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How to pack a mirror for moving? Guide to pack mirror and pictures

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Getting your household items ready to move requires some planning. Some items are simpler to wrap than others. Small breakables can always be enclosed and tightly packed in a box to keep them safe, but what about significant breakables such as mirrors, picture frames, and antiques? Let’s look at how to pack a mirror for moving.

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How to Pack a Mirror For Moving Safely?

1. Avoid Breaking

The first step in learning how to pack a mirror for moving is to use the packing technique of creating an X using multiple layers of adhesive tape on the mirror’s surface. If the mirror cracks during the relocation, this method will keep the glass from splintering and help shield the frame from damage.

2. Guard the Sides and the Ends

If a mirror is already mounted in a frame, there is no need to take special precautions to safeguard its edges. If the mirror doesn’t come with a frame, you can use rubber or cardboard protectors to protect its corners. It is possible to make cardboard covers for glass corners by cutting out the necessary shapes and taping them together.

3. Wrap the Cardboard around the mirror

Telescoping picture boxes, which are flat when not in use and extend to accommodate mirrors or framed artwork of varying sizes, are the ideal solution for concealing your mirror. Suppose you still needed to acquire such packing materials before moving day. In that case, you could still safeguard the mirror by cutting two pieces of cardboard about half an inch bigger than the mirror and affixing them to the front and rear using packing tape wrapped vertically and horizontally.

4. Wrap bubble wrap or cloth sheets around the mirror

Wrap the cardboard-protected mirror in towels or huge layers of bubble wrap for added protection. Then, use packaging tape to ensure that the mirror is packed safely.

5. Make use of sheets made of cushion foam

Mirrors can be safely packed in a container made of foam—place layers of cushion foam in the front and rear of the mirror. Wrap the foam in the cardboard you cut out and tape it all together.

6. Mark the Mirror

Whatever packing method you are using for your mirror, don’t forget to name it. To draw attention to this item, write the term “FRAGILE” in giant characters across both mirror surfaces.

7. Make Sure the Mirror Is Loaded Correctly

While loading a moving truck, never put down your mirror. Please put it in the middle of a stack of boxes to keep it standing. Keep the boxes safe from one another so that the mirror isn’t crushed in transit.

How to Pack Pictures For Moving Safely?

Take stock of current supplies

You should make a list of all of your valuable paintings. That way, it’s easy to see what tasks you can complete independently. The experts can handle all the other stuff, like the heavy mirrors and the expensive stuff.

Get together all the stuff you’ll need for packing

Some necessities for how to pack pictures for moving are listed below. Packaging materials such as sturdy cardboard boxes, picture frame boxes in a range of sizes, bubble wrap, packaging tape, markers to label the package, etc. Make sure you have all of these things together and ready to go.

Remove the stain

Ensure the wrapping material won’t stain a precious canvas before storing it. Newspapers and parchment paper should be avoided at all costs. Your carefully crafted masterpiece may suffer damage from these substances.

Packing and transporting artwork, both framed and unframed

Use masking tape to create an X-shaped marking on the glass lid. Protect the sharp edges of your glass product with bumpers. As a result, the item won’t get harmed in transit. Bubble wrap it up to finish. Heavy masking tape should be used to seal the box. Having everything neatly labelled ensures that it can be quickly and readily located as needed. Make sure a single box is used, and use lots of padding to ship several frames.

Special care must be taken on how to pack artwork that is not framed. Paintings can be safely wrapped in plain paper because it will not alter the colour or texture of the paint. Cover the bubble wrap with cardboard for extra safety, and tape it down. Use moving boxes rather than regular boxes for packing fragile antiques.

More precautions

You must carefully follow these instructions when packing your priceless paintings, and delicate photos for your move.

  • Wrap your priceless photographs and frames twice in soft materials like cotton or paper.
  • Cushion the edges of your things with enough padding.
  • Use worn-out clothing or crumpled paper to give those products extra padding.
  • To increase protection for glass objects, think about using three layers of packaging.
  • If the object is enormous, you can separate the sections and box them individually.

How to Pack Unorganized Pictures For Moving?

Most people have thousands of pictures. Many of them may already be stored in albums or storage boxes. If they aren’t, getting things in order might be very lengthy. Here are some suggestions for preparing your scattered photographs for the move so that you can protect your photographic memories.

Options for digital storage: With today’s technology, you must have a digital backup of your precious photographs. Although it may take some time, you should consider digitizing some of your most treasured photos. If your printer also functions as a scanner, you may quickly scan photographs and save digital copies to a computer, flash drive, or cloud storage service.

Photo box: This comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles are an excellent long-term solution for preserving your photographs. If you want to keep your photos in pristine condition for a very long time, the experts recommend choosing metal boxes instead of cardboard ones.

Albums: Packing loose photographs in an album is a common and time-honored way to pack and prepare for a move. Avoid the magnetic and peel-and-stick photo albums that are probably used. These outdated photo books aren’t safe for your photographs since they contain lignin and acid.

How to Pack Antiques For Moving?

It’s essential to clean your belongings and take photographs of them in great detail before packing. Please do your best to ensure the quality of these images by snapping them against a white background and using only natural light. If something breaks during the relocation, you’ll have solid proof. The next step is to deconstruct any significant objects. To save you time and effort, certain moving firms provide disassembly services.

You must carefully pack your fragile antiques to prevent any damage.

  • Use textured textiles like denim to pack your belongings.
  • Tissue paper and brown paper bags
  • Cushioning and stretchy wrap
  • Triple- and double-walled cartons
  • Covering up in blankets
  • foam and cardboard corner guards

Protect your goods while shipping by using many layers of packaging. Wooden crates or a substantial cardboard box make good outer layers.

Fill empty spaces inside the antique furniture, vases, or ceramic artifacts with crumpled newspaper and wrappings before packing them in a box with additional bubble wrap or foam.

Take These Particular Safety Measures on Moving Day

  • We advise writing “FRAGILE” on all glass and picture boxes on or before moving day.
  • Put a directional arrow toward the direction you want the packed items to sit.

If employing professional movers, suggest informing them that some boxes are very delicate and require careful handling. They will get particular treatment while being loaded onto and unloaded from the moving truck.

Additionally, ensure that every portrait and mirror box is upright on its side. Keep these cartons in the truck lying flat. The cause? The odds of your photo frames or mirrors shattering double if anything is placed on top of the boxes. Your portrait and mirror boxes might need help to survive the physical stresses of furniture, big boxes, or other heavy objects placed on top, even with many layers of protection.


HappyLocate’s packing and moving services will help you move swiftly and efficiently. We provide comprehensive moving services, including packing and wrapping your items. Whether you need us to pack everything in your house or only the fragile objects, such as mirrors, we can cater our services to your specific requirements. Trained in the art of skilled packing and wrapping, our movers are trustworthy and cautious.

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How to pack a mirror for moving? Guide to pack mirror and pictures

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