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Moving House Checklist- Address Change List & Who-to-Notify List

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What are the most critical things while shifting your house? Packing, hiring movers, shifting and most importantly, registering your move and notifying your address change. Well you might have come across people or neighbors who take months to settle down in a new place. This is due to poor planning about relocation. Proper planning means preparing a moving house checklist and notifying others about the same.

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What happens when you don’t notify people about your move??

When you finally settle down ,you will have to run behind local councils and municipal authorities to register your relocation. Then comes standing in long queues for address change in official documents. The relocation gets even more stressed when you have failed to change delivery addresses for groceries, newspapers, internet connection etc.

The housewarming party will be clouded in giving directions to people reaching your new home. All this will take approximately three months to cool down. Well you can avoid that with little foresight and planning.

You need to notice an important task before relocation- To notify people about your move.

What should you notify?

Notification means informing official authorities(local councils, municipal corporations), service providers(not only the internet but gas, electricity, and groceries) and personal contacts about your relocation and providing a new address or contact details to reach you.

  • Residential registration in your new place
  • Notification of shifting in your old place
  • Change of address in official documents
  • Change of delivery address in services
  • Drafting necessary documents

Whom should you notify?-Address change list for the Indians

1. Local councils

Local councils refer to any government office where you must register your residence. There are two steps in this process: first, you must cancel your current residence. Second, you need to notify the local authority in your place of relocation about your recent shift.

2. Housing society

Inform them about your relocation if you are part of any housing society or community. It would prove helpful in your shifting as well. If not anything, you may well receive a warm community farewell before you leave.

3. Service providers

Imagine moving into your dream new home only to realize that it has yet to be equipped with gas connection, electricity and groceries on time!! Well, it would be a nightmare for anyone. It includes gas, electricity, internet and groceries providers. The notification is necessary to provide the new delivery and billing address.

4. Apps

In this digital era, apps know us much more than our dear ones. Do inform your apps (GPS, Amazon, Facebook, Bigbasket and any excellent app you always use ) about your new location. It would simplify your quest for materials and necessities in your new area. Apps recommend nearby places and needy stores and show you around the tourist attractions in your new location. Oh! you cannot miss informing them. 

5. Kith and kin

Do inform your kith and kin(friends and family) about your relocation. It would be easy for them to locate you in your new place and can come in handy while inviting them to the housewarming ceremony.

6. Official documents

Your current address needs to be updated in your Driving license, Electoral rolls, Identity cards, passport, etc. Remember to inform these legal buddies (identity cards) about your current address or residence.

7. Medical care providers

If you are receiving any medical treatment, discussing your relocation with your doctor or care provider is advisable. It will help you to hatch out a plan to continue your treatment or recommend you shift your treatment elsewhere conveniently.

8. Mail services

If you are subscribed to any mail services or receive any emails or letters, remember to update your address at the post office or mail service. By this, you won’t have to miss out on any dear and important notifications.

9. Employers

Relocation may involve quitting your job or transferring to your new location. Either way, you have informed your employer about the date and place of the move. If you are quitting, it will become a reason for resignation, while transferring to the same job would still make a solid reason for relocation.

10. Banks and credit cards

Banks(places people seldom like to visit) and credit card bills(no one wants to receive them), yet informing them about your relocation is necessary. It would help you transfer your bank account to the nearest branch of your new location. It would also update your address so you can receive and pay off your credit card bills on time! 

11. Insurance providers

You may have subscribed to health, life or any insurance. Make it a point to inform your insurance provider about your move to follow all your installments or receive your premium.

12. School or College

If you are attending school or college, obtaining a transfer certificate from your educational institution is compulsory. This certificate would help you rejoin school or college in your new area without much hassle.

13. Neighbours

Last but not least, do inform your neighbors about your relocation. You may be close, dependent and friendly with them or even distant and formal. Doesn’t matter. All you have to do is bid farewell before continuing your journey.

Checklist of moving into a new house

Shifting is a big task, and if you are handling it alone, it can be pretty overwhelming. Here is a shifting checklist designed just for you. It ensures that you don’t miss anything and your relocation ends well.

1. Planning

Planning is the most neglected aspect of relocation. Making a plan does not mean setting up dates and times of relocation. It accounts for planning every aspect of the relocation process. It defines what, how, who, and when will carry out the shifting. Also, it keeps some remedies packed out for emergency changes or situations.

Plan everything from the time and date of your move, packing supplies, and emergency kit to the date of arrival and unpacking. It would considerably reduce your shifting duration and offer better time for relaxation.

2. Hiring a moving company

You may imagine it as an easy one. There are countless sites advertised on google. But hiring a moving company on a whim and without any verification can cost you dearly in hurry times of shifting. Please read carefully about the company, ask about its customer reference, get a binding quote and finally strike a deal.

3. Moving notifications

Next comes the task of notifying your move. Inform your good wishes, service providers, medical care providers and employers about your relocation. It would ensure you some free time and respite post-stressful relocation.

4. Get your stuff insured

It applies if your relocation involves valuables, expensive articles and delicate artwork. Get them insured to avail safe relocation and compensation(in a minor case).

5. Finish all the paperwork

Finish all the paperwork with employers, school/college, landlord(old or new), banks and service providers before you move into your new home. It will allow you to focus on your relocation alone!

6. Survey your new destination and fix your new home.

A careful reminder before your lounge in your new place, survey your new surroundings to track down the nearest pharmacy, grocery shop etc. Try to get gas, electricity, internet and other necessary connections close to your arrival even before it. It would make your settling down easier and allow you more time to relax.

7. Survival kit

When you are reaching your new home, try to pack A survival kit in case your items are delivered late by the moving company. The survival kit can include items that help you sustain for at least two days before your luggage arrives.

8. Track your belongings

Track your belongings as they arrive. If you have a clear picture of the date and time of their arrival, it will make it easy for you to unpack your belongings and plan their new location in your new home. Wait do inform you about the address change and inform your dear and near ones about the shift. You have read the ultimate checklist before moving into a new home. You can follow some of these steps in order, or you may choose the ones relevant to you, But do create your checklist before moving into your new home. It would make your shift more manageable and ensure you will remember everything on the way.

Yay! You are good to go, and Have a safe and Happy Relocation.

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Moving House Checklist- Address Change List & Who-to-Notify List

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