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Minimalist moving: decluttering before moving into a new home

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Home is where the majority of our possessions reside in addition to us. I would say more stuff than the people. We all are overloaded with stuff; it is no mystery. Homes are overflowing with all kinds of beach gear, old furniture, unworn clothes, etc. We seldom give our surplus belongings a second thought until it is necessary to leave. There is no doubt that moving home with an excessive number of possessions is a complex undertaking. How about decluttering before moving sounds?

I know it may appear to be a little hassle, but it is not. If you are prepared to change your mindset, relocation might be an opportunity for a new beginning for you and your possessions. This is your chance to eliminate anything that isn’t needed in your life, including old furniture, collectables, and other goods. Here’s how to remove the clutter from your possessions so you can pack up quickly when the time comes.

Minimalist moving decluttering for a lighter load and new home 01

Minimalist Moving

The idea behind minimalism is that you can get by with less. While you might picture a minimalist home as being starkly white and devoid of colour, this isn’t necessarily the case. It involves letting go of anything that doesn’t add value to your life and only clinging to the stuff that does. I recently learned that moving requires making a list of everything you own and handling each object for at least as long as it requires storing it in a box.

So why not use this opportunity to pare down your possessions and say goodbye to everything that is no longer helpful? I know this may be difficult, just as I could not say goodbye to my old teddy bear. It was so old that it no longer had a hand or eyes; now, it can only hear and go about its daily life without them. Poor teddy! Jokes apart, when it’s time to relocate to a new home, all that rubbish you previously considered your treasured asset remains there for years.

Moving allows you to eliminate all the extra, pointless things from your life and house. It also lessens your moving load and helps you save time and money. Before employing any professional removalists, you can remove extra rubbish. This will make it simple for the movers to pack and move your priceless possessions before the timeframe.

Significance of Decluttering Before Moving

Decluttering technically refers to removing pointless items from an unkempt or cluttered space. Although you will have to make some judgments concerning things along the way, it is not about throwing away your valuables and beginning over. Many people now almost recite the mantra of decluttering. Decluttering is crucial if you want to maintain a more basic lifestyle. Every spring, it’s something that many houses around the world conduct, almost as a ritual.

One of the best self-care presents you can afford the experience of engaging in this activity. You create room for new spirits, more awareness, and a feeling of balance by clearing the clutter and chaos. Both your physical house and your emotional home are affected by this. Your spiritual and psychological selves will also be happy. You will have better self-control if your house and head are less cluttered. Your total health, including your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being, will be better the more orderly your home and mind are.

Decluttering is a critical component of self-care, and that is the magic of it.
If you are still experiencing this decluttering before-moving process challenging, consider these straightforward strategies to make your move a little smoother and cheaper.

1. Planning

Until it is time to move, no one notices the mess or the excess objects piled around the house. Before a move, packing up all of one’s possessions might be stressful. Decluttering before moving makes people anxious. I am not sure about you, but I have taken medicines to treat my anxiety.

Making a schedule and concentrating on each room separately can help eliminate everything you won’t be taking to your new home. Before beginning the procedure, ensure you have a thorough checklist and be reasonable with your deadlines.

2. Decluttering before moving

Sorting your belongings is a crucial step in the relocation process. Still, before you start, you must settle on specific ground rules for what stays and what goes, especially if you want to reduce your possessions. The minimalist movement is about decluttering, which can be time-consuming. Some items, like furniture, require a little more preparation if you intend to give them. Kitchen utensils and technological devices should be something you use often, and if you last used them more than six months ago, donate them or throw them out.
The same is valid for footwear you haven’t worn in a year and clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore. Items in the following categories should be pared down:

  • Toys
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Furniture
  • Decoration items, etc.

3. Accept that our possessions leave an emotional trace

The leading cause of why decluttering before moving seems so challenging is that our possessions frequently serve as stand-ins for various emotions rather than merely objects. This is why you want two or three extras of everything; in reality, you are stating that extra items stand in for safety in your eyes. You can start addressing some of the underlying reasons why you find it so difficult to let go by realizing that your possessions are more than simply things.

4. Keep everything in order

Make sure you begin designing the layout of your future home as you are currently in the planning stage. Make a floor layout for each room and each item of furniture using graph paper. Following that, it will be simple for you to determine how much capacity you have in each region. As many reputable moving companies suggest, when decluttering your house, you can choose what to retain and throw away based on the floor plan.

5. Remember that every object requires time

Consider the time needed to maintain each item you own if you need help removing unnecessary clutter. Recognise that a portion of your work is merely a time waster. Get rid of everything that is no longer necessary or serving your needs. It’s time to say goodbye to them.
One method that could assist you in decluttering before moving is to realise how time-consuming your stuff is. Suppose an item doesn’t offer your life any usefulness or genuine satisfaction. In that case, it can drain your time because it needs to be cleaned, maintained, and relocated. If you become conscious of how they constantly take up your time, it will be easier to say goodbye to your possessions.

6. Start with the simple things first

This is why so many individuals put off decluttering before moving tasks until they have to move. When it reaches a certain saturation point, clearing up the clutter can appear to be an almost impossible undertaking. The finest advice is to get going as soon as possible and focus on the easiest targets. Make careful to divide your possessions into three heaps as you work: items to keep, things to discard, and charity stuff. Afterwards, take everything as quickly as possible to a donation or garbage place. This will stop heaps from becoming yet another unmanageable disaster.

Plan your strategy for the house and break up the job into a few days for locations like the attic or basement. You will be astonished at how much you can do after doing things that way for a few weeks; it won’t feel like you have lost years of your life.

7. Conduct a garage sale

Anything can be sold during a garage sale, including tools for the basement, sports goods, used furniture, home accents, linens, housewares, and books. Simply scheduling a garage sale for weekends before your moving would suffice. This will entice more people to visit and purchase goods at the most affordable prices. This is a beautiful chance for those who wish to turn unwanted stuff into cash.


Decluttering before moving can be complicated if you are not well-prepared. But once you get rolling, getting rid of additional items that can add to the burden is simple. These suggestions will help you save money by reducing the weight of your loaded boxes on shifting day. Not every minimalist action must be all or nothing. If the idea of entirely purging your life of clutter before a move overwhelms you, you can still make a significant difference by doing a minuscule portion.

Also, you can employ highly skilled, government-certified removalists for a worry-free service who can relocate all your household goods carefully and responsibly.
This is it for today’s blog. I did my decluttering before moving by considering the steps mentioned above. I hope these suggestions will be as helpful to you as they were to me, so consider them. Otherwise, my teddy can’t see, and it can hear.

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Minimalist moving: decluttering before moving into a new home

Minimalist moving decluttering for a lighter load and new home 01

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