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How to Get Relocation with 0% Damage? 

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Relocation is not a child’s play, there is a serious risk of damage to your belongings and your family if you do it yourself. The risk however will nullify if you hire the best packers and movers. In this post, we will be looking at the main points describing the risk of shifting houses yourself and how to get 100% damage-free shifting. Since we are going to discuss very important topics here, read this post till last.

Finding packers and movers in Bangalore who can give damage free relocation is not an easy task. Here is a guide for you to keep in mind while hiring best packers and movers service. 

How to Get Relocation with Packers and Movers in India

Risks of Self-Shifting a House

Accidents and Injuries

Safety is the major risk when shifting a house on your own. Believe it or not, you may smash your head against the ceiling while moving big furniture, tripping over objects, stubbing a toe, etc. There are many cases of physical injuries discovered occurring during house shifting. Even the packers and movers sometimes make mistakes and get hurt. 

The reason could be ignorance, or simply the furniture or item was heavy or bulky. This is the reason one must consider hiring the best packers and movers to avoid the risk of damage or injury. One preventive method to avoid the risk of an accident is by covering the floor with cushioning materials. 

Missing Items 

Another risk of house shifting is losing items during the move. The reason behind this is a hectic schedule or lack of organization when packing items. Losing your precious belongings is not at all a good experience and so, it is important to keep track of what items you are placing in the box. 

Hiring trustworthy packers and movers will help safeguard your items. The chances of losing or misplacing an item will lower as packers and movers pack and organize items in a way that they are easy to find. Labeling boxes along with inventory lists will help determine what items are packed and what all items are missed. 

Damaged Items 

Another risk of shifting items on your own is resulting in damage. Your items will shatter into fragments if not handled properly. Most cases of item damage are while the item is in the truck and other cases are when packing the item. If you pack items on your own then due to improper packing of the item, during the transit the items will get damaged. Also, some items are really fragile and while packing can get damaged. Hence, it is important to hire professional packers and movers who can carry out this task properly to ensure zero damage. 

Things That are Easily Damaged While House Shifting

Glasswares or expensive cutlery

Expensive glassware, dining sets, etc. are the ones that are easily breakable. And once damaged you will not find the same peace easily. To avoid damage to glassware, it is always wrapped in bubble wraps and then only kept in boxes.


Antiques are really costly and they are also made of sensitive materials. Also, since these items are of irregular shape and size they are more susceptible to damage. For example- million-dollar vases, paintings, figures, etc. These antiques are not easy to wrap and you require the help of expert packers and movers to pack them safely.


Heirlooms may not be costly but have great emotional value. Losing them during house shifting will hurt you emotionally as it may be passed to you from your grandparents or someone important. Hence, packing them carefully is an essential task that you cannot do without the help of packers and movers.


Electronics are vulnerable to damage and they are expensive as well. A single scratch on your TV screen or dent in a washing machine will take weeks to fix. Hence, using special techniques these items are packed by packers and movers.

How to get Damage-free Relocation?

The best way to get damage-free relocation is by hiring professional movers. Don’t fall into scams offering low prices and low-quality services. Always look for the packers and movers using top quality material and a team having years of experience in packing the items.

Now to know how professional movers avoid damage to your belongings read the below points.

Measuring Large Furniture, Staircase, and Door Openings

The furniture fits in your current home doesn’t mean it will be easier to move them to a new home. There are many cases of sofas jamming in the staircase and cabinets unable to move through doors due to their big size.

In such cases chances of damage to your items are high but the expert packers and movers will use their skills and through the roping, the method will bring your items down to the loading area. The roping method is very difficult but when professional movers undertake the task they ensure 0% damage to your belongings.

Use of Edge Protector

Fragile items such as picture frames and mirrors are breakable and to protect them edge protectors are used. Since the connectors have foam hence they offer security to your item. Afterward, you can place items in the box and pack them to move them.

Furniture Covered in Moving Blankets

Sofas and other furniture can experience damage while house shifting. This is the reason professional packers and movers pack them in blankets or other packing material to add an extra layer of protection.

Detaching Parts of the Items

Packers and movers can detach the parts of detachable furniture and then pack them carefully to make their transit easier and damage-free. Each part separated can be packed separately and tapped to ensure they are damage free.

Use of Perfect Boxes

The packers and movers follow a rule- the heavier the item, the smaller the box. A heavy item filled in a large box will either fall apart or make it hard to carry. On the other hand, if the box is left empty then the item inside it is vulnerable to damage. Hence, packers and movers are using the perfect-sized boxes and filling the empty space inside the box with papers to avoid damage in transit


Therefore, now you know why you must consider hiring professional packers and movers and how these movers are secure items to offer damage-free transit. Note that professional packers and movers also offer insurance to safeguard the item and give compensation in case there is damage to the items.

How to Get Relocation with 0% Damage? 

How to Get Relocation with Zero Percent Damage

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