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Tips To Make House Shifting Easier while Relocating with Kids

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Your family is probably already excited about the prospect of moving—you just have to convince them that they’re going to love it! If your kids are like most kids, they won’t find moving big boxes from one place to another very interesting.

If you have a toddler with you or a teenager, you will face a lot of ups and downs in the event of moving. But don’t worry… we are here to make moving with kids less stressful for you but before that, let’s understand the common issues of moving with kids.

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Problems in Shifting to a New House with Kids

There are several issues of moving with kids no matter if it is a toddlers or a teenager. You will find lots of drama in the event of moving. Some of the common issues of house relocation with kids are listed below-

  1. Loss of sleep: Toddlers will find it difficult to fall asleep since there will be lots of sound in your house.
  2. Depression: Kids are prone to fall into depression when moving home because they will lose their friends.
  3. Lack of appetite: It occurs in kids because of depression and so, you must not forget to pack your favourite food.
  4. Lack of concentration: If you have a shy type of kid then you will see that they will face issues like lack of concentration because adjusting to a new environment will take time.
  5. Non-active: Your kids will become inactive since house relocation can tire them badly. Hence, it is always recommended to take the help of packers and movers to ease the work of shifting a house.

Tips for house shifting with Kids

Call a family meeting:

Order the coke and some burgers, gather your all family members at the table and start the conversation. Tell your family that we have to move to a new place and explain how this new place will bring a better future for them.

Don’t forget to ask their opinion about the same. If you have any past experience of shifting a house then share it with them. Ask them what they want their new house to look like and throw a little celebration party to cheer them up once you have found a new home.

Get your kid’s feedback:

If you have toddlers with you then their opinion will not matter in the process of selecting a new home. However, if they are teenagers then take their help in selecting a new home. Narrow down the list and then get their feedback.

If possible, take the kids to a new house to show them or show photos of the new house and ask them if they like it or not.

Purge before shifting a house:

There will be plenty of items that you and your kids will be attached to emotionally. Making a list with your kids of what to take to a new house and what not will help you in making house shifting easier.

Tell your kids that if they let go of old toys that they don’t use anymore then you will buy new toys upon reaching a new house. Get rid of old books, toys, electronics, and clothes, and keep only important items in the inventory.

Assign them small tasks:

Don’t ignore your kids while you are busy preparing for a moving day. Make a list of tasks that your kids will do for example- cleaning small items. In this way you and your kids will be busy with some tasks and won’t feel left out or nervous.

Also, you can give them the task of packing their toys in a box and taping them with colorful tape. Another way to distract kids and keep them comfortable is by involving them in preparing overnight bags that will contain only essential items such as food, daily use items, towels, water bottle, etc.

Ask kids to collect their friend’s contact:

Slowly when the moving day will come closer, your kids will feel the anxiety of losing their friends. It is important that you support your kids at that time and invite their friends over and collect their contact information from their parents so that your kids and their friends can remain in touch.

Choose a proper moving day

On moving day your kids will be even more tense and emotional. So, choose a moving day when your kids won’t be home. If you have hired packers and movers service for loading and moving the house then ask them to come on weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…) to complete loading tasks and take items for shifting.

There will be two advantages of shifting a house on weekdays- firstly, your kids will be in school so you can get house relocation hassle-free, secondly, you will save some cost as hiring house shifting services for moving on a weekday will cost you somewhat less.

Take help in unpacking and arranging items

Your kids will love unpacking and arranging the items in their new home. When packers and movers drop your belongings at your new home, involve the kids in unpacking the items. First, arrange their rooms, and then after rearranging the house, throw a party to cheer their mood.

Order pizzas, burgers, cold drinks, chips, etc. and invite relatives and people from the neighborhood along with their kids. This way your kids will easily make friends with kids in the neighborhood.

Bottom Line

Now you have the tips for moving a house with kids, so what are you waiting for? Start the process of house shifting and make the best out of your moving journey. Your new home will bring new memories and new hopes, so don’t stop anywhere. Keep moving ahead!

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Tips To Make House Shifting Easier while Relocating with Kids

How to relocate to a new house with kids

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