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Car Transportation: The Pros and Cons of Shipping Your Car

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Relocations are common in professional life and might be difficult for you. Apart from the stress of relocation, car transportation can be daunting. If the relocation process is done for a few months, you should leave your favorite car behind, but it cannot be left unattended just in case the relocation is for more months. Hiring packers and movers in Mumbai, Pune, etc. will save you from the troubles you may face during relocation.

Car Transportation: The Pros and Cons of Shipping Your Car

Pros of Car Transportation

There are various advantages and disadvantages associated with car transportation. Besides choosing the best company for relocating your vehicle or for your car transportation, Hiring a certified packers and movers company has its pros and cons. A few advantages and disadvantages are listed below-

1. Being professional

Hiring a specific packers and movers company makes the car transportation process easy. The company professionals are well aware of the rules and regulations connected with the transportation system and hence help determine the best way and model to transport your car.

Heaps of legal formalities and documentation must be taken care of while car transportation. Professional companies allow you to fulfill the introductory formalities, like getting the NOCs from various departments. They also help in getting your vehicles registered in the destination city.

2. Affordability

While most of us think that transporting the vehicle on our own would cost us less but on the contrary, hiring a company makes the whole relocation process cheaper. The carrier drivers are well aware of the shortest and the safest routes, and that helps in saving fuel. Hence it saves the cost of fuel, bringing down the overall cost of the relocation.

3. Stress free transportation

Relocation is associated with many stress factors, including the transportation of your vehicles. Apart from it being heavy on the sentiments, it can also be heavy on your pocket. The certified companies ensure stress-free rides by ensuring your car reaches the desired destination in the best condition.

4. Insurance policies

A vehicle must be insured before it is relocated to a new city. Getting the insurance papers ready needs a lot of effort and time, and hiring an auto transport company helps to save both time and energy, which is otherwise wasted on getting the vehicle’s insurance papers.

5. Flexible schedules

Transport companies usually have a flexible schedule and adjust according to your wishes and comfort. They are also flexible with the payment terms and help save the hassle of on-time payment.

6. Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading are both critical phases in the shifting process. Both methods lead to maximum breakage or damage, so professionals should do them. Hiring a professional company ensures that the loading and unloading process is done with utmost care and minimum or no damage is guaranteed.

CONs of Car Shipping

1. Fuel expense

Most of the packers and movers companies that relocate cars ask to fill the fuel tank. They do it because sometimes they have to run the vehicle on the roads. This happens at your expense, and you end up paying for the fuel. Also, these companies ask you to drop the car at their receiving point, which might be far from your location. It may incur an extra cost because of the fuel that goes into driving to the destination.

2. Damages

Relocation companies provide open and closed carrier systems. While open carriers may cost less, fast pages may cost extra. People majorly choose available pages due to the lower cost incurred. But selecting an open carrier would also mean that there could be damage to the vehicle. Bumpy roads might jerk the car, and it may lose parts that need to be tied correctly. The car’s color can be damaged due to dust and direct sunlight exposure. Our country sees unpredictable weather at times which might also threaten vehicles.

3. Lack of sufficient knowledge

Sometimes companies need to stick to their promises of transporting your vehicle safely. They might add many points to the list of things they would do but might withdraw at the last minute. This creates tumult when you need to see the promises being fulfilled. The lack of knowledge from the company’s end may also lead the carrier company to take unknown routes, which could prove detrimental to the vehicle.

Before you finalize a career company, having enough knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages listed above is a good idea.

Therefore make sure to go through the terms and conditions laid by the various companies before you make the final payments. Amongst the multiple companies mushrooming Indian relocation markets, happy locate has earned a pretty good name and has kept up to its promise of delivering the vehicle without any damage and on time.

Why HappyLocate?

Apart from being a pioneer in the relocation industry, HappyLocate is one company that keeps up to its promise of being on time and working with utmost professionalism. The customer reviews listed on the website are a witness to their impeccable reputation.

They are the most affordable company for relocation services and put their heart and soul into transporting your vehicle to the desired location. The company uses the best technology in its transportation trucks and packaging materials for wrapping the fragile parts. Contact their website to book an appointment with the executive; they have all the information to help you know the company’s policies surrounding the relocation process.

Car Transportation: The Pros and Cons of Shipping Your Car

Car Transportation: The Pros and Cons of Shipping Your Car

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