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Look Out For These Factors That May Disturb Your Sifting Plans

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Moving day is the most important day and there are a few factors that may disturb your shifting plans. Though a moving day involves only loading of all the belongings into a vehicle and shipping it off, it needs many more factors to work in unison to succeed. For a successful move, you, your belongings, movers, and external factors (weather, environment, etc.) must be on the same page. Any variations in even one of the factors, it may disturb your shifting plans.

Factors That Can Spoil Your Moving Day Plans

Here is a list of factors that may disturb your shifting plans

1. Weather

How can it affect your move ?

Weather is a factor you have no control over but still holds the strength to spoil your moving day plans.
Imagine heavy rain and thunderstorms on your moving day!! It would be a nightmare to load your belongings into the truck and safeguard your belongings. Think of muggy weather and scorching heat or biting cold. It seems like there is better weather to shift your plants and pets, does it?

Precautions you can take to tackle it 

Though you cannot control the erratic mood swings of the weather, you can prepare for or avoid them. Take a look at the weather forecast while choosing your moving day.
Try to pick a day with pleasant weather conditions. To avoid rain and humidity, consider giving waterproof packaging to your stuff. If the weather is too unstable on a moving day, it is better to postpone it for the safety of your belongings, plants and pets.

2. Faulty planning

How can it affect your move? 

Everything can go wrong due to faulty planning. Planning includes the date, time, packers and movers, procedures, safety mechanisms, and even precautions. If you have a failproof plan, then it can save your moving day significantly.

Precautions you can take to avoid it

Devote some time to plan your moving day. Double-check the elements that can affect your moving day. Have an alternative to save your moving day from utter damage.

3. Keeping a tight schedule

How can it affect your move? 

Keeping a tight schedule or heavy work on your moving day will only add to the stress. Imagine things going haywire on your moving day, yet you cannot solve anything due to work or other commitments!! Not a good start for a moving day, right?

Precautions you can take to avoid it 

Keep a clear schedule on your moving day and apply for leave in advance. If you feel too much burden, hire a helper (family member or friend) to help you with the moving workload.

4. Sickness or health issues

How can it affect your move ?

Lousy health on moving days only adds stress and disturbances to your shifting plans.

Precautions you can take to avoid it

Take care of your health while planning for a move. Take advantage of stress-busting exercise, health checkups and medicines while preparing for a move. If you still cannot avoid health issues on moving day, it’s better to postpone it to a relaxing day where you can bounce back and handle the task. Also, remember to monitor the health of your pet in case you are moving with it.

5. Missing documents and paperwork

What is the paperwork involved in moving?

  • Moving registration,
  • Paying taxes(in case of interstate moving),
  • Address change notifications,
  • Signing up for services(gas, electricity, and water services),
  • Booking tickets(bus, train, or flight),
  • Registering your pet (if any).

These are the paperwork you need to finish while planning a move.
Missing or leaving any of these incomplete may affect badly on your moving day. Imagine moving into a new house with no utility services or address change notifications!! Try to complete all the necessary paperwork to ensure a stress-free moving day.

6. Money crunch

For a smooth moving experience, your moving plan must be financially sound. Any financial crunch on a moving day can spoil your shifting plans. Consider hiring movers that offer binding price estimates to avoid unexpected surges in the final bill.

Experienced movers, quality packing supplies, and transit insurance are some expenses that must be protected—but keeping some money aside to fund any emergencies that may occur while moving can save your moving day from ruin.

7. Faulty packing

How can this affect your move ?

Giving failproof packing for your stuff is most important for hassle-free loading into the moving vehicle. While overpacking may add to your packing budget, underpacking may increase the risk of your stuff getting damaged.

Precautions you can take to avoid it

Give a protective covering with plastic wrap or sheets to ensure waterproof packing. Pack heavy furniture only after careful disassembly and electric appliances with insulated covering. In case of complicated and heavy furniture, it is advisable to hire professional packers to pack your stuff.

8. Hiring the wrong movers

As movers are the leading players on a moving day, betting on the wrong players can spoil your shifting plans. Think about the consequences of hiring unverified or inexperienced movers or even scammers for your relocation.

Check the registration, experience, service conditions, ratings, and reviews before hiring packers and movers. Consider hiring verified packers and movers in Bangalore or any other cities where you are moving for Stress-free moving.

9. Strikes and delivery delays

Even after your stuff is entrusted to the movers, you may face delays in delivery due to strikes, traffic, breakdown of trucks, or other emergencies. Though you cannot directly influence or solve these issues, you can take some precautions to minimize the consequences.

You can ask your moving company about how strikes and delays can affect the duration of delivery and moving charges. Ask if the moving company provides storage or warehousing facilities in case of extended delivery delays. Hire the best packers and movers in Delhi or other cities where you are moving who offer storage facilities in case of delayed deliveries.

10. Damages while loading and unloading

Damages while loading and unloading your stuff may happen due to faulty packing, inexperienced movers, or even an uneven corridor.

While you can give an extra wrap to minimize damage to your stuff, hiring expert movers can only save your stuff from damage while loading and unloading. An uneven corridor can be tackled by laying a carpet or cushioning the floor to minimize friction damage to your stuff.

11. Transit insurance and damage compensation

Neglecting transit insurance while relocating delicate and expensive stuff can cost you dearly. Two things can protect delicate stuff while moving: transit insurance and a damage compensation policy for the movers.

Choose a reliable moving company that can offer damage compensation for damages incurred while moving. Some Packers and movers provide transit insurance and damage resolution facilities to ease the task of intercity moving.

12. Hiring a babysitter/pet sitter

Hiring a babysitter is advisable if you are moving with children. Failing to hire a babysitter may put you in a dilemma between handling your kids and overseeing the relocation. Similarly, hiring a pet sitter can free you momentarily so that you can concentrate on relocation.

13. Missing an essentials kit

An essential kit can have all the necessities (food, water, clothes, documents, cash, fresheners, medicines, etc.) that can sustain you until your belongings arrive at the new home. You must pack an essential kit to avoid delivery delays. If you are planning to move with pets, packing a pet essentials kit can help you handle your pet quickly.


As you know what elements may disturb your shifting plans, you know the necessary precautions too. Look out for these factors to save your moving day from spoiling.

Look Out For These Factors That May Disturb Your Sifting Plans

Factors That Can Spoil Your Moving Day Plans

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