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How to move the mattress and keep it safe during the relocation?

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Remember to safeguard your mattress, no matter how busy you are during a move. You may save your mattress during the move if you take suitable measures. Let’s discuss how to move the mattress and also protect it throughout a transport and offer some fantastic advice to ensure that your mattress remains in excellent shape under any circumstances.

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How to secure and pack the mattress before shifting?

Let’s see all the steps involved in how to pack the mattress. Listed here are tried-and-true methods on how to transport a mattress with minimal damage and maximum results.

1. Take measurements of your mattress.

Get the measuring tape! When relocating a mattress, it’s essential to have the conventional size (twin, double, total, queen, king) and the particular measurements. This will determine the optimal moving method and storage space, as well as the dimensions of the mattress cover you’ll require.

2. Collect all of your tools and equipment

You’ll need a mattress trolley, a mattress bag, a roll of moving tape, scissors, and either mattress straps or ropes to help move the mattress.

3. Create a sufficient space for work

Make sure you have plenty of room to roll up your mattress before you move. You can save some precious floor space by putting your mattress in the final box to be loaded, and you’ll have a place to sleep until the night before the move.

4. Ask for Assistance

Save your time trying to figure out how to move your mattress. Even the pros bring in reinforcements when transferring a mattress. Instead, see if you can get the assistance of a close relative, friend, or neighbour. You can employ hourly professional movers or a freelancing labour service if you need specialists to handle more heavy lifting.

5. Secure your mattress inside a sturdy mattress bag

This is a great way to safeguard your mattress during transit or storage. Most mattress bags for moving are supplied in standard mattress dimensions, but your mattress’s thickness will determine whether the bag will be large enough. They typically come in pairs, allowing you to use one on your box springs and the other on your mattress.

6. Make room for the mattress to be moved

Put down any lamps, pictures, or anything else that could fall off the mattress and shatter.

7. To make the mattress more portable, turn it on its side

When you flip a standard mattress, you get a mattress that is wider than long. Moving a flat mattress is difficult, especially if you have to squeeze it through small doorways.

8. Read instructions for transition of mattress

Mattresses come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s best to check with the maker to see if there are any specific transit instructions you need to know.

General suggestions for moving positions are as follows, organized by category.

  • There should be nothing on top of a conventional innerspring or enclosed coil mattress, which should be placed on its side along its length or flat.
  • Place a hybrid or foam mattress flat on a solid surface with nothing on top.
  • Nothing should be placed on top of the box springs themselves (other than the mattress) when they are in either the flat or the incline position.

How to protect a mattress during transfer

1. Wrap using a mattress bag

  • Covering a mattress with a mattress bag is the first step in keeping it safe during a move. These mattress protectors are large enough to enclose a whole mattress. In addition, the plastic used to make these bags is a strong, durable polymer that makes them less susceptible to tears.
  • Mattress bags can be found in various dimensions. Sizes ranging from twin to king are available from several manufacturers.
  • To fit your mattress into the bag, you’ll need to remove any sheets or blankets beforehand. You can pack these extras away until after the transfer when you can wash them and put these back on the bed.
  • Once the mattress has been rolled up and placed inside, you should use tape to keep it in place. This might be packing tape, masking tape, or even duct tape.

2. Dry the mattress out and clean it

Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and run it over the mattress to eliminate dust. Be sure to give your mattress plenty of time to dry after spot-cleaning it with any cleaner before packing it up for transport.

3. Moving a mattress requires professional assistance

If you’re relocating to a place where you don’t know anyone, hire a transport company to assist you with unpacking. They are experts at moving big furniture, giving you a break from the task.

How to transport the mattress to its new place?

Follow these tips to move your mattress safely.

You are moving on to transportation now. There are a variety of factors you need to watch out for while moving your mattress.

If you need assistance transporting your mattress from your home to your vehicle and subsequently to your new location, ask for help.

The mattress should remain parallel to the vehicle’s side panels. You can also store it between two tall pieces of furniture, such as a cabinet or a bed frame. It serves two purposes: protecting the mattress and avoiding accidents with other pieces of furniture.

Rent a truck to move

  • Try to avoid causing traffic and accidents by transporting your mattress mainly on the roof of your car. Using a dependable moving company that protects your mattress and other belongings is essential. If you want to protect your mattress from dirt, it’s best to use a closed truck.
  • If you rent a moving truck, you’ll have plenty of room to move the remaining things. Renting a truck will help to move all household items in one easy trip.

Load in a safe and upright manner

Once you got the mattress wrapped up in the bag and the moving truck waiting outside. We recommend resting the mattress against a wall to prevent it from being crushed by other items.

It would be best if you also fastened the bed’s legs to the floor, so it doesn’t slide around. Nylon rope or ratchet straps should do the trick. These supplies are commonly sold in hardware stores.

The question of whether or not you can fold up the mattress may also arise. Foldable memory foam or latex mattresses should maintain their shape when opened back up. But if your mattress is made of springs, folding it could ruin the insides.

How to unpack the mattress after relocation?

Mattress Unpacking Instructions

  • The bed and mattress should be among the first items unloaded from the vehicle and set up in the new location.
  • Unwrap the mattress and take it out of the truck.
  • Allow the mattress to air out by placing it in direct sunshine outside or near a window.
  • Ensure there are no bugs in your bed by thoroughly inspecting the mattress.
  • Cleaning a mattress entails spraying it with disinfectant and then wiping it down.

While assembling the bed’s frame, headboard, and footboard, you should give the mattress time to dry completely.


We helped safeguard and relocate a large number of mattresses. As expert packers and movers, we at HappyLocate can help you get things moved quickly. Protecting your mattress and other belongings from damage during travel might save you time and effort.

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How to move the mattress and keep it safe during the relocation?

Mattress Moving Tips and How to Protect a Mattress During a Move

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