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Large pieces of furniture are typically the most difficult to relocate. Some will be too big to fit through the entrance or go downstairs. Still, others will have delicate components prone to breaking during transport. 
You will not have to disassemble furniture when you hire professionals from packers and movers. As for the tools, they bring everything needed to disassemble the unit. When you hire packing services, they will take extra precautions to ensure that nothing is damage during transit.

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Why Should You Disassemble Furniture When Relocating?

If you disassemble it first, your furniture will be significantly less likely to suffer damage during the move. Expensive furnishings may get damage by the tight corners, small corridors, and various door frames in your new home. If you need to move the furniture, it’s easier to do so if you disassemble the sofa and other furniture beforehand.

Need for disassembling the furniture

Disassembling furniture is sometimes necessary. Some items are difficult to move until you disassemble them.

  1. If the furniture is too heavy to fit through your doorways, disassemble it first. In some cases, the hallway size will determine if disassembly is necessary.
  2. Always consider safety. If moving massive furniture is unsafe or there are tricky or short steps, disassemble it beforehand. Fragility also matters.
  3. Glass panels or intricate decoration make some furniture challenging to transport. To avoid damage, not just furniture but also disassemble the sofa before moving.

What Kind of Furniture Usually Gets Disassembled?

More oversized furniture like your wall unit, bed, cabinet, desk, desk, or even gym equipment is more likely to require installation and disassembly. Disassembling furniture in advance helps packers to take the things and easily load it in the truck. It also aids in truck space conservation. 

Disassemble the following typical items for a move: 

Bed frames: It is built of interlocking parts and occupies a lot of space. It can be challenging to carry these items up and down the stairs. The process is made considerably simpler by taking the mattress and box spring off the frame. 

Dressers: Unless they have a mirror attached, dressers and vanities may usually be moved without breaking. To prevent damage in these situations, be careful to take out the mirror and transport it separately. 

Tables: Kitchen and dining room tables may usually be moved without needing to be disassembled. To prevent potential damage, you must remove the legs. 

Cabinets: In most cases, bookcases and cabinets can be relocated whole. Make sure to take off any attached parts in advance if there are any. 

Do-it-yourself materials: There’s a chance you have some things lying around that you’ve assembled yourself. Remember that long-distance relocation will affect the screws and joints, and take precautions before the big day. 

Sofas: Take into account the dimensions of the couch and the walls, as well as the widths of the doorways and hallways. By disassembling the sofa for moving in advance, you may protect your investment from being ruined.

You can save the moving cost by disassembling the furniture as it will then not take much space in moving van. It can be the best choice if you’re concerned about the lack of storage area.

The Mover’s Guide to Disassembling Your Sofa

Take out all the cushions

As a preliminary step, take off any coverings from the structure. Glued-in fabric components include cushions, pillows, arm coverings, and more. These products are delicate and should be packed last to avoid having other boxes press against them while transporting and perhaps breaking them. So that nothing gets lost during the move, we suggest placing them in resealable plastic bags before loading items onto the moving van.

Taking Off Couch Arms

Taking the arms off your sofa is the next step. Remove the head screws that attach the individual segments of the arms (two on each side). To disconnect them, lift on one side and work your way toward the other. When you’ve finished removing the arms, put them somewhere safe where they won’t become dirty or misplaced.

Split the seat’s framework from the seat

Detach the seat’s frame from the rest. To disassemble your sofa, locate the head screwdriver and loosen each of the screws that secure the frame and back using it. If you try to force a button off one of them, you risk breaking the fragile metal tabs that hold it. 
After you’ve removed the screws, you can turn the sofa on its front and lift it off quickly. If the item does not disassemble, check for and replace any broken or loose bolt.

Save the cushions and furniture to use again

To save money, repurpose your old couch’s fabric and cushions on your new one.

Throw away the removed cushions or textiles

Getting rid of the old furniture parts is the final step. Take them to the nearest recycling facility for proper disposal unless they are in decent condition.

Disassembling the Furniture Requires Care

Follow the guidelines indicated by the manufacturer. Such components are often crucial in restoring a furniture set to its original condition. 

You don’t have the manual anymore. Don’t worry; you can easily find and download the manuals you need on the websites of most furniture manufacturers. 

When reassembling, be careful not to over-tighten any of the screws! In the long run, that can easily cause damage.

  • Assembly and disassembly services for furniture by professional movers. 
  • Sofas 
  • Sectional Leather couches 
  • Reclining couches and chairs 
  • Bed frames, spring mattresses, and headboards 
  • A table that includes dining, TV stands 
  • Benches and banquettes
  • Shelving units

Professional Movers Have Several Benefits

When relocating large items like furniture, it’s best to engage a team of skilled local movers. You might assume it’s a piece of cake, not requiring specialized knowledge or skill. Hiring local movers offers several advantages, including the convenience of a relocation.

  1. It helps you avoid wasting time.
  2. Local movers are at your side the entire way through the relocation process. There’s no need for a day off. You can pay attention to your own work while they do theirs.
  3. Tools and supplies of the highest quality for the job
  4. Local movers are experts at moving furniture, breakable objects, and other items that require careful handling. To offer their customers prompt and effective service, they have top-notch supplies.
  5. Spend less on unnecessary purchases-Yes, hiring local movers will help you save a lot of money. When you employ them, you won’t need to bother buying moving supplies like tape, markers, boxes, and bubble wrap—considering that a moving firm will already be holding a few of these.
  6. Always consider hiring local movers for the most outstanding experience when moving your furniture.


The movers and packers at HappyLocate will provide a comprehensive furniture relocating service from beginning to end. After they have been engaged and a date for the move has been established, the executives and professionals of the packers and movers you have hired will arrive at your location and perform everything required to transfer your furniture in a safe and secure and safe condition. 

They will clean everything, including the huge furniture, disassemble every item of the large furniture that can be removed, and properly pack anything they take apart. After it has been wrapped, they will pack everything onto a truck and then carry it to the location specified. When it finally arrives at the new place, they will once again unpack and reassemble all of the furniture set, and they will even assist you in positioning each piece of furniture in the new house so that it seems as though it belongs there.

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Relocation Service Providers that Disassemble furniture

The Assembling and Disassembling of Furniture by Movers Things To Know 01

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