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How many boxes do you need to move your house?

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Get going now! You’ve begun searching for moving boxes, but you need help estimating how many boxes do you need to move and where to obtain packing supplies. Although there is no universal rule; you may get a good idea of how many moving boxes you will need by taking stock of your home and its belongings—everything you want to know to make an accurate estimate before your relocation is here.

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Rent or purchase packaging boxes

To begin, decide whether you will rent or purchase your moving boxes. Most individuals can save a lot of money by renting moving boxes, but you must be able to bring them back within three months. This is the best solution if you are moving directly from one location to another and only need the cartons for a short period. If you want to store your belongings or need more time to unpack them all at once, buying boxes is your best bet. If you’re planning on moving again soon, this is also a beautiful choice.

Most households need 60 boxes of varied sizes for a standard move. However, the number of moving boxes required might vary widely, depending on several factors specific to each relocation. Despite the fact that there is no certain technique, several guidelines help you understand how many boxes do you need to move.

Factors to consider when deciding number of storage boxes

Components of the Room Count

You’ll require extra storage containers in proportion to the square footage of your home. The number of cartons required is also affected by the room type. Furniture, clothing, and other belongings in bedrooms typically take the most time to pack.

Number of People

Packing for a family will require more boxes than for an individual. The plus is that it doesn’t cost you anything to get assistance.

Length of stay

People who stay in the same house for longer tend to accumulate more possessions. If you’ve been in your house for ten years, you might need more packing supplies and more time to be ready for the move than someone who’s only been there a year.

Total Area

The most crucial factor in deciding how many moving boxes you’ll need is the square footage of your home since a more prominent home would naturally have more belongings.

Realistic Ways of Living

Before you start packing, taking stock of your current living situation is necessary. Since everything of your possessions holds sentimental worth, you’ll have a significant amount of belongings that require a lot of space. Another possibility is that you consider yourself a minimalist. In packing homes, minimalists will need fewer boxes because they only keep the necessary things and utilize them regularly.

Amount of clearing before a move

Pre-move decluttering is something to think about if you still need to. Costs associated with buying or renting boxes can be reduced significantly. Before moving, schedule some time to get rid of unwanted items by giving them away, recycling them, selling them, or donating them to a worthy cause.

Different box styles for packing

When deciding whether to rent or purchase boxes, the next step is determining the size and shape that best suits your needs. Many distinct boxes exist, each with features for protecting and organizing your belongings. It would be best if you thought about the contents of the boxes you plan to purchase.

Medium book box crates are convenient for storing and transporting media, including books, DVDs, and games.

  • You can use large boxes to store your linens, clothes, and other household stuff.
  • Porta-robe boxes are an excellent choice for moving garments that are hung quickly.

To keep your stuff secure, you’ll need more than just boxes—you’ll also need packing supplies like bubble wrap, packing tape, and paper, as well as a pen for marking boxes. 

Understand the various sizes of boxes for moving

It would help if you got boxes of varying sizes. The shape, dimensions, and weights of the objects you transport are highly varied. There needs to be a single box big enough to hold everything. When packing, it’s best practice to use smaller boxes for heavier things and larger boxes for lighter ones.

Here is a rundown of some standard dimensions to keep in mind (Length*width*height)

  • Small box measures: 12*9*9.5 – ideal for books and small appliances.
  • Medium box measures: 18*18*16 – ideal for kitchen utensils and electronics.
  • Large box measures: 20*20*15 – ideal for clothing and large appliances.
  • Extra-large measures: 23*23*16 – ideal for comforters, pillows and toys.
  • Kitchen box measures: 18*18*28 – ideal for glass, bowls, pans and pots.
  • Mirror and picture boxes measure: 48*4*32 – ideal for paintings, mirrors, and picture frames.
  • Wardrobe boxes measures: 24*24*40 – ideal for belts, shoes, and clothes.

Take these packing suggestions into account. There are various boxes of varying sizes and shapes, as well as specialist items like wrappings, packing paper, sealing tapes, and other moving tools, available to assist you in transporting your possessions. It’s vital to remember that if you pack too much into a single box, it will be difficult to transport and may even cause damage to the box during the moving process.

How many packing boxes do I need for each room?

Each room will need roughly ten small, eight medium, and five large boxes. Given the wide variety in dimensions and contents of individual rooms, this is, at best, an approximation. As a general rule of thumb, here is the average number of boxes required for each room:


All of these items are required to transport all your items in the kitchen

  • 2-5 small boxes
  • 6-7 medium boxes
  • 3 large boxes
  • 2 extra-large boxes
  • 4-6 kitchen boxes
Sr. No.Type of KitchenApprox. Cartons Required
1 RK5
21 BHK Lite8
31 BHK Heavy10
42 BHK Lite12
52 BHK Heavy15
63 BHK Lite18
73 BHK Heavy20
84 BHK Lite22
94 BHK Heavy25
10Villa/ Independent House30

Living Room

It should be easy to pack everything away. You’ll want the following:

  • 2-5 small boxes
  • 4-5 medium boxes
  • 2-4 large boxes
  • 2-3 extra-large boxes
Sr. No CategoryFurnituresC/B Required Approx.

1BedKing/Queen Bed With Storage4
2BedDouble Bed with Box4
3BedSingle bed with box2
4TablesDressing Table2
5AlmirahSmall Almirah2
6Almirah2 Door Almirah3
7Almirah3 Door Wardrobe5
8Almirah4 Door Wardrobe6
9AlmirahChest of Drawer Small - Upto 4 Drawers2
10AlmirahChest of Drawer Large- More than 4 Drawers3
11OtherBook Shelf2
12OtherShow Case2
13OtherShoe Rack2

Dining room

Do you keep your more elegant dinnerware in the dining area? Ensure that they are safeguarded by placing them in kitchen boxes. It would be best if you had the following for the entire room:

  • 1-2 small packing boxes
  • 2-4 medium boxes
  • 5-6 kitchen boxes

Master bedroom

You’ll likely need the most boxes for your master bedroom out of all the others. The number of boxes that need to be relocated in your bedroom also depends on the closet size; therefore, you should alter the number of boxes to ensure that all of your clothing will fit inside. Prepare yourself by having:

  • 1-3 small boxes
  • 6-7 medium boxes
  • 4-8 large boxes
  • 5-6 wardrobe boxes

The rest of the bedrooms

All of these figures are subject to change depending on who stays in the room. On the whole, you should have been able to:

  • 1-2 small boxes
  • 4-5 medium boxes
  • 4-5 extra-large boxes
  • 3-5 wardrobe boxes


Depending on the size of your restroom, you may need the following:

  • 2-4 small boxes
  • one average-sized shipping box

Remember to get moving boxes for the things you’ll take from the cellar, loft, washer and dryer, and garage. It would be best if you didn’t wait until the last minute to collect boxes after transporting your equipment and outdoor gear.


Even though our relocation consultants are experts at predicting a move’s size, quantity, and price, they agree that determining how many moving boxes you need can be challenging. The truth is that there is no set quantity of boxes that you need to buy to get started packing because every move is different. It all depends on your preferences and the contents of your home.

If you hire packers and movers from HappyLocate, you don’t have to worry about how many boxes you’ll need. Our team will do a survey and give you an accurate number of moving boxes. They will also help you pack and move.

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How many boxes do you need to move your house?

How Many Storage Boxes Are Required For Moving 01

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