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Car Relocation: What to Expect During the Process?

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Do you intend to relocate to a new area soon? Moving from one place to another is naturally stressful, and car relocation may be complicated. To prepare for the resettlement, you must complete various pre-move tasks such as purchasing requisite packaging material, labeling supplies, grouping through household items and clearing useless things, and so on. But above all, moving a car is far more complicated.

Car Relocation: What to Expect During the Process

Doesn’t this look exhausting?

Do you wish to develop stress-free and time-efficient car relocation and transportation plans? If yes, read further without any further delay.

About Car Relocation and Related Aspects

Moving a car from one location to another is a significant issue. Whether you are migrating on short notice or purchasing a vehicle from someone living in a distant city of the nation, there may be times when driving the automobile to your new destination could be difficult.

In such cases, having your vehicle delivered through the services of packers and movers in Bangalore or any other city can save you significant money, time, and hassle. Whether you decide to move the automobile yourself or hire a professional carrier, you must prepare it to preserve it in decent form and free of damages.

The Steps to Anticipate During the Car Shifting Procedure

Step -1

Auto transport providers should provide you with a no-obligation, no-cost quote for shipping an automobile. Whether you contact a representative or fill out an application online, the automobile shipping firm will inquire about your shipment requirements, such as your contact information, type of automobile transportation, car condition, etc.

Once your quotation is calculated, you will be allowed to save it or book it immediately. If you book directly, an agent will most likely contact you to confirm all the details and assist you in preparing to send a car.


Making sure your automobile is ready for pickup is critical and will involve some forethought, so begin far ahead of the appointed day. Some firms will demand the required documentation to transport your car, while others may not, so have everything prepared. Once your vehicle is ready to travel, wait for the agreement collection date to approach.


When the carrier is on his way to approach, he will contact you to let you know when he expects to arrive so you can arrange your car and be present. When the transporter comes, he will complete an assessment that may include a paperwork checklist and photos. This is to record your vehicle’s condition during pick up.

He will then transfer your car onto the truck. The truck may be an open-air carrier or a covered vehicle, depending on the car relocation service you opt for. The shipper will begin his journey to your selected destination after securing the car on the carrier.


You will be in continual interaction with your vehicle’s transporter and an employee of the car shipping firm while your car is on the roadway and all through the transportation process. This way, one can monitor the truck and estimate when and where the carrier will leave your automobile.


Before your automobile is transported, the chauffeur will contact you with an approximate arrival time so you can plan accordingly. You will continually communicate with the auto shipping firm as your vehicle travels to its destination.


When everything is in working order, the chauffeur will leave your vehicle unloaded and drop it off wherever you like. After unloading your car, the driver will perform another thorough inspection and picture it. You should have both versions of the prior and subsequent inspection lists to see if any damage happened during the shipment. If you see any damage, please call an agent right once.

Tips for Preparing Car Relocation

1. Car cleaning deeply

Before transferring the car prepare it for the move, properly clean it and remove any dirt. Car dust and grime may readily conceal scrapes and dents. With a washed car, you can quickly identify any damage while transporting it to the location.

2. Defective parts must be secured

Relocating your automobile to a new area will require a lot of time and a significant amount of movement. Check your automobile thoroughly for loosened items and components prone to damage, and tighten them before moving. You may keep your car safe during the car relocation process by removing specific automotive accessories such as fog lights, headlights, antennae, and so on.

3. Remove any personal belongings from the vehicle

Things in your automobile may be flung around while your vehicle is bumped during transit. Personal items, speakers, gadgets, chargers, etc., must be removed from the car.

4. Do not refuel

Loading the tank to the brim while transporting it via vehicle is not advisable. Instead, merely fill about 1/4 of the capacity. Not only will it minimize the car’s excessive weight, but it will also reduce the danger during shipment.

5. Close the car doors and windows

There is no need to open the car once it is carried onto the transport truck until it arrives at its destination. Secure the windows and doors to reduce the possibility of theft during car relocation.

6. Ship your vehicle during the off-season

Summer is the busiest season for shipping businesses, which charge exorbitant rates. For moving companies, it is preferable to transfer well before the off-season. It is also a good idea to avoid driving on vacations and month-ends, as this is when most people relocate. The rest of the days are ideal for relocation as you can take advantage of discounts and readily find relocation services.

7. Examine the inflation pressure

Inadequately or over-inflated tires are just as dangerous in transit as on the roadway. While shifting, it is always advisable to maintain proper tire pressure. Improper tire pressure may increase the chance of tire damage during loading and unloading.

8. Examine for leaks

Check your automobile’s underside for leaks before placing it onto the transportation truck. If the vehicle has any severe leaks, repair them before relocating day, as the car relocation service provider may be reluctant to relocate the automobile.


Moving the vehicle to your new location may appear challenging. However, it is critical to equip your car before moving it to ensure maximum safety and minimize unnecessary damage. When it comes to car relocation, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Communicating with a shipping business is a significant undertaking that can be costly depending on your vehicle, location, and mode of transportation. Fortunately, most automobile shipping firms adhere to the same structural formula, so you understand what to expect.

Keep your worries at bay by entrusting the relocation of your vehicle to a competent moving company like HappyLocate, the best packers and movers in Mumbai and many other cities. They take necessary steps and use specialized trucks to deliver dependable and secure car transfer services unlike other car transportation company.

Car Relocation: What to Expect During the Process?

Car Relocation: What to Expect During the Process

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