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Pet relocation -How to Find One For Your Furry Friend?

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Which is the right time for pet relocation? How to find the best movers for relocation? How to plan the best relocation for your furry friend? These might be the questions that have dragged into searching for a blog on pet relocation. Well, you have come to the right place.

We understand your urge to plan a safe and fun relocation for your furry friend. Here is a guide on how to find the best movers, moving day, and relocation plan for your pet.

Pet relocation -How to find one for your furry friend?

How to Find the Right Pet Relocation Services For Your Pet?

Getting a list of pet relocation services from the internet is a piece of cake. You can get in with a single keyword on the search engine. But finding experienced, professional, and reliable pet relocation services for your furry friend can be challenging. The larger the options in the list, the harder it becomes to discover and cut a deal with the right service provider. Here are some filters you can apply to reduce a long list of relocation services to find the best relocation service for your furry friend.

Registration and verification

Before you further look into any packers and movers offering pet relocation services, the first task is to check whether they are registered service providers. Any relocation services offering intercity/interstate/international relocation services must be registered with the government to be a verified service provider.

To find a verified service provider, check out their registration certificate displayed online(on the website)/offline(in their office). Once you find the credibility, you can look at the terms of service offered by the relocation services.
Proceeding with proper verification increases the risk of entrusting your pet and money to the relocation services.

Experience and expertise

A step further in verification is checking out the operational experience of the relocation services. Relocating a pet is more complicated than we imagine, and it is best handled by someone with the expertise acquired over steady years of experience. Especially if you are planning interstate /international relocation of your pet, finding pet relocators with ample experience who can handle any complications during the relocation gains paramount importance.

Ratings and reviews

While all the packers and movers claim to provide the best pet relocation services, how can you detect the credibility of such claims? The solution is simple: check out the ratings and reviews their previous customers and clients provided. These ratings and reviews act as a mirror of their customer service and relocation expertise.

Cost and charges

The most critical determinant of any decision-making is the cost of the services. Do not hesitate to look for price quotes from multiple packers and movers in Bangalore or Pune. Compare to deduce the best pet relocation services at a reasonable cost. While locking the deal, ask for binding quotes that are usually not subject to price changes during the moving day/relocation process. Inquire about any extra/hidden charges that might pop up in the final invoice.

Perks and facilities

While scouring the website/brochure of pet relocation, look for the perks and facilities offered by them. Live tracking of the transit, exclusive pet relocation manager, professional pet sitters, and customized pet carriers are some of the star perks provided by the best packers and movers in Delhi and Hyderabad. Keep an eye out for such service providers, and take advantage of every chance to lock in a deal with such perks at a reasonable cost.

Customer service policy

Pet relocation is a topic you are constantly worried about from the moment you decide on it till the completion of the task. You might have queries, complaints, and even requests that you might have to pet relocation services during the move. Only choosing the packers and movers with the best, most reliable, and most responsive customer support system can support you adequately during an anxious pet relocation.

Cancellation and refund

Moving day inevitably depends on many variables capable of altering the moving dates. Before locking a deal with pet relocation services, carefully read the cancellation and refund policy offered by the packers and movers. Rushing to choose pet relocation services with no defined cancellation/refund policy can only force you out of the initial moving charges paid for the relocation.

When is The Right Time For Pet Relocation??

While you have already selected the best relocation services for your furry friend, here are some pointers that will help you decide the right time to move your pet.

Medication and vaccination

Take your furry friend to a mandatory visit to the veterinarian. Start quite early before the relocation so that your pet completes the dosage of necessary medications before relocation. If unable to complete the medication, request a prescription and further instructions from the vet so the medication can be resumed post-relocation.

If you are traveling overseas/across the country, check out the vaccination requirements for your pet breed and make sure your pet receives all the doses. Have a pet folder dedicated to medical records, prescriptions, case histories (if any), and your pet’s vaccination certificate.

Microchip installation

If your pet is relatively young or shows signs of vulnerability in the new place, consider getting a microchip attached to it before relocation. An electronic microchip can be within the posterior neck section of your pet and can be activated by giving your contact details to the National Pet Recovery Database. Though the chip does not guarantee 24*7 live tracking of your pet, it can help the finder contact the right person in case of finding your lost pet.

Pet registration and notification

Ensure your pet is registered in the new place and you have notified the landlord/housing in charge of your move-in with the pet. This can save a lot of trouble with pot relocation with your pet, and you will have time to spend with your furry friend.

Additional restrictions

Overseas/cross-country pet relocation has additional quarantine restrictions and certification to be completed before pet relocation. If you are relocating the pet through airlines, know the guidelines for ticket booking, seat availability, and the paperwork necessary to finish the task. Looking through all the paperwork in advance will pave you towards finding the right time for your pet relocation.

Pet shopping

Similar to a mandatory visit to the vet, go for unavoidable pet shopping before the relocation. Ensure you get adequate quantities of your pet’s necessities and pack an essential kit. Design an essential kit that can sustain you even in your absence during the relocation. Consider getting a name tag around your pet so that pet sitters can easily reach out to your pet during relocation.


The best time to relocate your pet comes after completing all these steps. Also, check out your pet’s health condition and the weather conditions outside before giving out a green light for pet relocation.
Choose professional pet relocation offered by HappyLocate that passes (with flying colors) every parameter of selecting pet relocation services and helps you relocate your pet safely within the right time.

Pet relocation -How to Find One For Your Furry Friend?

Pet relocation -How to find one for your furry friend?

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