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How to Avoid Injuries While Moving Your House on Your Own?

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Shifting the house from one place to another requires a lot of time, strength, and patience and many times you can get hurt while shifting. That’s why it is more important for you to know how to avoid injury while moving. Because most people take the help of movers and packers, they do not have experience with such injuries, but if you move your home yourself then you need to know these tips.

Before we learn the tips on how to avoid injuries while moving, we need to know what kind of injuries can occur during the move so that we can be prepared well in advance.

How to Avoid Injuries While Moving Your House on Your Own?

5 Common Moving Injuries

You need power like a hulk to move those heavy pieces of furniture with your two hands… isn’t it? But even Hulk can experience back pains, and injuries.

1. Back Pain

Back pain is among the most common injuries that can occur during the house shifting. As you know that moving involves a lot of lifting-related activities, there is more risk to your back and you may end up in pain if you do not follow the proper procedure to lift the items.

2. Fractures in fingers

Your fingers can experience fracture if you put a lot of pressure or stress on it. Not only that if the item falls from your hand or slips from your hand it will end up hitting your toes and breaking bones.
It is therefore very important for you to wear gloves and sturdy shoes to avoid crushing your fingers and toes.

3. Neck pain

You can experience very severe neck pain while shifting items from one place to another. This is also among the most common and the most painful injuries that can occur during a move. It can occur due to falling or stress on your shoulder and neck while lifting, bending, etc.

4. Foot arches

There is still not to be packed and you are not able to stand properly because of the food arches. This is because of the muscle cramps which occur when there is vigorous activity and accumulation of lactic acid because your body lacks the supply of energy.

5. Cuts on your hand

When you’re dealing with fragile items made of glass wares it is common to experience cuts and scrapes. The sharp edges of mirrors can cut your fingers when you pack them on your own. Only professional Packers and Movers in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Knows how to pack these mirrors, glassware, etc. with precautions.

Moving injuries are not limited to back pain or muscle cramps the list goes on. But you need not be worried because we are going to tell you the beneficial tips to avoid injury while moving.

Tips to Avoid Injuries While Moving House

1. Proper Lifting position

Back pain can be avoided if you use the proper lifting technique and do not stress your back. This means you check the lifting manual that came along with the product or also you can research it online. Also, you can make use of equipment like moving carts to load and move items. Another technique is that you ask someone to help out and the weight is distributed and you feel less stress on your back.

2. Wear Gloves

Whenever packers and movers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc pack items or take them for loading in the truck, you will observe that they wear gloves, sturdy shoes, and an outfit that protects them from damage. So, when you are moving items that are heavy and can result in fractures, crushed toes, or cuts, wear heavy-duty gloves, and shoes to protect your hands and feet.

3. Take Breaks in Between

Another important trick to prevent injuring yourself while moving is to avoid continuously working. Take small breaks in between that will avoid overexertion of pressure on your shoulder, neck, legs, and arms.

4. Do Some Exercise in Between

Before starting the loading process, it is important to warm up and make your cold muscles warm and elastic so that you do not face issues like muscle tears, cramps, or strains. Also, dehydration can cause cramping of muscle hence, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the process.

5. Wear Protective Gears

You can use knee pads and braces to cover your knees so that there is no injury in your knee due to falling or straining. Wear a neckband to avoid neck injuries, you can also wear clothes that are sturdy to avoid bruises and cuts.


Whether you’re lifting heavy boxes, packing fragile items, or maneuvering furniture, it’s important to take steps to protect your body. If you choose to move with packers and movers in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. That will also help you avoid injuries while moving and let you focus on other tasks. HappyLocate offers you well-trained movers and packers services to help you remain stress-free and give the best moving experience.

How to Avoid Injuries While Moving Your House on Your Own?

How to Avoid Injuries While Moving Your House on Your Own?

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