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Do’s And Don’ts- Pet Moving Tips for house shifting

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Pets are sensitive to change and are highly attached to the atmosphere they live in. Therefore pet moving tips are what you need. They easily get perturbed by the movements and the change in their surroundings. They are also sensitive to weather conditions and susceptible to allergies they can pick in the new environment. Hence it is essential to acclimatise the pets and make them mentally ready for the change. Hiring packers and movers in Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. can help you relocate your pets without much of a hassle on your head. They also recommend several pet-moving tips to ensure a safe transition for your pets.

'ts When You Are Shifting Your Pet To Your New House

Pet Moving Tips to Follow While Relocating Your Pet are as Follows

Get your pets comfortable with the packing supplies

Various kinds of packing supplies come in handy while relocating. They can be card boxes, tapes, wrapping paper, bubble sheets and binders. These packing materials can be spread across your home for a couple of days, agitating your pets. They are smart enough to realise that the master is up to something and can start behaving erratically. A good pet moving tip is to bring in the packing material days before the packing begins. The pets can get accustomed to these things by sniffing the products and becoming used to them.

Stick to your usual routine

Pets are familiar with the daily routines of their masters and hence become accustomed to them. However, while shifting, one tends to lose track of time, so the habits get compromised. Detouring from the routine perturbs the pet, and they become cranky. To keep them well-spirited, try adhering to your practices as much as possible. Sticking to routine makes them feel safe and secure. The pattern is on track by keeping their walking time in mind, so they do not miss their leisure time.

Take your pet for exercise

This practice might sound invalid, but it’s of utmost importance as a cranky pet is not going to let you do your packing peacefully. There is so much one needs to do mentally and physically before the relocation. One needs to be mentally free and needs to concentrate on the task of packing. When you take your pets out for exercise, they become happy and tired. Upon returning, they rest their bodies and sit quietly to let you carry out your task well.

Keep them away from the main action

Packing, loading and unloading involve a lot of action; hence, everyone is on the edge while doing the task. This can confuse the pet and make him feel left out. The best way to deal with this kind of behaviour is to keep the pet away from the main activity room. Instead, they can be taken out for a stroll or a run in the park. Plan the run or the walk when the main work of packing and loading happens. During the process, one tends to skip the pet’s meal times. Therefore, keep them well-fed and well-hydrated too.

While addressing so many do’s, one should also pay attention to the don’t. Professional companies like packers and movers in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. help their customers in gauging the pros and cons and give precisely helpful pet moving tips to their customers. With years of experience, they know exactly what is good or bad to make your pet’s transition happy. Here are a few dont’s that you should mark in the list of pet moving instructions.

Don’t When You are Shifting Pet to A New House

Remember your pet’s entertainment

Pets are like tiny babies; therefore, during long shifts, you can carry a few dog bites or puzzles to keep your dogs busy. Markets are full of games and activities that keep your pets occupied. Take a look and research a few activities that you think are best suited for your pets. Then, pack them well in advance and control everything within your reach while travelling to the destination on the desired day.

Don’t be ignorant of your pet’s emotions

Like humans, pets are also sensitive and have emotions. They tend to get attached to the surroundings they have been living in and fear a change as much as humans do. Pets are also susceptible to anxiety disorders and short-term anxiety. By giving them extra love and caressing them when they feel uncomfortable, you do them a huge favour. so try not to ignore any emotion that your pet displays during the relocation process.

Don’t forget to carry their kennel

Carrying a pet kennel or home can be daunting, as pet homes are heavy and oversized. Pets are very attached to their sleeping places and get disturbed if it’s changed. They get afraid of the new surroundings, and if they don’t even get the warmth of their sleeping area, it will surely give them a lot of discomfort. Carrying their sleep home and bedding with you gives them a sense of security in a new place. So remember to take it with you and let them out of their kennel or carrier.

Don’t shift before making a proper place for your pet

A pet room is as essential as a room for others in your house. Furnish the pet room well in advance with your pet’s favourite toys and furnishings. This makes them feel secure and helps them adjust to the environment quickly.


When the final day of shifting comes, everyone gets jitters. The main aim is to carry out a peaceful relocation for yourself and your pet. The pet moving tips stated above can help your pet be at ease. Plenty of food, a little bit of careful planning and a peaceful mind are the few things that are sure to make the transition process safe and happy.

Do’s And Don’ts- Pet Moving Tips for house shifting

'ts When You Are Shifting Your Pet To Your New House

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