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20 Things to Clean- Move out cleaning checklist

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It is time to relocate, and you are shifting to your dream house. It must be a fantastic feeling.

Isn’t it? Imagine yourself dancing and thrilled about moving to your perfect location when suddenly you realize that your home is crowded with many goods that have yet to be settled off.

Don’t you be upset and even anxious due to this circumstance?

Definitely, you will.

But don’t worry; this blog lists 20 things about move out cleaning that you should take into account before moving into your dream home.

20 Things to Clean When relocating to a New Home 01

Move-out Cleaning Significance

One of the most challenging experiences you may have is moving from one property to another. Before starting your new life in your new house, there is always a lot to do. The key to an effective and stress-free moving procedure is planning and preparation. Here when you step in, you will need to be the one to establish the great system with the aid of the move-out cleaning checklist. 

The first thing to do is assemble all the cleaning types of equipment. Get all the necessary relocation supplies before you begin cleaning your new house. A vacuum cleaner, a broom, a toilet brush, rubber gloves, and cleaning supplies for windows, toilets, etc., are a few of the items you will need. It would be better to pre-purchase everything so you wouldn’t have to interrupt your cleaning to run to the store.

Therefore, spend a day carefully cleaning your new home before moving day to guarantee that everything is in order when you arrive. And if your budget permits it, you may wish to engage a move-out cleaning company if you need more time to clean your new property meticulously. Additionally, it’s a worthwhile investment because having your new home start clean will give you confidence.

Do You Need Help Figuring Out Where to Start?

When there are so many responsibilities, people often need help figuring out where to begin. Having a moving plan is crucial because it will clarify what has to be done prior to, throughout, and after your relocation. Arrange which areas to clean first when it comes to the cleaning procedure. Plan out your day from ceiling to floor, room by room. Therefore we have prepared a move out cleaning checklist for you.

1. Begin with bathrooms

Nothing makes you feel more at home than a spotless bathroom. Even if the former owners left everything tidy, you could sleep better knowing that you have removed any concealed bacteria and germs. 
It will be best if you change the toilet seats as they are inexpensive and easy to install. Remember to clean the area between the seat and the wall while you clean the remainder of the toilet. Door handles and towel racks should both be cleaned. Use a solution of vinegar and baking soda to remove any stains that won’t go away.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is the following ideal location for move-out cleaning. Cleaning all the surfaces and kitchenware will get you ready to start preparing delectable meals in your new house. Remember, you can avoid doing a lot of hand washing if you throw anything, like kitchen bins, in the dishwasher. Clean the handles, stove racks, shelf, and grates. If necessary, activate the oven’s self-cleaning feature. 

In the case of the refrigerator, remove and clean the cabinets and shelves and then clean up all the sidewalls and gaps. For the dishwasher and garbage disposal, you can purchase self-cleaning pods or pour 1 cup of white vinegar into a bowl and place it in the bottom of a full dishwasher before running a hot cycle. With six ice cubes, one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate, three thin slices of lime, and one teaspoon of bleaching element, run the garbage disposal. When the crushing stops, add six more ice cubes. After that, run a 30-second cold water wash.

3. Living room and bedrooms

Begin by cleaning the light fittings and electric fans. Clean the cabinets and bookcases thoroughly, and vacuum the carpets, drapes, and furniture. For wallpaper, use a dry towel instead of a solution of soap and water to clean the walls.

Cleaning carpets can be challenging. Employing an expert cleaner to deep clean the carpets might be preferable if you are moving into a house tenants have previously occupied or preparing a move-out cleaning checklist. Use wood soaps or other cleaning agents for tile, linoleum, or concrete flooring.

Other things to consider for move-out cleaning before relocating can be

  • Light switches
  • Change air filters 
  • Ceiling fans
  • Chandeliers
  • Baseboards
  • Windows
  • Bulbs and fixtures
  • Gutters
  • Pool filters
  • Dryer vents
  • Fireplace and chimney
  • Showerheads
  • Faucet Aerators & Faucets
  • Ice Maker
  • The whole lobby 
  • The plant’s pots
  • Carpets


Bonus Points

Some essential move-out cleaning checklist which you should consider before setting up your new home. They are as follows:

1. Repairs

There is a good chance that you will need to make some repairs unless you move into a new home with no owners. When you employ experts to perform a house inspection, you, as the homeowner, must be aware of these. However, it’s still a good idea to inspect the property for problems by taking a tour around it. 
Even though you don’t have to begin all these house maintenance or move-out cleaning right once, making a list of what must be completed first can be beneficial in the long term. However, if any issues need to be fixed immediately, be sure to prioritize them to prevent massive inconvenience when you relocate.

2. Paint

It can take a lot of time to paint the walls or ceilings of your new house. This is why it’s crucial to complete this before you settle in. If possible, think about employing experts for the task.

3. Installation

Don’t delay your internet, cable or phone installation setup, as you might be startled to learn that it could take an entire week or more to book an appointment with the experts. Therefore, make your appointment well in advance if you need internet, cable, or phone hookups as soon as you settle in.

Time to Relocate

Numerous tasks are involved in the relocation process. You need movers who can accommodate your needs, arrange storage, and preserve and pack items to cleanse your home. Make a timetable of all your relocating activities, so you can keep track of everything with a thorough moving plan.

Choosing skilled and knowledgeable movers is the most crucial step in the relocation process. When selecting movers, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, confirm that the business you select is authorised and sells insurance. They should also have experience and knowledge about all aspects of your move. Finally, they ought to offer you the services you require.

Search for world standings and marks, browse through user-submitted remarks and complaints, and check licensing information. You can use this to make an informed choice. Request many moving estimates, compare prices, and narrow your choice of moving firms to those that best suit your requirements.

Remember the Packaging

Home movers frequently detest packing. People frequently need help knowing where to begin, which takes time and effort. It is essential to sort through everything you own and create several heaps of move-out cleaning checklists. Decide what stuff you wish to keep in your new house and eliminate everything unnecessary. Moving outdated technology, unworn clothing, and furniture that won’t fit in your new house is a waste of space. 

Finding a box where you can precisely fit your necessities without allowing any chance for harm during transit is the next foremost duty you must complete. Boxes of various sizes are simple to find and can be used for initial packing. Remember to determine whether boxes are necessary and the appropriate size for your household items. Early box purchases will allow you to locate the ideal price and ensure the necessary boxes are available. 

After the move, it is challenging to locate the necessary item without tagging. Your time spent disassembling the packages and managing the mess they leave behind will be reduced if you label each one. Labelling will also enable you to complete the configurations alongside unpacking and opening the appropriate box. It is the simplest method for unpacking the items without needing clarification.


A new home move can be intimidating. However, remembering the aforementioned crucial tasks/move-out cleaning checklists will improve your moving experience. Just be sure to seek expert assistance if you have a lot of things to move. You can begin your new phase of life in your new home as soon as you can require control of your possessions.

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20 Things to Clean- Move out cleaning checklist

20 Things to Clean When relocating to a New Home 01

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