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Moving With Your Pets? Follow These Instruction & Make it Smooth

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Moving with pets may become a stressful task for you and your pet. Preparing for a move might not come as second nature to anyone since we all move(relocate) only a few times in our life(there can be exceptions too!!) Moving alone can become an uphill task, and moving with pets only adds to the challenge!!

Here are some of the instructions that can ease your moving with pets.

Moving With Pets

Before Moving your Pet

Here’s an approach to taking care of your pet before, while, and after moving to a new place.

1. Sketch out the relocation

Make a brief plan for the relocation. This may include the date, time, duration, and means of relocation (self-moving or packers and movers from Bangalore). A clear moving schedule can help you plan out other aspects of pet relocation accordingly. Include a weather check, as moving in rainy or turbulent weather can be hard on your pet buddy.

2. Compulsory visit to the vet

Before moving, make a mandatory visit to the veterinary clinic with your pet. Make sure it gets a checkup and any pending shots. Vaccinating your pet is necessary if you are considering pet relocation services or moving by airway. Since you are planning a move, collect all your pet’s medical records, prescriptions, and vaccination certificates. As a precautionary measure, you can even look for a new veterinary clinic or hospital in your new place.

3. Handle the paperwork

Registering your pet is necessary if you are considering interstate or international relocation. Moving with pets may attract paperwork in registration, vaccination, pet Relocation services, and airways (if you are considering flying with your pet to the new location). To have a smoother relocation with your pet, ensure that all the paperwork, payments, and procedure are completed before your relocation.

4. Consider getting your pet microchipped

Consider getting a microchip installed in your pet. This is an optional measure. It can be adopted to ensure that your pet is safe and trackable in case of emergencies. It may prove helpful in two circumstances; firstly, if you have hired a pet relocation service. Secondly, this microchip can keep your pet traceable in your new surroundings (your pet might be a potential risk in exploring the new surroundings!!).

5. Hiring a pet relocator

Hiring a pet relocation service is a credible alternative if you can’t move the pet yourself. Look for a verified pet relocation service provider to accompany your pet buddy. Assess the ratings and reviews to ascertain the best partner to relocate your pet.

On Moving Day

Well done with some initial preparation, you have reached the moving day. Here’s what you need to do on a moving day to ensure that your pet buddy remains calm during the relocation.

1. Prepare your pet

This may appear strange, but try to communicate with your pet about moving. Your pet may not be able to comprehend the verbal meaning but it’s necessary to pass on the warm vibes to convince it to move. Spend quality time with your pet, and keep it positive on the big day!

2. Pack a pet essentials kit

Packing a pet essentials kit may be a boon to you later. Ensure that the kit has your pet food, water, first aid kit, pet medicines, essential medical records, registration, and vaccination certificate. Pack a lot of wipers and cleaning tissues into the kit (to take care of cleaning emergencies, you cannot miss these ). Hoarding all the pet essentials into a kit will equip you to handle any emergency or can be helpful if you hire a pet relocation service.

3. Hire a pet sitter

Try to keep a free schedule while moving, especially if you are moving with pets. If you have undeniable tasks to attend to, then hiring a pet sitter might ease you with relocation duties. Consider hiring a verified pet sitter and check if your pet adopts them in a friendly and non-hostile way. Let your pet spend some time with the pet sitter before the moving day. It can help in a smoother bond during relocation.

4. Relocate the pet yourself

If you are moving your house then taking your pet with you is a better option. You can drive them with you in a vehicle. This way you will have full control of your pet’s needs and can relocate them to a new place without a hitch.

Also, if you are moving the pet in your vehicle, consider buying a pet handler and safety belt to secure your pet. Look for pet-friendly hotels or accommodation services that you might stop and stay in a while moving to your new location.

5. Check with Pet Relocation Services

You might have hired the best packers and movers in Delhi or the best packers and movers in Mumbai for pet relocation but remember to communicate all the necessary instructions regarding your pet before handing over your pet to the relocation service provider.

After Successful Pet Relocation

Hurrah!! You have reached the final checklist of moving with your pet. As crucial as moving is ensuring that your pet adapts and settles down in your new relocation.

1. Clear the room

After moving to your new home, you may have a lot to unpack and organize. There might be heavy appliances to assemble, delicate items to handle, and electric connections to be made. But make sure your pet is secured while you clear the room. Keep your pet in a secure place with all the necessities (food, water, pet toys) while you clear up the space to let in your pet buddy.

2. Spare some pet time

Once you set up your new home, it’s time to spend quality time with your pet and help it adapt to new surroundings. Some pets may be sensitive or even hostile to new surroundings and people. It’s time to step in and make your pet comfortable in the new destination.

3. Pet parks and walks

Check out pet parks, cafes, and pet-friendly locations in your new place. Visit these places to warm up your pet and let it adapt to your new destination.

4. Evaluate its condition

Ensure your pet is taken to the vet after moving to a new location. You can get its physical and psychological condition checked. Make sure to follow up on the necessary medicines, checkups, and vaccines recommended by the vet.

Some extra tips that can save your day

  • Choose a pet-friendly locality for relocation. Ensure the landlords, neighbors, or surroundings are not hostile to pets.
  • Keep ready photographs of your pet that might come in handy while registering and paperwork.
  • Ask for help from a friend or family member while transporting the pet.
  • Avoid feeding the pet just before the move. Instead, see to it that your pet stays hydrated during the move.
  • If you are moving with aquarium pets, you should reconsider your decision. Fishes and aquatic pets are sensitive to long-distance relocation.
  • Pets might face anxiety issues if the moving becomes stressful. It’s time for you to step up and plan a stress-free move for your pet buddy. Try to handle your pet with additional care a few days before and after the move.


Now you know the procedure to follow before, while, and after moving your pet. Some moving-with-pet tips can ensure an excellent moving experience for you and your pet. Plan, prepare, and execute your moving well so your pet buddy can have a smooth moving experience.

Moving With Your Pets? Follow These Instruction & Make it Smooth

Moving With Pets

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