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Driver in India- how much do they earn and what factors affecting their pay?

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Did you ever think about how much the average drivers salary in India? In this post, we will answer this question and tell you about drivers’ salary distribution in India, experiences affecting drivers’ pay, and various other details. So, read this post until last. 

Drivers in India typically earn nearly 9,500 INR every month and their salary ranges between 4,560 (lowest) to 14,900 (highest). And yearly their average salary is approximately 1,14,000 INR and the lowest average salary is around 54,720 INR whereas the highest annual salary is 1,78,800 INR. 

Drivers in India also receive benefits such as housing and transport included in their average salaries. The salary however is affected a lot by their experience, location, gender, and skills.

Driver Salary Distribution in India

Above we only give you a rough idea of the average salary of a driver in India. Now we will give you in-depth insight into salary distribution in India.

Salary Range

As told earlier that being a driver in India you can earn easily between 54,720 to 1,78,800 INR on average.

Having any idea about the minimum and maximum value is very important to know variabilities in salaries. It also helps employers to know exact figures of how much they can pay their employees and employees get an idea that how much they can earn.

Median Salary

When talking about median salary distribution for a driver then it is around 1,14,000. The median salary means that half of the driver across India earns less than 1,14,000 INR and half earns above 1,14,000 INR. Being above the median indicates that you are earning well.


Percentile is the value of salary which lies at the top or bottom half of the distribution. In India, about 25% of the driver population are getting paid less than 6,500 INR and about 75% are getting paid more than 6,500 INR. Also, note that 75% of drivers are getting paid less than 12,900 INR and 25% are getting more than 12,900 INR.
If you ask us what is the main difference between average and median salary then let me tell you that both are indicators of how are you performing. If you are earning less than both average and median salary then you are lagging behind others and there is scope for improvement. If you are earning between average and median salary then you need to put in a little more and you can also read the maximum pay.

Factors Contributing to Salary Distribution

You may ask how much annual increment is given to drivers in India and how often they get a hike. You will be surprised to know that drivers get nearly 8% hike every 18 months. Also, the national average annual hike for professionals is around 9% granted every 16 months.

Note that these are the average figures and salary raises will vary depending on various factors and from employer to employer. Keep in mind that the most important factor for an increment is the performance and success of the organization.

To calculate the salary, increment percentage you can use this formula= increase rate x 12/ increase frequency.

The above formula is to calculate the annual salary hike for a calendar of 12 months.

Depending On Industry Type Annual Increment Rate In India

Note that the annual increment rate for the banking industry is 1%, the energy industry is 2%, the IT sector is 3%, the healthcare industry is 3%, travel 5%, construction 6%, and education 7%.

Driver Bonus & Incentive Rate

The driver is a low bonus-based profession and this is because of a lack of involvement in direct revenue generation. So, in a study, it was found that 69% of drivers reported that they did not get any bonus or incentive last year whereas only 31% reported that they got a bonus or incentive. The bonus rate ranged between 0-4% of their annual salary.

Types of Bonuses Driver Gets

Performance-based bonus

This is the most common type of bonus based on the performance of a driver, they receive this bonus.

Company performance bonus

This type of bonus is given occasionally by the company when they earn excess profits through the efforts of staff. The amount of bonus given to individuals varies depending on their role in the industry.

Goal-based bonus

When an employee achieves a particular target, they get this type of bonus.

Holiday or end-year bonus

This type of bonus is offered without a reason and is a kind of token of appreciation.

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Hourly Wage of Driver In India

The average hourly wage of a driver in India is around 55 INR. So, for every hour the driver gets paid 55 INR. So, being a driver you can find a job where you get a fixed salary or hourly job. Fixed salary jobs are where you will get a fixed salary no matter how many hours you work and an hourly salary job is one in which you get paid according to the hours you work.

Driver Vs. other jobs:

The salary of a driver in India is 24% less than that of a transport/courier/ delivery driver. And the salary of courier/ transport/ delivery driver is 61% less than any other job type.

Government Vs. Private sector driver salary comparison:

Public sector drivers earn 5% more than private sector employees in India.

Driver in India- how much do they earn and what factors affecting their pay?

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