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HappyLocate resolving employee relocation issues with Best packers and movers

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You must be aware of how difficult it is to relocate if you have done it in the past. Several thoughts hit your mind- my items will be ok, what if they break my precious tea set, and what if the jewelry of our lord Ganesha gets stolen?

Omg! There are hundreds of thoughts and there are endless cycles of worries when not moving with best packers and movers.

Apart from that other barriers of relocation are- 

  • Family issues/ties
  • Cost of living in a new location 
  • Partner’s or spouse employment

HappyLocate is helping out both employees and employers get rid of the issues related to relocation by offering best moving solutions. 

Relocation Issues Faced by Employees

Before we jump on to the solutions, let’s understand the issue in depth. We have covered everything from problems to solutions and how HappyLocate stands apart from other relocation industries.

Unorganized Players

There are countless house-shifting services accessible nowadays. However, these service providers lack a reliable shifting procedure. They offer low pricing and no guarantee of the safety of your items. Customers are left worrying about whether their shipment will arrive on time or whether it will be in the same condition as it was previously.

Poor Redressal System

Since there are multiple packers and movers with the same name in the industry, it is hard to identify which is a real company and which is fake. If by chance you fall into the trap of scammers then whom to approach, and how to get the compensation for loss, is the biggest problem. 

Damage & Delays

Each and every item in your house is valuable even if it costs less than thousands of dollars. Small damage can double your expense of shifting them to a new location. This is an obvious thing to happen if you are trusting unorganized packers and movers.

Relocation Issues Faced by Employers

Inflated Claims

Employers who want to attract talent irrespective of their location should provide relocation assistance. But, things don’t go smoothly in this procedure as inflated claims by employees can cause trouble for companies. Thus, most employers skip the option of relocation assistance and struggle to find talent. You don’t have to if Happy Locate is on your side. Our Employees Relocation Program will help you out. How? Keep reading.

Vendor Selection

Employers outsource the relocation as it offers them opportunities to enhance their services and reduce the cost of relocation. High relocation cost and a lower possibility of employee retention is one big problem and this is the reason for outsourcing to the right vendor. Even though there are many vendors available, finding the right relocation service provider is difficult and depends on the specific needs of the organization.

How does HappyLocate address relocation issues?

HappyLocate addresses the above-discussed problems, provides the top moving options and has partnered with reputable packers and movers.

Strict Criteria For Choosing Movers

Filtering the duplicates and low-quality packers and movers and moving ahead with only reliable and trustworthy movers is the motive of HappyLocate. We adhere to strict screening criteria, including a licensing and background check on packers and movers. Everything is thoroughly checked, including their correct name, permanent address, branches, previous complaints, and so forth. Only companies which are registered, licensed, and have a good history of house shifting services are selected. This implies that consumers who use HappyLocate to relocate will only receive assistance from highly regarded, dependable movers.

Single Platform Multiple Services

HappyLocate is a one-stop relocation site, therefore you can find all kinds of relocation services, including those for moving your home or office relocation. Intracity to intercity moves across 15000+ pin codes. HappyLocate has teamed up with only the best packers and movers with knowledge and tools to provide clients with a remarkable moving experience.

Top-Quality Packing Material

HappyLocate has done extensive studies on a variety of packing methods to lower the damage ratio during relocation. We employ multiple layers of packaging, and we’ve recently developed a 5-ply carton box that provides remarkable durability and shields delicate objects from harm. To ensure the item’s safety throughout shipment, the team also adheres to strict criteria. You’ll be surprised to hear that we have a 96% damage-free moving record throughout India.

Dedicated Relocation Manager

As already said, the packers and movers industry is filled with unreliable players. To preserve the quality of your moving experience and good relationship with both partners and customers we assign a dedicated relocation manager for each customer. The relocation manager is a single point of contact for customers for any type of query. If you have any issues you don’t have to speak with the person standing there packing your goods, you can complain to the manager and they will look into the problem seriously and resolve it at the earliest.

Reasonable Pricing

HappyLocate offers the best moving quotations from multiple packers and movers. The prices offered are reasonable and decided only after carefully surveying the house and moving requirements of the clients. Also, the employers who take our employee relocation services get the benefits such as house search assistance for their employees, also the best packing and moving services. End-to-end relocation services where from cab booking to hotel arrangement everything is done for the employees. With everything arranged from our side, employers don’t have to worry about inflated claims or deal with multiple vendors themselves.

SaaS AI and ML based Tool

With the help of an expert tech team, we have developed a tool that easily helps in finding where your shipment is. Hence, you never have to worry about whether your items will be shipped on time or not.

Vendor Relationship

We maintain a strong relationship with our vendors and follow strict SOP/SLAs to build a hassle-free relocation process. Everything from movers reaching at origin on time to the quick settlement of customers’ concerns as well as proper packing, is because we have optimized the services at operational levels with packers and movers.


HappyLocate works tirelessly to make moving hassle-free and simple for everyone. We are a customer-focused team that provides excellent services at competitive pricing, including the best packers and movers and SaaS-based moving solutions. Welcome to HappyLocate if you want to have the best relocation of your life!

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HappyLocate resolving employee relocation issues with Best packers and movers

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