses. A similar situation arises when you decide on bike transportation and shifting without insurance. Many internal, external, human, and natural factors are at play that are capable of incurring damage to your bike. Though you cannot cushion it against all the cracks, you can at least take steps to get compensated for any injuries that occur during bike transportation.

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Types of Transit Insurance Services

Well, transit insurance for bike transportation comes in various forms, and you can choose the one that works best for you and your bike.

1. One-time transit insurance

This transit insurance covers your bike/vehicle during a single transit. Individuals transporting their bikes/cars for personal and domestic use can sign up for this insurance. It is a good option if you are planning self-bike transportation.

2. Open transit insurance

Open/multiple transit insurance covers your bike for numerous trips. If you are planning frequent bike transportation, available transit insurance might work better than signing up for one-time transit insurance for every trip. Moreover, this insurance is suitable for businesses handling bike and vehicle transportation frequently.

3. Third-party transit insurance

This insurance option covers your vehicle while a third-party carrier service is transporting your bike. Even though the carrier service does not provide any transit insurance, you can insure your bike through third-party transit insurance.

4. Self transit insurance

What if you are planning the self-transportation of your bike? Worried you might have to bear the expenses for unintended damages. With self-transit insurance(insurance that covers your vehicle during transportation by the owner), you can transport your bike stress-free.

5. Overnight insurance

What if you need insurance to cover your vehicle just during a night of critical transit? Well, overnight transit insurance can do the job for you.

How to Buy Transit Insurance For Your Bike?

Expecting you to decide on the type of transit insurance accompanying your bike transportation, here are some pointers that can help you tread the insurance process.

1. Through movers/insurance service providers

Some packers and movers in Bangalore and Kolkata offer the best transit insurance services. Some movers provide transit insurance as a part of their vehicle relocation contract. While some movers keep it optional, others demand compulsory transit insurance during bike /vehicle transportation. If you are planning bike transportation through packers and movers, it’s best to buy the transit insurance they offer as a part of their damage compensation policy.

However, if you self-transport your bike, you can contact motor insurance providers to insure your motorcycle during shipping. Insurance service providers offer a wide range of insurance options and perks.

2. Bike inspection and paperwork

Every insurance process has a mandatory survey to assess the pre-insurance condition of your vehicle. It ensures that the insurance covers only the damages incurred after signing up for it. Make sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions of insurance before signing the paperwork. Insurance policies are particular about the period, premium payments, and insurance coverage amount. Missing out on any crucial details will only work against you during the claiming process.

3. Value evaluation

Take a careful look at the value inspection of your vehicle. A thorough review of your vehicle is done to determine the percentage of insurance coverage liable to be compensated in case of damages. While some insurers offer fixed compensation rates, some offer customized compensation based on your vehicle’s condition.

4. Record keeping

Once you have signed up for transit insurance, it’s time to save and secure the Double-check that you have both an online and offline copy of the insurance documents. As a precaution, keep a personal record of your bike before covering it under transit insurance. It can be a video or image proof specifically shot before the insurance policy; Such evidence can help you readily claim damages that have occurred after signing up for the insurance.

Other Ways to Secure Your Bike During Transportation

While transit insurance is the best precaution to save your vehicle from perpetual damage, there are different ways to ensure your bike transportation.

1. Choosing the right movers

Choosing the right movers is the best way to have the safest bike transportation. Packers and movers usually provide packing, insurance, transit, logistics services, customer support, and other perks for vehicle relocation. Hiring packers and movers might be the best option if you are looking for all the bike transportation facilities in a single window. Carrier services provide first-party transit services required for your bike. Make sure you hire verified carrier services for your bike transportation.

2. Opting for bike trailers

If you are self-transporting your bike without movers, then choosing bike trailers is one of the safest equipment for it. Bike trailers hold a bike in position with metal changes to secure the wheels and ramp to load and unload the bike into it. Choosing a bike trailer can secure your bike against collision, scratches, and frictional damages in the vehicle/truck.

3. Live shipment tracking

Live shipment tracking is a way to keep tabs on your vehicle during transit. It is easier to keep track of damages or delays that might occur to your bike during transit. Choosing bike transportation services that offer live shipment tracking of the transit can give you access to the duration and progress of the transit. Suppose the bike transportation services do not provide live tracking perks. In that case, you can discuss the transit route and manner(whether single or multiple vehicles transit at a time)to anticipate the delays and roadblocks that might occur during the transit.

4. Damage compensation policy

While a damage compensation policy might seem the same as transit insurance, it is not. While transit insurance is optional, damage compensation is a facility offered by packers and movers as an obligation to restore and compensate the damages incurred on the goods during the transit process. While damage compensation is a broader umbrella, transit insurance is a part of it.
Some of the best packers and movers in Delhi, Mumbai, etc. offer a combination of transit insurance and damage compensation policy to ensure the safest possible bike transportation.

5. Dismantling and packing

A significant way of securing your bike during transportation is to make it less vulnerable to damage. To take such precautions, you must prepare your bike for the move. Take out any dangling accessories or add-ons on your bike that may easily fall off during transportation. It includes a carrier box, seat covers, and extra mirrors. Petrol is a highly volatile and combustible fuel. Make sure you empty your bike’s fuel tank before you ship it off for transit. Give a protective covering for your bike with customized bike covers available for transportation. Consider cushioning delicate parts like side mirrors or handles with furniture blankets for added protection.

Bottom Line

Though not a legal requirement, transit insurance is an ill-avoidable option during bike transportation. It can provide you compensation against accidents, theft, loading and unloading, packing and unpacking damages to your bike. It is customizable, suiting the condition of your bike and transit. Hence, ensure your bike during shipping to have safe and hassle-free bike transportation.

Bike Transportation-How to Insure Your Bike During Shipping

How to Insure Your Bike During Shipping-01

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