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Looking for the Best PG in Bangalore? Here is the list of Top 10 PG in Bangalore​

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Our mission is to make you feel like home when you are away from home. The number of people travelling to Bangalore in 2019 was 44.3 lakh, and many more people are flocking here each year for education or career opportunities. Finding PGs near to your workplace is simple in Bangalore, but finding a PG that feels like a home is really difficult. 

Finding a paying guest is simple in Bangalore, but finding a PG that feels like a home is really difficult. I moved to Bangalore last year and struggled hard to get a paying guest with home-like food, a peaceful environment, and better facilities. After extensive research, I have compiled a list of the top ten paying guests giving you a home-like feel.

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Top 10 PGs in Bangalore

1. Krish PG for Gents

Krish PG for gents is rated 4.6 on Google and is located in Green Glen Layout in Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103 is the PG in Bangalore for male. All amenities, including a refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and TV, are accessible, but the best aspect is that there is never a water problem (in Bellandur, nearly every PG has water issues). Also very modest is the owner.

2. Kishore PG for Gents

This is the other best PG located in S.G Palya, Bangalore, Karnataka 560029. There is a common fridge, wi-fi, and hot water available 24 hours a day. This PG has a 4.5 rating, and its guests rave about how clean it is, spacious beds and tables in rooms, and the food tastes very good. Additionally, there are 1, 2, and 3 sharing rooms available, and the price is reasonable.

3. Srinivasa Luxury PG For Gents

Srinivasa Luxury PG is for gents with a home-like feel offering 2 times meals, power backup, a lift facility, washing facilities, and a bike parking facility. The rating on google is 4.6 and the customers say that here everyone feels family-like. Daily cleaning makes you feel comfortable in rooms. The bus stop is near the PG making it best for working people. Hence, if you move into this Pg it will benefit to easily reach office on time. 

4. Lifestyle PG For ladies

This PG is situated in Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045. Offering you facilities such as food, wifi, washing machine, left, power backup, and separate kitchen. It is rated 4.6 on google and customers say that it is the best pg in Bangalore for female. The PG owner is very good in nature and if girls complain about anything, the owner solves the issues immediately.

5. Sri Sai Luxurious Stay LLP

Located in Sanjayanagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094 this PG has 4.4 google ratings. The rooms have refrigerator, 24hr water, and 3 times food. This PG is for ladies and its customers say that the owner is cooperative and responds to queries with sincerity.

6. RNR PG Hostel – Luxury PG in Bangalore

This Luxury PG in Bangalore is located at Dasarahalli Main Road in Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, Hebbal, near Reliance Fresh. To give you a home-like feel several facilities are offered such as wi-fi, 1,2,3 sharing rooms, good food, the best kitchen facilities, washing machine, and separate wardrobes. Customers love the food as it is home-like and the atmosphere is peaceful whereas security is tight. It is the best Pg for ladies rated as 4.1 on google.

7. Tulasi Paradise Ladies PG

Rated 4.2 on Google it is another good PG for ladies. It is within walking distance of Manyata tech park so if you are working there it will be convenient for you. The PG has 24×7 water, 3 times food, and power backup.

8. Amrutha Deluxe Gents PG

This is a gents PG located in Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045. The PG is good enough with a Google rating of 4.2. The food is good, rooms are cleaned daily, rent is affordable and the owner is friendly. Also, there are TVs in the room so you never get bored as you can enjoy yourself with roommates. Weekly once you get a non-veg food like any other PG but the non-veg curries are most delicious here.

9. Prerana PG for ladies

This PG is located at Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045 and is one of the best ladies’ PGs rated 4.6 on google. Working ladies get every facility from well-maintained rooms to great 3 times food and power generators. The staff is friendly and rent is affordable for 1, 2 or 3 sharing rooms. 

10. GoodLands Luxury PG for Mens

This PG is located in Koramangala in Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029. You get the best 3 times food and there are no limitations on how much food you want to eat “unlimited food” for you. Apart from that, there is a separate parking facility to secure your vehicle. The washing machine and power backup make it complete as a home.

Rated 4.1 on google some of the people staying in this PG comment that it is the best PG as it is located in a prime location, and has good room size and bed size. There is a rooftop with beautiful dining and the owner is very polite and cooperative.

So, now you have got the complete list of top 10 PGs in different locations along with the ratings. All you got to do now is pack all your belongings and shift to the most suitable one.


therefore, we Hope the above information will help you find good PGs in different locations. You can also check google reviews of these top 10 PGs before deciding to move in. Make a visit to PG once to explore its facilities on your own and if you find it suitable then pack all items and get shifted.

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Looking for the Best PG in Bangalore? Here is the list of Top 10 PG in Bangalore​

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